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The day

To felt different like the wind has change I got out of bed and check my phone I got a text message from my crush (his name is Steff) I didn’t want to open it get so I when to my clothes and I pick out what I wanted cute but not to cute I put my clothes on my bed and when to my bath room to have a shower and brush my teeth I heard my phone start to go of so I got out the shower and brush my teeth and run to my phone it’s was Sam again saying.

Texting on phone

S-hey I have seen you around school just throught I would say hey

Y/n-on hey how are you

S-I’m good I you look cute around school

Y/n-thanks you look handsome

S-where you live I could pick you up and we can ride to school together

Y/n-and why would I do that

S-I throught it would be nice

Y/n-I’m joking with you I live at..........

S-your only like down the road from me

Y/n-good gives me more for a reason to see your handsome face x

S-same here get to see your cute face x

Y/n-see you in 10 I’m getting changed

S-well I’m already outside

Y/n- no one is home climb up the window :)

S-I got ninja skills watch this

He makes it up in the room s-hey sexy y/n- hey handsome I got to get change so I’m going in the bathroom s-ok as she walks about he slaps her but she giggles y/n-you want me that back don’t you s-hell Yh look at you your so cute and nice and funny y/n- we just meant let me know you before anything else happeneds.

She leaves the room.

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