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Inspired by the characters of Attack on Titan, the story of youths trying to find who they truly are.

Drama / Romance
Matilde Cabrita
Age Rating:



The two little ones walked throw the forest, Eren was holding a stick and was dragging the leafs, the two walked far apart from their parents when they where still packing their stuff to leave, they had agreed one week ago to spend a night in the woods and experience this more wild kind of live. The little ones barely knew each other, Eren's father was Mikasa's pediatrician when she was very little, her parents immediately became friends with Eren's ones, Mr. and Mrs. Yeager easily becoming the godfather and godmother of Mikasa. Although the four got along just fine the two didn't know each other, in fact this was the first time the two had a close interaction together. They get to a lake, Eren still dragging leafs with his branch:

Eren: Do you think they'll take to long on packing everything?

Mikasa: I don't know.

She walk passes kicking some leafs with her left leg, she would pull back the leg then passing it hitting the leafs that would float on the air and fall down with gravity.

Mikasa: Do you have other friends?

Eren: Just one, Armin.

Eren picks up a rock and, tossing once, he throws it to the lake.

Eren: He is gifted.

Mikasa: I've never knew someone gifted.

Eren: Well he is not percent, but I consider him gifted cause he is the smartest one in class.

Mikasa: Oh, okay. Do you think I could meet him someday?

Eren wasn't completely sure about this intimacy, he didn't trust Mikasa and all this conversation left him wondering if they had to meet more than just this time, he was praying to never see Mikasa again, on the other hand Mikasa had a fondness on whatever this friendship could be and was giving insurance signs to Eren but seeing Eren's body language she immediately stood back her position. He answered:

Eren: I don't know.

Mikasa: Sure.

Mikasa stops and looks at the back of his head then looks down, restarts her untidies activity while hanging out with Eren who she felt disappointed with. She then kicks something unexpected, she immediately looks down to came across a dead child bird:

Mikasa: What's your opinion on animals?

Eren: What about them?

Mikasa: Do you like animals.

Eren: They're okay, I guess.

Mikasa: What would you do if a dead one appeared right in front of you, would you burry him?

Eren strange this question, so he turns around and looks at Mikasa, then walks towards her and lays down to see what she was doing, he looks at the dead bird:

Eren: What the hell are you doing?

Mikasa: I was just looking at the bird, he is so small, he probably was a child. Poor parents.

The two stay silent staring at the bird:

Eren: Do you want to cut it open?

Mikasa: What? No. Are you a psychopath?

Eren: What? Its just a bird.

Eren's father gets closer to the kids and calls them:

Grisha: Kids everything is tidy. Lets go, you two can play together next time.

Eren gets up immediately and walks towards his father while whispering:

Eren: There's going to be a next time?

Mikasa stays staring at the dead bird. The images of the past invade her mind, especially the dead bird one that kept coming vividly into her mind. No wonder Levi had to call by her name.


Levi: Oi Mikasa.

Serene he said, waiting for Mikasa's response sitting in the front seat of his car, but she was still staring at the window of the same, she eventually ears him and looks at him:

Levi: Where here. Do you want to walk home from school after?

Mikasa: Sure, like you care.

Levi: I'll let you stay with your friends if you want.

Mikasa didn't respond, Levi wasn't doing a great of a job either, he almost answered as if he indeed didn't care, but he sure do care even thought he had a hard time expressing it. The two step out of the car with Mikasa holding a strap of her backpack on just one shoulder:

Levi: See you kiddo.

Levi closes his car and walks away from Mikasa leaving her alone with her fillings, its been three years since she has been on this school and almost a year since she saw Eren and Armin her closest friends. She puts on her glasses and walks inside.

Beck- Loser

She steps right into school, she was the center of attention with her grunge style, she walks passing the hallway, with her glasses on, everybody was starring at her, she transpire depression with sophistication with a blend of black and red, her dark lips enchanted the boys and envied the girls. She was fierce and fearless, she passes the different hallways finally reaching the one from her class where Eren and Armin where not expecting such a surprise, the two talking to each other stop once feeling her presence. They look at her shocked.


Eren: Mikasa?

Mikasa: Hey.

And walks to the class restless, without even taking her glasses of, the two look at each other and walk into class as well.

The bell rings and the young ones finish they're classes. Outside of school, Mikasa walks off the fencing, Eren and Armin walk fast to catch her up:

Eren: Hey, Mikasa, long time no see. Did you even regard of ever speaking to us.

Mikasa turns around, and stares at Eren and blonde Armin then breaths heavily:

Mikasa: I said "hey"!

She respond it again restless and frown, almost as if she didn't care just like her cousin:

Eren: We haven't see you for a year.

Mikasa: I've been busy.

Eren: Arranging your wardrobe I can tell.

Mikasa: I've missed your sassy moves.

She walks closer to them and takes off her glasses:

Mikasa: Well, have you two been busy as well cause you didn't contact me too.

Armin: Yeah, she is kinda right.

Mikasa raises her eyebrows towards Eren and looks at him with a mischievous smile:

Eren: Ugh, fuck it. You win.

Mikasa rolls her eyes and smiles at Eren's silliness:

Eren: Where going to a bar to have a beer.

Mikasa: They can sell it to us?

Eren: Yeah, the owner his a good guy.

Mikasa: Sure, when you say good guy you really mean bad. But sure fine, lets do it.

The three walk to the bar:

Kaytranada- Modjo remix

Eren and Armin are at the counter staring at Mikasa surprised at their friend dancing sensually with a girl. Eren, holding his beer, drinks a little never leaving his eyes from the enchanting scenario:

Armin: What the hell is happening?

Eren: I have no fucking idea.

Jean walks straight in between the two of them, along with Marco:

Jean: Hey, hey, good to see you guys here. Two beers for us thanks.

He says to the bartender pointing to him and Marco:

Armin: Hi Jean.

Eren: Oi.

Almost ignoring him on purpose:

Jean: Did you see Mikasa, she was so different, I mean she still looks hot but I wouldn't guess she would've turn into a goth now.

Jean looks at the two of them:

Jean: What you're starring at?

Marco: Mikasa.

Pointing to the front. Jean immediately stares at her, becoming petrified. The two where so closely dancing, then Mikasa begins to kiss her. Eren cant hold his beer spitting to Jean's shirt:

Jean: Sure Yeager, you fucking did this on purpose didn't you!

Eren: Fuck, do you thing I can control this Jambo!

Jean: What the fuck did you just call me?

Eren: Oh, did your mom stop calling you that way?

Jean pushes Eren that stares at him frowning his forehead.

Marco: Stop both of you before this gets worse.

Jean: Why, he started it.

Eren pushes Jean back with more strength make him crush into someone's back, but it wasn't a ordinary person, it was a really huge guy in comparison to both of the sixteen year olds, he looks at the back of his shoulder then turns around, he looks at Jean and immediately punches his face, his other mates join the fight beginning beating Eren and Marco that try to defend them selves, Armin his also caught into the fight receiving a punch on is eye. Mikasa, that was still dancing with the girl, noticing the fight, steps right into it and begins punching the guys releasing Eren and Armin from the arms of those big guys, the bartender calls the police and, noticing that, Mikasa tells Armin:

Mikasa: Take Eren to the outside.

Armin: Okay.

While Armin walks to the outside, Mikasa helps Jean and Marco, punching one guys face and ones crotch:

Mikasa: Go mess with someone of you're own size.

The man looks at Mikasa fearless not showing diminished behavior towards Mikasa's actions:

Mikasa: Lets go.

The two walk outside with the big man holding two fingers to his eyes and pointing them then back at Mikasa. Mikasa chooses to ignore him.

Outside Armin was holding an almost unconscious Eren. Jean coughs two times rolling his back, holding his knees with is two hands, then raises up towards Mikasa that went immediately towards Eren to check if he was okay:

Jean: Mikasa, wow.

Mikasa looks at Jean:

Jean: Behind all of that darkness sure is an angel, thanks for everything.

Mikasa: Sure, you welcome.

Jean: Let's go man, before they catch us up again.

Marco: I told you to not push him.

The two start to walk apart from Mikasa, Armin and Eren:

Jean: Fuck it, Marco. You only live once.

Marco: Yeah and it sure was about to end in there.

The two eventually walk further making impossible to understand what they where still talking:

Armin: So where do we go now?

Says Armin with a bruised eye:

Mikasa: Lets get back to Levis place, you can spend the night there.

Armin: Okay, can you just help me with Eren?

Mikasa: Sure.

Mikasa puts Eren's other arm around her neck and the three begin to walk to Levis home. The day had be gone for a while being substituted with the twilight.

The three eventually reach her house, she opens the door. Levi was on the couch and as soon as he ears the door he looks back seeing the three:

Levi: First day and you already have been into a fight.

Levi doesn't leave is place remaining still.

Mikasa: Where going upstairs, don't bother us.

Levi: I have nothing to do with whatever you do, so.

Mikasa rolls her eyes.

Mikasa: Come, follow me.

She tells Armin. The three walk up stairs getting into her bedroom, they put Eren on her bed.

On Levis small garden Mikasa and Armin lay holding themselves against the wall, Mikasa picks up a cigarette and lights it up.

Mikasa: Do you think he will be okay?

Inhales the smoke, the crickets where making sound enchanting the night.

Armin: Yeah, ill be fine, don't worry.

The two stay still, looking at the stars.

Armin: So besides your transformation, what else happened in the new city?

Mikasa: A lot of things, I dated a boy then I dated a girl, so on and so forth. Nothing special.

Looks at Armin seeing he doesn't respond.

Mikasa: What about you?

Armin: More the same to, well I didn't date anybody but nothing special really.

Mikasa: Hum, life is nothing special right?

Armin: Sort of.

Mikasa: But it's good to be back, I've missed you both.

Mikasa puts an arm around Armin and hugs him expressing how much she sure missed them.

Armin: But I think this year is going to be different.

Mikasa: Oh really?

Armin: Yeah, just a guess.

The two stay looking at the stars.

Inside, Mikasa, at the guest's room, leaves some blankets to Armin.

Armin: Are you okay at sleeping in the same bed as Eren?

Mikasa: Sure, its not like it isn't the first time.

Armin: Of course.

Mikasa: Are you gonna be fine in here?

Armin: Yes.

Smiling ensuring everything was fine.

Mikasa: Okay then, I will be upstairs, if you need anything just call me.

Armin: Sure, don't worry.

Mikasa: See ya tomorrow.

Armin: You too.

Mikasa opens the door and leaves the room.

In her bedroom she dresses her pajama and helps Eren by taking of his clothes leaving him in his underwear and putting him in bed, she then walks around the same and gets in thrusting into it and pulling the blankets on herself. She looks at Eren expecting for these to say something, worried that he was having a concussion or something, but then.

Eren: Goodnight Mikasa.

Said mumbling. Mikasa smiles, almost not resisting it, laughing a bit.

Mikasa: Goodnight silly goose.

She falls asleep.

Radiohead- Thinking about you

The hours passed right in front of hour eyes with Mikasas face being lightened by the sun that raises from the hills.


She eventually wakes up, blinking her eyes once or twice, expecting to see Eren but finding no one in there. She sits in bed looking for him than leaves the one and puts on her sleepers, walking out of her room she looks at the hallway, once she looks to her left, seeing Levis door opened, she notices Eren sitting in Levi's bed staring at his bathroom. She walks towards him wondering what was he doing in there.

Levi: And last but not least you should always have your house clean. Understood kiddo.

Eren nods his head, then looks at Mikasa.

Eren: Oh, hey Mikasa.

Mikasa: What are you doing?

Eren: I was just listening to your cousin's wonderful advice.

He seemed a little lost, compelled by Levis actions.

Mikasa: Do you wanna take breakfast or you want to stay here keep admiring Levi?

Eren: Yeah, yeah breakfast sounds good.

Levi gets out of his bathroom with a robe.

Levi: You actually should Eren, a balanced diet begins with a good breakfast.

Eren: Sure it does Mr. Ackerman.

Eren gets up. And looks at a confused Mikasa.

Eren: I'll be downstairs.

Eren leaves the room leaving Mikasa and Levi alone.

Levi: You have weird friends.

And goes to his wardrobe to choose what he will be dressing today.

Downstairs, Armin, Eren and Mikasa take the breakfast silently, then Levi walks in and gets his tea dirking in silence focused on his own thoughts. The three look at him without having a glance back.

Levi: I'll be heading to school, don't be late.

And walks off.

Mikasa: I think we should enjoy this moment for a while before we go to school.

Eren: I agree. We could see a movie or something

Mikasa: Something like that.

Armin was a little nervous, he never liked skipping school but at the same time e enjoyed staying with his friends. Before he can hide his feelings Mikasa notices him.

Mikasa: Or maybe we should go to school.

Eren: So your going to listen to your cousins advice?

Mikasa: Its better this way. I don't want to miss second day of school.

Armin: Yeah, since yesterday was such an eventful day.

The three laughed.

Eren: Ok fine, I'm just surprised you would agree with him. By the way, you're cousin is really cool.

Mikasa: Since when you have this fondness for my cousin?

Eren: Since this morning, he really taught me some interesting stuff.

He gets silent for a bit.

Eren: His an interesting guy. Hey Armin can you pass me the butter?

Armin picks up the butter and passes to Eren but looks at Mikasa that doesn't seem very pleased with what Eren said, Armin knew what Levi meant for Mikasa, he was just waiting for Eren to realize what he just said. Eren gets the butter, opens the lid and takes some butter passing on his toast then realizing the quietness of the room he stares to his two friends and notices Mikasa's frowned face.

Eren: What?

Mikasa: Really? What?

Eren: Oh common, I was just complementing your cousin that's it.

You seriously are gonna be mad about that?

Mikasa: Does it even cross your mind what he did to me a year ago?

Eren rolls his eyes.

Eren: I'm not on his side Mikasa, no one is.

Mikasa: Did you just rolled your eyes at me?

Eren: What? Now I can't do anything without you criticizing me?

Mikasa: I just thought you where a little more sensible but apparently you're still the same Eren.

Eren: Oh fuck you Mikasa! Seriously?

Eren takes a moment to himself, passes his thumb and index finger through his nose barrel and closes his eyes.

Eren: I hated it when you left Mikasa, I really did. I've missed you and so did Armin, but you can't deny the law. It was rough but we left our friendship in good terms and I accepted that some day I would see you again possibly, not soon, but some day. So just forget for a moment what I did, that long and lonely year, and just be here taking breakfast with us. After all it was you who said we should enjoy this moment before we go to school.

Mikasa looks to Eren and a frightened Armin waiting for Mikasa's response. She looks down and begins to laugh, she then lays her right shoulder on the table and rests her hand on her right cheek, finally looking at Eren.

Mikasa: Ok, I will.

She smiles, Eren smiles as well and Armin takes a deep breathe. The three continue to take they're breakfast until Armin says.

Armin: But he is right we should get going.

Mikasa: We already agreed on that, but staying here wouldn't be that bad of an idea, after all I don't see you both for a year.

Eren: And you changed a lot.

Mikasa: I didn't change in what it matters.

Armin: Yeah and she apparently smokes now.

Mikasa: Eren smokes since he was thirteen.

Armin: Yes, and we where both his voice of reason, but apparently not anymore.

Mikasa: Armin here told me he thinks this year is gonna be different.

Eren: Really?

Armin: And I do, something is gonna happened, I can feel it.

Mikasa: Sure you do Armin, and you're right it will be.

Six months later

March 2018

Her cigarette was burning, holding it she doesn't notice how much she already lost of it, she wonders along with her close blonde friend where Eren might be, he hasn't been at school for almost a month and now she was worried, very indeed just as much has her heart felt. Eren and Armin easily became Mikasa's closest friends and family. The images were flowing on her mind, she was so worried she could walk the entire country looking for Eren if necessary, but it was just the two of them for now always waiting for his friend. Mikasa leans forward and takes a deep breath when approaches the cigarette to her mouth.

Mikasa: Where he might be?

Armin: We never know.

Mikasa: I miss him.

Armin: Me too.

Armin looks at her friend sharing the same feelings she had.

Armin: Do you think today is going to be like those other days.

Mikasa: Only a miracle could change it.

Hannes was the grounds keeper of the school, he was ahead of the maintenance of the school garden. He had just arrived at school and noticed Mikasa and Armin whom he knew, along with Eren, since they were twelve.

Hannes: You know you shouldn't be smoking that young lady!

Said with a humble smile on his face.

Mikasa: You know you shouldn't come drunk to school, Hannes.

Armin inspects on Hannes sniffing him.

Armin: But we seem to be improving, I can't smell non a bit.

Hannes: It has to be this way, I don't wanna loose my job.

Mikasa: But Friday nights are still up, right.

Hannes: Well in the end of my week it is my own business.

Says giving a contradictory laugh to the two teenagers, then, noticing there faces, asks.

Hannes: What's wrong with both of you?

None of them respond but it didn't take to long to make him realize the reason for those expressions.

Hannes: Eren hun?

Mikasa: There is no other reason.

Hannes: Well, for all I know, he didn't give up of school yet so he might be there. Is probably with is father, why are you worrying so much?

Mikasa: You really don't know him do you?

Hannes: I'm telling you kids you have nothing to worry about.

Hannes ruffles their heads with is two hands, then a coworker spots him and warns him.

Coworker: Oi, Hannes. Go to work and stop talking to the kids!

Hannes: James, don't make me angry I am your superior.

Coworker: Fine, I'm just warning you. You know what happened to professor Ackerman for speaking with kids didn't you.

Hannes: And wasn't that proved to be all a lie. Leave me James and you go back to work, I'll be right there.

Hannes turns his head to Mikasa and Armin.

Hannes: Well I'm heading to work and you two better should do the same.

Mikasa: Sure, we will Hannes.

Said sarcastically.

Hannes: Mikasa I am serious, education is not a thing to make fun of. Now common, up! Up!

The two stand up just like Hannes told them to do so, Armin immediately obeyed Hannes and Mikasa was a little reluctant.

Hannes: Now go.

The two eventually start to walk to the school entrance and get in, leaving Hannes with is arms crossed looking at them.

Inside of the class Mikasa was unfocused, only thinking about of Eren's whereabouts paying no attention to the class. She doesn't notice the little piece of paper given to her.

Floch: "Mikasa for you."

She looks at Flochs hand wondering from whom was that piece.

Floch: "Take it before the teacher sees it."

She immediately takes it of Flochs hand, opening it and reading its content.

"I saw Eren outside I think he is walking towards here, just wait and see.


Her eyes opened more and more, she couldn't believe, she looked back to Sasha that looked at here conforming what she just saw.

Mikasa: "Armin!"

Armin: "What?"

Mikasa: "Read."

Passing the sheet, Armin begins to read and his eyes became has big as Mikasas. Then the door opens and Eren appears, her attention immediately goes towards him, she felt so safe in that moment so relieved she didn't know what to do.

Eren: May I come in?

Teacher: Well of course Eren, come in.

Eren walks and seats on is old seat, right in front of Mikasa that stares at him with a lot of questions on her head now that she new he was safe.

The bell rang and everybody got out, Mikasa, Armin and all others listened to Eren's invitation to his party at his house.

Connie: Hey Eren long time no see!

Eren: Connie how you've been!

The two salute each other.

Sasha: Yeah where have you been?

Eren: Far from here, that's all I can say, but guess what! Now I have a house of my own.

Connie: Wow, you know what that is good for?

Eren: Yes, and that's why I want to invite you all to a party at my place this Friday.

Marco felt that something was weird about this all party but he had other problems to figure it out, just as Eren noticed that Jean wasn't around.

Connie: Count on me.

Sasha: And me obviously.

Eren: Tell the others from senior year.

Marco: Can Jean come too?

Eren: As long as he doesn't do any shit. Where is he anyway?

Marco: I think he is sick.

Trying to disguise the truth of the matter.

Eren: Whatever. Well I'll see you all on Friday.

Eren begins to walk to the outside.

Sasha: Oh Eren?!

Eren turns around.

Eren: Yeah?

Sasha: Can we invite Krista?

Eren: Who's she?

Sasha: She is really cool and everybody from our group really likes her so I figured...

Eren: Sure you can invite her, she is that new girl from class, the one that's really pretty right?

Sasha: Oh my god! I know right? She is so pretty!

Eren: Yeah sure, you can invite her, fine by me!

Sasha: Thank you!

He turns back and walks away, he sure left people a little bit confused but no one was more worried then Mikasa who doesn't give up and walks fast trying to reach him, outside she eventually talks to him.

Mikasa: Care to explain where have you been this last few


Eren: Don't you dare say that you where dead sick over me.

Mikasa: I have the right to be worried, we didn't know where you have been!

Eren: I've been fighting for my rights, if that's what you want to know!

Mikasa: What do you mean?

Eren: I've got an emancipation order from my father.

Mikasa: Are you insane?

Eren: No, he is the one insane, I'm not going to live with his old family. I don't now his older girlfriend, I don't even know my older brother, apparently I have one. That's sick, if he thinks he can get along with this just because he his insane, he is wrong. He is disrespecting the memory of my mother and the life they had together, I have no relationship with him anymore.

Mikasa: But you're living with whom?

Eren: By myself obviously.

Mikasa: But you cant Eren, you...

Eren: What? I'm like my father?

Eren laughs.

Eren: Seriously Mikasa? I would never expected to hear this words from you.

He looks at her disappointed.

Eren: See ya tomorrow Mikasa.

Eren begins to walk to his home until he listens to a conversation Mikasa is having on her phone.

Mikasa: I'm not sleeping in there today, I'll be in Eren's house... No, nothing is going to happened, I just need to make sure he is safe... I have my own reasons Levi, see you tomorrow.

Hangs up. Eren walks towards her.

Eren: I don't need your fucking protection.

Mikasa: Just for this night, please Eren, I don't like this all idea of emancipation. I'm your friend Eren I just want to see you safe.

Eren takes a deep breath.

Eren: Fine, follow me.

The two walk to Eren's house.

They're both on Eren's bed, Eren was already sleeping, turned to the other side that not her face, Mikasa, with her two hands close to her face, was thinking, the images of the past get back.

Carla: Mikasa, I want you to listen to me very carefully. Eren is very special, he seems normal now but I don't know if something will eventually happened in the future. If something does can you promise me to take care of him?

She looks at small Mikasa who this promise seemed so much for such a young girl. She couldn't deny it so she simply replied.

Mikasa: Yes.

We get back to sixteen year old Mikasa laying on bed thinking about the past, she eventually gets scared when she listens to Eren snoring.

Nirvana- Lithium

Sitting on the chair of her class Mikasa looks at Eren's back, watch's him while he is doing is exam wondering what was going on in his mind. She is passing her pen through her fingers while her left feet shakes like crazy. She doesn't seem to get an eye off of Eren until the teacher notices.


Nile: Perhaps its better if we pay attention to the test don't you think miss. Ackerman?

Mikasa looks to the professor, with such a presumptious look.

Mikasa: I guess so.

The class laughs, so does Mr. Nile but sarcastically, he then comes leans on to Mikasa's ear.

Nile: Then lets stop staring at mr. Yeagers ass and get to the point, don't you think?

Mikasa looks at the professor in range but this choses to ignore it and leaves Mikasa who eventually pays attention to the exam and finishes it.


The three walk to Eren's home, Mikasa and Eren are smoking, Armin is just taking with the smoke not bothering. Mikasa is still thinking about Eren and what was going on with him fearing his mental state.


Armin: I'm actually excited to see your new home Eren.

Eren: You'll see, it's a nice fucking place, Mikasa already knows how it is don't you Mikasa?

She doesn't respond, still focused on her own thoughts.

Eren: Hey, Mikasa?!

Mikasa: What?

Eren: I was just telling Armin how you already saw my place, isn't cool?

Mikasa: Yeah, the best. I just don't like the idea of you alone in that place.

Eren: Fuck, can you stop being so protective, I can take care of my self otherwise I wouldn't get that emancipation order from the court.

Mikasa: That doesn't convince me.

Eren: Well, too bad Mikasa, I'm not going anywhere.

They get close to the door from the apartment Eren is leaving in, Eren gets the keys and opens the door, the three finally reach Eren's flat and the boy opens his door.

Eren: Welcome to my home.

Armin: Wow, what a place, you got yourself a fine home.

Mikasa: With who's money?

Eren: My mothers, that is mine now.

Mikasa: It will end someday.

Eren: Then I'll get a job. Happy?

Mikasa: Very.

Armin looks at the window admiring the city.

Armin: Mikasa is right. Its not enough, your dad is giving you an allowance is in it?

Eren: And if he is, what's the big deal?

Armin: Nothing, I was just asking.

Eren: Well, lets put this place in shape for the party tonight. I already have beers.

Goes to the refrigerator and shows the beers, then closes the door.

Eren: And a bit of these.

Shows a little plastic bag with some marijuana.

Mikasa: That's not safe for you.

Eren: Again, seriously, fuck you Mikasa, I can do whatever I want.

Mikasa: Sure, but you can't take...

The bell rings. Eren saves the bag and walks to the door, opening it Sasha and Connie surprise their friends.

Sasha: Hello guys.

Eren: Sasha good to see you, the mood was starting to get a little intense in here.

Looks at Mikasa.

Connie: Well were here to improve it.

The two get in.

Sasha: So, when does the actually party start?

Eren: We just have to wait for anybody else.

Daft punk- Technologic

It's already 3:30 am, the neighbors where done with all this party, one of them steps out of bed and walks to his door leaving his apartment. Upstairs Mikasa is seating in the sofa looking at Eren that is dancing, drunk. Armin that was looking at the looked door of the other bedroom at the building, looks at Mikasa.

Armin: Mikasa, you should leave Eren alone, he is fine on is own, he already proved that.

Mikasa doesn't respond.

Armin: Mikasa!

Mikasa: I've heared you. Maybe you should leave Annie alone too, you've been staring at her all night long.

Armin: Ahh...well...but I...

The neighbor knocks at the door.

Eren: I'll get it.

Laughing, opens the door.

Eren: Yes.

Neighbor: Shut the music down or I'll call the cops!

Eren: Oh, shit! Sure sir I'll turn it off immediately! Don't you wanna join the party?

Eren was so drunk that he didn't have any notion of the severity of his actions.

Neighbor: That's it! You fucking kids wanna mess with us? You'll see!

Mikasa steps up out of the couch and walks towards Eren.

Mikasa: We will keep the music down sir, we're sorry.

Neighbor: Do you think a simple sorry solves everything girl? I've got work tomorrow!

Mikasa: We already said we where sorry, this was a well planned party and nobody else seems to be complaining except for you sir.

And who works on a Saturday?

Neighbor: I do! And if you want any proof I'll knock on the other neighbors doors!

Mikasa: I don't think that's a pretty idea Mister...

Neighbor: Wallace.

Mikasa: Mister Wallace! We will keep the music down, like I said we are very sorry, my friend here is very sorry as well but he is to drunk to admit it. But please don't call on us we're just celebrating youth and life, didn't you sir use to do that?

Mister Wallace looks at Mikasa that's trying to convince him not to call the police, takes a moment then decides.

Neighbor: Fine! You should listen to your gal a little more kid! Next time I'll call them. And next time try to keep it down with the sex action as well. I can't believe kids at your age are engaging in things like this already!

Mikasa: Sex?

Neighbor: Now don't play dumb on me young girl! I know what I've heard.

The neighbor goes to his floor waiting for the music to end, meanwhile Mikasa closes the door and thinks a little about what Mister Wallace said about the sex part but immediately forgets about that and goes to the radio.

Eren: Mikasa, don't you fucking dare.

Mikasa closes the music, outside, on Eren's porch Reiner, Ymir and Krista wonder what was happening and why did the music stopped.

Eren: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Mikasa: Do you think this is a game Eren? It's over!

For everybody.

Mikasa: The party is over guys! You can now return to your homes!

Eren: No! The party is not over!

Mikasa: You want to celebrate your freedom? Go ahead, do it! But stop putting yourself in danger!

Everybody was scared of Mikasa. They looked at her then at Eren.

Ymir: Mikasa is right Eren. Its better if we just go home.

Eren: No wait! Its not over! We can do a lot of things without music!

Reiner: Eren listen to Mikasa, she is the more reasonable here.

Reiner puts a hand on Eren's shoulder and pats it twice. Reiner eventually opens the door and leaves.

Bertholdt: Bye Eren, see you Monday.

Annie: Goodbye Eren.

Krysta: Bye, nice to meet you.

Ymir: See ya Eren.

They all get out.

Eren: You always ruin everything for me. Don't you like to see me happy?

Mikasa: I like to see you safe Eren.

Eren: Fuck you!

Eren walks to his room and closes the door.

Armin: He will forgive you don't worry.

Mikasa: I know he will.

Sasha: Pst! Guys can you help me here with Connie!

Armin: What's wrong?

Sasha: He kinda doesn't want to leave the bathroom.

The two walk to the bathroom to find Connie almost sleeping

inside of the bathtub. His shirt was full of vomit, so was the bathtub. They look disgust and trying to hold they're breaths.

Sasha: Common Connie lets go!

Connie: No, I don't want to.

Sasha: Mikasa can you help me?

Mikasa: Sure.

The two take Connie, Mikasa holding is two arms and Sasha his legs. The two begin dragging him to the couch but this eventually vomits, again, into the bathrooms floor.

Sasha: Oh shit!

Sasha leaves his legs and gets close to him. Mikasa puts his arms aside and leans to him putting is face into the toilet.

Sasha: Connie, common vomit the rest.

Eventually Connie vomits.

Sasha: Good, good.

Sasha strokes Connie's shaved head while laughing of relief, then she takes him to the sink and washes is face.

Sasha: Ok, lets go to the sofa.

The two walk to the sofa and Sasha puts him on the couch. She takes his shirt of and dresses him with just his hoddie that wasn't dirty.

Sasha: I'll sleep on the floor, it's carpet so I'm fine.

Mikasa: Okay.

Mikasa: Armin, are you going home?

Armin: I don't know it's pretty late.

Mikasa: I thought so. Sleep with Eren, I'll arranged myself.

Armin: Ok. Well I'm getting in there then.

Mikasa: Good night, and good luck.

Armin walks to Eren's room and closes the door. Mikasa walks towards the locked room to find it only locked:

Sasha: Do you wanna sleep here?

Pointing to the sofa where Connie was:

Mikasa: No, no leave Connie, he needs to sleep.

Sasha smiles seeing the sympathy of Mikasa. Mikasa goes to the couch next to the main sofa and falls asleep.


Mikasa was at her parent's car looking at both of them, safe and healthy. Her mother turns to check on the little Mikasa.

Harumi: Are you ok sweetie?

Mikasa: Yes, all good.

Harumi: Good.

Mikasa's mother reaches a hand towards her own and gently rubs it. Like a flash her mother immediately shocks with her head to the front of the car, then to the left, Mikasa looks at her father who suffer the same destiny, the car flips over and Mikasa sees in slow motion every single thing. Mikasa wakes up with her phone ringing in her bedroom.


One month later

She looks at the phone and sees that Jean is calling her. She answers.

Mikasa: What is it Jean.

Jean: I'm sorry to bother you Mikasa but Eren was standing on the street by himself wondering about something.

Mikasa: What?!

Jean: Calm down, he is safe at home with me, everything is fine I was just making you sure that he is ok.

Mikasa: What time is it?

Jean: Eight past thirty. I thought you were already awake.

Mikasa: No, no I wasn't.


Jean: Well, everything is fine now I'll see you at school.

Jean hangs up without listening to Mikasa.

Her memories come back. The safety belt had sort of saved her life. She is shocked, she doesn't know what to do, lost she looks at the front of her car and begins to call her mother.

Candlebox- Far behind

Mikasa: Mom, dad!

Then, as if like an angel, Eren appears calling for Mikasa.

Eren: Are you ok?

Mikasa nods her head in response.

Eren: Careful with the seatbelt, put a hand on the top of the car.

Mikasa does has Eren's says and when taking of the belt she pushes it with her arm making her land on the floor in safety.

Eren: Come on, get out of the car.

Mikasa gets out looking at her parents still wondering if they were fine. Carla shows up scared for her sons safety.

Carla: Eren I told you to stay in here!

Eren: But look mum, she's safe.

Carla: Mikasa.

Carla walks towards the little girl.

Carla: Are you ok dear? Oh my good she must be shocked. Grisha!

Grisha was on the phone trying to call an ambulance.

Grisha: I'm on the phone dear. Yes immediately, thank you.

Grisha hangs up the phone.

Grisha: What is it Carla?

Grisha looks surprised at Mikasa, scared, still holding her teddy bear.

Grisha: Everything will be fine my dear, how's your parents?

Mikasa: They didn't respond.

Grisha: Oh dear. I'm so sorry.

Grisha holds Mikasa giving a long hug, he then leaves her and walks to the car to see how violent the accident was. Eren approaches her.

Eren: Here take this, to keep you warm.

Eren gives his scarf to Mikasa rolling it onto her neck, the girl begins to cry.

Eren: Come, lets go home.

Mikasa: Home?



Mikasa: Home.

Levi: What did you say?

Mikasa: The fuck your doing staring at me?

Levi: Hey don't talk to me that way!

Mikasa: I talk to you in whatever way I want, but stop staring at me!

Levi: You were talking to your self, what the hell did you want me to do?

Mikasa: Whatever.

Mikasa gets up and goes to her bathroom.

Levi: I want you ready in five minutes or I'll leave without you.

Mikasa: Fuck off.

Weezer- Say it ain't so

They get to school Levi leaves Mikasa and stays at the car beginning to smoke, he puts the cigarette on his mouth and lights it up.

Mikasa: I'll not sleep at home tonight.

Levi: Again?

Mikasa: I have my own reasons.

Mikasa starts to walk away from Levi.

Levi: Just don't come home pregnant ok?

Mikasa rolls her eyes.

The day comes to an end.


Eren wasn't expecting visits until someone nocks on the door. He opens it, noticing Mikasa he begins to close the door but is stooped by Mikasas foot.

Mikasa: I'm not going any where.

Eren: Good, like I care.

Mikasa: Are you kidding me? Jean just told me this morning you where alone outside at night.

Eren doesn't answer knowing how strange that situation indeed was.

Eren: I was just looking at the sky, what's wrong with that?

Mikasa: No you were not, Eren listen to me please. I'm just trying to help you, we are the only family we have left.

Eren couldn't deny the truth on Mikasas words, he leaves the door open leaving Mikasa get in.

At night, Mikasa can't sleep, she eventually gets up and goes to Eren's porch seating on the hard floor.

Radiohead- No surprises

Eren: I was so stupid wasn't I?

Mikasa looks at Eren standing still beside her.

Eren: Today is the birthday of that horrific day.

Eren smiles while taking a cigarette from his pocket, seating next to Mikasa and lightning it. He then gives it to Mikasa but this one collapses into tears.

Eren: I know... I know.

Eren leans towards Mikasa and lets her head lean on his shoulder, then Eren puts a hand on her shoulder and begins to rub it to give some comfort to her friend.

Eren: I mean, I've been a jerk all this time, and you have been taking it over and over again. You can punch me, you can literally punch me Mikasa, I'm not kidding you.

Mikasa laughs a bit.

Mikasa: Thank you.

Eren: Any time, that's what friends are for.


Thanks a lot for reading it. Please leave you're feedback.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Sorry for the mistakes, I'm trying to work on them. 🤣🤣😅😅Hope you enjoy the next chapter!

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