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Red | Yoongi

Chapter 1: Red Silk

Subtitle | Experiment of Pleasure

Warning | Smut. Light bondage. Switch. Temperature play (ice).

“This was a terrible idea.”

Rolling your eyes at his complaint, you just keep on doing what you are currently working on to his hands. “Hey, you were the one who said that we should try something new,” you tell him nonchalantly while keeping his hands above his head and do your best to tie them up to the headboard using the belt from your red silky robe.

“Yeah—But why am I the one- ow-being tied?”

You bite your bottom lip, smirking slyly the moment you can see his pouted lips. “Because every time we try new things I will be the one lying on the bed and being experimented on. And you did promise me last time that it’s my turn to lead.”

“Fine,” he scoffs, finally relaxing underneath you. You move around on top of him, planting both of your knees on each side of his body on the bed.

Looking down at your work as you settle yourself over his hips, you gladly take in the sight of your naked lover lying beneath you, both of his hands tied up on the headboard while letting both his legs sprawled free on the bed, before turning back to look at his face. A proud smile appears widely on your face while he looks at you with scrunched nose, already figuring out what you are about to do next.

“Are you ready, baby?” You taunt him, pulling out the red silk tie that you took from him earlier.

“I guess it’s too late to say no now, isn’t it?”

You give him a pursed smile. “Oh don’t be a party pooper. I promise that you will get to choose whatever you want to try on me next and I will not refuse.”

The bargain is fair, yet you cannot help but regret your own words merely seconds later when he gives you a smirk, his tongue playfully licking his lips to show you that he already has something planned inside his mind for a payback.

“Of course, princess. If that’s what you want,” he growls, with the voice that builds shivers through your body. “Now finish doing what you need. I’m ready.”

If only he had waited for a few seconds before challenging you, you might have taken too long to consider carrying on and change your mind. But before you ever have a chance to, you lean forward and wrap the silk tie around his head, covering both of his eyes. You keep your knees planted around his hips as you lean down to tie the blindfolds behind his head, allowing your upper torso pressing on his body with your breasts hovering on his face. He lifts his chin and grazes his nose on your still covered breasts.

“Why can’t you wait after you take this nightdress off? Now I can’t see them,” he groans.

“Stop complaining,” you scold him with a giggle, before giving a light peck on the tip of his nose after you are done putting on the blindfold. He starts lifting his face to desperately chase out your body as you pull back. “You will get to see them later. You just need to relax, baby.”

You scoot down, kissing him on his lips feverishly and making him chase your lips blindly with a whine when you once again pull away without warning. You leave trails of kisses over his jaw, down to his neck. Taking your time as you do until you feel his chest heaving, eager for more of your kisses and almost losing his patience when he is not getting any. You leave open-mouthed kisses on his neck, with your palms resting on his bare chest and you breasts grazing over his warm skin. You feel proud at the sight of him biting his lips to keep himself from whimpering as you start grinding your hips, letting your covered center stroking on his naked length until you can feel your lacy panties dampening underneath you from your building arousal.

You keep trailing your kisses lower to his chest, even taking your time to lick his nipples along the way, causing him to grin at the feeling of your warm tongue over his skin. A sigh escapes your lips when you regretfully have to lift your hips away from him as you keep sliding down on him, while he huffs at the feeling of your center leaving his rigid length, allowing his sensitive skin to feel the cool air.

You keep moving lower, leaving trails of kisses, with small bites and licks on his bare skin, until you reach his crotch. Yoongi’s breath hitches when he feels your lips brushing on the tip of his erection. Looking up to look at him while teasingly leaving soft kisses and kitten licks on its slit, you cannot help but smile in pride when you see him struggling to pull his hands free with faint curses leaving his lips.

And then you pull back, completely leaving his body.

“Ba—baby? Whe—where did you go?” Yoongi calls for you with a hoarse voice, chest heaving and his skin red with heat.

Silently staring at him as you stand at the foot of the bed, you let him search blindly for you as you are enjoying the view. You reach down to the floor to find the small container you have hidden under the bed earlier, opening it carefully to make sure he cannot possibly hear what you are doing—which isn’t really much of a problem, since he is still busy calling and begging you to return to bed. You retrieve a small piece of ice cube from the container, placing it between your lips before slowly climbing back to bed.

Yoongi falls silent for a brief while after he notices that you are back from the way the bed dips from your weight. He waits for you to speak up, but then he grows anxious when you are still not saying anything.

“What are you doing?”

He tries to lift his face and falls back down, releasing a deep breath when his question only meets silence. You straddle over him right on your previous position, crouching down until your face is hovering over his rigid shaft that keeps twitching each time he makes a move. And right when he opens his lips once more to speak, you lower your lips right over the length of his cock until the ice cube touches its skin.

Yoongi lets out a gasp, his body stiffening at the sudden touch of cold temperature. You pull back slightly, moving a bit lower and back down, letting the ice cube touches the base of his shaft and move up as slow as possible, dragging the ice cube along the underside until you reach its tip.

“F—fuck,” he curses under his breath, his cock twitching right after you lift yourself up.

Smiling to yourself while making sure that the ice cube is still secure between your lips, you lean back down to repeat the motion, keeping your eyes up to watch how he arches his back each time the ice meets his skin. You rest your hands on his hips and thighs to keep him from moving and kicking as you lean down again, moving slower to allow the ice to leave wet trails on his twitching cock. You move your hand to hold the base, lifting his rigid shaft from his abdomen to allow you to move the ice onto the tip of his cock, and you move up to graze the cold object over the slit and circle along the tip until you can see wet trails being spread evenly on his sensitive skin.

You can feel him anticipating for the cold ice to come back right after you pull away, and you swiftly move the small ice cube inside your mouth, crushing it with your teeth before leaning back down, flattening your tongue and start dragging the soft muscle along the underside of his length slowly until you reach the tip.

“Fu—fuck, baby,” he whimpers, his body shivering at the change of temperature enveloping his twitching member.

“Are you okay, baby?” you ask him with a low voice, keeping your lips so close to his cock so he can feel your breath softly blowing on his skin.

He whimpers softly, before nodding his head. Yoongi tries to control his breath and open his lips to answer you, but nothing comes out as you suddenly lower yourself to move your tongue on the underside of his length, dragging along slowly to spread warmth and replace the cold trail that is still covering his cock.

You wrap your lips around his length, stopping him from speaking out, leaving him lying there with his chest heaving for air and his lips opened wide. You take him fully inside your mouth, sinking down and let him enter you as far as you can let him, before pulling back slowly, hollowing your cheeks as you make your way up to the tip. You can also feel the change of temperature inside your mouth, the chill temperature that the ice had left behind on your tongue and the underside of your cheeks are slowly turning warm as you sink back lower, taking in more of his length.

“God, baby. Your mouth feels amazing,” he groans, whimpering at the overwhelming feeling you are giving him. You can feel his legs trembling beneath you as you keep repeating the motion; pulling back until the tip reaches your lips before sinking back down, taking him deeper each time, the veins on his arms showing as he tries his best to hold on with his arms being tied above him. “Baby, I want to touch you. Please—”

You pull back slowly with hollowed cheeks, sucking him hard as you move up until you release him with a pop. “Not yet, baby,” you answer him, raking your fingers on the skin of his hips while giving kitten licks to clean up his salty precum that keeps leaking out. “I will only let you go when I want to.”

He answers with a groan which causes you to giggle. “Patience, baby,” you tease him, before taking him into your mouth once again, this time moving faster as you bob your head up and down, letting the tip of his cock to reach deep inside your throat until you can feel him twitching inside you.

Curses and deep grunts leave his lips when you suddenly stop right when he is about to release his load inside your mouth.

While you silently crawl up above him, stopping yourself once you are sitting above his hips. It takes you merely seconds to take off your nightdress and your panties before reaching down to guide his cock, grazing its tip on your throbbing entrance until you can feel your arousal dripping out and coating the swollen tip. And once you cannot hold on any longer, you lower yourself down to let his cock to slowly slides into you. The sudden feeling of him pushing through between your tight walls leaves you gasping and whimpering above him, while he lets out curses and grunts at the tightness of your slick walls. He moves his hips upward the most he can, helping himself to move deeper inside you, and you move your hips in circles until he fills you up completely.

You stop moving, taking deep breaths to adjust yourself to his presence inside you, feeling your walls throbbing around him and you can swear that you are so close to having your orgasm coming too quickly just by having him deep inside you. Resting your palm on his abdomen, you push him down gently when he suddenly tries to buck his hips to get you to move.

“Baby, please—” he begs you to move with a soft whine. And with a deep breath, you finally comply.

Pressing your palms on his stomach for leverage, you push yourself up slightly, before dropping yourself back down. You repeat it once, twice, until the pleasure takes over, until it becomes easier for you to slide up and down on him and you start moving faster, savouring the warmth of his rigid cock filling you up to the hilt. You can feel the pleasure peaking, surging through your body, and you start trembling above him until you lose power on your own legs.

Your body falls forward over his chest, and you hold on to his shoulders as you keep moving above him, chasing your high. “Ah, you’re so tight—” he grunts, so close to losing his breath yet still moving and bucking his hips the most that he could, hitting your deepest walls over and over again.

“Yoongi, I’m so close—” you whimper above him and losing control of your own body.

“Release me,” he groans.

You reach up to his hands, letting him go from his last restraints, knowing that you won’t be able to chase your high with the only strength you have left. He takes off the blindfold that is covering his eyes right the moment his hands are set free. The dark angry gaze emitting from his eyes are so close to sending you to bliss just by having him staring down at you.

Finally,” he grunts, before his hands fly down to catch your hips and give you a tight hold.

You let out a scream when he suddenly pulls your body upwards, and then slams you back down on him with force, the angle you are on now lets his cock reach your hidden sweet spot perfectly. “Fuck, Yoongi—” you moan for him, and with a deep chuckle that could send shivers through your body, he keeps hitting the same spot repeatedly.

“You like that, baby?” he growls as he keeps moving faster and harder. “Tell me how good you are feeling.”

Fuck, Yoongi, it’s ssso— sooo good,” you mewl. Within moments, you instantly become a moaning mess, screaming and whimpering as your body is taken over by intense pleasure. You squeeze your eyes when you can feel your tears building up on your hazy eyes, your jaw becomes slack when you keep gasping and screaming his name as you relish in the peak of your climax.

And then, finally, your breathing comes out low and shallow even as little tiny aftershocks continue throbbing deep inside you, following behind the intense release that had just exploded through you. You can barely form a single word as your mind tries to catch up with your body.

Strings of curses leave his lips as he keeps bucking his hips to let you ride out your high while catching his own. He gives a few shallow thrusts inside your clenched walls until he releases inside you with a loud whimper escaping his lips.

Your senses start coming back to you once his thrusts become slower and sloppy, and when you open your eyes, you can finally sense your body heat and sweats covering your skin, your knuckles still gripping on his upper arms, and both of your bodies are still shaking from bliss.

“Yoongi—” you call for him between ragged breaths, feeling his heartbeat inside his heaving chest slowly coming to a steady speed before he opens his eyes.

“I change my mind,” he says to you, while trying to catch his breath. “That was fucking brilliant.”

You kiss his burning skin beneath you while chuckling, before resting your head on his shoulder. You close your eyes to enjoy his palm circling on your back and his release slowly comes flowing out from your core.

You are already on the verge of falling asleep on top of him when he suddenly pulls out of you carefully, and flips your bodies until you are resting on your back while he hovers above you.


Your heartbeat starts to increase when you notice his smirk, and lust taking over his gaze right after he had finished cleaning you up with your forgotten nightdress.

“Don’t fall asleep yet, baby. Now tell me where you keep those ice cubes.”

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