New Revelations

Guess Who's Back


When Naruto and I arrived in the Hokage's office, we found Tsunade staring intensely at the wall to the right of my head, deep in thought, drink in hand. Kakashi sat in a chair reading his orange book.

Same old Kakashi...I bet he has read that book over fifty times, at least!

I cleared my throat, hoping to get Tsunade's attention.

"Oh, good you're all here," Tsunade said smirking. "I have an A-class retrieval mission to retrieve an important scroll with information pertaining to jinchuuriki, the Akatsuki are also after it. From what Intel has given us, the scroll has the information of how to control jinchuuriki."

At hearing this Naruto growled, Kakashi put his book down, and I put a hand on Naruto's shoulder as his anger grew. It was to be expected that Naruto would act so rashly at this news.

"Why can't they just leave us alone? I'm sick of always running away, of my friends getting hurt by those monsters...or even worse by me," Naruto said, I saw him shoot me a fleeting glance.

I knew what he was referring to, the time we fought with Orochimaru and Kabuto and he went into the Nine-tails form. When I tried to stop him he lashed out at me with one of his four tails and I have a scar on my upper arm to prove it.

"Settle down Naruto, I'm fine. This mission will slow down the Akatsuki," I said, lightly squeezing his shoulder.

"She's right Naruto," Kakashi piped in, "Now let's listen to Tsunade-sama so we can get this done."

Naruto relaxed slightly and I smiled. The Akatsuki had hurt him, emotionally and physically. I wanted to hug him and tell him it would all be over soon, but everyone knew that this was far from over.

'You got that right Saku,' a very familiar dark voice said from inside my head.

Two years ago I had learned how to keep my inner shut. Even though sometimes I kind of enjoyed her company, I had to seal her away for two reasons. One being that I found out that my inner was actually a lesser demon. I knew that meant no good obviously from seeing Naruto battle with his own. Secondly, she was just rather annoying.

So she was back and the thought of it left me confused, but I didn't show it. I didn't want the other's to worry.

What the heck are you doing? You're supposed to be sealed away god damnit!

'Well I'm sorry but your pitiful seal didn't last I guess.' She was obviously not sorry.

Whatever, I'll just deal with you later. Please shut up for a moment, that would be just great, I snapped.

'Fine, fine...but I'll be back…' she said back, I could just imagine her laughing to herself a cute smile plastered to her face that didn't seem to fit.

Man she is going to be a handful.

"The scroll is said to be in the land Hidden in the Mist. That is all the intel we have, but knowing Team Kakashi I think you guys will be able to track it down with no problem!" Tsunade said confidently.

"Hey! That's barely anything. The Mist is not that small and you know that Baa-chan!" Naruto exclaimed with a frown on his face.

"The general location is better than nothing Naruto...and don't call me that you twit."

"Not my fault that you hide your age! You're known for being a-"


All Tsunade needed was a flick to the head and he was across the room with a large bump on his head.

'HAHA! And I see that Naruto is still the same idiot.' the demon laughed.

Yep he's still a knuckle-head... Teasing Tsunade about her age was a bad move. Aren't you supposed to be quiet right now? I thought with irritation.

'I just couldn't resist. Considering I have been locked up and haven't gotten my daily Naruto dose...'

"You will leave in 20 minutes, so I suggest you pack extra supplies. It is very likely that you will encounter Akatsuki," Tsunade said seriously.

That caught everyone's attention. It seemed as though we could never get away from them. Every time I interacted with them something pulled at the back of my mind. Probably due to me murdering Sasori, that surely left an impression on me and them.

"Naruto, Sakura, we'll meet at the gates in twenty got it?" Kakashi said.


They all went to their respectful homes to gather supply. In these private moments I would start to wonder, again, why I seemed to remember faintly seeing the Akatsuki cloaks in some of my dreams. Maybe it was from when I fought with Sasori or encountered Itachi Uchiha, but there was still that nagging feeling…

I bet it's nothing...yeah, nothing… I'm just worrying too much!

'I don't think that's the case my dear Sakura. From what I have seen from being stuck in your head there is a strong presence of the Akatsuki in your memory.'

I shouldn't worry about my memory right now. Especially when Naruto's life could be in danger...'

'Always worrying about others needs but never your own. Same old Sakura, but hey look on the bright side, this might just get exciting.' She paused for a minute, thinking. 'Oh I know why!'


'Because I'm here of course!'

Of all the demons in the world, why did I have to get stuck with the conceited one? I thought bitterly.

When I finished packing all of my supplies, I walked out of my home, but I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched. Twisting around I scanned my surroundings. Nothing.

Like usual I'm just being paranoid again.

And, as per usual, I had no idea just how wrong I was.

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