New Revelations

Catching Up


When I got to the gate I was shocked to find Kakashi there actually earlier than me or Naruto.

Okay something's up he is NEVER early. Even on missions he's still late. I wonder what he's up to, I thought.

'Sakura, your such a worrier. You know if you worry to much you're gunna get holes in your stomach' my demon said.

Since when did you start to act like a mom? Can't you just shut up and let me find out what the problem is, I asked irritated.

'And you're bossy. I'm kind of glad I was locked up Saku...for you have changed quiet a bit from the frightened girl I once knew. Much more, how should I put it? Secretive? Paranoid? Strong...

And for that reason Kakashi was here early. Ever since he found me in the woods he thought of me as the daughter he could never have. So, because he knew me practically better than anyone else he could see that I was off more than usual. And yes, he also noticed that I had become distant except with a select few.

Kakashi wanted to speak to me in private before Naruto came, I deduced. With me being busy at the hospital and him with missions we had barely anytime to talk one-on-one anymore. So he took his chance.

"Hey there Sakura," Kakashi said as he did his famous one-eyed smile, "I thought we could catch up before we started the mission."

"Oh, of course," I said as I put my arm behind my head (a habit I picked up from Naruto), "What did you want to talk about?"

"You seem to have been rather distant with Naruto and me lately...what's wrong? And don't even try to say 'nothing' because you know I know you better than that. So spill," he said eyeing me down.

Darn it. I thought I had gotten better at hiding my feelings. I guess that's why people are flabbergasted that I'm an ANBU with feelings. That needs to be fixed, I thought.

"Fine," I huffed, "You know how sometimes I have dreams that might be memories?" he nodded, "Well I have been having dreams about the Akatsuki cloak, and when I think about them it's as if there is something in the back of my mind that tells me that I somehow know them."

Well to say the least Kakashi wasn't expecting this, from the look on his face. He thought I was just feeling down again about Sasuke, not about Akatsuki.

Kakashi put a hand on my shoulder, "Hey look at me," I picked my head up, "everything's going to be alright, nothing is going to happen to you with the Akatsuki as long as I'm breathing, okay?"

"Okay...thanks I needed that. And please don't you hurt yourself trying to protect me. You of all people should know that I am perfectly capable of protecting myself," I said with determination and thankfulness in my eyes.

"Hey I'm just saying-"

"Hey Sakura-chan I'm here! Wait a sec why are you here so early Kakashi?" Naruto said dumbstruck.

"Oh no reason just wanted to catch up with Sakura," Kakashi said with his one-eyed smile.

"Sure you were...Sakura-chan can tell me why later."

"Seriously Naruto he just wanted to talk to me. Can't a father and daughter talk anymore?" I said in a joking manner.

"Since when did he become your dad?" Naruto asked once again, acting as if he didn't know why.

"He raised me, that's why. Now let's get going you two we have some ways to go," I said.

And with that command from me, my boys followed me going out to the Mist where more than one surprise would await us.

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