New Revelations



I turned around along with Naruto to find the people we were half expecting to see. The man that was right behind us, the one who had spoke, had spiky orange hair, a tall stature, and black piercings were all over his face.

Oh you have got to be kidding me! Why is the entire Akatsuki here? I screamed in my mind.

'Saku you complain way too much. This is going to be fun!' my demon said.

Baka, we have only faced one Akatsuki member, barely survived, and we don't know much about their abilities, except for Itachi and Kisame, I thought back.

'Guess that means Sasuke didn't achieve his goal yet' my demon said smugly.

I looked at Naruto to find him slowly changing into more fox-like features with orange chakra surrounding him. Only to find in a split second Kakashi appear from behind us, with his Shaningan on full display, glaring at the Akatsuki.

"What the hell did you say?" Naruto shouted at the one with the orange hair.

"I said that my sister shouldn't be so sure it is just you," the orange haired one replied rather calmly.

Why did he call me 'sister'? That...just makes no sense, I thought.

"Sakura, get behind me, now!" Kakashi said in a menacing voice.

"No!" I shouted, now getting frustrated, "I am not weak and you know that." I then activated my Rinnegan.

"Same old kitten, eh Itachi? Except her Rinnegan is different from Leader-sama's," The one by the name of Kisame said.

"Hn," was Itachi's short reply.

Kitten? Okay now I am furious! I thought.

'Calm down...I think they know about your past because your mind is getting that feeling of remembrance again.'

Maybe they kidnapped me when I was younger...yeah. But that still doesn't explain why he called me sister.

I then pulled out my katana, a birthday present from Ino. It was an onxy black color with red and gold ribbons wrapped around the handle. On the katana were words carved in that covered the sword, making the katana a thing of beauty but with an eerie feel to them.

"Oh and she also started to use a katana too, I was wondering when she would start to remember what I taught her years ago," Kisame said, as if he actually knew me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, while Naruto stood next to me protectively, growling very low.

"Sakura, now's not the time for curiou-" Kakashi started to say.

"Oh, I think it is the perfect time for questions and answers," the leader, the orange haired one seemed to be, said in a deep voice, "those Elders of yours have tampered with my little sister's memory. She has a right to know where she truly belongs."

As he said this he did some hand signs, causing something painful to suddenly break within my mind, like a seal being torn open. Then, I started to get my memories back in a flurry of bright images.


Pein was holding a happy three year old Sakura on his shoulders. These were the times that he wishes he could freeze in place.

"Brother! Where are Sasori and Kisame? I want to play with them!" the young girl screamed in his ear.

He chuckled and said, "Back at base, where we are heading. Don't worry Sakura we will see them soon."

The only time he ever acted human was around his sister, and everyone knew it.

(2nd Flashback)

"Tobi is a good boy! Isn't he Blossom?" Tobi said from underneath his mask to the five year old Sakura walking past him.

"Yes Tobi is!"

"Get back hear you assho-, oh sorry Sakura, move aside so I can knock this knuckle head into oblivion!" Deidara, a man with long blond hair and blue eyes, told her.

"Save me Blossom! Please Tobi didn't do anything wrong."

"Are you kidding me you stabbed me with a kunai and ran off screaming!" an irate Deidara yelled.

"Please Uncle Dei don't hurt Tobi," a teary Sakura said.

She was about to say more when strong arms picked her up in a swift motion. The pinkette looked up to see Itachi holding her with his eyes a blood red.

"Stop fighting in front of her, unless you want Pein to have your heads," Itachi said calmly with killing intent in his eyes.

"Damn Uchiha," Deidara said with some colorful strings of curses following as he walked off back to his room. Tobi was already gone in a puff of smoke.

"Thank you Itachi, I really don't like it when my family fights," Sakura pouted.

Itachi squeezed her. "Don't mention it." He only spoke that much kindly to Sakura.

(3rd Flashback)

Explosions came from all directions around Sakura. She was seven years old and she was screaming for her brother, anyone.

She was skilled enough to dodge the incoming weapons thrown at her, save for the couple that just impaled her leg.

She screamed out in pain, "HELP!"

"Pinky is that you!" Kisame, she thinks, shouted.

"Yes! help me ple-"

"Shut up you little brat," the Sound ninja said from behind her, only to collapse when a puppet attacked him from behind.

"Come on we need to find your brother," Kisame yelled at her while Itachi picked her up noticing that she was barely able to walk.

"Let's go, now," Itachi said with a hint of urgency in his voice, something he never had.

"Wh-whats going on Tachi?" Sakura asked, her voice laced with worry for her family and brother.

"We have been attacked by some very skilled Sound ninjas Kitten, probably after you and your brother. That snake bastard, once I get my hands on him-" Kisame said.

"Enough," Itachi said.

As they ran down the mazes of hallways they ran into her brother who just got done killing a couple of ninja.

"Sakura, good your safe," Pein said with relief.

"I'm scared brother, what are we going to do?" She asked timidly.

"Itachi and Kisame are going to take you to the Leaf. A certain person is after your abilities, since they are stronger than my own, so you are no longer safe with us."

He looks at Itachi and Kisame, "You will take her to the Leaf and make sure she gets found by a silver-haired man by the name of Kakashi Hatake."

He then kissed Sakura on the forehead, "I will come back for you when it is safe. Don't worry you will be okay with Hatake. He is a kind man, especially when it comes to young children."

"Okay brother," she said as she cried, "I love you."

"As do I, now you three need to go. Itachi, Kisame you know where to meet me when you make sure that she is safe."

They nodded and headed out. That was the last time she saw her brother.

"Hang on," Itachi said. Then they moved out.

(End of Flashbacks)

'Holy Kami, did you see that Saku, never knew that my vessel had a past with the Akatsuki'

Shut up right now, I growled at my Inner demon.

Well at least I know who my family is, I thought bitterly.

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