Unspoken Fears

Girl Trouble?

(Winry's POV)

I had been waiting for Edward. It was currently six o'clock (am); the precise time in which I was told to meet him. Out of the corner of my eye, a familiar red material caught my attention.

"Edward!" I called, letting him know I was here. He continued on without looking up in my direction. He appeared to be in a daze, a reality his own. My mind began to wander. With all that had happened these past few weeks, how could Edward not be confused? Alphonse was still missing, Ed had been taken captive and hospitalized.

"Oh, hey Winry. I hope you haven't been waiting too long," Ed spoke, sounding distant. I smiled a sympathetic grin.

"Of course not. Your right on time." Some of the worry in his golden eyes fell away, but still so much remained.

"So, what did you have planned today?" I inquired, restraining my excitement. The last time Ed and I had spent the day together was…I honestly couldn't remember. Something about this outing felt different though than before. It felt, special. Edward reached into his coat pocket, and with his automail hand produced two tickets: two train tickets to be exact. I couldn't help but stare at him in confusion.

"Are we- are we going somewhere?" I asked him, still staring with an obviously blank face apparent even to myself. Edward grinned his signature eye to eye smile and laughed.

"Where else would I take an Automail otaku like yourself? Were heading to Rush Valley!" He exclaimed. In seconds I found myself with both arms around Ed's small frame.

"Thank you, Ed," I spoke softly into his shoulder.

"We-we should get going before we miss the train," he stuttered, his cheeks turning a dark shade of pink. He made a motion for my hand, and I complied. Placing my left hand in his right, we began our walk to the train station. The cool, cold metal of Ed's hand eased my mind into a comfortable state of mind. I would have been content to stay that way for a lifetime.

(Edward's POV)

Winry smiled, her eyes shining as they always did. Before now I had never noticed how much I enjoyed myself on days like this; days I spent with Winry. Only, Al usually came along as well. My heart sank as we neared the train station. The reality that I would be traveling without my brother was harder to face than I had previously thought.

(Envy's POV)

I couldn't believe I had actually come to Rush Valley. The town of Automail lunatics. According to Lust, her plans were proceeding as expected. Still, it never hurt to have a little fun before the big finale, right? I changed my appearance to something more 'suitable.' Leaving the shadows of the ally way, I found my way over to where the pipsqueak was seated. Across from him sat a blond (a rather good looking one at that.) Taking a seat next to the two teenagers, as close as I dared without seeming too obvious, a man soon approached Edward, examining his Automail closely. Their conversation turned to the man's inquisitive comments and questions.

"No! I will not take my pants off! Not for you OR a complete stranger!" This 'casual' encounter was one that I would not likely forget anytime soon.

"Please Edward? He just wants to see your Automail. For me, please?" The blond begged Fullmetal, practically on both knees. The boy turned beat red.

"Your not going to keep the lady waiting are you? Now or never," I said with a sadistic grin and a gleam of pure enjoyment on my face.

"Wha-it's not like that-" Edward stuttered, turning an even darker red.

"Theres nothing to be embarrassed about. Your both young, and in love. And while your at it, get a room," I interrupted in a sly tone. Winry, who I now knew her name, stared at nothing but the ground.

"Would you shut up? This is none of your business, so why not butt out?!" Yelled Ed, attracting more attention than I had first assumed he would. I smirked.

"I would fix the problem at hand if I were you…" I paused for effect, "Fullmetal Pipsqueak." The boys face lit up with a look of recognition. This was sure to be a promising and eventful evening.

(Edward's POV)

The 'man' in front of me was not just a creep, but also a familiar 'face,' so to speak. It was also Envy. Why was he even here in the first place?!

"This work is incredible! YOU did this girl?" Looking down, I found the man from earlier examining my leg. Wait. That meant…

"What is wrong with you?!" I yelled, bending down to pull my pants up. I had to get out of here before I hurt somebody. As much as I wanted to take Envy right now, I couldn't. I had Winry to worry about. Grabbing Winry's hand, I made l walked off in the opposite direction.

"Sorry, uh- about all that." Still walking, I looked back at Winry. She was smiling.

"How the hell was that funny?!" I asked. Ok, maybe I screamed it.

"It's happened before, remember? When we first met Paninya?" Winry asked. How could I forget?

"Are you hungry? I know of a great bakery up around this corner," i asked, changing the subject eagerly.

She answered "Yes," and we soon found our way to the bakery. After ordering our food, we took a seat at the nearest bench.

"I'll be right back. I'll be in the bathroom," Winry said before running off. Moments later I was pulled from my seat into an ally which I hadn't taken any notice to. The hand that gripped my arm wore a long, black glove which outlined each and every curve of it's long fingers.

"Lust! What are you doing?" The homunculi stood in the shadows smiling her seductive sly grin.

"No reason in particular. Mostly I'm here to warn you that Envy is on our trail. He suspects something," Lust stated as if it were nothing. "But I must say, your choice in women is…interesting."I could feel myself blush. What ever happened to privacy? Ignoring her statement, I asked,

"Why is he even here? Should I watch my back from now on? I thought that you had everything taken care of-"

"He's screwing with you. It's Envy were talking about," Lust answered, crossing her arms across her chest. "And you have nothing to worry about. I have Envy playing in the palms of my hands."

"Edward? where are you?" Crap. Winry.

"I have to go, Winry's-" I started.

"Alright. Go. Wouldn't want to a women waiting would you?" That smug suggestive smile was the last straw.

"All day I've put up with idiots like Envy! And now you! Is there no end? Why won't you just leave me be?!" Turning to leave, my boot caught on a rock, causing me to loose my balance. Lust pulled me into her slim frame, catching me. Just then a group of pedestrians walked by.

Lust. Me. Dark ally way. Not good. What if Winry catches me here? If only I had acted sooner. Winry now stood at the head of the small ally, staring at me and Lust still in a tight embrace. What more could I possibly add to an already mortifying day?

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