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The Gay Side of the Heart (KamiSero)


(13+) Set up: It’s at UA and there are dorms. It’s the first day after summer (they got summer of and got to go with stay with their families). They are 2nd years and for some reason still have Mr . Aizawa for a teacher. (BTW this fanfic story believes in EraserMic, InkoMight, TodoDeku, KiriBaku, (Iida and Uraraka) and of course KamiSero).

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The beginning

Chapter 1

Set up: It’s at UA and there are dorms. It’s the first day after summer (they got summer of and got to go with stay with their families). They are 2nd years and for some reason still have Mr . Aizawa for a teacher. (BTW this fanfic story believes in EraserMic, InkoMight, TodoDeku, KiriBaku, (Iida and Uraraka) and of course KamiSero).

The first day of school and people are slowly showing up for an exciting 2nd year at UA. Not a lot has changed over break Todoroki and Deku got together, Deku caught his mom with all might, Bakugou still refuses to return Kirishima’s feelings (not that anyone confessed to anyone he just isn’t catching any of the gay vibes Kirishima is throwing at him), Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic got married (which had a beautiful wedding they all were invited to), Uraraka found out Deku is gay and had a hard time recovering, Iida was there for Uraraka when she was recovering which made her fall for him and for then to start dating. Hitoshi Shinso who was personally taught by Mr. Aizawa (and President Mic) (kinda) and got to join the hero course.

Kaminari gets out of his parents car and grabs his bag as he waves them goodbye. Then he looks around he sees Sero waving at him. He grew a little nervous, but why? It was probably because they hadn’t talked in a while he went over and said hi to Sero and Sero said hi back. His nervousness melted away and they were talking about their summers but were interrupted by Kirishima running from (Mrs.) Bakugou’s car while Katsuki Bakugou followed far behind. “Bros!!“, Kirishima yelled as they automatically went into a three way hug. Kirishima started talking about some of the things he did that summer.

Once everyone was there Mr. Aizawa assigned rooms, “Ok here are your new class 2-A rooms Like last year the common room will be the first floor. On the second floor there’s Shōji and Satō then Ojiro and Shinso on the boys side then there’s Yaoyorozu and Jirō on the girls. On the third floor there’s Ashido and Hagakure on the girls side and the boys side there’s Iida and Mineta then Tokoyami and Aoyama. Then finally the fourth floor is Kaminari and Sero, Deku and Kirishima then Todoroki and Bakugou and *yawn* Uraraka and Asui”. “Ok any questions?” Iida raises his hand “yes Iida”, “Well sir you said our names in pairs so I’m assuming that means we will all have roommates but how big will the rooms be?“. “good question the rooms are about double plus a little bit of space from your old single dorms”, Mr Aizawa says. “Ok that’s it for today we will start classes tomorrow in the 2-A building it’s right over there *points to building* now go unpack and talk to your new roommate and if there is any problems with anything let me know” Mr. Aizawa said as he rolled in his sleeping bag through the grass to the head building. Sero ran over to Kaminari and said excitedly, “Dude were roommates!“. Kaminari equally as excited say, “I know right but I get first dibs”. “Haha you wish”, Sero responded as they both rushed into the dorms with there suitcases.

“I can’t believe I got stuck with icy hot”, Bakugou said at lunch after everyone finished unpacking their stuff. “That’s not so bad,” Mina said, “At least you didn’t get stuck with a literal human charger”.*Mina said while pointing at Kaminari who was charging all of the baku squad’s phones*. Kaminari felt them stare and looked up and went,“huh”? They all laughed at Kaminari’s stupidity (except Katsuki who gave a ‘we were making fun of you smile’) After he was informed of what had been said he responded with an “oh yeah, well at least i’m not a literal tape dispenser”. “Oh really?” sero replied quickly “At least I can use my power without going braindead”. “yeah well um...“, The pikachu boy hesitated “at least i’m not kirishima” he said quickly (after a little of a wait since he couldn’t think of comebacks). “ooohhhh” said the whole table (except bakugou) “that’s fair” kirishima said accepting defeat. Just then Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu walked pass and kirishima quickly yelled in his direction “at least i’m not a knock off and can win a arm wrestling contest like a man”. “oh yeah” Tetsutetsu said turning around “1v1 me right now”. “bet” the redhead replied as he slide his tray down to bakugou who paid no attention to it but still caught the tray before sliding off the table with no effort at all. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu started the contest. Then the bell rang for class and everybody got up except for Kirishima and Tetsutetsu who were to busy arm wrestling to notice or care that the bell rang.

As they all parted ways to get books and stuff from there lockers and dorms and wherever else Kaminari forgot to go get his and went straight to the class room he walked in to find todoroki and deku who were always the first ones there. Kaminari studied them real quick before they pop out of there little world. Todoroki was whispering something into Midoriya’s ear and in return he started to blush profoundly which led Todoroki to form a small smile in triumphantly to whatever he said go to Midoriya. Kaminari then decided that was enough stalking and when to his seat when he sat down they both looked at him for a second then went back to talking. Only later did Midoriya come over to Kami and ask where his books and other class materials were. Suddenly remembering he didn’t have them he bolted up from his chair determined to get his stuff in time for class. So determined actually that while he was sprinting out of the door he didn’t notice another kid trying to enter from the other side and the both fell. “What the- why do you have so many books” Kaminari asked as he looked up and expected to find someone like Iida but was then very surprised to see Sero with a warm smile resting in his face. Why DOES he have so many books though he though. “Oh there you are well we better get our seats”, Sero said smile still placed brightly on his face. “yeah ok but first I need my-” “books?” The tape kid said holding up one of the fallen books. Kaminari gently grabs it from him and turns it over revealing his name on it in a fine unmistakable print. He looked up again at sero with a ‘but how’ face as sero opened his mouth t0 explain “well I remembered last year how you always needed my notes because you forgot your notebooks and I thought hey since we are now roommates why don’t I just go into all of your stuff and snoop around until I find the stuff needed for class”. Kaminari was very happy his friend helped him he gave the Sero a quick hug before getting up of the floor and offering Sero his hand. Sero grabbed it tight and Kaminari pulled him up and they walked into the classroom together.

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