When Aliens Attack!


The king of the monsters has fallen. Now several alien races will battle for control of the Earth. Story is an expanded Showa era with some alterations. Also crosses over into other kaiju films.

Scifi / Adventure
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Dramatis Personae


Humanity remains almost completely unaware of the history of its own existence, yet a great battle has raged across the galaxy for millions of years. The Cosmos were rendered homeless eons before life existed on Earth. They spread across the stars in an attempt to preserve their race and came to Earth and the fifth planet from the sun they named Mysteroid. Their destiny was to populate new worlds and fight the monsters that eventually, and always, came.

Life is now a decade into a new millennium, at which point in time we find ourselves. The Earth has not had any ongoing relations with intelligent lifeforms from outer space since 1965 when the Xians attempted to take over our planet to make it a colony of Planet X.

Despite initially trying to dupe the Earth into letting them 'borrow' Godzilla and Rodan to rid themselves of King Ghidorah in trade for a cure for all of mankind's various illnesses and disease, their true intentions soon became evident. The Xians were defeated and peaceful relations established with their desolate, rocky world.

Friendship with Planet X was initially welcomed by the World Space Authority, no doubt because of the hope of some day actually having access to such a 'miracle drug'. At the same time, Godzilla and Rodan would be two less kaiju Japan would have to deal with. After being released from control by the Xians' computers, they fought King Ghidorah and sent him fleeing back into space.

Over the years, the novelty of realizing that there actually were other species and inhabited planets even within our own solar system wore off. The Xians went about their lives and we, ours. Although of extraterrestrial origin, the arrival of Hedorah in a comet in 1971 was simply seen as a random occurrence. Defeated by Godzilla, it was soon realized that the people of Earth could be an even bigger threat to the planet than alien lifeforms.

Despite occasional rampages by Godzilla and other kaiju, Japan continued to grow in economic and political power and the rest of the world concentrated on dealing with its own problems. Little did the surface dwellers realize that both above and below them, there were others who desired to change, if not outright destroy, our present way of life.



Asteroid 98642, as it was known on Earth, is one of millions of pieces of debris left over from the creation of the planets - and the destruction of one - which now orbit between Mars and Jupiter. To the average intelligent being, this 14-kilometer long chunk of metal and rock was not unique. Its size was certainly nothing to marvel at; other bodies in the waste dump of the Solar System easily dwarfed it. To any Earth observers, it was merely a five digit number, stockpiled away in the seemingly infinite files collected since the dawn of the Space Age.

Truly, one would not suspect 98642 to hold any secrets that would interest anyone other than geologists or astronomers. But as time passed, the events put into motion on this humble asteroid would quake the very foundation of its neighboring planets. If any sentient races could have possibly known what was being discussed there or of the future repercussions that would result, they would have focused more attention on this particular piece of space rock.

DATE: MARCH 12, 1972

The broader surface of 98642 was facing away from the sun. In a few hours, the dark side would fully rotate toward the star and reveal, in a glimmering brilliance, its secret. Attached to the rock like a tick was a magnificent star ship which had been there for a week now. Its engineers had piloted the craft through the galaxy so that no possible instrument could detect its course. The ship lay in wait while deep within its bowels, its next instructions were being determined.

In the center of the long, slender vessel was a huge oval-shaped complex. If one were to walk into this area, they would be shrouded in darkness. Small lights along a walkway guided spectators of the events that occurred in the center of the room. A blue light cascaded down upon two seating areas. One was a two-story structure with five tiered rows of benches stretching from the forty foot ceiling to nearly ground level. The other, directly in front of it, consisted of four shorter benches in rows of two, blue light outlining their reflective black surfaces. Behind these, the room gave way to a long, comparatively narrow corridor dotted with thin streaks of blue luminaries stretching hundreds of meters into black nothingness.

This corridor housed thousands of benches built into the walls and - with its occupants - was nearly invisible in the dim light. The seating was stacked in rows of five. Although the great complex's purpose mirrored that of an Earth senate, it was nowhere near democratic in origin and any similarity was only in its basic appearance. This was a larger, more ominous and darker place than anything mankind had yet to conceive.

The oval and corridor began to fill with life. From either side of the complex, hundreds of black doors simultaneously raised into the ceiling, allowing a thunder of unearthly voices and thousands of footsteps. Spectators quickly took their seats, disappearing into the pitch black except for their legs, illuminated by the guiding lights. The multitudes hushed as out of the seemingly infinite abyss came other beings who took their places at the benches and tables on the oval floor, their smooth, glossy round backs reflecting some of the blue light in the room. They resembled the familiar cockroach, except that they were five to six feet tall and walked upright on their four hind legs in a hunched manner.

This small group were the Chairmen - representatives for all aspects of the race. Some were in charge of military operations, others dealt with economic issues, etc. When they had taken their seats, the doors above them opened and fifteen more cockroaches entered. To the human eye, they appeared no different than the others but these were the Revered, the highest level of authority within the entire race. It wasn't just their power which helped maintain their rule but the respect and adoration given them. They did not profusely express their emotions but they were there, lodged deep within their cold logic. The closest thing the cockroaches had to gods were these Fifteen. A member of this group began the proceedings.

"We are gathered here today to decide the next phase of our plans for the planet Earth." The amazing acoustics of the spherical complex made him sound as if he were right next to each individual. "We will now hear from our Chairmen."

"Excellencies," spoke a military official in the clucking language of the Nebulans. "While our forces are strong and the Gigan is near completion, I must say that a military assault would be an unwise decision. We may be able to hold our own if we were aided by some other force but I do not have an idea as to who would be willing to assist us."

Another cockroach rose to its feet. "Excellencies, I am in agreement with the General. A military offensive is out of the question. I propose a capture of the entire world's kaiju -"

"Excellencies, I propose we do not simply copy ideas from previous extraterrestrial invasions," spoke another individual. The Chairmen snapped their heads around. Although there was no punishment for interrupting another Chairman, it was highly irregular, considered a major disturbance and most illogical.

"Fumitis, would you care to enlighten us as to why you have interrupted your fellow Chairman, other than holding your opinion higher than his?" asked one of the Revered. If it hadn't been Fumitis who had spoken, the other representative would have continued but the Revered had grown to listen to him because many of his ideas had been of great value to their race. The others cursed under their breath at this bias, mostly out of jealousy.

"Yes, your Excellency. I most certainly will. And my humblest apologies to my fellow Chairman for this rude interjection but I do not wish to sit through his fumbling of a plan that I know will not succeed. I do agree that a use of force is a foolish choice with our weapons alone. In fact, it is borderline insanity. The capture of kaiju is also a preposterous idea. To catch them secretly, implant them with mind control devices - which are a risk in themselves - dispatch the kaiju and track their brain patterns would doom us before we even began. Kaiju are too unstable and we do not possess the technology to precisely control a dozen monsters at once. One or two, perhaps, but not all of them. What we need is to make peace with the creatures of Earth."

"And how is this idea any better than mine?" shouted the Chairman who had been interrupted.

"I am as baffled by this concept as the Chairman is," admitted one of the Revered. "We cannot make peace with the Earth creatures. They closely mirror the creatures from Nebula M Space Hunter and would certainly lead the planet toward the same destruction. There can be no peace."

"I do not mean a lasting peace, Excellency. Just a mask. We appear friendly toward them, be of service to their peoples and assist them. Then we plant seeds of corruption within their political system. If you choose my plan, I can promise you the Earth in 60 years at the very latest." The leaders talked amongst themselves for a few minutes and seemed impressed by the idea.

"Where will you have us begin this campaign for peace?" spoke one of the Fifteen.

"We will start in the Pacific Ocean."

IN the ocean? They thought to themselves. Sensing their confusion, Fumitis quickly continued.

"I will explain, your Excellencies, but to do so, I feel a summary of the planet's civil history is in order. Millions of years ago, an entire continent filled most of the Pacific Ocean. At that point in time, the people of Earth were becoming technologically advanced at a surprising rate. If they had continued in such a fashion, they would have no doubt surpassed us by millennia. They were members of the humanoid Nebulan race called 'Cosmos'. They eventually broke into factions, one calling themselves SEATOPIA, the other, MU. Mu eventually divided and the small countries of Atlantis and Okinawa emerged.

"Those Nebulans did not entirely lose contact with each other and continued to keep tabs on their brethren up until the near extinction of the race. Over the centuries, tensions mounted. Each society created their own kaiju - bio-weapons to protect them in case war broke out. Their petty rivalries were not what would destroy them. Death Ghidorah, a biologically engineered weapon and devastator of entire solar systems from an unknown alien source, wreaked havoc on Earth. Every kaiju that had been created fought off the beast but great casualties occurred. There was peace for a while but suspicions and unease returned quickly. The most powerful weapons and kaiju of each country fought one another in a gigantic war that nearly obliterated the Cosmos. This war, along with a tectonic upheaval, caused most of the continent to sink under the ocean. Atlantis was completely destroyed and the mountainous remnants of Okinawa exist only as a chain of small islands.

"Mu had already started a colony beneath the sea which they fled to when the land mass sank. Seatopia's scientists had foreseen this possibility and enclosed their capital city in a dome to protect at least some of their people. Groups of Cosmos and small numbers of kaiju inhabited the land that remained above water. I estimate there are no more than three of each species of kaiju at most that survived the war alive today. The Cosmos, now with no way to understand their technologies, became more primitive, starting over and eventually becoming humankind."

"How did you come across such a history of Earth?" one of the high chancellors interrupted. "We were aware of the Nebulans' efforts to colonize other planets but most of the records were destroyed."

"For several months now, I have had spies both with the humans and the remaining undersea kingdoms who were sent ahead of our ship. I came across the undersea kingdoms by some of my informants' studies of human myths and legends. I originally ignored them but recent underwater explorations proved they had validity. Forgiveness, your Excellencies, if I sound offending of your wisdom but there ARE records following the demise of the former Nebulans. It took much searching but my subordinates did find them in computer banks amongst some of our more hedro-infested ghost towns. I would have shared my findings with your Excellencies sooner but I felt that the plan I am putting forth had the possibility of not reaching its full potential through the meddling of others. I offer my most humble apologies." Some of the Revered exchanged glares of annoyance at the Chairman's actions and re-situated themselves in their seats.

"There is no need to apologize, Chairman Fumitis," spoke another halfheartedly. "In the past, your ideas have shown to be very fruitful for our race. One might even say that a large part of this present operation would not exist if it were not for you."

"Truly," spoke another in agreement. "How does this history of the Nebulans fit into your plan?"

"As I was going to explain, Excellency, the peace I propose will take time but I believe it is the best option we have. I will start with the undersea kingdoms of the Pacific - Seatopia, precisely. To my knowledge, none of them have come in contact with an alien race so they should be quite shocked when one asks if it can form an alliance with them. I will offer the possibility of enjoying peace with Mu as well and then with the entire world. I will need to have false skins fabricated for each Nebulan that sets foot on Earth so as to appear human. I want to cause as little disturbance as possible. All peoples, either on land or underwater, could aid each other immensely. All they need is a mediator. If I can make all sides listen to me and co-operate, I should gain enough trust to be accepted by their societies."

"How do you intend on gaining the trust of humans?" Another Chairman behind Fumitis stood up with what looked to be an organic gelatin-like piece of 'paper' raised in one of his clawed forelimbs. "According to the outline of their world's history that has been provided to us, they have suffered several attacks by extra-terrestrial invaders within the past half century. Why should they now trust YOU above any others?" Fumitis exhaled in contempt. He was just about to address that point.

"I have a complete biological and historical analysis of the kaiju dubbed GODZILLA." Fumitis held up his own series of 'papers'. "I ask that this monster not be taken lightly. Godzilla is the most powerful creature on Earth. All of the world's greatest technologies, armies and kaiju can not defeat it but I will get our forces to. When I garner their respect, I will initiate a project to send Godzilla into space within a rocket. A similar method was used to rid the Earth of the original turtle monster, Gamera of Atlantis, which destroyed much of Japan in the 1960s of Earth's calendar. This will leave the planet without its greatest defense.

"Then, I will undermine their societies with the deaths of selected politicians, bombings of certain locations, corruption among world leaders and major losses of capital. Fanatics will seemingly cause all of this. When they cannot pinpoint the group responsible, they will begin looking at one another. I have seen in my studies that humans, even when faced with a utopia, are still reluctant to side with their brethren. Ever suspicious, they will make their accusations. Threats will follow. They will create coalitions with one another and when those fail, they will side with their one-time enemies. War will occur as the death toll increases. We will stay neutral under the guise that we do not wish to harm any of their peoples. And when their forces are depleted, we obliterate them all from the face of the Earth!"

The spectators and even some Chairmen rose to their slender feet in gracious applause. Had any living creature been within miles of the ship and the vacuum of space not absorbed all sound, they would have thought thunder was erupting from the acoustically brilliant hall. The Revered were pleased with the plan and allowed the near-unanimous approval to continue for several minutes. Then with one unified bellow, they silenced the entire horde. Everyone remained standing in silence as Fumitis stood proud with confidence in his plan. He would succeed. He always succeeded.


Cool air blew across his glass-like titanium desk although the Controller didn't feel it through his thick leather suit and gloves. He felt a chill nonetheless for this was no ordinary situation. Now that the primary computer had been re-connected and improved, the fleet under construction and the planet's few natural resources mined on a more regular basis, things seemed to be slowly coming back to normal. Or at least what was normal until 11 years ago.

The Xians were now able to sustain a larger population and breeding and cloning had recently been resumed. Because most of the best specimens had been killed during the war on Earth, new ones needed to be bred for this purpose. It was a tedious process, what with severe deformities and imperfections resulting so finding a decent source to copy was difficult. But once it was discovered, endless drones could be produced based on its DNA. To avoid such inefficient breeding techniques, their scientists hoped that they would soon be able to create an artificial 'coding' structure to serve as a copying base.

All this was not the reason for Sar'rious' chill. It lay with the discovery made in the hatchery several hours ago. The mother - just another clone - had died during childbirth. Readings indicated sudden bursts of energy strong enough to light up the entire room. The child was in perfect physical health. Since then, every known test had been run on the infant to determine what the source of its unusual aura was. None of the findings made sense and pointed to impossible conclusions. Finally, one of the miracle workers searched the computer banks on a most off-chance reason for the baby's condition. What he found was both shocking and awe-inspiring. They all knew of such a possibility but the odds were so remote that they dared not suspect it possible. But now that they had compared hard historical facts with their tests, it was illogical to deny the likely conclusion.

Confirmation was what Sar'rious awaited. He knew that another invasion of Earth was inevitable. His people needed water, good land, resources and mitochondria but he was weary of taking a similar approach to those of the past. He knew a more peaceful route was needed but great military strength was also essential. Even so, the Earthlings had defeated their highly advanced weaponry seven years ago. The Controller could not allow the same mistake to happen again. He needed assurance that he would have the upper hand and a weapon untouchable by the enemy. If the tests proved that this child was what they suggested, it would mean certain victory for the Xians. The door to his office slid open and the lights about the room brightened as a soldier walked in.

"Controller, there is no doubt," the drone said in their usual flat, unfeeling and coarse voice. "The boy is a Kaiser."


In the capital city of Tarin on the planet Setei, a life-altering decision was being discussed in the main council chambers of the Simeon parliament that could forever affect the fate of the Empire. Behind closed doors around a long stone table were the esteemed members of the World Council who were among the most powerful apes of the entire race. At the head of the table was the President of the Council, old and wise and wearing on his face the stress of the situation like a sickness that was slowly eating away at him. To his right was an old scientist with patches of gray in his fur, the bags under his eyes telling the tale of an ape who had not slept for over 72 hours.

"So... this is it?" The President asked as he gazed at the blueprints for a massive spaceship. He rested his head in his hands as if too tired to otherwise hold it up.

"Yes, Mister President. This ship will be the bastion of hope for all our people," the scientist stated with pride.

"Despite the fact that its capacity is only 500,000?"

"I am sorry, sir, but as we all know, our world has little time left. There simply is not enough time to build anything larger than this. This design factors in maximum occupancy, along with the time needed for acquiring the necessary resources, construction and choosing the crew and passengers in accordance with our procedures and law."

"I see. What will it cost to build it?" The scientist hesitated, the sudden uneasiness on his face not escaping notice.

"A conservative estimate places the final cost at... 132 billion in adjusted credits, sir," he sighed.

"What?" one of the other members blurted out.

"That is ludicrous!" another chimed in.

"How are we supposed to acquire such funds?" a third spoke up as the entire room degenerated into a series of shouts and chaotic bickering. The ruckus abruptly ended when the President sounded a foghorn-like device that silenced everyone present and restored order.

"And I assume this expenditure does not include the new Mechagodzilla or the planned cybernetic implants for Titanosaurus?"

"No, sir, I am afraid it does not," he replied as one of the other members abruptly stood to speak.

"With all due respect, Mister President, this is insane! The kind of money he is suggesting is unthinkable! It would take the combined pooling of all the wealth of every person in this room, including yourself, to accomplish this!" A long silence followed which the President eventually broke after he lowered his head for a moment, exhaled deeply and slowly rose from his chair.

"Then that is what we will do." The council room erupted into a chorus of argumentative shrieks and curses in total disbelief of his decision. Once again he was forced to sound the horn. "Silence, all of you!" he roared in a commanding tone that got everyone's attention. "Listen to me, every single one of you! Our world is on the brink of death. We are facing extinction, with no other ray of hope or options available to us! What good will our wealth do us when we are dead? The only hope for our people - for our way of life and for future generations of the Simeon race - lies in this plan! It is either this... or death. My decision is final. We shall proceed with the plans as they have been presented."

"Very good, sir. Is there anything else?" the scientist asked.

"Yes. For those who will be chosen to make the journey, aside from essential personnel and their families, only the youngest and the strongest shall be chosen to ensure fertile and healthy breeding between virile males and receptive females for repopulating our race. The weak, terminally ill and the elderly shall remain behind... including ourselves," the President added as the Council members' faces went pale.

"Ve-very good, Mister President. I shall begin immediately," he stuttered, shaken by the leader's final words. He scooped up the blueprints and brought his arm up to his chest in the Simeon salute before departing. The President returned his attention to the rest of the Council.

"Our time of living is done, my comrades, and if we must give our lives to ensure the survival of our people, then that is what we will do. And without hesitation. Do I make myself clear?" he asked almost menacingly. No one dared object before he continued. "Have Commander Mugar summoned to the Council chamber immediately to be briefed on the situation. I want him to lead this operation. Besides, he is the only Commander in the Simeon army who actually wants to go back to Earth. He may be ruthless but he is also fearless and I need his kind of iron will to help our race with what lies before us. Their fate... will be in his hands."

DATE: MARCH 17, 1981

Deep below the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean in depths that could pulverize every bone in a human's body were the magnificent domes of Seatopia. Typically lighting the surrounding blackness with a dim yellow-orange glow from its artificial 'sun', the great kingdom was now as dark as the abyss, emitting only the faintest glow as if a lantern rested on the ocean floor. The vast city kept time as the surface world did and it was now 11:30 PM. The light that had given so many millions warmth and helped grow the food to keep them alive had been dimmed down. It was a peaceful night, considering the recent tragic events and most of the populace was now asleep.

An epidemic had broken out and rapidly spread throughout the land. A handful of cases popped up all of a sudden, each with the same bizarre symptoms: red-hot fever, the throat tightening so as to make breathing near impossible and violent thrashing as the intestines bloated, burst and failed. It was a painful death and worst of all, extremely contagious. The doctors had never seen anything like it before and tried every possible known remedy but nothing worked. Within six months, a third of Seatopia was contaminated and thus quarantined. It had been accepted that anyone with the Violent Fever, or 'VF' as it came to be called, was considered as good as dead and taken immediately to a separate section of the city to die. An inhumane act but there was simply no other option. Even sadder was the fact that new cases seemed to appear among otherwise healthy people. Food, water and the air itself had all been tested for possible sources of the vicious disease but if it was there, it was not detected. It was the greatest of mysteries and everyone had just about given up hope on finding a cure.

Although the first month had been a hectic, chaotic time, since they accepted defeat and started putting VF victims in quarantine, life seemed to settle down; not peacefully but quietly. Fear still gripped the nation and the psychological torment one went through personally was almost unbearable. It was unnerving that death was looking over your shoulder and you could be next because of the water you were drinking, the food you ate, the clothes you wore, the bed you had slept in or your neighbor whose hand you just shook.

Perhaps cruelest of all was that despite living through the greatest calamity to befall Seatopia since the sinking of Mu and the violent earthquakes caused by the land dwellers' nuclear testing in the past twenty years, Seatopians were forced to go about life's daily business as usual. Shops remained open, crops continued to be harvested and guards were still posted at the city's boundaries. There was nothing else they could do but wait to die.

At one outpost was a soldier who had just received this assignment a week ago. It wasn't the most exciting work but many more desirable occupations ceased to exist as businesses closed down due to the death of their owners. Because of the VF, it wasn't hard to work your way up the ranks. Presently, all of the day's paperwork had been completed and he was now sitting at a radio console, finding it harder and harder to stay awake. At times, he dozed off for a few seconds, only to leap back into full consciousness. After a few of these indiscretions, he got up and paced about, then went over to a cabinet and retrieved a bag of powder which he poured into a coral receptacle. Adding filtered water from a small stone fountain, he put the mixture on a burner.

"It's going to be a long night..." he muttered to himself groggily. The young Seatopian pulled on his toga and continued his pacing, waiting for his drink to heat. He wished he had brought a puzzle book or some reading material. Anything would be better than letting his mind wander or thinking about when he would inevitably die.

"We are all going to die soon enough. It is the end of our species," was the popular notion put froth by the news. It was too late now, of course, to find something of real interest. If the Section Chief caught him leaving his post, it would be hell to pay. Only a few more hours and he could go home to his warm bed. Unless that was contaminated, too.

Suddenly, a loud hiss crackled over the radio. The soldier stopped pacing and turned his head, trying to decide what to do next. It could be another guard accidentally pushing down on the transmit button. Or something serious was happening in the city. The sound died down and the radio suddenly came to life. He went over to it, staring straight into the speaker. What was going on?

"Greetings, citizens of Seatopia," said a calm male voice, so loud that the guard jumped back in surprise. "Do not be alarmed. We pose no threat to you. We are the Nebulans. We hail from the planet Space Hunter of Nebula M. We are a friendly race whose mission is to bring peace throughout the galaxy. We have traveled very far and wish to speak with your leader. Please acknowledge." The soldier looked quizzically at one of the screens. There was no indication of where the signal was coming from. He pressed a button and spoke into the microphone.

"This is sector 12. Who is sending out this message? This better not be a prank!"

"Sector 12, this is Sector 9. We are receiving the same message."

"This is Sector 29. We are hearing the message as well."

Is everyone hearing this? the young soldier thought to himself as the other posts reported in. All were picking up the exact same transmission. In fact, every open channel carried the alien voice which echoed throughout Seatopia.

"What's going on?" asked his partner from the doorway. He had come to investigate upon hearing the chaos over the radio.

"Call the Section Chief immediately," he replied. "It seems we have an unusual situation."


Cold - one of nature's greatest weapons against its creations. For all of her disasters, plagues and destruction, few matched the unbearably tortuous ways of bitter cold. After all, the natural progression of life is one of warmth. Yet from the depths of space, the undisputed epitome of chill they came, their biology longing for freezing temperatures. The North Pole of the planet Earth had the ideal environment for the Mysterians.

The great ice shelves that extended as far as the eye could see were buzzing with activity of a magnitude that had never before been seen on this part of the globe. Construction was taking place as technology the planet had not borne witness to in millennia was conceiving the brainchild of a mad man. The main structure, a colossal circular configuration a mile and a half across, was nearly half completed with interior work already underway. Projects like these took time and to avoid detection by any means on Earth or satellites above, the Mysterians employed a new camouflage technology: a thin sheet of liquid metal on outer surfaces that would send back images of the barren landscape around them. It wasn't perfect but it worked.

There was still a need to hurry because as long as the interior of the dome remained uncovered, it could be seen. This was the main base of operations, housing far more mechanisms and systems than a simple outpost. The best minds of the Mysterian race had drawn out a detailed plan years ago which showed the paths of every circuit, wire and socket within the massive structure - a detailed procedure not normally taken to such lengths with a typical dome since the builders knew their work so well. Tedious would be too light a word to describe it in this case.

The Leader of Earth Operations, Darius Kugo, was giving a subordinate details on the re-configured MOGERA station. If he hadn't been there to oversee the project, the situation could have been disastrous. There had been a misconception of just how many of the mechanical giants were to be stored here. On top of that, the fools responsible for the site plans had not taken into account that the fleet would grow as time went on. Had it not been for Kugo, the area blasted out of the ice shelf would have been far too small, possibly rendering their entire work thus far useless. He sometimes wondered why he didn't just do the entire job himself.

The foreman ran off to the supervisor overseeing the station layout, the metal interior of which was nearly complete. Darius stood in the ice and snow at the edge of the construction site, wearing little more than his usual yellow command suit to keep off the cold. A calm day, he thought to himself before he received a call over his communicator and grunted at the thought of probably yet another annoyance.

"Kugo here," he spoke into the small hand-held device.

"Leader of Earth Operations, this is the transport ship of Lord Koban. He wishes to speak with you immediately." Kugo turned his back to the work in progress as if to make his conversation more private. A barely audible blip sounded as the frequency changed.

"Darius?" came a voice over the speaker. It was especially demanding today.

"Yes, my lord. What is it you wish?"

"I have not received your progress report. I would think that since I gave you a time frame in Earth hours and being on Earth, you would be able to follow it. Tell me what is happening down there. Now."

"My most humble apologies, my lord. We have been so busy I admit that I had forgotten to provide ongoing updates. Currently, we are laying the interior for the MOGERA station. Our blasting through the ice met the precise measurements provided. There has been a small delay on the eastern portion of the dome due to malfunctioning equipment. Also, the last group of transport ships arrived with machinery one and a half hours late. Besides this, progress is proceeding as planned."

"When will the MOGERA station be ready for the fleet?"

"In two weeks, sire."

"And the base itself. What is the projected time it will be operational?"

"In no more than an Earth month and a half."

"Excellent! I will have the unassembled MOGERAs sent to you in lots of 25 via transport ship as scheduled. Keep up with your reports, Darius, or you will find yourself building the dome instead of watching it being built."

"Yes, my lord. The mistake will not happen again." Darius looked out over the untouched ice shelf. Across that barren landscape lay humanity, completely oblivious to what was occurring here. He turned back to the work at hand.

Soon, he thought. We will be ready.

DATE: OCTOBER 28, 1996

For over a year Fumio Subo, as Fumitis the Nebulan presented himself to the beings of Earth, had been trying to achieve the trust of the Muuvians. He needed to persuade them to adopt a more peaceful view toward the surface dwellers and deactivate their microwave generators.

Over the past few years, he had been working his way up the ranks of human society, especially politically, by advising world leaders, designing more efficient technology for resource preservation and suggesting peace terms between rival countries. There seemed nothing he couldn't do. Fumio was an excellent businessman and everything he did benefited humanity in some way.

This did not go unnoticed and eventually, he had to reveal himself to certain parties for what he really was - an alien. The shock was great, of course, and most wanted to charge him with espionage but the personable Mister Subo assured them that his species was one of perfect peace, unlike so many others. It wasn't easy but it worked.

Now, after everything he had accomplished, the last thing he needed was for some arrogant mermaid kingdom to sink the planet into the sea. He must come to terms with them quickly or all could be lost. So far, he had obtained a few hours of communication via telescreen every couple of days. The Muuvians were wary of him ever since he first introduced himself. Had they known his whereabouts, it was not hard to assume they would have sent missiles forthwith. Fumio's spies advised him of their hostility months before so he knew what measures to take with the undersea kingdom. Convincing them that the Nebulans were peaceful required infinite patience.

For hundreds of millennia, Mu had made no contact outside its boundaries but in 1963, the former Queen of the empire had ordered a raid on the surface world. It would have succeeded if not for the intervention of a flying battleship called the GOTENGO. The only other connection they had with the world above them was a sunken World War II submarine from a land far above.

They had remained militaristic and on guard since their once-relaxed state of mind received a rude awakening with the secession of Seatopia. Fumio considered himself lucky to have gotten this far with them. Today, he would ask the question that had been on his mind since first actually seeing a Muuvian on his telescreen: whether or not he could have a personal face-to-face meeting with them. After sending his message of peace, he had slowly begun to learn the behavior of the race and he realized that he could not rush this aspect of his plan. Instead, he put on a smile and allowed the Muuvians to be as slow as they wanted about meeting him. This way, he would seem the benevolent, all-understanding individual that he professed to be.

The telescreen in front of him came alive with the image of a beautiful woman with red hair barely reaching the bottom of her neck. Around the top of her head and neck were many bands of pearls. The fiery gleam in her eyes seemed to be amplified by their contrast to her gray skin tone. Three weeks prior, Fumio had been allowed to speak to the Empress for the first time. Before then, it had just been military advisers. It was a great relief when he could relay his thoughts to the Empress without delay from her usual collection of idiotic subordinates.

"Good evening, your highness," Fumio greeted her in his gentlemanly manner.

"Good evening, Subo," she replied. "What do you wish to discuss?"

"Your highness, how long have we been in contact with one another?"

"It has been one year, four months and three days."

"Your highness, forgive my barrage of questions but they do all come to a central point. Do you trust us?"

"Trust is a hard thing to accept from another being, Subo. From your appearance, you seem no threat. However, this is from what my officials report to me, from the records of your species you gave us and from my first-hand accounts of you. You obviously trust us. Doubtless, you or your people have encountered such beings as my species in your travels; beings, in all probability, more cautious than we. Your blind trust in other species with no forward knowledge of them tells me you must have massive weaponry and forces under your control, in the event they were to rise up against you. Who is to say you will not destroy us once we give you our trust?" There was a pause but not because Fumio didn't know what to say. He knew the point she was getting to and had an answer before she asked the question. His silence was merely for effect.

"Your highness, I suppose you can never rightfully tell. You will have to put your faith in me when I tell you that the Nebulan people mean you no harm. We can only do so much before you will have to rely on your own judgment. I have shown you our true form, given you data on our technology, including our limited weapons. Without an in-person meeting, I can not give you much more to go on. I propose a meeting of our two species; a trade-off. If you allow us to venture to your undersea kingdom to discuss with you in person an alliance, then I will show you such sights and secrets of our species that in the end you will beg me to shut up."

"You are asking me to allow you into my kingdom?" Her eyes wandered reluctantly to the side for a moment. To be given such information would no doubt benefit her race and give them an advantage.

"Yes, your highness, I am. I do not see this plan going any further if we do not meet personally. In fact, and I hate to say this but if we cannot meet soon, I will have to give up on this alliance. You are correct, Empress. Before, we have run into far more protective species than yours; species so defensive that we have had to defend ourselves with violence. Those were horrible times and the mere memory of them pains me. Will you allow us to assemble together, face-to-face?" The Empress stared through space into his eyes. She did not wish to appear deep in thought although she was excellent at it. No other being could tell with certainty what she was thinking. Fumio gripped his chair slightly while awaiting her response and returning her stare.

"Five days from now, I will allow you and no more than 20 other Nebulans to enter Mu. I will have the highest level of security detailed around you. You will not venture anywhere that you are not told to go. If you do so, it will be considered an act of war and you will be killed. If you harm any of us, you will be killed. If I even sense you mean us harm, you will be killed. Do I make myself clear, Subo?"

"Yes, your highness."

"In five days, you will receive the exact time and coordinates. I will meet with you then."

"Thank you, your highness. Thank you so very much." The transmission ended and Fumio chuckled to himself. Mu was in the palm of his hand.

DATE: AUGUST 31, 1998

King Antonio stood before the huge stone monument in the most sacred room of the royal palace. It was a shrine of great importance to the Seatopians and especially to him as it had been built in memory of his beloved wife, Queen Valeeria.

"As always, our son is impatient and brash but you would be so proud of how he has grown and how strong and courageous he is becoming! I only pray that he will have the wisdom to temper his emotions when his time comes to rule in my place," the old king explained, addressing the monument as if his wife were standing there before him.

"So much has happened since you left us. And now, Fumio has proposed a great thing: re-unification with our lost brethren of Mu. You can only imagine how hard it is for our people to accept this but I feel that they can be persuaded. Fumio has done so many great deeds for us! I have no doubt that this is a good idea in the long run. But if there is to be a new world of unity for Seatopia and Mu, our generation is going to have the hardest time living in it. I just wish you were here... I miss your advice and small talk, too. You would like Fumio. He is just the type of man you found funny." Antonio lowered his head in sadness.

"You are right. I do have much on my mind. I should rest but I must keep going, at least for now. Our people need me to guide them through this change. It will open up so many doors. I just hope we do not trip stepping through them."

He had always done this, from the first day that the monolith was erected. In Seatopia, there were no burials, tombs or cemeteries. Those who passed on were cremated similar to the rituals of the ancient Vikings or Sumerians. Although his wife was not present in any way, Antonio always came here to be closer to his dearly departed. He would take a break from his duties as Seatopia's ruler and frequently visit with her. As he stood there now, so many bitter memories came rushing back to him. It was a time in his life that he would never forget as long as he lived.

It had been seventeen years ago that a mysterious plague suddenly befell Seatopia. There was no way for the physicians and scientists to combat the disease. All who had it, for whatever length of time, died. Antonio watched in despair as his people began to perish one by one and was helpless to stop it. This was when he met Fumio Subo for the first time. He made radio contact with Seatopia and requested to speak with the king and told him that he could cure his people of this strange disease. Antonio was wary of trusting anyone from the surface world or outsiders of any kind but he was desperate to save his people who were surely doomed. Reluctantly, he agreed to allow Fumio and his associates passage into their long-hidden kingdom to administer their miracle vaccine.

It had been a wise decision and the salvation of Seatopia and its civilization. But there were many who died, the cure arriving too late to save them. Among these unfortunates was Antonio's wife. Her loss shook Seatopia to its very core and was traumatic beyond words for the King and Prince Hector who was about five at the time. But they persevered and a great friendship developed between Antonio and Fumio Subo. His scientific and technical skills were superior to Seatopia's yet adaptable so it wasn't long before he and his associates began working together with the underwater kingdom on many projects of benefit to them while Fumio pursued his Earth-side enterprises.

Realizing that he had lost track of time while reminiscing, the old king said his good-byes and sadly left the room.

DATE: JULY 3, 2000

"Hold the line! Hold the line!" Security Chief Doras bellowed to his squad as an angry swarm of Simeons rushed toward them. The estimated time of Setei's destruction was only a few short weeks away. The clouds were already disappearing and the sky was a bright yellow-white as they were pulled ever closer to the gargantuan black disc that engulfed much of the skyline. The massive transport ship that would double as a base of operations on Earth was filled to capacity. Once all essential personnel and equipment had been loaded, a lottery was held to determine which Simeons amongst the general population would get passage as well. The drawings were completed, much to the dismay of many not selected and it was now launch day.

"Keep them back! Protect the ship by any means necessary, even if you have to open fire on them!" Doras commanded as he and the rest of the security detail raised their weapons. Gas grenades had already been used but had not deterred the mob. Another Simeon in riot gear shouted into a megaphone-like device, warning the masses to stay back but they started to break down the barricades around the ship.

"Open fire!" Doras ordered. Blaster bolts sizzled into the out-of-control crowd as they rushed into a minefield that had been laid for just such a possibility. Horrendous explosions sent mutilated and dismembered bodies flying in all directions but still they kept coming. "May the gods forgive us..." the Chief muttered as he and his soldiers started using weapons that mirrored the Earth's Gatling gun. Entire ranks of apes were mowed down and cut in half.

"I see that circumstances have not changed," Mugar observed, watching the deteriorating situation on the launch pad from aboard the ship.

"Sir, there is still a little more room for-"

"Ignite the booster engines," Mugar cut off the lieutenant. The giant transport's rockets soon roared to life as Doras and his squad rushed toward the ramp with desperate and hysterical apes chasing after them. As they reached it, someone in the mob caught up and tripped Doras. His captain turned around and grabbed his wrist as the ship began to lift off. Over a dozen Simeons were clinging to Doras and the boarding ramp as other officers opened fire on them.

"Don't worry, sir. I've got you!" the unusually large ape shouted as he started to pull him up.

BLAM! A blaster bolt completely obliterated Doras' head, spraying green blood all over the soldier trying to hoist him aboard and knocking him back as the now headless body and the Simeons who had been clinging to him fell back to the fiery launch pad below. The mortified officer spun around to see Mugar standing in the doorway, holding a blaster in his hand. The ship's door began to close as the last of the squad quickly rushed inside.

"Who was Doras' second-in-command?" Mugar called out as they got underway.

"Me, sir," the Simeon who had tried to help him said woefully, still covered in his blood.

"What is your name?"

"Argon, sir. Captain Argon," the shaken ape replied, still in a state of shock.

"Congratulations. You have just been promoted. You are now the new Chief of Security and my second-in-command. Is that understood?" Argon looked at him in disbelief at the callousness of his actions. He had just killed his right-hand ape and it meant absolutely nothing. "I said, is that understood?" Mugar hissed.

"Ye-yes sir," Argon stuttered. Mugar simply turned and walked away.


Inside the grand assembly hall of the Nebulan ship, blue lights flashed to life as thousands of cockroaches filed into their seats along the walls. The doors slid open and a handful of Chairmen entered and stationed themselves before the Fifteen. Silence fell over the assembly before the session commenced.

"We are gathered here to discuss further details of Fumitis' plan of peace. Before we hear from the Chairman, the Revered would like to congratulate you, Fumitis, on a job well done. Your plans, thus far, have fallen into place just as you said they would. We are eager, therefore, to hear what you propose next."

"Thank you, your Excellencies. I shall begin with a report of my progress over the past five years. After forming an alliance with the Mu Empire, I secretly introduced them to the surface world leaders in hopes of ensuing peace talks. Things went remarkably well, though nothing is final yet. A few more years may be required. However, I was able to reunify Mu and Seatopia after several millennia. Considering the great wall of apathy and uncertainty that seems to separate them, I personally feel they are making progress. Once they feel more secure with one another, I will suggest a reunification with the surface world. This will doubtless be a difficult task but I believe I can convince them of its benefits within a few years. I will suggest the same proposal to the humans when I think they are ready."

"Fumitis, the way you speak, one would be inclined to believe you really intend to unify the planet in perfect peace."

"Indeed I am, your Excellency," he said with the smirk of a cockroach and a twinkle in his eye. The Fifteen nodded in approval of his diabolical plan. "Now if I may, your Excellencies, I must add another factor I have discovered. In order for the Earth to be left in a safe, habitable condition, we can not allow any nuclear devices to be used by any race. Considering that many of the Earth creatures are potentially fanatical at the first hint of domination, I do not know for certain how quickly they might bring such weapons into play. Therefore, I cannot accurately predict how much of our forces will be needed when we start destroying them. Also, while studying the Earth records, I came across a detailed account of an alien invasion in the Earth year 1957 by a race calling themselves 'Mysterians'. Further searching of the Nebulan files shows that two colonies were started in this solar system: one on Earth and the other on the planet Mysteroid."

"But where is this planet now?" asked another of the Revered.

"We are on it. Actually, surrounded by it. This entire asteroid field was once Mysteroid. For reasons unknown, the planet was destroyed, possibly by a meteorite. I initially expected all of its inhabitants to be dead but this 1957 invasion has far too many elements to be a mere coincidental naming of two alien races. Reports indicate that Mysterian craft were sighted near Mars before the invasion occurred. Orbiting probes I had sent out confirm a colony of creatures there and apparently doing well. The Earth reports also tell of the Mysterians claiming that 80% of their civilization is stricken with radiation poisoning. Their purpose in conquering the Earth was to obtain clean women to reproduce with to increase their population.

"No doubt their species is still in such a position, if not worse. It is highly likely that they will prepare another Earth invasion sooner or later for the same reasons. In fact, I have recently enlisted spies to enter the Mysterian Central City in the guise of these people. We should know their plans very soon.

"In addition, less than a decade after the Mysterians appeared, another race of beings hailing from a dark planet around Jupiter also attempted an invasion. They too were defeated and an embassy was established on one of Jupiter's moons. The two races meet there every several years to reaffirm their relations and give updates about their species. If these aliens are as friendly to the people of Earth as they make themselves out to be, we may face the potential of them attacking us in mankind's defense.

"The reason I bring them up is to further justify the point I will now lay before you: we cannot risk our forces against all of these possible armies. We either take the Earth or our species dies. We must have an ally."

"With whom do you suggest we make an alliance with, Chairman Fumitis?"

"I have the perfect candidate, Excellency. They have tried to take over the Earth less than a year ago using the method of kaiju control. Needless to say, they failed. Most of the information I have about them I found in Earth files and from what we observed. They call themselves Kilaaks. They are quite literally creatures made of living metal. From where they originate, I cannot tell, though not from the planet Kilaak as they claim.

"What I do know is that they are very susceptible to low temperatures. If caught in such conditions, they go from their hominid form to a metallic, worm-like state. This suggests that they came from a very hot environment like that of their current home. If the Kilaaks ever turned on us, we could use this against them.

"Their technology is also impressive. I have seen schematics of their weaponry and I must say that for silicon-based creatures to have obtained such a defense is shocking. Their population is of considerable size, however, so if the plan that they proposed to me goes through without failure, they should not have to fight very much."

"You have talked with them?" roared another Chairman amongst a flurry of heated objections. "You could have killed us all!"

"Chairman Fumitis, my feelings mirror your comrade's," spoke one of the Revered. "We allowed you the courtesy of withholding information from us but you cannot simply discuss terms with another alien race when our civilization hangs in the balance."

"He is right, Chairman. If you do not come up with a reasonable answer, there may be severe consequences for you." Fumitis' stance did not change nor his proud demeanor falter as he stared straight up to where the Revered sat. He had expected this and knew how they viewed him. If he worded it right, the Revered would be on his side once again.

"My Excellencies. Had I thought for a moment that my discussions with the Kilaaks were to be in any way harmful to our species, I would never have ventured to do so. My goal, my life, my very essence is for the completion of this project. I will not demur until every one of our people is safely living on Earth! I realize my apologies are growing meaningless but believe me when I say how sorry I am for not informing you of this sooner. The only thing that stood in my way was the threat of my enemies in this hall who wish to thwart everything I have worked for to better the lives of our people. If one of them had heard of my discussions with the Kilaaks, they would fabricate lies and I would appear truly a villain in your eyes, my ideas never reaching this hall."

"Enough, Fumitis!" declared another Revered. "For this offense we will allow you leniency. But in the future, if you have a project that you believe may be threatened, come to this Council. What have we to gain by telling your plans to others?"

"Your wisdom exceeds the limits of the universe itself!" Fumitis cried. "My gratefulness cannot be expressed in words."

"Continue with your proposition," a Revered said solemnly.

"Yes, Excellency. The Kilaaks have no idea of our location. I used Earth satellites and the Earth moon to bounce our radio signals, even using Earth frequencies to carry our messages in a random manner where it is impossible to tell their source. It would take years for the Kilaaks to successfully unweave this tangled web to find their true source.

"What makes this alliance with the Kilaaks a superb one is that the Earth has no knowledge that they still exist. The humans believe every Kilaak died in their war with mankind. I doubt they will suspect them until it is too late because of this plan they propose. They will stay behind the scenes until we require their assistance.

"Before you go to deliberate my ideas, Excellencies, I would like to address a question which I am sure is going through many minds: What do the Kilaaks get for helping us take over the Earth? The answer is quite simple: a portion of the planet to live on. This would not be a problem for they only require warm spots such as volcanos and geothermal vents under the ocean; places where we could not possibly live.

"This is the plan I submit to you, my Excellencies. I have thought through every variable and possible mishap and am behind the project completely." After briefly consulting with each other, one of the Revered stood up, leaning down in Fumitis' direction. The leaders had a sort of collective thinking, their ideas and opinions rarely deviating from their comrades'.

"Chairman Fumitis, we agree with your proposal on the conquest of Earth. We grant you full powers for the operation. You will be given total control of our military, technological and personnel resources. We will hold discussions on the finer details of the operation later. We also wish to speak with the Kilaaks. The fate of our civilization rests with you, Fumitis. Do not fail us."

"I will not, your Excellencies. In a few year's time, the Earth will be ours."

DATE: OCTOBER 30, 2000

The molten landscape pulsed and heaved as if it were a living organism, glowing red-hot as thousands of volcanos continuously erupted, spewing new land onto the planet's surface. The existing crust was pushed down toward the planet's core, heated to the melting point and sent back up in an endless process of recycled rock. The entire planet fairly seethed as it constantly changed. No living organism in its right mind would even think of living here but to call its residents such was to fool oneself.

A meteor burned across the sky and struck the tortured landscape somewhere over the horizon, creating a Hiroshima-sized explosion that lit up the sky and sent a shock wave out in every direction. It was a relatively small tremblor but it still caused Karkaru to sway slightly. When it had passed and the light from the explosion died, the Kilaak king was motionless once more.

His cold stare seemed to steal the heat from the landscape before him. As the last wisps of light from the impact were swallowed by the hellish darkness that hung over the planet, what he was staring at came back into focus. A massive plateau half a kilometer away was almost completely covered with the glowing orange and red disc-like forms of Kilaak warships and fighter craft.

Tuket, second in command and Karkaru's long-time friend and mentor, stood to his right. His stare, however, seemed to not be focused entirely on the Kilaak fleet. It was as if he were looking straight through it and into the very planet itself. General Kulkan, the King's chief military advisor and Commander of the fleet, stood at his left. Both lesser Kilaaks wore glistening silver armor, giving them the appearance of twisted knights of old. Karkaru's golden chain mail flowed about him, seeming to enhance the burning light from the lava fields far below them.

"Our fleet is ready, sir," Kulkan stated, trying to ease the tension between the three who were only standing two or three feet apart but seemed to be miles away in spirit. "All of the transport vessels have been loaded to the limit with soldiers, weapons and cargo." Kulkan waited for a response but one never came. Uncomfortable, he looked over at Tuket who had the same grave expression on his face, as if he hadn't even heard him speak. Finally, Karkaru responded, barely audible over the sounds of the erupting volcanos and machinery before them.

"You are inexperienced, my friend." His somber tone did nothing to help Kulkan's uneasiness. "The only reason I chose you was because of how well you did in the Xian War." Karkaru turned to face him. "If it were not for you, we may have never captured King Ghidorah." Karkaru turned back to the plateau, now filled with marching Kilaak soldiers approaching the perfectly-arrayed spacecraft.

"And all of this wouldn't be necessary..." His voice trailed off as if he blamed Kulkan for what had happened to him. When he spoke again, it was in the monotone he used to address the Kilaak public.

"We are devoting almost all of our military might to this new war. The Nebulans will help us as long as we maintain this alliance with them. They will prove helpful if anyone tries to compete with us for dominance of the Earth." Karkaru began to smile, the glow of the magma giving it an almost satanic quality. His eyes glowed even brighter and hotter than the molten sea that extended far past the plateau and seemingly into eternity.

"And once the humans have been brought to their knees, so too will the Nebulans fall. Then, the Xians, the Mysterians and any other incompetent biological filth that attempts to put their flag on our soil."

Karkaru touched a holo-panel in front of him, bringing up an image of the third planet from the sun. "We will turn it into a second Venus. Maybe then these disgusting animals will stop flocking to this solar system like moths to a flame."

Out of the corner of his eye, Kulkan saw Tuket clench his fists and tighten his jaw as a look of pain and hatred flashed across his face but it was quickly gone. Kulkan thought about asking him what the matter was but knew better.

Karkaru had lost his wife on Earth during the first invasion attempt. Tuket hadn't lost anyone but after the Xian War and the capture of the great King Ghidorah, he would often mutter something about his father. Kulkan couldn't remember fighting alongside a Kilaak who would have surely been much older than even Tuket but then again, he often tried not to remember that war.

Suddenly, a horn blared out over the plateau and the last Kilaak soldier boarded his assigned transport ship. Three large and specially outfitted vessels landed behind the three Kilaak leaders. With a final glance at one another, they entered their individual command ships which lifted into the dark, dreary sky. A blast of air washed over the settlements half-buried in the volcanos themselves as the rest of the fleet rose into the low-hanging black clouds behind them.

From the overhanging walkway of a building, isolated spectators and the few soldiers and pilots who remained behind departed, talking quietly amongst themselves. The first invasion had brought massive crowds and a big celebration. This mission brought no cause to celebrate in the least.

An unspoken anxiety had spread throughout the Kilaak population. Nobody could shake the feeling that many of the ships that had disappeared into the clouds would not be coming back.


Unbeknownst to the denizens of Earth, a huge craft was slowly descending toward Hokkaido as the Simeon mothership prepared for touchdown. For months, it had remained hidden on the dark side of the Moon while sending down disguised Simeons in stealth cruisers to begin terraforming the area needed to contain the ship and hide it underground. They had all the proper documents and identification to insure no suspicion of their activities or true identities as they worked.

The ship itself was truly massive in size. Its focal point was an enormous space titanium cylinder that centrally ran the length of the craft. It spun at a steady rate to provide an artificial gravity and housed everything from supplies to fuel, an armory, food and the apes themselves in a miniature city.

From top to bottom, long steel arms which also served as corridors stretched out from the cylinder to various complexes built into the hull of the ship, a giant titanium open-ended sphere that surrounded the cylinder. It was layered in metal plates like shingles which could be opened if needed. The layout inside was thick and boxy, areas varying in size and shape to serve as hanging docks for the air and space fleet, laboratories, supply depots and dozens of command posts and cannon ports, including the bridge. One especially large complex against the hull contained Mechagodzilla.

Before the ship emerged from its hiding place in space, the Simeons prepared for its arrival on Earth. All orbiting satellites in the area were hacked and temporarily taken offline. The ship also engaged a special form of light-bending energy shield that made it seem invisible to the naked eye and absorbed practically all forms of radar. As it slowly descended into Earth's atmosphere, all non-essential power systems were reduced to near zero, resulting in no significant energy emissions to speak of. After the ship came to rest inside the subterranean enclosure, the work crews began the process of concealing its location and blending it into the surrounding area.

At long last, the Simeons had returned to Earth to claim it as their own. Despite two previous failed invasion attempts, it was generally hoped that, as the old human saying went, the third time would be the charm. It was going to have to be because they no longer had a homeworld to retreat to if they were defeated again. This time, they were going for broke and would either succeed or die trying.

"Commander... " one of his lieutenants addressed him in the main control room of the ship, giving the forearm salute as he walked up. Mugar halfheartedly looked over his shoulder. He wore a metallic mask resembling the visage of an ape which completely hid his features. Mugar actually had none since his face had been blown off in 1975 when his and several other Simeon ships were trying to flee after their second Earth invasion attempt failed.

While Godzilla was battling Titanosaurus, the Monster King spotted them flying overhead and fired his beam. All of the craft were obliterated, with the exception of Mugar's which was blown in half. As the flaming wreckage came down, he was thrown clear. When Mugar hit the ground, several of his vertebrae were shattered, completely paralyzing him. He had also broken several bones and lost his right arm. Only through the miracle of Simeon medical technology was his spine repaired, his arm re-attached and his other injuries healed. He chose to keep the scars, including the loss of his face, as a reminder of the events of that day and his hatred for Godzilla and humanity. The decades since had only intensified it. To hide his disfigurement, Mugar wore the full uniform of his office with all the various emblems, insignia and trappings of his rank as Supreme Commander.

"Yes?" he finally replied.

"Docking completed, sir. All systems reading normal."

"Excellent," Mugar responded before turning to an ensign. "Contact Chief Engineer Toru immediately and inform him to have a detail prepared as soon as possible to recover the body of Titanosaurus and begin the enhancements without delay. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"There are to be no mistakes or grave consequences will swiftly result. Understood?" Mugar threatened coldly, shifting his gaze back to the lieutenant.

"Sir, yes sir!" he replied, snapping to attention and saluting again before departing.


A man struggled to his feet after falling from the shockwave. He heard a noise increasing in volume, as if something powerful was charging up. Looking up at the building directly in front of him, he saw the windows begin to shine as bright as the sun, casting permanent shadows instantly against the structures behind him. A second after the burst of blinding light, the structure caught fire and exploded, blowing the entire city block into oblivion as everything in sight erupted in a wall of flame.

Emerging from behind the cascade of fire was the towering black mass of an unforgiving god, a creature that harnessed the ultimate power of the atom that would not allow mankind to ever forget its discovery. With a deep spine-chilling roar from another world, the leviathan released a second blast of nuclear energy from its mouth to destroy the remains of the city. People were instantly incinerated, cars blown into the air and buildings exploded before all was reduced to ash.

Tanks, missile launchers and maser cannons lay overturned and on fire; battle cruisers just off shore billowed smoke, all reminders of a futile attempt to vanquish the monster. The lumbering beast crushed and destroyed all in his path; trains, automobiles and people crumbling beneath his mighty feet.

His tail alone leveled office buildings and with his hands and arms, he brought down anything tall enough to reach. There was no escape, no refuge, no savior. The screaming crowds of unfortunate humans left in the city ran in every direction that was not on fire. The scene itself could drive one to the brink of insanity. Several families huddled together, knowing that it was impossible to save themselves and in their last few teary moments with each other, they prayed as the flames around them closed in. The monster's thunderous roar would be the last thing they heard as it echoed throughout the city, reminding all of why this was happening and that there was no hope of survival.

The blazing remains of Tokyo illuminated the skyline like glowing hot coals, a blood-red shadow from the towering fires covering the metropolis as black smoke engulfed it in an unbreathable cloud of heat, ash and dust.

The horrific scene was shown in its entirety on the large flat screen monitors in the control room of the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center. All of Japan's government and military officials stood or sat in the silent room with mouths agape in horror and disbelief. None of them could believe what they were seeing and dared not guess the death toll. One official was standing, tightly gripping the railing in front of him. He spoke slowly and in awe what sub-consciously was on everyone's mind.

"What have we done to deserve this?" On the wall beside him hung a framed picture: a photograph of the hydrogen bomb test conducted in 1954. Over the speakers, those present heard the eerie call of the Monster King, as if to challenge them and in the background, what were the cries of the dying.


It was a momentous day when General Takaki Aso of G-FORCE addressed the Japanese Self-Defense Council on a subject he (and every citizen of Japan) had fretted over way too long. Despite his agency's lack of success in protecting the country from giant monster attacks, Parliament could not help but see fit to fund a plan that would finally put an end to Godzilla's devastating rampages.

Maybe it was the failure of the military to deal with the kaiju effectively that made it possible for Fumio Subo to be able to sell the Commander on constructing yet another new super weapon. The mathematical genius had presented a most convincing and technologically sound proposal, utilizing laser technology that was far beyond what even the most progressive civilian or government developers had been able to come up with. Every engineer who reviewed the plans could only shake his head in amazement at the power this device could generate. But the main selling point was that it would stop Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, once and for all.

Kaijuologists had determined that Godzilla simply saw Tokyo (and pretty much Japan as a whole) as his 'territory', instinctively defending it against other monsters infringing on his domain. It was also believed that he did not take kindly to the changes humanity had imposed on it over the years, with their pavement and rampant 'development' of nearly every habitable square meter of the country. Japan's citizens had also protested the direction 'progress' had taken, with everything from nuclear power plants (which were a particular target of Godzilla) to crass commercialism and decline of their national heritage.

Wars waged by other 'super powers' had led to demonstrations against even G-FORCE maintaining destructive weapons that could fall into the hands of radical terrorists and be used against the populace. With that in mind, it was decided that the project's true nature should not be revealed to the general public.

An amusement park with the innocuous name of 'The Children's Land' soon began to take shape within sight of Tokyo Harbor. It would be a celebration of two things that all children (and many adults) love: monsters and peace. In addition to thrill rides, food courts, games and the usual attractions, there would be a huge tower at the harbor side of the park, built in the shape of a life-size replica of Godzilla. By the time it was ready to open, the interior would house a museum dedicated to every sort of monster from all over the world. A multi-billion yen theme park in this otherwise industrial area would be a welcome addition to the prefecture which hoped to attract tourist trade from Shinjuku, the Ginza and other popular areas.

The Godzilla Tower would also house a powerful laser weapon. A special signal would be generated to lure Godzilla within range and when he arrived, he would be rendered harmless. As there was no known way to actually destroy the creature due to his regenerative abilities, it was decided that his body would be blasted into space aboard a giant rocket ship. For this massive undertaking, Fumio presented necessary concept drawings and blueprints.

Constructing the huge craft at The Children's Land site was deemed unfeasible as so many area residents had a great fascination with space travel and its various elements. Instead, Fumio assured the Council that his company would take care of this aspect at a secret location away from curious eyes. As well, they could not risk possible damage to the vessel when Godzilla was lured to the area.


"My lord, a transmission is coming through from an unknown source. Would you like to hear it, sir?"

"Fine." King Koban was pacing the control room. He had just completed a routine check of their situation and was now bored. The blue-clad Mysterian punched in codes on his console.

"Transmissions to speakers." Static coursed from them but quickly gave way to a cold, clear voice.

"King Koban of the Mysterians, this is the Controller of Planet X." A few aliens in blue jumped from their seats at this surprising revelation while others remained at their posts but were just as shocked. This was the first time in decades that they had heard from the Xians and tried to keep it that way with their lifelong enemies. Koban was no longer bored and stepped up to the communications console to reply.

"This is King Koban."

"This is a peaceful call. We only wish to inform you that our intelligence has noted aliens among you, disguised as Mysterians. They are called Nebulans and seek information regarding your next invasion." Koban stood hunched over the microphone for a moment, considering what was just said.

"Is that so?" he finally responded. "Give me one good reason why I should believe you."

"We have a plan to sabotage their efforts against you if you are willing to co-operate."

"And why would you want to help us?"

"Because we know you are seeking the severed leg of the monster Reptilicus for its rejuvenating power to use as a genetic foundation for a cure to your people's illness. We too suffer in a similar way, as you well know, and want to benefit from such a project also."

"You really think I would just hand over the cure to you? You are surely mistaken." Koban stood and was about to order the channel closed when the voice spoke again.

"We also know that you are unable to retrieve it from the ocean floor. We can, and are willing to do so. Our scientists are better equipped for the task and can produce the miracle drug much sooner than your technicians." Koban thought about this for a moment. It was beyond him that the conversation had even gotten this far. He hated Xians like all Mysterians, if not moreso. And the fact that this swine just came out of the blue with what was essentially a peace offering was intolerable. If he could trace the signal, he would order a laser fired at its source.

Unconsciously, he grabbed his right arm. He wanted that leg more than anything and this no doubt affected his decision-making. "I see. We will talk together."

"You are certainly a wise one, King Koban. A single ship of ours will land at the outskirts of your Central City on Mars at noon tomorrow before the dust storm. Be ready."

"You know the whereabouts of Central City?" asked Koban in anger but moreso in shock.

"If we did not know of Central City then how could we have sent you this message?" the Controller replied with what Koban swore was a slight chuckle.

"Of course," he quickly agreed while trying to recover his composure.

"Tomorrow at noon. Be ready."

"I will." Reaching over the other Mysterian, Koban switched off the communication himself. He stood there for a moment, breathing heavily but failed to notice that many of his men were rather nervous, both from what had just taken place and with anticipation of what this radical king might do next. His temper was well known.

"Damn!" And with that, he left the room.


The Xians and Mysterians had been carrying on peaceful talks over the past few months and the plan the Xians purposed had come to full light. It was true that the Mysterians had no efficient way of raising the Reptilicus leg from the North Sea so it was agreed that an old-style Xian saucer would fly to Earth and over the exact location of the limb. Using its magnetic-like rays, the leg could be enclosed in an energy bubble and raised to the surface. From there, the ship would tow it through the air to the North Pole base to be placed in a water-filled container. Mysterian scientists would then go to work at cracking its genetic code. Not wanting any Xians to set foot in his base, Koban demanded that only his technicians be allowed to work on the specimen but he was willing to share the results of their labors with the Controller who would then offer suggestions to apply their findings.

What made the trade even more appealing was that the Xians were giving the Mysterians large quantities of gold to further build up their fleet. It also saved their economy. This was pocket change to the mysterious visor-wearing mutants as Planet X was loaded with the mineral. What they lacked was water which was held far more precious than the yellow rocks. It came as no surprise that they requested that commodity in return. This the Mysterians could provide as much of Mars' poles were composed of ice.

All was going smoothly but Koban still could not understand why Sar'rious insisted on letting those bloody Nebulan spies continue to infiltrate his colony. Why was he not allowed to find and exterminate them like bugs? To his relief, they were meeting privately in his throne room of an office yet again to finally answer these questions.

Koban sat in his usual armchair that passed as his 'throne' during such personal gatherings. Sar'rious sat very straight in a smaller chair on the opposite side of the desk, his fingers together in front of him with what passed for a smile on his face, perhaps his attempt to lighten his otherwise very cool and computing demeanor.

He wore black leather gloves and a narrow black visor that hid his eyes. A multi-layered uniform that appeared to be some kind of stretchy fabric made up most of his attire. Gray-blue cloth, which Koban wasn't able to tell if it wrapped about his torso or was a tunic fanned out into a skirt from his waist. A blue jacket covered it from the belt up and was wrapped tightly around his arms with a series of black rings stacked atop one another from the collar from which his head poked out. It was also dotted with black armor pads to form a mini-breastplate and shoulder guards. His pants resembled the jacket, hugging his legs tightly with guard pads down to his long, shining leather boots. Koban was dressed in his usual white silk uniform with red helmet and linen cape. After cursing to himself about Xians being such snazzy dressers, he brought his focus back to the matter at hand.

"You said that you had a plan for the Nebulans..."

"Indeed. Our spy network indicates that they have allied themselves with the Kilaaks."

"Is there anything your spies do not know?" Koban asked with a smirk.

"No," Sar'rious replied straight-faced. "They are intending to resurrect Monster Zero but do not know how. What I propose is that you hold a special meeting with your generals, one that a Nebulan spy is certain to eavesdrop on. You are to mention, among other things, that you have completed creating a 'virus', a chemical compound based on the creature's genetic coding that when injected will rejuvenate him. You are to name the location where the capsules are stored in your laboratories. We will provide you with the virus. That night, or the one after, we predict that the spy will attempt to steal the compound."

"And then we catch him in the act!"

"No. We are not going to disappoint the Nebulans. Let them in, steal the 'virus' and make their getaway. Within the virus are micro-mites that can destroy any mental control held over the beast. Once injected, we can activate the signal at any time, severing Monster Zero from his controllers and sending him on a mad rampage against them." At first, Koban's eyes were wide and his mouth gaped behind his helmet and large visor but his eyes quickly narrowed and his astonishment became a grin.

"That is ingenious! And when will you have this 'virus' ready for us?"

"It is ready for use now. I will have it brought to your scientists within the hour."

That soon? Koban thought to himself for a moment. "You knew I would agree to this, didn't you?" The Controller merely smiled.

DATE: JUNE 5, 2010

It was midnight in the forest that surrounded Mount Fuji when the ground began to shake slightly. Young Akeno lifted his head and looked about but saw nothing. The banter of the insects and night birds soon started up again. He shrugged and resumed poking at a dead squirrel he had found. Akeno had snuck out of his home nearby when he thought he heard a baby crying.

Maybe it was the squirrel? No, if it were a squirrel, I wouldn't have heard it because it was too far away from the house Suddenly, a bird fell from the tree next to him and plopped to the ground, dead. Akeno stood up, startled. Then another fell, and another. The boy heard an immense shriek and the forest around him erupted into chaos. All manner of shapes and forms fell from the trees; birds and other forest animals, all dead! A swarm of crickets and cicadas dropped from the branches as insects flew all over the place before dropping dead in mid-air.

The boy screamed and ran from the horror of it all. A deer stumbled and fell in front of him. Akeno tripped over it and saw its cold, lifeless eyes that still held a look of terror. He picked himself up and began running until he felt an intense pain in his leg. He looked down but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it so he limped on but fell again, only as if he had been pushed down.

Frightened, Akeno rolled onto his back and looked up at the sky. A fiery shape loomed over the forest like some kind of mythological demon from the stories his grandfather told him. He screamed as a beam of light shot outward, crashing down somewhere near the base of the mountain. Suddenly, whatever it was disappeared into the sky. Unable to move his legs and walk, Akeno strained to see where it went.

An eerie glow emanated from the area he had run from, so intense that he had to look away. The brilliant light finally faded and there was absolute silence. All of the animals in the forest had stopped their normal nightly calling and moving about. They were all dead. The ground shook violently and burst open as a fireball rose slowly into the sky, igniting surrounding trees with the most horrifying sound the little child had ever heard. Akeno couldn't even scream because of shock as he watched the fireball fade away, leaving tails of fire to flow across an enormous monstrosity left in its place.

The strange energy filled in its details, as if creating the thing before being blown away by the wind. As the air cleared, the dark shape became more recognizable. Hovering before Akeno was the most feared creature in the entire universe that had been killed here nearly a decade ago but there he stood in all his golden glory, raised from the grave like the phoenix of old.

King Ghidorah - the Destroyer of Worlds, the King of Terror. The creature let out a mighty shrieking laugh and began to glow. The boy noticed that he had changed from what he had seen in pictures since his apparent death. The hair atop his three heads had burned away but was replaced by a crown of horns. The ones on the center head curled outward in two directions near their tips like antlers. His body mass and height also seemed to have increased considerably. Ghidorah looked even more horrifying than before, having been resurrected in a greater form: Grand King Ghidorah!

The monster gave another cry of challenge to the world before blasting the landscape with his gravity beams. Akeno screamed in fear as he was picked up and thrown through the air, never to be seen again.

"Excellent!" King Karkaru declared, sitting in his swivel chair on the bridge of the FLAMING FURY. He smiled and felt energy in his soul that he hadn't experienced in quite a while. After nearly a year's work, he had brought King Ghidorah back to life, and more powerful than ever. Nothing could stop the Kilaaks now. Nothing! He gave the order to encase the ship in flames once again and embraced the raw heat.

King Ghidorah looked up at the space ship above him and remembered it well. It was the same type of saucer that had brought him to this planet to be slaughtered at the claws of the Earth monsters. It also resembled the ships of all the other alien races that had persisted in using him as nothing more than a puppet.

He opened his center mouth to blast the thing but felt an urgent calling in his head, telling him to follow the ship, to obey its pilots once more. Ghidorah snorted and closed his mouth. Suddenly, his thoughts disappeared as his individualism gave way to blind control. For now, he had no choice but to allow these foolish creatures to manipulate him. But deep in his soul, buried in his unconscious, he knew - he promised to himself - that he would wipe these petty beasts from the galaxy, along with all the other sentient lifeforms that would die under his wings. Grand King Ghidorah would have smiled if he could as he lifted into the air and reluctantly followed the ship toward Tokyo.

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