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DDLC fanfic - Just Sayori


here is a fanfic set up like a script about if Sayori took Monika's place.

Horror / Romance
cat lover
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Chapter 1 ~ Joining the literature club

Sayori was acting a little nicer than usual on the walk home... I wonder what's up...

Sayori: remember that club I was talking about? with Natsuki from cooking class? I joined it! I think you should too...

MC: maybe... but I have plans for anime club.

Sayori: oh ok... but they have two other girls! and, no other boys to get in my- I mean your way!

MC: uhh sure. I'll think about joining.

----the next morning----

When I got to where Sayori and I usually meet, Sayori was doing something... it looked like she was- tapping the air? I don't know. maybe im hallucinating because I stayed up all night thinking of Natsuki- I mean playing games on my phone... Sayori's eyes looked wide- full of greed.

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