Imaginations the Limit

Chapter 10

Well, here's Chapter 10! Wow, this is the most chapters I've ever written! :D I'm really happy! Though, I might have to make a sequel soon... I'm not sure yet, so *shrugs* I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers or it's merchandise or Characters. Nor do I own Creepypasta or Yu-Gi-Oh!, as there will be references!

Warning: Cussing, fights (since when is Transformers, Transformers without the fights?) (not really any though), depression (slightly), angst, hurt/comfort, friendship, family, fantasy, Fanfiction, AU, Badass!Sam, Cool!Miles, Bitchy!Mikaela, will have characters from other Transformers stuff, like Transformers Prime



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\Family bond\

"Sparkling talk"

It took a while, but Mary did eventually get back to her old self. Now, 5 months after Mission City, Mary has been having bazar dreams, though she keeps this to herself. Mary tossed and turned in her sleep as a dream took hold. She was standing in the middle of a metal field with metal flowers and trees. They were colored accordingly, but Mary was confused by them. Not only that, but from the darkness of the metal forest ahead, Mary saw a pair of optics looking directly at her. They were bright and an alluring silver-gold.

This dream kept happening over and over, though the setting would always change and weather it would be an organic or metal setting also changed at times. Only, this time, Mary got the courage to speak. "W-who are you?" she asked, just loud enough to be heard.

All that answered her was a strange sound. It reminded her of a sound she'd sometimes make, though it was louder, deeper, and more profound. Like an adult male. It confused her slightly, but she wasn't sure what to think. Just as she started to see whatever was hiding walking towards her, she woke up.

Mary blinked, not sure what woke her. At least, not until she saw Clinger and Quickshot. Clinger was the mechling sparkling that used to be a steering wheel while Quickshot was the femmling sparkling that used to be a vending machine. Mary sat up, yawning. "Lemme guess, I'm on sparkling duty today?" she asked tiredly. Clinger seemed to grin at Mary, who sighed. "All right, all right," she muttered. "I'm up."

Once the two sparklings had left to give her privacy, Mary did get up. She stretched and then looked for a pair of clothes for the day. She decided to go with a black and red hoodie and a pair of jeans. Slipping on some tennis shoes, Mary walked into her bath room and brushed her teeth and hair. She'd showered the night before just so she didn't have to in the morning. Then she walked out of her room and along the halls of the human quarters. She walked all the way to the mess hall and grabbed a bite to eat. Then she went and found Clinger, Quickshot, and ChitterBelle playing tic-tac-toe.

"Having fun?" Mary asked, crouching down next to the three. At that moment in time, it was ChitterBelle against Quickshot.

Quickshot was very good at tic-tac-toe and was the complete opposite of her friend, ChitterBelle. Quickshot was silent and had been adopted by Ironhide, since he had seen her love for using her own guns. All the sparklings defense systems had been taken offline so that they didn't accidentally hurt themselves or someone else. ChitterBelle was the exact opposite. ChitterBelle, as he name suggested, couldn't be quiet for two minutes. She was always asking questions and had trouble focusing, which was similar to how Mary was in a way. Both were always asking Wheeljack questions about the Cybertronian race.

Clinger was completely different. He was a skittish little one and he was always hiding behind someone. He had a tendency to stick to Sam, so Sam had become his adoptive creator. Mostly the humans looked after the sparklings, since the 'bots were still trying to get settled. After senior year had ended, Mary had taken to become Wheeljack's apprentice inventor rather than look for a college, which was what Sam, Jack, and Miles were doing.

So far, there was no Decepticon activity and Barricade popped by every now and again. It was usually to ask Mary to watch Frenzy for a while or something. Frenzy was pretty good at helping Mary out with the younger sparklings when they were giving the girl trouble. Mary was thankful for that, since she knew that otherwise there were times when she'd have been sleepless if it weren't for Frenzy. While others were cautious when Barricade was around, Mary knew that he wasn't a bad Cybertronian. After all, the Star Relic told her that as well.

Mary was starting to understand why her father had dreaded giving it to her. It was almost like a drug. Mary had to resist using it wherever she went. She also learned that it could help her cheat on some things, so Mary left it behind unless it was absolutely needed. But Mary still felt drawn to it. Like a moth to a flame or a bee to honey. She couldn't help it, and had a feeling it was trying manipulate her into doing something. What, Mary wasn't sure. But when she was holding it, she felt it tug at her. Hard. Like it was trying to take her somewhere. So, she was very cautious with it.

"Yes, we are," ChitterBelle replied happily, looking up with a smile.

Mary smiled at that. She watched the match, which ended up with Quickshot winning. ChitterBelle pouted and nearly started to complain. But she stopped when she got a look from her mother. The sparklings had learned English a little while ago, so everyone could understand them. The one who could speak the best was ChitterBelle, though, since she never shut up. Well, almost never.

"Do you three want to go to the look out to play for a little while?" Mary asked, smiling.

The three sparklings sighed. "Suwe..." Clinger mumbled, his speech being the worst. Quickshot never really spoke, though.

Mary frowned. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Why... Why we no go other pwaces?" Quickshot asked quietly.

Mary sighed. "You know that we can't. Not until you're older. Your too young and vulnerable right now," she explained gently.

"We wouldn't be if we-" ChitterBelle started.

"ChitterBelle Samantha, don't even start with me," Mary warned. A few months ago, when Mary was placed as ChitterBelle's official adoptive carrier, Mary had given ChitterBelle a full name. ChitterBelle Samantha Marie Slayer.

ChitterBelle sighed. "Yes, Carrier..." she murmured softly, disappointed. Then she muttered darkly. "But Frenzy has his weapons..."

Mary's eyes hardened. "You know that that is another circumstance entirely! One, the casseticon is much older and he has been in war before! Plus he was raised under very bad circumstances!" Mary scolded. "Would you rather you not go anywhere for a month?"

All the sparklings looked horrified. "NO!" they shouted.

"One, do not shout. Two, do not use that tone with me. Three, behave and we'll go to the look out," Mary said sternly.

Mary may be a random and fun-loving girl, but if there was one thing about her that was defined only around children, it was her sternness. Mary was very strict when she had to be and wouldn't let anyone do something that she found could get someone into a lot of trouble or hurt if they were her age or younger. Unless it involved pranking someone. Then Mary was all for the idea. And if it was to bug Arcee. Mary loved to tick Arcee off for no reason other than she could. Plus Arcee seemed like a stuck up glitch to Mary.

Later, Mary and the three sparklings were at the Look Out and it's lake. She was watching the sparklings like a hawk. She had actually managed to teach them how to swim at some point, and the water was harmless to them. Sure, she had to clean them up later so that they didn't start to get rusted, but otherwise they were fine.

Mary was just relaxing on a long when someone sat next to her. Mary looked and saw that it was Barricade's holoform. Mary looked back at the sparklings and smiled when she saw ChitterBelle talking Frenzy's audio receptor off, though he didn't seem to mind. "... They'll probably end up together one day," Barricade said after a while of silence.

"I figured such," Mary replied.

There was silence as the two watched the sparklings. The silence was comfortable and Mary smiled as the sparklings played happily. Barricade watched Mary rather than the sparklings, confused on something. I just don't understand how she can give me a chance... I thought that no one would trust me. Pit, my own little brother hates me, the mech thought, saddened. He hadn't been given a choice to join the 'Cons. Megatron threatened to do worse than rip out Bumblebee's voice box next time. While he wasn't responsible the first time, Megatron wasn't one to give out empty threats.

"What's bothering you?"

Barricade came out of his thoughts to see Mary looking at him. She looked concerned. Barricade raised an eyebrow. "What makes you thin something wrong?" he asked gruffly, not wanting to appear weak or "nice". He didn't like it. He may have supposed to been a neutral now, but he still had 'Con training in his system.

"I can tell when something's bothering someone," Mary said softly, her eyes softening.

Barricade looked away with a scowl. "... It's in the past. It's best to leave it there," he told her roughly.

"... I suppose it's none of my business and I won't pry, but telling someone might help," Mary replied after a small pause. She stood up. "ChitterBelle! Clinger! Quickshot! Time to head back!" Mary called. Her voice rang out easily, as she was naturally loud. She always had had strong lungs.

The sparklings all groaned, but complied. Frenzy waved as Mary ushered the three to the jeep Mary had borrowed. Mary and the three young sparklings waved back before Mary drove off, leaving Barricade to rethink everything. Barricade's holoform stood up and the mech considered Mary's words. "... Telling someone might help," she had said.

"Do you have a thing for her, Barricade?" Frenzy asked smugly, looking up at his caretaker.

Barricade scowled at Frenzy. "Of course not. She's just a strange fleshling that can actually handle you, rut. Now get back into my alt. mode!" Barricade growled, dismissing his holoform.

Frenzy rolled his optics and did as told, not believing Barricade for a second. He's sooo smitten, Frenzy thought smugly. Wait till he told Rumble when Rumble got to Earth!

And there's the 10th chapter. Well, if you count the prologue, it's the 11th! :D I've never written so many chapters, I don't think! I'm happy! I'm actually being a good authoress for once! Yay!

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XD I borrowed it from Pinkie Pie.

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