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Kim seokjin, the famous Ceo of his Five Star Hotel, Bulgario, is the first leading chef's to have been rated all over Korea. He being the ex-student of your mother, who's a famous well-known chef as well, decides to accept her favor to look after you. You being the Almost Independent Adult, is never trusted to be left alone because you can burn down your house if left for even minutes. A RomCom, fluff, and cliché ff, exploring the worlds of each other and getting comfy and addicted to the presence of each other. Let's see how you live 24/7 with him

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

There are ways of getting grounded. It’s either through crashing a party at your own house when parents are out of town, drinking at underage, eloping with your boyfriend at night and what not so.

But that isn’t the case here. Getting grounded is a teenage thing but here I am arguing with my mom on why I am getting grounded at the age of 23, who is an almost independent woman and got a part-time job.

“Hana Mun, I said- end of the discussion. I won’t explain to why you of all, need a babysitter.”

“Mom, it was an accident,” I whined, trying my best to convince my mom why I’m capable of not having a babysitter.

Oh! If you’re wondering why I got grounded, that was because I blasted the toaster and it wasn’t just a toaster. It was my mom’s favorite.

“You’ve been telling that for years but the worst is always yet to come.” Mom hissed at me. “Why do you always destroy my kitchen?”

I have no idea why I have a weird attraction to my mom’s kitchen. It’s always something that I destroy which turns out to be her precious possession.

“Mom. You know I don’t do it on purpose.”

“I know but it still happens and next thing I know I will lose my job because of you.” Oh! Here comes the taunting part. “You can’t even cook and I wonder what kind of life partner you will get. I pity him as you will be serving him burnt toasts or a burned toaster at breakfast.”

I huffed, rolling my eyes at her exaggeration. I’m not that bad at cooking... Okay, I am actually that bad. No, correction. I am the worst.

“As a punishment, you will be fixing the destroyed part of the kitchen and buy me the exact toaster.” Mom said.

“What!” I exclaimed in utter shock. “I don’t have that much money to pay for your toaster. That costs like a dinner at a royal cuisine.” I complained.

Honestly, cutting off the internet was a better punishment than this, but then my mom knows me well. She already knows what I do when the internet is cut down. That being said, I need to video call my internet friend.

“Then earn it. Your babysitter will be arriving in the morning.” Mom informed and my ears perked up at the precise info.

“Wait. You already called this babysitter before my accident. Do you even trust me?” I asked with disbelief.

“Yes and Yes. Dear, I trust you but I don’t trust your skills. Well, then I’m off to bed. Goodnight.” She walked off to her room, leaving me standing here in silence as I processed the supposed news that I had no choice but to accept.

“So much for not mingling with strangers,” I muttered under my breath as I grudgingly stomped upstairs to my bedroom.

I was so tired with the argument and numerous thoughts racing in my mind that I don’t know when I ended up sleeping but it wasn’t that peaceful as I wished.

I had dreams all night with the same scenario that was meeting my babysitter. In one of them, I dreamt grinch being my babysitter. The horror.

Rolling on my bed more than usual, morning arrived soon. I was on leave from University because I was helping my mom pack up for a year trip to a world tour. Which meant I was near to having the privilege to go crazy in my home as no one judged me but that ain’t be happening.

As I kicked off the covers in my half-asleep state, a doorbell rang echoing in the house.

Thinking my mom is probably asleep, I crawled off the bed and climbed downstairs, stifling a yawn.

I was about to reach the last step of the stairs when I noticed my mom was up already and had answered the door.

So taking this as a good chance to go back to sleep, I turned around without making any noise but before I could step forward, Mom called at me.

Knowing I failed in escaping, I turned my heels and walked to where she stood. The person who rang the doorbell was already inside the house but I didn’t check him out yet, assuming he probably is mom’s colleague.

My mom smiled sweetly at me and I started to think what else did I burn after the toaster. Thankfully I haven’t yet.

“Good morning dear. I want you to meet Kim Seokjin, my ex-student, who will babysit you.” My eyes shot open wide as the news drained the sleep from me.

I finally looked at the person and the next thing I know that I probably was drooling over him.

“Hello, Miss Mun. Nice to meet you. How are you?” He flashed his charming smile, straightening his wide shoulders. What is he even made of?

If this was my mom’s ex-student then her current students are probably hot. I regret taking cinematography now. Don’t take me as a pervert. I’m just doing a favor to my single ass.

“Hot.” I breathed out which resulted in getting a smack at my head from mom and a heartful chuckle from the man I was going to live for 24/7 in this house and this was just the beginning.

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