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Eddsworld Oneshots


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Romance / Humor
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Eddmatt-no worries- smut

Eddmatt smut

"You dont want to do this..." Matt said, slightly getting up from Edd. "Do you?"

Edd had to face the truth. "No, I don't..."

Matt sighed, he had to respect Edds choices no matter what or else it'd be considered rape. Matt sat next to Edd awkwardly.

"I'm sorry, Matt... It's not going to happen tonight..."

Matt sighed again but smiled anyways. "Its okay, I totally understand." He said and stood up to leave. Edd looked down at his pillows, eyes full of guilt. He hadn't been able to pleasure Matt because he hasn't gotten an erection in two months. He had a feeling that Matt was mad at him but he couldnt tell.

Matt sat outside of Edds room, feeling bad for Edd, but also a little agitated at him. He knew he shouldnt be rude since the incident, but it was so hard to keep his cool. He was thankful that he didnt have an erection yet so he didnt have to go pleasure himself.

Tom walked by. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Did it happen again?"

"Yeah. I feel like an asshole..."

"Hey, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. I'm not saying that you should blame him though, so dont get the wrong idea or anything."

"Yeah, I know..."

Tom put a hand on Matt's shoulder and walked into his apartment.

Matt walked back into Edds apartment and sat on the couch. "Ey, Edd? Do you mind if I watch some TV?" He grabbed the remote, pretty sure of Edds answer.

"Anything, Matt, I dont care. I'm going to go take a shower. Theres snacks in the pantry if you're hungry or anything."

"Thanks, babe. Love you."

"Love you too..."

Matt looked over the couch. His vampire ears could hear the sadness in Edds voice.

"Hey. I'm not mad at you or anything." He said, trying to help.

Edd slightly smiled to himself. "I-I know..." he said, grabbing a towel from the hanger on his door. "I just wish things could be different... I'm sorry..."

Matt frowned. Edds eyes were like tourcher to his soul. He looked like he was about to cry, and it hurt Matt in an unexplainable way. He jumped over the couch and grabbed Edd from behind, pulling him into a hug. He buried his face in Edds hoodie.

"I know that things have been hard, what with Tord gone and Tom hiding in his room all the time, but you have nothing to be sorry for... none of this is your fault..."

Edd smiled for real this time. He turned and hugged Matt against the wall. "Thanks, Matt..."

Matt smiled, patting Edds head. He wanted to hold Edd forever, but Edd had to take a shower.

Ever since the day when Tord betrayed everyone, Edd had been super scared of everything, Tom was drinking more than usual, and Matt was very angry for no reason. A few weeks after the explosion, Matt asked Edd if he wanted to hang out, without Tom, And Edd accepted. Then after a while they started going out more, until they were dating, but there was only one problem. They couldnt have sex. Matt didn't really mind at first, then it got bad.

Edd went into the bathroom, taking his clothes off and stepping into the bathtub. He started to think of Matt and how disappointed he must be that he couldnt do the things that other people could do. He was scared that Matt would break up with him because he couldnt please Matt's sexual needs.

And Matt had a lot of sexual needs.

Edd started to clean himself, thinking more and more about Matt. What would it be like to actually have sex with him for the first time? How would it feel? Would it hurt?

The more Edd thought about it the more interesting it all became. Matt was a very attractive man, but Edd couldnt figure out what was wrong with him. Maybe he should see a doctor...

Then he looked down and something inside him sparked with all sorts of emotions.

Surprise, pride, happiness and a little bit of fear.

"M-matt..." he took a deep breath. "MAAAAAATT!"

The bathroom door flew open. "Wh-what? What is it? Are you okay?" Matt asked, moving the shower curtain back. "Did you forget a towel or something?"

Edd stared at Matt for a minute, a smile spreading across his face. He suddenly pulled Matt into the shower and kissed him.

Matt was surprised but kissed back anyways, water getting on his clothes, but he didnt really care. Edd pulled back. "Let's have sex." He simply said.

Matt was confused and excited at the same time. "But I thought-"

"I thought that too but... This is the first erection I've gotten in months, I dont want to waste it so stop talking and let's do this."

Matt looked down and bit his lip. "Are you sure you're ready?" He asked. "I dont want to fuck up this moment."

"You wont mess it up, I swear."

"Okay, d-do you want to go into the room, or-"

"No! I wanna do it here!"

"Okay, okay."

Matt took off his soaking jacket, kissing Edd playfully. Edd sighed, happiness finally coming back to him. The shower kept running normally.

Matt slipped his tongue into Edds mouth and groaned against his lips. Edd let air out of his nose while kissing Matt. He was in heaven. Matt unbuttoned his pants with a little difficulty due to his fingers being wet and slippery. He couldnt wait.

But he didn't want to hurt Edd...

But then he remembered all the sexual frustration he harbored and how much he wanted to destroy Edd. He wanted to hurt Edd. Just Not too badly.

Maybe he could... No... He's not ready for that, yet...

Edd nuzzled into Matt's shoulder, smiling against his skin, Even though it was wet.

Matt stuck a finger into Edds entrance, hearing a sharp gasp. How cute...

"W-wait a minute..." Edd mumbled, repositioning his thigh over Matt's arm. "Is this gonna hurt...?"

"Maybe a little... can you just be strong for me, Eddie?"

Edd nodded, and Matt pushed his finger in deeper. Edd squirmed around a bit, No sound coming out of him until Matt added a second finger, then Edd slightly Groaned.

"S-Sorry... Do you want me to stop?" Matt asked thoughtfully. Edd shook his head 'No'.

"O-okay..." Matt started to thrust his fingers faster, getting more into the moment. Edd panted a bit, bouncing on Matt's finger with the rhythm.

"Mmm, Matt... Get on with it already..." He moaned against Matts shoulder. Matt blinked.

"Are you sure?" He asked, he didn't want to hurt his little brunette. Edd nodded.

"Please...?" He whined.

Matt smiled and kissed Edds cheek before pulling down his pants and boxers. "Okay, get ready..."


Matt gently pushed inside of his little toy as slowly as he possibly could. Edd whimpered, gripping Matts shoulder for support.

"Do you want me to stop?" Matt asked, seeing the pained look on Edds face.

"No-No, keep g-going..."

"Alright, just tell me if you want to stop if it starts to hurt too much."


Matt placed soft kisses up and down Edds neck while he gingerly pulled in and out of the small boy, earning gentle moans of satisfaction. Edd was slowly getting adjusted to the feelings going on inside of him and began to grow needy. "Mmm-Maaatt..." He groaned. Matt took the hint and started to thrust a little faster.

Edd clawed at Matt's back, leaving slight marks.

"Oh God, Edd... You're so warm..." Matt groaned. Edd moaned in responce, driving Matt insane. "Oh... I wanna do so many things to your beautiful body..."

"Ahh- Pl-please! Anything!"

Matt bit into Edds neck softly, trying not to go too crazy. Edd slightly twitched in Matts arms at the gingers sharp teeth. He huffed heavily while Matt attacked his neck, leaving purple and blue marks all over him.

Matt couldn't help but thrust harder and faster until Edd threw his head back and blurted a loud moan. "Oh! Matt! Don't stop!"

Matt smirked against Edds skin, pushing him farther against the wall, still mercilessly pounding into him. The shower was still running making the bathroom steamy and hot.

The ginger slightly pulled Edds hair from the back of his head, exposing more of his neck. More of a snack. But who are we kidding? Edds whole body is a snack for the ginger.

Edd dug his nails into Matts back as the taller and older man rolled his hips into him. He was ready to beg. "Oh, Matt! Please! Use me! Use me like I'm your own Toy!" He yelled, his voice shaky and high. "Use me like a Cumdumpster!"

Matt nodded, putting Edd in a more comfortable position before rolling into the small boy under him like a wheel.

"You like that, baby?~" He purred.

"Y-Yes! Yes! So very much!"

"You want some more?~"

"Oh God, oh God! Yes, please!"

Edd was panting, crying, and drueling from the corner of his lip. Matt found it adorable.

They continued with their ruteen until Matt felt a knot in his stomach. He didn't want to come down from his high yet so he slowed down for a minute until coming to a stop. Edd whimpered. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" He panted. Matt rested his forehead on Edds shoulder, panting as well.

"Just... Hold on a second, babe... Hold on..." He said between breaths. Edd nodded, his torso twitching without Matts consistive thrusting. Matt noticed that Edd was slightly uncomfortable so he began feeling the brunette up. Edd sighed in pleasure.

Matt pressed his thumb up against Edds nipple and was pleased to hear a surprised gasp. "Does that feel good?" He whispered.

Edd nodded. "Mmm-hmm..."


Matt loved the sounds that came out of Edds mouth. So soft and pure. Soon Matt felt better and started thrusting. He heard Edd moan in relief and bit his lip. He wondered if he could finally ruin Edd like he wanted to.

Edd shakily spread his legs farther, trying to please Matt more. Matt chuckled at this. "Oh, c'mon, babe. You're doing great..." He purred.

"Mmm, Matt... Please, r-rail me against the wall... Turn my ass into a pussy... Break my prostate into a thousand peices..."

Matt was surprised for a second at Edds words but did what he wanted anyways. "Damn, babe, you're really into this..." He whispered before nibbling Edds little earlobe.

Edd screamed in ecstasy as Matt basically pounded him into the wall like a nail.

"Oh God, I want to fuck you so hard that you can't walk tomorrow..." Matt said subconsciously. He didn't really mean to say it out loud. Edd cried out for more.

"Yes! Do it! Do it hard! Ahhn!~"

"I wanna feel your body all around me..."

"Yes, Oh God, Yes!"

"I want to watch you cry while I finger you like a toy!"

"Please! please! please!"

Matt almost died of pleasure when Edd held him closer, pressing their chests together and rubbing their body's against each other.

"Oh! Matt! I-I think I'm c-coming!"

"Do it, baby! Right here!"

Edd scratched Matts back a little more before coming on his stomach. Matt continued to thrust until he saw the look on Edds face and how much he had unloaded. It was a lot. That's to be expected from someone who hasn't had an erection in two months.

Matt groaned as he came inside of the little brunette. They both panted on each other's shoulders, realizing the reality of the situation. "Oh, jeez..." Edd whispered with a slight twitch as Matt pulled out.

"You alright?" Matt asked, hugging Edd closely.

"Yeah. Yeah..."

Matt sighed with a smile. "Hell yeah... I totally wrecked you..."

"Oh, yes you did..."

Matt dryly grined against Edds body for a minute before picking the brunette up and wrapping his thighs around his waist to make it easier to carry him. He turned off the shower and wetly carried Edd to the room. While he dryed them both off, Edd snaked a few rough and passionate kisses.

"Oh God... I love you, Matt... I love you so much..." Edd mumbled in Matts arms as they both got comfortable in bed. He sounded like he was still a little out of breath.

"I love you too, baby." Matt caressed Edds hips softly until the little brunette fell asleep. He stood up after a minute and put a pair of boxers on before going into the living room to watch TV.

After a while of senseless TV shows he heard Edd comming out of his room, groaning in pain. Matt turned to look over his shoulder at Edd. He was only wearing red panties? Huh.

"Matt, my back hurts... And my... Other parts... Also hurt." Edd complained, walking up to the couch. Matt pulled Edd closer by his hips.

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry." He said as he sat Edd down on his lap gently. "Does it hurt too bad?"

"Well, it doesn't hurt like, Super, Super bad, but it still hurts."

"Do you want me to get you an ice pack?"

"No- No... I think I can just walk it off..."

"Not a very good idea. You're just a bit sore but you should still take it easy. Here, lay down, sweety."

Edd nodded and layed on the couch, letting Matt rest his head on his chest. Matt ran his free hand up and down Edds sides, slowly slipping his fingers down to his thighs. Edd slightly melted into Matts touch. "Here." Matt said after a minute and handed his purple hoodie to Edd.

Edd smiled. "Thanks..." He put the hoodie on. It fit him almost perfectly only it was a little bigger.

Matt licked his lips at the sight of Edd in his hoodie. "Cutie..." He said and poked Edds cheek. Edd laughed a bit.

Matt laughed too before going back to staring at the TV. He subconsciously trailed the tips of his fingers to Edds inner thighs. Edd flinched a bit and Matt recoiled his hand. "Oh, Sorry, I can stop if you want?" Matt asked.

"Oh, no, no, its fine..." Edd smiled. "I kinda like it..."

Matt smiled too and rubbed Edds inner thigh, slightly spreading his legs. Edd sighed comfortably before gasping sharply when Matt accidentally dug his nails into his thigh.

"Ooh, that was weird..." He whined.

"What do you mean?" Matt asked.

"Well, at first that kinda hurt, then it just... Felt really good..."

"So you want me to keep going, or...?"

"Yes, sure, k-keep going..."


Matt kissed Edds cheek, then pulled Edd closer to him a bit rougher than he intended. Edd yelped as Matt started to attack him with kisses. The ginger slipped his thumb into Edds mouth and was pleased to hear a small moan. He smirked and let his finger roam around before taking it out and replacing it with his index and middle finger. He thrusted his fingers in and out gingerly and was pleased to hear Edds soft and low moans.

Edd held onto Matts wrist and made him thrust harder into his mouth before pulling them out and coughing a little.

"Whoa, you okay?" Matt asked. Edd nodded.


"Yeah, baby?"

"I wanna stroak your ego with my mouth..."

Matt chuckled. "You sure? My ego's pretty big.~"

"Matt, I want to suck your dick."

"Oh, I thought you were just making dirty talk but this works too."

Edd rolled his eyes and pulled Matt into a kiss. They made out for a little until it got more heated, Edd trying to establish dominance but failing miserably when the Vampire bit into his bottom lip.

Edd pushed Matt away and panted, feeling his bottom lip to check for blood. Nothing. Good.

Matt smirked at Edd and pulled him up into a different position. Once Edd was on his knees and elbows, Matt pet his head a bit. "You sure you're ready for this?" He asked, holding Edds cheeks.

"I-I... I think?"

"Well you don't have to do this if you're not ready. We can wait."

"N-No, I'm fine..."

"Okay... If you want to stop just let me know by pulling on the hem of my boxers."

"O-okay." Edd smiled weakly.

Matt pressed Edds lips against his cloathed erection. Edd looked up at Matt for a second before licking the bulge a few times. He wrapped his lips around it and huffed hot air while circling his tounge on the tip. Matt sighed in pleasure, rolling his head back a bit.

Edd pulled his head back. "A-am I doing it right?" He asked innocently. Matt smiled at the look on Edds face. So pure, cute, and a little strained. He was trying to smile through the fear.

"Of course you are, baby..." Matt said, running his fingers through Edds hair. Edd nodded and went back to softly licking his older boyfriends shaft. Matt sighed a little and pushed Edds lips further down his cock. Edd winced but then shrugged it off and started to slightly bob his head.

After a minute of that, Matt pulled Edd off of him to take off his boxers. Edd kind of flinched.

"Ready?" Matt asked.


Edd gulped and wrapped his mouth around the gingers cock, trying to do it the way they do in the videos. He bobbed his head slowly at first then progressed into a faster pace. Matt huffed a bit and tugged at Edds hair gently, urging him to go faster.

Edd let out a few muffled moans and groans as Matts tip almost touched the back of his throat with every thrust. His gag reflex started to kick in and he choked a little, tears forming at the bridge of his eyes.

He started to touch himself through his panties, feeling more aroused.

Matt pushed Edds head up and down his Dick, huffing heavily. Suddenly the tip of Matts member grazed the back of Edds throat.

"Mmph!" Edd sort of mumbled at the sudden contact. Matt chuckled.

The brunette got used to the feeling after a while and began to deepthroat the ginger, no problem. He pulled away from him and licked up his leangth, still stroaking himself. Matt shuddered at the sight and the cold air that hit his wet cock like a brick. Edd reconnected his mouth, bobbing it faster and sucking harder.

Matt let out a sexy groan. "Edd... I'm about to cum..."

Edd nodded showing he understood.

Matt weakly smirked at the brunette. "I'm gonna use your mouth as my own personal Cumdumpster..." He purred. Edd moaned as he came in his panties at Matt's dirty remark. The vibrations from his lips drove Matt over the cliff and he unloaded his seed into Edds mouth, groaning. Edd choked a bit, some of it dripping out, but Matt held his head there. "Swallow it." He demanded. Edd whimpered, trying his best to do what Matt said. He got most of it down but choked the rest into his hands.

Matt pat his back, chuckling while Edd panted to catch his breath. They both sat up and layed against the couch.

"So... How'd my "Ego" feel in your mouth?" Matt joked.

Edd laughed weakly. "Pretty nice..."

"Hell yeah..."

Edd grabbed Matts hand and just held it. "I want to do things like this with you every day..." He said happily. Matt smiled and pulled Edd into his lap, kissing him softly.

"Me too, baby. Me too..."

They sat and watched TV for a little while longer, enjoying the rest of their day normally.


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