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Ask The Creepypastas


The gang of Creepypastas are back! Hiraite and the gang are here to answer questions and do dares from the readers! Read about how the gang deals with the questions and dares that the readers leave them and find out how to leave questions and dares to the group!

Humor / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Welcome To Ask The Creepypasta Family

Hiraite: WELCOME MY FELLOW KILLERZ!! This is Ask the Creepypastas where the reader or more than one reader can make the Creepypastas and myself do dares or ask questions

Ben & Jeff: UH WHAT!? *has an angry expression on their faces*

Jeff: Im not listening to-

Hiraite: JEFFERY WOODS!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO MAH KILLERZ WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! *takes out a gun and points it to his area* I mean it...

Jeff: *smiles* Will do!! *chuckles sheepishly*

Hiraite: *clears throat and turns to the reader* Now then. My new chapter will start as soon as I have over at least 10 questions or dares or both




LJ: KILLINGS!! And candy... *laughs crazily*

Everyone but LJ: ....

Slender & Zalgo: See you later!!!

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