An Unanticipated Desire

Chapter 11

The trio slept well into the late afternoon.
They were awoken when the door swung open violently.
Don stood in the doorway, flanked by two rather burly looking men in matching suits. "Nova!"
Nova shrunk down. "Oh no..."
Blaze jumped to his feet, anticipating any type of violent action Don might have in store for him.
The older man stalked into the room, shoving Yuri out of the way when he reached the chair.
Yuri yelped in surprise as he was nearly pushed out of the chair.
"Nova, what has happened to you?!" Don demanded.
"I was in the wrong place at the wrong time." Nova said quietly.
"It was that creature wasn't it?! He harmed you!"
"He did not! It was someone else!"
Don turned his head towards Blaze, who tensed even more. "Who was it? I shall have them torn limb from limb! Slowly."
"The ones who harmed your daughter are not for a human to face. They are Digimon like I am."
Don pushed his sunglasses up to rub at his eyes. "Damn creatures."
"A bit late to the party, aren't ya?" Yuri asked as he gingerly got up from the chair.
"I was just informed earlier this morning that it was indeed Nova that was there when the Downtown Lounge was damaged. Once I learned of this, I hurried here. What is the report on her condition?"
"She had several broken ribs and deep cuts. Otherwise, she's fine. The doctor said she will be released tomorrow."
"Hm..." Don lifted Nova's arm and examined the bandages. "How badly were the cuts? I see these bandages are stained."
"Not as bad as they seem. I just keep moving so they bleed." Nova explained.
"I shall let your friend go unharmed, then. If it was not he that caused these."
"Thank you, Dad. He doesn't deserve any punishment. He has been taking very good care of me."
Don nodded, a ghost of a smile upon his lips. "Good. Good." He suddenly snapped his fingers at the bodyguards.
One stepped forward, producing a small rectangular shaped item wrapped in silver and gold striped wrapping paper from his pocket. He placed it in Don's open hand.
Don presented the present to his daughter. "As it is your twentieth birthday, I have brought a present for you."
"For me?" Nova took the package, looking it over.
Blaze smacked his forehead. "Dammit! Yuri, come here."
Yuri inched his way around Don and over to his friend. "Yes?"
Blaze put an arm about the man's shoulder, pulling him closer. "We should get Nova something, too." he muttered, trying to prevent Nova from hearing.
"Oh! Yeah. Let's see what her father brought first."
They straightened up and turned their attention to Nova.
"Your mother requested you see her when you are well enough."
"Mom wants to see me?" Nova asked, stunned.
Don nodded. "Yes, she didn't say why. Perhaps she wants to see how hurt you were since she did not come with me to see you. Now open your present."
She carefully took off the paper, seeming to not want to damage it. Underneath the paper was a small silver box.
Blaze's eyes grew wide as he watched her open the box to reveal a rather breathtakingly beautiful necklace with a pear-shaped periodot stone pendant.
Yuri let out a low whistle. "Damn. That's white gold, too."
"How can you tell?"
"It has a different type of sheen to it."
"Sounds expensive."
"It is, depending on the karats."
"It is eighteen karat white gold." Don said in a matter-of-fact tone.
Nova pulled the necklace from the box to hold it up between her fingers. "Thank you for the gift."
"You are quite welcome. Since I know that you will not have to worry about damaging it being out on the streets, I thought it would be a suitable gift."
She fastened it about her neck and examined the stone. "It's beautiful."
"A beautiful stone for a beautiful daughter. Now, I must take my leave. I have business to attend to. I will ensure my men keep me informed of your recovery."
"Thanks, Dad."
"Take care of her." Don said warningly to Blaze.
"You have my word."
Don nodded and took his leave with the two body guards.
"That is the closest I have ever been to that man...never again." Yuri said. With a sigh of relief he sat down in the chair.
Blaze tapped his foot impatiently. "This ain't the time to be sitting."
"Oh yeah. All right, all right.
Nova looked at the pair curiously. "What? Are you leaving, too?"
Blaze leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Don't fret. We'll be back in just a little bit. Gonna get something to eat."
"Aw...please don't stay gone too long."
"We won't."

The pair returned to Nova's room about an hour later to find her fast asleep.
Blaze sat himself gingerly on the edge of the bed. As beautiful as she looked asleep, he was tempted to wake her as he was rather excited for her to see the presents they had bought for her.
"Hey now, don't think about waking her up." Yuri said as he sat down in the chair, placing a rather large plastic bag on the floor.
"I know, I just want her to see what we got for her."
"She'll probably get up in a bit."
"Hrm?" Nova yawned and stretched.
"Sorry if we woke you." Yuri said apologetically.
"No, not at all. I had just closed my eyes for a second..." She yawned again.
Blaze smiled. "We have some stuff for you."
Her eyes lit up with curiosity. "Oh?"
Yuri picked up the bag and set it next to Blaze. "Here ya go."
"Oooh, oooh, lemme see!" Nova snatched up the bag before Blaze had time to react.
He chuckled at her antics.
"Oh my, what is this?" Nova asked as she pulled a clear plastic square with what appeared to be a multicolored material inside. Upon closer inspection, there were animal prints made to look like they were part of the coloration.
"Yuri helped me pick out a different set of bedding for your room." Blaze explained.
"Oh, why thank you! I love all the cute little animals on it." She set it beside her pillow.
"There's more in there."
"Really?" She opened the bag again and looked inside. "Aww," She pulled out a raggedy furred teddy bear with beady black eyes and a red bow tied about its neck. "That's so cute!"
Blaze pointed at Yuri. "That was his idea. I thought it was a bit of an overused gift."
Nova cuddled the bear to her chest. "I love it."
Yuri grinned. "Ah, see? I had a good idea."
Nova rested her chin between the bear's ears. "You guys..." She sniffled.
Blaze looked at her worriedly. "Is something wrong?"
"It's just so sweet of you guys to get me stuff..." She wiped at her teary eyes with the back of her hand.
"Well of course, darlin'. It is your birthday."
"I did have one more thing to give to you, Nova." Blaze said as he reached under his arm-guard.
She stopped wiping at her eyes to watch.
He held his hand out with the top of his hand facing down, fingers still closed.
"It's nothing as nice as what your dad got you, but-" He uncurled his fingers to reveal a small silver ring in his palm.
She carefully picked it up and examined it. "Oh, Blaze."
It was a sterling silver band that curled around at the tops to create two half hearts with two stones nestled within: one a garnet and the other peridot.
Blaze rubbed the back of his neck. "I ah...wasn't exactly sure what kinda colors you liked so Yuri just suggested the green, like the one on your necklace. Put it on to see if it fits."
Nova slid the ring on to her ring finger. "It's perfect." she whispered.
Yuri punched the air with his fist. "Yes! I got it right!"
Nova giggled. "How ever did you know?"
"I asked you once jokingly when you were pretty wasted if you'd marry me."
Nova's eyebrows nit together. "So I answered you?"
"Yep. Said you would if I'd get you a fancy ring. Told me what your ring size was."
Blaze placed his hands over his eyes. "You must be joking, Yuri."
"Hey! I did add 'jokingly' into the previous statement. I am not the marrying type."
"I really must have been wasted to say yes to you." Nova said with a laugh.
Yuri folded his arms in indignation. "Well now! I see how it is."
"These all were wonderful gifts, you guys."
"We're glad you liked 'em."
Nova held her hand up to admire the ring.
"So you do like it? Yuri said you weren't big into jewelry and your dad bought that expensive necklace..."
"But you got this for me anyways?"
"I..." He looked away rather guiltily.
She slipped her hand in his. "It's the thought that counts, Blaze. This is special because you picked it for me."
"I can always take it back if you-"
She smiled reassuringly. "I love it, Blaze. Please stop worrying so much."
"I bad at it."
"All I care is that you picked it out for me. I wouldn't even have cared what it was."
He smiled half-heartedly. "Okay."
"Chin up, big guy. If she says she likes it, she does. She doesn't just say it to make you feel better."
Blaze immediately felt even more guilty for having that exact thought. Her enthusiasm was just less than he had hoped for and seemed more likely she was pretending.
"Yes, please don't think I don't like it, I really do. I'll never take it off."
Blaze nodded. "Okay."
"Yes, Nova?"
"Will you take me to my mother's when I'm able to leave?"
"I can. But why would you want to go there?"
"Dad said she wanted to see me. She might be worried."
Yuri snorted. "Like hell."
Nova looked to her friend. "Do you really think that?"
Yuri nodded, his normally laughing icy eyes hardened. "She is the one who forced you into slutting around on the streets. Do you really think she cares about you?"
"She is my mother. I would wish that she would..."
"We all do, Nova."
"I would still like to see her. I haven't seen her in several years."
"More than several, Nova." Yuri said.
Nova rubbed her hand against her temple. "I forget so many things sometimes. How long has it really been, Yuri?"
"About six."
Blaze shook his head. "Yeah, that's a long time."
"She's not wanted anything to do with Nova for a long time, Blaze. The other women of Don's little fold have been helping to raise her. Her mother's been too busy making sure she's doped up."
"That's horrible."
"But why would she want to see me now?"
"Dunna. Not sure what Don's told her."
Blaze shrugged. "We'll find out tomorrow."
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