An Unanticipated Desire

Chapter 14

Blaze walked through the doorway, tossing a parcel on the table. "Nova, I'm home!"
He made his way down the hallway but halted in his tracks when he sensed something was amiss. "Nova...!" He hurried to the bedroom.
The sight that he beheld made his stomach churn in anger.
IceDevimon was sitting atop the young woman, who had her arms and legs tied to the bedposts with pieces of her old bandages and a gag in her mouth.
"Get away from her!" Blaze snarled.
IceDevimon looked up, a bemused smile on his wicked face. "There you are! We were just waiting for you to start the show."
"Show?! You...what the hell are you even doing here?!"
"I found out you two were still alive. So I thought I'd come and pay a visit."
"I'll allow you live if you leave now."
The evil Viral got up from the bed. "Oooh. Big bad Viral gonna let me live if I leave? But where's the fun?"
Blaze quickly drew his weapon and fired. "Double Impact!"
IceDevimon easily deflected the attack with his wing.
Blaze's jaw dropped in shock. The attack should have easily disintegrated the weaker Digimon. "Wh-what?"
"I'm stronger than a regular Champion." he cackled.
With a growl, Blaze threw his gun down and launched himself at the ice Viral.
The pair exchanged blows before Blaze was thrown off.
"Frozen Claw!"
Blaze yelped in pain as he was pinned to the wall by the other Viral's extended arms.
"Tundra Freeze!"
"Shit!" Blaze cursed under his breath as his body was quickly encased in ice, still pinned against the wall. The ice stopped halfway up his shoulders.
IceDevimon laughed hysterically as Blaze strained against the ice. "You can't escape! This was far too easy."
"Bastard, when I get free, you're dead!"
"When?" He tapped his bony fingers against his chin. "How about...never?"
He turned his attention back to Nova, who was struggling against her bonds. "Now, now, my dear. With your little friend here, why don't we have our fun?" He ran his tongue along her cheek.
Blaze could feel his blood boiling in his veins. "Sick bastard, leave her alone!"
"But she just tastes so delicious. How can I resist such a tempting morsel?"
Nova whimpered in response.
"Hrm. I suppose I should undress. It's always just such a hassle. But...I think this will be worth it."
Blaze shut his eyes tight, not wishing to watch. He was trying desperately to think of some way to free himself.
IceDevimon went about taking the belts off from around his waist and left leg, tossing one at Blaze. "Now now. You have to watch or it just won't be any fun."
"You're just sick."
The icy Viral cackled. "You really think so? That's just a compliment to me."
Once he had undressed the lower half of his body, he leaned over Nova. "Now I want you to be nice and loud for me. You can scream if you want, too. I can never get enough." He removed the gag from her mouth.
Nova sucked in several mouthfuls of air.
IceDevimon leaned closer and bit down on her neck.
She winced and sobbed softly.
"Dammit!" Blaze growled, straining all of his muscles against the ice. He stopped, panting heavily. "No use..."
The Mega had to force himself to try to focus on anything other than the noises coming from IceDevimon and Nova as the icy Champion had his way with her.
"If you don't watch, I'll just have to start making her scream."
"Make me, I don't care," Nova spat. "You aren't the worst that's happened to me."
IceDevimon cocked an eyebrow. "Really now? Let's fix that, shall we?"
"Nova, don't encourage him! Your wounds-"
"I know all about her wounds." IceDevimon sniggered and ran a finger down Nova's sternum. "I know she still is tender" He pushed hard on her lower ribcage with his bony finger.
Nova let out a wheezing moan of pain.
Blaze was enraged and confused at the same time. "What?!"
"Hehe. It was indeed interesting to get to see her in action last night. Poor Beelzemon wasn't even given a chance to have his turn."
Blaze cringed, his stomach turned at the thought. "That's just disgusting!"
"I thought it was quite entertaining."
"How long are you even going to do this?" Nova asked.
"Long as I want to." IceDevimon replied with a sly grin.
Nova pulled at her arm bonds. She coughed harshly.
"Aww. Did I break a rib again?"
Blaze bit his lip. "Nova! Are you okay?"
Nova coughed again before nodding.
IceDevimon ran his tongue across her lips. "If you bite my tongue, I'll rip yours out." he hissed.
Nova writhed violently as the Champion bit at her lips, forcing them open so he could push his tongue in.
"Just wait until I get outta this shit," Blaze growled. "I'ma tear you into little pieces!"
His threats fell on deaf ears as the Champion was too busy relishing his kiss.
Taking the opportunity, Blaze examined the ice more closely. If he was lucky enough, there might be a weak point that he could break to free himself. Unfortunately, there did not appear to be any; the ice was one complete sheet.
The Mega shivered. The cold was seeping through the leather of his clothing, chilling his skin. "I may just freeze to death before that maniac manages to kill me," He looked up when he heard what sounded like a knock. "Ohhh...I think I know who that might be."
IceDevimon pulled his head away from Nova. "What was that?"
There came another knock, louder and longer this time.
"A visitor?" he laughed. "Oh, this is a delight!"
"Such bad timing, Yuri." Blaze muttered.
IceDevimon quickly put his pants back on and made his way out of the room.
Once he was gone, Nova began struggling violently. "!"
Blaze watched her, bewildered. "Nova, what are you doing?" His eyes widened in surprise as one of the bandages ripped and her wrist was free.
Nova hurriedly tore at the other bandages until she was free and she hopped off the bed.
"Nova, quick! Get me free!"
"Right...uhm..." She looked around. She picked up a towel from the nearby basket. "Where's a lighter or matches?"
"Er...there's a lighter in the top drawer dresser."
Nova rushed over to the dresser and pulled the drawer open, digging through its contents. "Aha!" She pulled out a small clear platic lighter.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Just a minute..." She draped the towel over his exposed shoulder.
Blaze's eyes grew wide. "What are you doing?!"
Without replying, Nova flicked the lighter until a fire burst from it. She held the feeble flame under a corner of the the towel.
The Mega yelped as the towel caught fire. "Nova!"
"Shhh! This is the best chance we have!" Nova said in an urgent whisper.
"You're gonna set me on fire?!"
"No! Just the towel. Hm...gonna need some more to keep it from going out." She gathered up the pieces of bandages that had restrained her previously and added them to the towel.
Blaze could feel the heat coming through the ice. He wriggled around, trying to loosen his arms. "Not as if I've not been on fire before..."
A scream came from the direction of the living room.
"Yuri!" Nova gasped, clasping her hands over her mouth.
Blaze growled. "C'mon, faster, dammit!"
The fire crackled as it touched one of the bandages.
Nova stepped a safe distance away as the fire sputtered. "Please don't go out!"
Blaze sighed in relief when he felt his right arm move. With a grunt, he strained all of his muscles against the melting ice.
A loud cracking noise rent the air as lines snaked their way through the ice.
Nova clapped. "It's working!"
"The hell is this?!" IceDevimon was standing in the doorway.
Nova yelped and scurried to the bed as he lashed out at her.
After a final jerk, the ice busted and Blaze pulled himself free. "You're fuckin' dead now!"
IceDevimon's eyes widened. "Oh shit!"
Blaze ran after the Champion as he fled down the hallway. "Come back here, you little bitch!"
IceDevimon groaned as Blaze landed on his back.
"Get off of me!"
"Oh-ho! I don't think so! You're in for a world of hurt now!" Blaze cackled as he pumelled the back of the Champion's head. He did not notice the bony hand struggling to rise.
"Frozen Claw!"
The blow slammed Blaze into the wall of the hallway. He grunted as he got to his feet.
IceDevimon scrambled to his feet and turned to face Blaze, crimson liquid spilling down his chin. "You bastard!"
Blaze lunged at the Champion.
The pair barreled into the living-room, exchanging vicious blows. As they rolled, they rammed into the coffee table, easily tearing the small table into pieces.
IceDevimon yowled as a piece of the splintered wood dug into his side. "Stupid wood!"
"That's the least of your worries!" Blaze sneered. He got to his feet, lifting IceDevimon up by his throat.
The Champion gurgled as Blaze's grip tightened, his bony fingers clawing at the arm-guard in a vain attempt to stop him.
A cough made Blaze turn his head to pinpoint the source. Yuri was struggling to his feet, using the doorway for support and coughing as he tried to regain his breath.
Blaze turned his attention back to the Champion. His form was beginning to fizz as his life ebbed away.
The Mega pulled his free arm as far back as he was able and threw it forward with every ounce of force he could muster.
The force of the blow sent IceDevimon sailing through the air and through one of the windows.
"Great job, Blaze!" Yuri laughed.
Blaze leaned over, placing his hands on his knees. "Gettin' too old for this shit."
"What about Nova?"
"Nova!" Blaze hurried down the hall towards the bedroom.
She was busily cleaning up the mess the fire had created.
The Mega rushed up to her, taking her up in his arms. "Oh, you're all right."
"What happened to that guy?"
"Well. He kinda went through the window."
"Is that what I heard?"
Nova sighed. "I'm so glad this is over..."
Blaze nuzzled her cheek. "I'm so sorry this happened. If I hadn't-"
"Shush. It would have happened eventually. You weren't going to be here all the time. Is Yuri okay?"
"Yup, he's fine."
"Are you okay? Did he break your ribs?"
Nova shook her head. "I don't think so. Everything hurts right now, so I'm not really sure."
"That was pretty smart thinkin'. Using the towel as a bonfire."
Nova blushed. "I couldn't think of anything else. I just knew that towels were not fire-proof."
Yuri appeared in the doorway. "Nova okay?"
"I'm all right, Yuri."
He sighed with relief. "Good. That guy scared me half to death! I wasn't expecting him to open the door."
"We heard you scream. What did he do?"
"He just hit me in the gut, is all."
"'Least he didn't do worse."
Yuri nodded. "Er...well. I think I'm gonna head back home. I had just dropped by to give Nova her prescription. I left it on the arm of the couch, since the table's busted."
"Thanks, Yuri. Much appreciated. You go home and make sure he didn't get you any worse."
"See ya guys later." He disappeared from the doorway.
Nova sighed. "Now we have to clean up the bedroom and living room."
"Ah it can wait." He cuddled her close.
"I really need a bath...I feel so gross."
"Sure thing, sweetheart."
Blaze sat on the edge of the bathtub with Nova still in his lap as he ran bath water. He rested his cheek between her shoulder-blades. He closed his eyes as he listened to the rhythmic beat of her heart. He noted the rattling noise whenever she inhaled. "You sure he didn't break anything?"
"I don't know..."
"Okay. Your breathing just sounds funny."
"I'm all right."
"If you say so."
Nova slid from his grasp and into the water. She sighed and stretched out. "Much better."
Blaze smiled and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers.
She pressed her cheek against his fingers with her hand. "I'm glad Yuri sent you to me."
Blaze tilted his head in confusion. "What?"
"Even with everything that's happened...being with you makes it all okay."
Blaze shut his eyes, a pang of guilt in his chest. "But being with me is why you keep getting hurt."
"As long as you're not hurting me, I don't care what happens."
"I just feel like it's my fau-"
She gave his hand a squeeze. "Stop that," She gave him a reassuring smile when he looked up at her. "Without you I would still be with Nick. I would still be beaten. I would still be out there selling my body to strange men. But knowing that with you...I don't have to do any of that. All I need to know is that by the end of the day, you'll have me in your arms. That's all I care about."
The Mega looked down at the floor, completely taken aback. He found himself unable to think of a reply. He looked down when he felt pressure on his outer thigh. Nova had laid her head on his hip. He ran his claws through her hair. "I'm not mad, if you think I am. I'm hear you say that. You're the best thing that's happened to me since my Tamer. I just hate myself for getting you hurt. You mean so much to me and there are times I haven't been able to protect you."
"You can't protect me from everything. Just be there to catch me when I fall, is all I ask."
"I'll always be there for you, Nova. I promise."
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