An Unanticipated Desire

Chapter 9

Several days had passed and there was still no word on how long the results would take to come in. The doctor assigned to Nova had come in several times through out the days to check on her condition but had no other information to give than what his diagnosis was at that very moment, which he was somewhat unsure of the damage to her chest.
Nova was becoming more restless, even having nightmares triggered by her pain medication and fear of being in the hospital.
Blaze was equally restless, memories of being in a hospital room with his dying Tamer plagued his mind and kept him in a sullen mood.
Yuri was the only one who was not affected by the atmosphere of the hospital, having no traumatizing events to bother him. He did his best to keep the pair calm and in high spirits.
"It's not all that bad, you two."
Both Blaze and Nova shot Yuri a glare.
He put his hands up defensively. "Ookay! But in all seriousness. Nothing bad is happening, no one's dying."
"Yuri is right on that, Blaze." Nova said quietly.
"I know, I know." He sighed.
Yuri got to his feet. "I'm gonna go get some grub, be back in a few."
"Bring me somethin'!" Blaze called after his friend as he went out the door.
Nova started toying with his tall ears, giggling.
He wrinkled his nose, clearly not amused.
"You're so cute!"
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
He folded his arms across his small chest indignantly, sticking his tongue out at her.
She leaned closer and kissed his small black nose.
He blushed fiercely and covered his nose. "Damn it, Nova!"
She tilted her head in a cute manner, smiling innocently. "What?"
"You're mean."
She stuck her bottom lip out. "Am not."
He wagged a finger at her. "That don't work on me, darlin'."
She blinked in confusion. "I think you've been listening to Yuri, too much." She laughed.
Now it was Blaze's turn to look confused. "What? What did I say? I didn't say anything pervy!"
She laughed again. "No, you called me 'darlin'' just like he does."
"Oh. I didn't even notice, just kinda slipped out."
Nova blushed lightly. "It sounded nice, coming from you."
"Uh," He scratched at his ear distractedly. "Well."
Nova pulled him to her, giving him a gentle hug. "Thank you for being here with me, Blaze. I know you really don't want to, and could have left already."
"I ain't gonna leave you here by yourself, Nova. I swear I won't be like that again..."
"Please don't beat yourself up over what happened with your Tamer. I don't know the story behind it, but I don't think he would want you to do that."
"I left him when he needed me the most. He was dying in the hospital and I just...left him. When I finally got the nerve to come back, it was too late, he had already died."
"That's terrible..."
Blaze looked up at Nova to see tears sliding down her cheeks. He looked away shamefully. "I'm a terrible friend. That's why I worry about being yours, that I'll do something equally as terrible to you."
"Is that part of the reason why you don't love me?"
Blaze jerked his head up to stare into Nova's eyes. "Wh-what?! I..."
"Is it something else, then? You treat me so well and you've been so kind to me. I don't it just me?"
"It isn't anything to do with you!" Blaze said reassuringly. "It's just me, I just feel I'll start treating you badly like I did with Rena if I...say anything."
Her eyes lit up. "But does that do love me?"
"" He barely had time to make a noise of protest before Nova planted a kiss on his mouth, holding his face in her hands.
Completely taken aback, he struggled to pull away from her.
She kept him firmly in place, stroking his cheeks with her thumbs in an attempt to calm him.
Realizing she was not going to let him go, he let his arms fall to his sides and slowly closed his eyes.
Nova pulled back a few moments later, taking a deep breath.
Blaze opened his eyes.
"I know how you pull away from any physical attention, so I held on to you. I'm sorry if you were hurt or anything."
"No, no. Thank you."
"'Thank you'? For what?"
"Making me get past my fear and actually enjoy it."
Nova smiled. "You're welcome."
They looked up, started when they heard a whistle. Yuri was standing in the doorway, a large grin on his face.
"My my. I leave for five minutes and you two are making-out."
"We were not!" Blaze snapped.
"Sure sure. Here ya go." He handed Blaze a sandwich.
"Where's my food?" Nova asked teasingly.
"You're not allowed anything but what they give you."
Nova sighed huffily. "I know. Just tired of eating Jello."
Blaze patted her hand. "Don't worry. I'll take you out to eat when we get out of here."
"Really? Like, fast-food?"
"Nah. Like a restaurant."
Nova giggled giddily. "That sounds great!"
Yuri snickered. "Seriously?"
Blaze shot him a glare. "Yes."
"You know how you're gonna get in? People don't exactly let in Digimon."
Blaze snorted. "They'll let me in, sure enough."
"Yeah, and get you arrested."
"Bah, I don't care."
"Yuri?" Nova asked in her sweetest voice.
Yuri cocked an eyebrow, already knowing what the voice meant. "What do you want?"
"Could you get me something from the cafeteria? Pretty please?"
"Depends what you want."
"Some soup would be nice."
"Hm. I guess I could get some for you. Anything in particular?"
"Just nothing spicy or with noodles."
"Gotcha. Be back in a few, behave yourself you two."
Blaze looked up at Nova once Yuri had left. "You really shouldn't be eating anything the nurses don't bring."
"I knoooow. But I had a craving for soup."
"Well don't look at me when the nurse gets mad."
"I won't. Hey Blaze?"
"I know you're cute and all like you are...but are you going to change to that other form anytime soon?"
"I guess I could. Just been trying to get my strength back and prevent anymore freak-outs from those nurses."
"Oh, okay."
Blaze hopped off the bed and stretched his arms above his head. He closed his eyes and focused his energy.
Nova gasped as he was engulfed in a white light.
It morphed and grew over the next several seconds. When it dissipated, Blaze was in his Mega form.
He turned around, a half-smile on his face. "Better?"
"That's so cool!" Nova whispered.
Blaze chuckled and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I guess it is."
"So how did you have wings before?"
"That was a special ability of mine, it uses a lot of energy to maintain that form."
"It was beautiful."
Blaze rubbed the back of his neck. "Eh..? I don't think I'd describe it like that."
She slipped her arms about his arm, hugging it to her chest. "Well I just did."
He ruffled her hair affectionately. "You're strange."
"But you still love me."
"Yes, I do."
She sighed happily, squeezing his arm. "It's nice to hear you say that."
"I did want to tell you when you admitted you loved me I said before, I was afraid of what would happen."
"Well we'll just take it as it comes, then."
"These bandages itch."
"Just means your wounds are trying to heal."
"But I don't like them."
"Gotta keep 'em on."
Blaze stroked her hair. "You'll start bleeding again if they're kept off and your wounds aren't healed. They were deeper than we thought."
Nova shuddered. "I know..."
"Why didn't you leave when I told you to, Nova? Why did you stay?"
"I just...I was so worried. I couldn't leave."
"You're too persistent for your own good, sometimes."
"I helped a little, though. I distracted that giant dog from crushing you to death."
"That you did."
"I'm sorry for having been trouble, though. Letting that thing catch me."
"There wasn't anything you could have really done about that, Nova. You were just lucky he didn't freeze you, too."
"I'd rather he had..." she whispered, touching the wounds on her neck.
Blaze sighed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."
"I know, Blaze."
Yuri opened the door, a brunette-haired nurse trailing behind him. "Sorry Nova, no go on the soup. Got caught."
"The smooth-talking Yuri got caught by a lady nurse and was unable to talk himself out of it? She must be a toughie." Blaze said teasingly.
"Oh, shut up."
Blaze could tell that the nurse was trying her best to keep calm when she saw him. "Somethin' the matter?" he asked with a cheeky grin.
She took a breath before speaking, "I've come to check on Ms. Nakima."
Nova blinked in confusion. "Nakima?"
"Your last name, sweetheart." Yuri explained.
"Oh, yes. I forgot I had one."
Blaze gave her a sympathetic look.
Yuri sat down in the chair near the bed. "Do you remember your first name?"
"Uhm...I think it was...something with an 'S'."
Yuri nodded. "Sandra."
"Oh! Really?"
"How can you not remember what your name is?"
"I haven't heard anyone call me by that name in a long time. Nova was the name all the other women used with me. We all were given a nickname."
The nurse went over to the IV pole and checked the bag, which was flattened. "Okay, you're going to need a new bag," She scribbled on her clipboard. "How are you feeling?"
"A bit sore. And hungry. And these bandages itch. When are they coming off?"
"I'll have another nurse come and have them changed. I'll also get you some food," She handed Nova a card and a pencil. "Here's what you can pick from with the diet you've been given. Give it to the nurse when she comes in and I'll get your food ready when she turns it in."
"Okay, thank you."
The nurse hurriedly left the room.
"Hah, I think you had her spooked, Blaze." Yuri said with a chuckle when the door closed.
Blaze shrugged. "Ah, can't help it." He leaned over to look at the paper in Nova's hand.
"At least they've given me a couple more things to eat this time. Must mean I'm getting better."
"I would hope so."
She chewed on the end of the pencil for a moment before circling two items. "I guess that'll do." She set the card and pencil down on the small plastic table on the other side of the bed.
"Hey, you haven't even touched your food, Blaze." Yuri commented, seeing the sandwich sitting on the bed.
"I forgot. I'll eat it when Nova gets her food."
"Well, I ain't waiting." Yuri tore the plastic wrap off his sandwich and took a bite.
"You sure are an asshole."
Yuri laughed then coughed, having nearly choked on his food. "Damn it, Blaze! You nearly killed me!"
Blaze shook his head. "Karma."
Nova giggled. "You okay, Yuri?"
"Least someone cares. Yes, Nova. I'm okay."
"Good. I don't mind if you eat before I do. I don't know how long it will be."
Yuri nodded approvingly and took another bite of his sandwich.
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