The Life and Death of a Psychic Waitress

Chapter 13

Just as quickly, everything was white. Then slowly, like a dimmer switch on a light, a forest came into view. In front of me, there was a lake with a boat dock. The lake was crystal clear, the same way I remembered it.

Bobby used to bring me here when I was younger, after my mom died but before I started hunting. He’d sit with me for hours and we’d talk about stupid things or we’d just look at the water, waiting to catch a fish.

I looked around frantically, looking for Bobby. But I stopped, seeing a man in the forest that wasn’t Bobby.

He walked down the dirt path towards the little dock and me. He looked to be about forty; a little gray brushing into his brown hair and beard, a little bit of wrinkling starting in his hands, working their way up his skin. He had a crinkle around his eyes that reminded me of Bobby. His clothes were plain, jeans and a white button up.

“Hello Scarlett.” He said with a smile.

“Where am I? Where’s Sam and Dean? Where’s Benny?” I asked, backing away from him a little.

He smiled kindly and his aura was pure white. I was confused, looking at him. “Scarlett, this is Heaven.”

I looked around, still confused. “I thought Heaven was meadows and birds and clouds.”

He smiled at me. “This is your own personal Heaven.”

As he said these words, I remembered the warehouse; Benny screaming my name and the boys trying to just stand up straight. I looked down at my finger, seeing the silver and diamond studded engagement ring I’d gotten before we even went into the building. I looked up at the mystery man. “I died?”

He nodded sadly. “I’m afraid so.”

“Who are you then?” I asked.

He smiled at me. “I’m God.”

“No offense,” I told him. “But I thought you looked like the pictures.”

He smiled still. “I placed that image in the mind of humanity so I could walk about Earth and not be noticed for my true form.”

I nodded. “Why are you talking to me then?”

He smiled at me brightly. “Did you know your plan was what foiled Crowley?”

More confusion on my part. “I didn’t know he was foiled.”

God nodded. “He didn’t know the clause I posed upon Purgatory.”

“What was that?” I asked, glancing over at the clear blue water.

“The last seal was to kill the psychic daughter of a sinner with the True Cross, the one my son was crucified on.” He told me.

I nodded. “I’m aware.”

“But Crowley didn’t know the whole prophesy. When someone sacrifices themselves in the name of love, they’re washed in the blood, metaphorically speaking of course.” He told me. “If he had killed you in anger or spite, Purgatory would have flooded out onto Earth.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand.” I told him.

He smiled still. “You allowed yourself to be killed, so that you could save your own love; Benjamin. Because of your sacrifice, the door to Purgatory was shut forever.”

I blinked. “I closed the door.”

He smiled. “And glued it shut.”

A slow smile spread on my face. “I can’t believe it. I saved Benny. And Sam and Dean.”

God nodded. “Yes, you did. And the Earth of course.”

I smiled, looking out at the lake. This was a good Heaven.

“Scarlett?” He asked, his voice soft as silk.

“Yes sir?” I asked, looking back over at him.

“I want to give you a choice. If you’d like, you can stay here and fish your heart’s desire.” He said, and I looked out over the lake and the forest beyond. “Or you can return to Earth and be with your love.”

I looked at him, just taking in his features. “I thought you didn’t send people back?”

He smiled. “You saved the world and not in a metaphorical sense. I won’t make you one way or another. I enjoy seeing you with free will.” He told me, setting his hand on my cheek.

“Would… would it be alright if I go back? I mean, Benny’s been so good to me. Better than anyone, even though he is a vampire. And Sam and Dean would be lost without me, honestly. They’re big lugs. And I miss Cas. His true face scared me a little at first, but…” I rambled, but trailed off when God’s thumb ran across my cheek; the same way Benny’s had when he wanted me to stop rambling.

“It’s your choice, my child.” He said softly.

“I’d like to go back, please.” I told him.

He smiled at me. “When you return to Earth, I’ll send Castiel for you. He’ll take you to the Winchesters and Mr. LaFitte.” He said. “Oh, and Scarlett?”

“Yes sir?” I asked, looking at him.

He laughed and it sounded like bird song. “Remember to love everyone as deeply as you love Benjamin.” He said and when he touched my arm, I stood on the side of the road.

The sign said US Highway 3, but I didn’t know where that was. A second later, Cas stood next to me, looking confused when he saw me.

“Scarlett. I was informed you were dead.” He told me.

I smiled at him, taking his arm. “I was, Cas. God sent me back.”

Castiel smiled for the first time since I’d known. “You met him?”

I nodded. “I did. He’s very kind.”

Castiel looked like a four year old in a candy shop. “Will you tell me of him?”

“On the way to see the boys.” I said with a smile.

We blinked off US Highway 3. And when we blinked back into the world and I’d told him all about God, we stood in front of an old wood cabin that used to belong to Rufus before he died and Bobby, before he died too.

I was about to head towards the cabin when the door was thrown open. Benny stood in the door frame, Sam and Dean peeking out behind him.

“Scarlett?” Benny asked, looking paler than I remembered him.

“God sent her back from the dead.” Castiel informed the three as they slowly made their way down the steps.

“If you’re a demon, best show yourself now and spare yourself the harm.” Benny told me and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Give me the holy water and I’ll do it myself.” I told him.

Dean threw a bit of holy water on me from behind Benny’s shoulder. “Boys. I missed you too.” I said, wiping the water off my face.

Benny rushed forward and picked me up, hugging me tightly as he spun me around in a circle. “It’s been nearly two months, darlin’. I ‘bout gave up hope.” He said, setting me down and kissing me passionately.

Sam and Dean hugged me when he let me go.

“Did God really send you back?” Sam asked.

I nodded. “He was very kind.”

Benny looked down at my left hand and I held it out to him, so he could see the brand new ring easier.

“Darlin’, as I live and breathe.” Benny said with the biggest smile.

“Whoa. Whoa, wait. You proposed at the warehouse?” Dean asked, looking at Benny like he was an idiot.

Benny shrugged. “Seemed appropriate.”

“Benny.” Dean groaned.

Benny picked me up suddenly, bridal style and hugged me tightly. “Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’.” He said with a smile.

“Now you can cook me some of that famous gumbo.” I told him.

“Oh sugah.” He said, kissing my cheek and making me giggle.
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