The Life and Death of a Psychic Waitress

Chapter 14

“Benjamin!” I yelled from the storeroom at the back of the restaurant.

“Yeah darlin’?” He asked, sticking his head out from the kitchen.

“Did you order the alligator like I asked you to?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

“He forgot, love.” Bernie, our day cook, said, popping his head in on the other side of the door frame.

Benny scratched the back of his neck and I had to ignore the way his black apron hung perfectly from his strong shoulders. “I forgot, sugah.”

“Benny.” I groaned, walking over to him and putting my hands on each side of his face. “Keep this up and I’m gonna have to fire you.”

Benny smiled down at me. “Darlin’, ya can do anythin’ ya like to me, as long as ya order the alligator.”

I groaned. “You’re hopeless. Completely hopeless.” I said, looking back at my clipboard. “Do we need anything else from the market, Bernie?”

“Nah, sweet cheeks, as long as ya ‘membered the okra.” He told me.

“Okra. See, I knew I was forgetting something.” I said, marking it on my list.

“Now, Bernie. I know you ain’t hittin’ on my wife while I stand here.” Benny said, turning around.

“Benny, you don’t scare him. Let the man go back to getting ready.” I told him, still gazing at the clipboard to make sure I didn’t miss anything else.

“He would be, if ya stopped standin’ up for ‘im.” Benny said. His accent got thicker when we’d moved down south, away from Colorado and South Dakota. I had picked up a little twang that Sam and Dean still laughed at me for, but the locals thought my accent was funny.

I smiled up at him. “Oh, my handsome Cajun cook. Did I hurt your big, bad, monster feelings?” I asked him quietly.

“Yeah, ya did.” He said, looking flustered.

I smiled, leaning up to kiss him. “Well guess what you’ve got that he doesn’t?”

“S’ that?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Me.” I told him, kissing him again before walking out of the storeroom, but I stopped about the time I reached the pie rack. “Hey baby?” I called back.

He looked at me again and I didn’t care if we’d been married almost a year, I’d never stop staring at him. “Yeah, sugah?”

“Ya think ya could make me up some red beans and dirty rice?” I asked.

“Dirty rice, eh?” He asked, eyeing me carefully.

“You know how I like it, baby.” I said, winking at him before going into my office to get ready to open.

I set the clipboard down on my desk with the order form strapped to it. I looked out at the dining room of the old wood building. Benny and I decided moving down south would be good for us together. We’d opened the Creole Café almost six months ago.

Business had been good, slow at first, but once people knew we were here, they flocked to us. Benny wanted to go full Cajun with it. I told him I wanted it to have some kind of class. So we compromised. The building was old, with a rustic look and he got to cook his Cajun food the way his mami made it for him years ago; his famous gumbo being the best seller.

And I got to decorate however I felt fit. There were only a handful of decorations that never moved around.

Apparently, when you get married in the south, if you don’t ‘jump the broom,’ you’ll get many funny looks at the wedding. I hadn’t cared either way, but the broom Benny and I jumped hung above the door, for good luck.

A picture of us on our wedding day hung next to it. Benny was gorgeous, in his black slacks and black suspenders over a white shirt. My dress had been so beautiful. Benny went above and beyond the call of duty to buy it for me. It was white, with blue beaded flowers trailing from the corset down to the hem.

I had told him I didn’t want anything big or fancy, just Sam and Dean. But we’d been in town for almost five months when we’d gotten married. So when Dean walked me down the aisle, I was expecting to see Benny and Sam at the end of the aisle, in front of the pews.

But darn near half the town stood up and I couldn’t help but smile as I looked over at Dean.

“He wanted it to be a surprise.” Dean told me quietly with a smile.

“He did this whole thing under my nose?” I asked.

“He had good intentions.” Dean said, quick to defend my soon-to-be husband.

I smiled at the memory. Benny had asked Dean to be his best man. I was fine without a bride’s maid, but Sam smiled and said he’d be honored if I’d let him.

Another picture hung above the computer in my office; showing Benny and I, then Sam next to me and Dean next to Benny, both in their FBI suits.

I logged onto my computer and pulled up the online order form for the closest farmer’s market. I tapped at the keyboard until Benny asked if I was ready for the day, as there was a line outside.

I smiled and told him I’d be ready in a minute and grabbed everything I’d need to have in my apron. Benny was the night cook, after Bernie got off work. But if we got busy, he’d jump on the grill or wait. He was easily the most universal man I’d ever known.

A four top sat down and I went over with a smile. “Hey. How are you guys doin’? Can I get ya somethin’ to drink?” I asked, pulling out my order book.

I took their order for two cokes, a lemonade, and one sweet tea back behind the counter and started filling glasses. When the bell dinged, I smiled, seeing who just came through the front door. “Sam and Dean, as I live and breathe.”

Dean grinned at me and I couldn’t help but smile wide.

“You boys sit down and I’ll be right back with a piece of pie for ya.” I told them, picking up the tray that the drinks were on.

After I deposited the drinks, I slid a slice of pecan onto a plate and a slice of blueberry onto another. I set the pecan in front of Dean and the blueberry in front of Sam before I headed back to the kitchen.

I set my hand on Benny’s hip as he worked away at the grill next to Bernie. “Hey baby?”

“Yeah sugah?” He asked, not looking up from the chicken he was grilling.

“Sam and Dean are out front.” I told him.

He paused his actions. “Bernie, take over this grill.” He called, before turning to me and kissing me before heading out front.

I trailed behind with a smile, coming to stand in front of the breakfast bar the boys sat at.

“How are ya man?” Sam asked my husband with a smile.

“You keeping that hell cat of a cousin of mine out of trouble?” Dean asked with a smile, despite the fact I stood right next to Benny.

“Oh. I missed you too.” I told him sarcastically.

“As much out of trouble as she can get.” Benny smiled at Dean.

“What brings you boys to our part of the country?” I asked.

Dean and Sam smiled around a bite of pie. “We need help on a job. Wondered if you were free?” Dean asked me before glancing over at Benny.

He sighed, looking put out. “Darlin’ ya know I don’t like ya wanderin’ ‘round without me.” Benny said.

“But the guys got my back. And I won’t do anything reckless.” I said, making my husband laugh.

“Oh darlin’. You can be reckless walkin’ out the door.” Benny said, his finger under my chin.

I didn’t know what to say, I just looked at him.

“Will ya be back by Thursday?” Benny asked, looking over at my cousins.

Dean shrugged, glancing at Sammy. “Sure, yeah.”

“What’s on Thursday?” Sam asked.

“Our one year anniversary.” I said with a smile.

Benny smiled, like he was proud that I remembered. “Indeed it is, darlin’. And I got somethin’ special planned. But ya best get back by noon Thursday or it’ll wait til next year.”

“Noon Thursday for the anniversary.” Dean said, like he was taking a mental note.

“You want us to drive you to the house to get stuff?” Sam asked kindly.

“Nah. I’ll just grab some stuff out of the office and we can head.” I told him, turning and moving through to the office. “Dani, can you grab table ten? I took their drink orders, but I have a family thing, so I gotta get.” I told the short, petite blond.

“Sure thang.” She said brightly and off she went to take orders.

I grabbed my duffle bag and set it on the desk, making sure I had everything; four days’ worth of clothes, my skirt and shirt that never wrinkled in case they made me be FBI, and more salt and iron than any normal person had. I grabbed my pistol out of the desk, making sure it was loaded before putting it in the back waistband of my jeans.

Benny’s eyebrows pinched together when I came out with the duffle and took off my apron. “Ya hell cat. Ya had that stashed.”

I gave an apologetic smile. “You don’t exactly let me hunt often.”

“You best come back.” Benny said, crossing his arms over his strong chest and leaning against the counter. “If ya don’t, ya can bet yer ass I’ll be right behind ya.”

“Hey now. Once. I don’t come back once and I never heard the end of it.” I told him.

“You left?” Sam asked, with a smile and raised eyebrows.

“He was being a jackass, so I kind of disappeared for a week.” I said with a shrug.

“Found her in a motel half way across Alabama under the name Vivian Leigh.” Benny said, still no trace of humor on his face to the boys. “And I wan’t bein’ a jackass. Ya were pickin’ a fight.” He said, directing his comment at me.

I glared at him. “You told me hunting wasn’t an important part of my life anymore.”

Dean sucked a breath in through his teeth, making it sound like a hiss. “Bad move, brother.”

Benny rolled his eyes. “Can we forget it?”

“I will if you will.” I said with a smile as I rose up on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek.

At the last second, he grabbed my face and pulled me so that he could kiss my lips. I leaned into him for a second before he let me go.

“If ya ain’t here at noon on Thursday and I ain’t got a call, I’m comin’.” Benny told me firmly.

“Noon on Thursday or the big bad wolf’s coming. Check.” I said, kissing him again before picking up my duffle and walking around the corner.

Dean and Sam waved to Benny before following me out to the impala.

“You just let your wife go off with two strange guys? Sounds kinda weird to me.” Bernie told Benny, who leaned forward on the counter.

“Get back to work Bernie. ‘Cause my weird wife ain’t here to stop me from firin’ your ass.” Benny told Bernie, putting on an apron.
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