As I Wake


Fuck, I was late. I was really late. I was ‘Why bother go to class,’ late.

Last night’s nightmare kept me up all night. It was a sick, twisted mutation of James, Caesar and a sea foam eyed monster. The creature had tentacles for arms and Caesar’s body with pupil-less eyes. James’ head perched on the hideous body, demanding me to burn to pay for my sins. Overall, last night was full of unwanted excitement.

I dashed through the halls searching for 2-B. Infuriated Kakashi’s tardiness was rubbing off on me. Ugh! Curse you Kakashi! It’s my first day! I can’t screw this up already.

I skidded to a halt when arriving in front of the classroom’s door.

What was I doing in front of a classroom without my teeth brushed and my hair out of whack? Well, I was following the Hokage’s orders.

The day Team Seven and I returned to the village…

… We were immediately summoned to the Hokage’s office.

“Now, explain to me again what happened, Kakashi,” the Third Hokage demanded.

Kakashi’s demeanor was cool as ever, even though we all knew we were in big trouble. “We were at the front northern gates talking with Kotetsu and Izumo when an injured shinobi from another village collapsed at our feet.”

“Alright, go on,” the Third ordered.

“The wounded shinobi warned us of danger outside of the village, so we immediately investigated.”

“And?” the Hokage asked. “What did you do with Quorra?” He rose a brow, knowing he will not like the answer.

I stared down at my feet, ashamed. I was allowed to stay in the village under a few circumstances. One being that I must stay in the village, under observation.

Unhesitant, Kakashi explained the journey to the Hokage. About the massacre in front of the distant village, James’ mannerism, Caesar’s sneer. He explained how we were welcomed for the night but it was a trap. Team Seven was captured and chained in a dungeon to be sacrificed to a God who believed to put all shinobi lives to rest.

Kakashi explained my role in a glorified manner. Overemphasizing how I was the savior, me alone. He hardly mentioned his role, how he was all the muscle.

I didn’t understand why he was praising my abilities to the Hokage. He was the true hero. Without him, I didn’t even want to think what could have happened to me.

He told the Hokage that Caesar’s axe, which was currently leaning against the door frame, wrapped in several layers of cloth, was a gift from the village. But failed to mention that it burned me, which only does that to high level chakra wielders, to shinobi. My hands were bandaged at my sides, hidden from view.

He also failed to mention my frightening experience with fire. How I breathed fire to ignited, murdered, and burned James. That was a huge secret he was keeping. That sort of information was to be reported to the Hokage right away, but instead he grazed over it.

Kakashi explained how my training with Team Seven had really paid off and I was developing wonderfully. Sure, I improved with Team Seven by my side but being portrayed as this big hero didn’t sound plausible.

“Quorra came with us. It was an emergency. But, without her, who knows what could have happened,” Kakashi concluded.

Hokage-sama’s brows furrowed as his face twisted with anger. “Kakashi, you have disobeyed me. You knew she was not allowed to leave the village. When I said under no circumstances, I meant it.”

His voice was steady, but it was easy to tell that he was not happy, not happy at all. “I know how lenient you have been with her. Did you think I wouldn’t have eyes and ears around the village? I know how you have been letting her venture out on her own when you’re supposed to be keeping a close eye on her. I don’t know what has been going on with you, Kakashi.”

I winced. It still hurt hearing all the accusations made of me, even though they were true. It was my fault, not Kakashi’s. He was just giving me some independence. Now, he was getting in trouble because of me. I would never want that.

“I’m sorry!” I yelled, too loudly, bowing profusely. “I’m sorry, sir! Sir- sama! Hokage- sama, sir.” I wasn’t helping myself, babbling like an idiot.

“Please don’t blame Kakashi. Um, Kakashi-sensei. Sir, Hokage-sama,” I pleaded.

“Yeah!” Naruto intervened. “Cool it, Old Man! Quorra was the one who saved the day.”

Sakura chipped in. “Yeah, Quorra saved us. She stopped the crazed men when we were captured.”

“Quorra is a hero. She saved the village. Believe it!”

“Cool it, you two,” Sasuke hissed. “It doesn’t matter. She still broke her regulations. She wasn’t supposed to leave the village, but she did it anyway.”

Ashamed doesn’t covered how I felt. Yes, it was an emergency but that didn’t mean that I had to follow Kakashi. I could have stayed with Kotetsu and Izumo until they returned. I should have. Even if that was against regulation too, leaving Kakashi’s side, but that was better than leaving the whole village! I was walking on eggshells as it was. I was only allowed to stay to be continually studied and I ruined it.

How could I have been so stupid?

“Yeah, but…” Naruto contradicted.

“I’ll leave the village,” I spoke to the leader of the village.

“What? No, Quorra!” Naruto exclaimed.

“He’s right, Quorra. You can’t leave,” Sakura pleaded. “Where would you go? It’s not safe out there on your own.”

I held my ground. Speaking to the Third, “You allowed me to stay in the village without you or myself knowing who I was or where I came from. You allowed me to stay but I lost your trust. It is my fault and will pay the consequences.”

I didn’t know where to go but here wasn’t an option anymore. The Hokage wouldn’t allow someone who didn’t follow orders to stay, let alone someone he didn’t trust. I could always go back to the village, with Violet. I wasn’t sure of I wanted that, but there aren’t any other choices.

“I’m sorry. I’ll leave the village,” I finished.

The Third Hokage stared at me for a long time. The tension was so high in the room, that you could smell it. Everyone was silent, waiting in apprehension.

His tensed brows began to loosen and a smile crept onto his lips. “Quorra, my child, you protected the village and their shinobi and put the village over yourself. What kind of person would I be if I made you leave?” His eyes were full of passion. He wasn’t making this up.

“Wait! So, she can stay?” Naruto was too excited to contain himself.

“That’s what I’m saying.” The Third smiled.

“Wahoo!” Naruto yelled, jumping on me. I was being suffocated by the hyperactive ninja and I didn’t care. All that mattered was that I was allowed to stay.

“Of course. That is, if you want to stay, Quorra. I think the village needs someone like you,” the Third said.

Without hesitation, “It would be an honor to stay, Hokage-sama.” I finished with a bow.

Sakura was clapping with glee, happy that her shopping buddy was allowed to stay. Sasuke remained quiet, but I knew him, the Dissimulate was glad. Kakashi smirked from under his mask. I was happy to stay with this wacky group.

The Third intervened the celebration. “But in order to continue protecting the village, you need to be properly trained and educated. Starting next week, I want you to start attending the Academy. You will be placed at a higher level because of the knowledge and skills you already obtained.”

Shocked, it took a minute to register what he meant. “Wait. You want me to become a shinobi?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes, Quorra. I meant it when I said the village could use you.”

Naruto, Sakura and I all leapt with glee.

I was becoming a shinobi?!

Soon after that, all my citizenship papers were handled. Since I was still a minor, Kakashi offered to be my legal guardian until I was old enough. And just like that, I was officially a citizen of Konoha. I couldn’t have been happier…

…After all the huffing and puffing and racing to class, the emotions finally caught up to me. I was excited but also nervous. What if Sensei hates me? What if I wasn’t good enough? Now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that. I was late as it was.

I opened the door as the sensei was yelling at a student. “Pay attention! Maybe if you spent more time studying instead of goofing off and sleeping in class, you would actually know a thing or two!” he screamed, throwing a chalkboard eraser at the poor student’s face.

Sadly, he didn’t stop there. “All of you are worthless, WORTHLESS!”

I could see the foam and spit fly out of his mouth onto the student’s face from here. He was like a fire hose or something, not like it was extinguishing the student.

I froze at the door, not knowing what to do. A few students now noticed me and stared with puzzlement. This guy is going to murder me for being so late.

No longer able to take this uncomfortable situation, I cleared my throat, hoping that would be enough to get his attention. Unfortunately, Sensei was so engulfed in ripping this poor student a new asshole, that he hadn’t noticed me.

“You, all of you,” pointing violently to everyone, “need to stop being hogs in the mud and start DOING SOMETHING!”

Sensei walked to his desk and caressed a potted plant. It had some kind of ribbon on it. “Do you think I won first place for being WORTHLESS?! NO! I worked hard every day; watering it, giving it enough sunlight, telling her she is perfect in every way.” He petted the pot as if it had actual feelings; distracted from tearing students into pieces as he whispered sweet nothings to the plant.

Fuck me. I sighed. “Um. Excuse me, sensei.”

His ears perked up as I finally caught his attention. His eyes tore away from his precious houseplant. “What?! What do you-?”

As his eyes laid on mine, he stopped in his tracks. His round black eyes dug into me, staring me up and down, like I was some kind of science exhibit. I shuffled in my spot uncomfortably.

He smiled devilishly. “Yes. What can I help you with?”

I nervously dragged my feet to hand him the Hokage’s letter. In it explained my situation and why I was stupid enough to walk into class. As he read, students started to snicker, making me even more uncomfortable.

Remind me what I am doing here? I questioned to myself.

“Ah! I see! Well class, it seems we have a new student. Welcome Quorra! Take a seat!”

This guy is bipolar.

Thankful my asshole was still intact, I bowed and searched the room for an empty seat. Most of the seats were filled with annoyed students. In the back row, there was an empty spot and I dragged my sorry ass to my now official seat.

The student next to me was a girl with long, bright red hair pulled up into a pony tail. Her hair had blunt bangs with a few strands of hair that hung around her ears. She obviously did not care for this class as her feet were crossed on her desk. She leaned back in her chair with her hands behind her head, snoring. Yes, the girl was blatantly sleeping in class.

Everyone in class was snickering even more. It felt as if I was unaware that toilet paper was stuck to my shoe and was being everyone’s laugh for the day. I shrunk into my seat.

Sensei cleared his throat. “Okay, you worthless children, for our new student,” he paused smiling at me. “I will reintroduce myself. I am Shiri-Sensei and we are all going to have a great year.”

Geez, he can’t be more sarcastic if he wanted to.

His loud mocking tone, yet not his psycho-ness from moments before, caused the sleeping girl to grumble and awaken.

Now the students were really snickering. I heard words like ‘shit’ and ‘she’s screwed’ and even ‘I can’t wait to see what she does to her’.

Her? Are they talking about me? What’s going to happen to me?

My question was answered as the girl, fully awake now, slammed her, once elevated, feet onto the floor.

Her light brown eyes glared at me as if I was the world’s biggest crime leader. It was creeping me out. I thought Shiri-Sensei was frightening, but this girl looked like she wanted to tear me into pieces and then bury me deep underground.

Everyone in the room quieted quickly, as if worried they would be slashed at. Or, because they wanted to see what shit show was about to happen.

For several moments, the girl continued to scowl at me with hatred in her eyes. Shiri-Sensei went on with the lesson, oblivious that everyone was focusing of this wild girl next to me.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I look away and ignore her? That would make me look like a coward. But, should I be starring back, face-to-face? Prove that I wasn’t afraid of her even if the students thought otherwise. Either way, this girl was a ticking time bomb.

The girl began to growl. She was actually growling! Like a wild animal. Like I was meat. I am dead meat. I think?

Before she could lash her claws at me, the bell rang. Class was already over.

As if the bell sprung everyone out of their trance, the students forgot all about the predicament and gathered their belongings. Soon enough, most of the students were out of the classroom, moving on to better things.

I was about to leave my row when the girl walked behind me and kicked the leg of the chair with such force, it went soaring from underneath me. My ass hit the hard ground with a heavy thud. My bag and papers scattered around me. I sat with bewildered shock. I was the kid who lost their parents in the store. Not realizing when it happened but when I finally do, it hits me full force.

The girl flipped her long, fire red hair over her shoulders. “Cunt,” she said with her nose stuck up in the air and marched out of the room. She left as I sat like a lost child on the floor, wrapping my mind around how it and what to make of it.

Hopeless in a sea of papers, a girl walked up to me. “Need a hand?”

Cautiously, I took her hand and stood on my feet. “Man, what’s her problem? Did I steal someone’s seat or something?” I asked, rubbing my tailbone.

She shook her head. “That’s Leda. Don’t take it personally. She’s like that with everyone. She’s probably just pissed that she doesn’t have the row to herself anymore.”

“Geez, what an overwhelming welcome gift.” I groaned.

She giggled. “Well, welcome. My name is Mae.” She held out her hand this time to shake.

I shook. “I’m Quorra.”

Mae smiled brightly. “I thought your name would be Dot or something.”

“Dot? Why would you think that?” I asked, not seeing the connection.

“Because your eyes look like the gemstone peridot. They’re so light green!” she gawked.

“That’s my birthstone, you know.” She pointed to her necklace with the small gem on it. The yellow-green gem glimmered.

Mae’s eyes were beautiful. They were a Caribbean blue. The color of the depths of the ocean. Her dark brown hair made her blue eyes pop that much more. I didn’t understand why she was gawking at my eye color when what she had was much more beautiful.

I beamed. “Come on, Sapphire. Let’s get out of here before Sensei decides to teach another lesson.”

Her eyes shined from her new nickname. We gathered our stuff and left.

Mae and I stood outside the Academy. We were joking around, impersonating Leda.

“I’m big, mean Leda. Hear me roar!” I joked, pantomiming Leda. “I will crush you. Grrr.”

Mae played along. “That’s perfect! That’s exactly her.”

We laughed and acted together.

“We are so childish.” I joked and we laughed even harder.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kiba leaning against the distant wall of the Academy. He offered to pick me up today since it was my first day of school. Kakashi or Team Seven would have offered, but they are currently out of the village on a mission. Something about guarding a builder who was to complete a bridge in the Land of the Mist. It sounded like a pretty boring mission.

“Well, I need to get going,” I said.

“Right. I’ll see you around sometime.” It was obvious Mae sounded disappointed.

Without hesitation, I answered, “Of course! What to have lunch together tomorrow?”

Mae perked up right away. "That sounds great!"

I waved goodbye to Mae and raced up to Kiba.

“Hey,” he said, nonchalantly. “How was your first day?”

Akamaru yipped, wanting to know as well.

Reflecting on my first day, I placed my hands behind my head as I walked. We had plans to have dinner together at Ichiraku Ramen. Today was surely eventful.

“It was good,” I began. “Let’s see, I was late for class, have a psychopath for a Sensei, got knocked down and called a cunt by a fellow student, but I made a new friend!” I said cheerfully.

“That’s good,” Kiba said. Then he skidded to a haul. “…. Wait, what?!”

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