As I Wake

And My Second Chance Begins...Now!

Are you freaking kidding me!? Black filled my vision as my eyelids were closed, again! If once wasn't enough, apparently, I had to go through this tragic experience a second time. At least it wasn't cold and I didn't hear rain. But, I refused to go through that bull crap again.

I opened my eyes and sighed with relief to see no monster storm. This time I was actually indoors in a bed. Great! Where am I this time?

I sat up in search of some clues. The walls were white with no hanging pictures. The door was to my left and the window to my right, both closed. The window was drawn closed by a flimsy white curtain. So far, nothing provided any clues.

All that was left was a nightstand and an IV bag on a metal pole. Doing a double take, my eyes opened wide. Wait, IV? Why is that in here? Looking down at my left wrist, there was an IV tube jabbed into my skin. What the? This is so frustrating! It would be nice to know for once what's going on or where I am… or what I am.

I sighed and plopped back onto the bed. My memories still haven't returned; still as blank as the ceiling above me. Why hasn't my memory returned, yet? What is wrong with me?

This room was as boring as Mystery Man's clothes. Speaking of which, where was that man? Kakashi, wasn't that his name?

As if on cue, Mystery Man, I meant Kakashi, walked in.

"I see you're finally awake. You have been asleep for the past three days," he simply stated.

I tried to reply and convey my annoyance to him, but instead of words leaving my lips, violent coughs did instead. I thought I was going to hack up a lung.

Still coughing, Kakashi kindly handed me water and I gulped it down. After a few moments of calming from my coughing episode, I mouthed the words, 'Where am I?'

"You're at a hospital in the Fire Country, in a village called Konoha."

'Ko-no-ha?' I mouthed the foreign word with each syllable.

He nodded. "Konoha," as he simultaneously revealed the world beyond the flimsy white curtain.

The view outside was unbelievable. Sun shined on the trees and buildings. Children were playing ball in the street, giggling without a worry in the world. Adults were shopping in outdoor markets that looked fun to explore. In the sky, birds were flying high, looking down on this beautiful village. Something within me had the desire to run outside like a mindless fool and explore the all-too-new scenery. But, instead, I was stuck helplessly in this hospital bed.

Kakashi broke my trance. "Has your memory returned?"

Sadly looking at him, I shook my head.

To get my mind off of the unfortunate situation, he changed the subject. "By the way, let me fully introduce myself. My name is Kakashi Hatake."

'Ka-ka-shi' I silently pronounced as a nurse walked in.

"Hello Sweetheart, I'm your nurse. I'm here to check up on you and take a veil of blood," she smiled politely.

She looked and sounded very sweet, even though her voice had a slight annoying twang. I simply nodded and watched her put the equipment together. Kakashi causally folded his arms across his chest and propped his leg against the corner wall. He stared at the nurse, interested, as if waiting for something to pop out. Why does he look like that?

"Now this might pinch a little, Sweetheart. It's best if you look away."

I didn't want to look away. I wanted to see every move she made as she drew each drop from my body.

The nurse placed the needle into my skin and began to pull the syringe, extracting my blood. My eyes opened wide as it collected into the container. My blood was black, the same color as the wound on my arm during the storm. Even if my mind was a jumbled mess, I knew what color blood should be and this was not it.

She finished taking my blood and, realizing how concerned I looked, smiled. "No worries, Sweetheart. I'll take this to the lab and have it examined. All you need to do now is relax and rest."

Yeah, relax and rest. Easier said than done and why the hell was she calling me Sweetheart? Did I look like a Sweetheart or is that what she calls all her patients. For her information my name isn't Sweetheart it's… dammit.

After the nurse left, Kakashi promised that he would check up on me later. Alone once again, I gazed out the window and sighed. The world was breath-taking. Temptation boiled inside me to jump out that window and experience the freedom. It was awful in this stuffed up white cube.

Deciding that I couldn't stand it anymore, I ripped off my IV tube and threw my legs over the side of the bed. My right foot placed down first and slowly easing my weight onto it, my other foot followed. Pushing with all my strength, I stood up and walked out the deathly room. My legs were stiff, but they seemed to be doing their job.

Finally reaching to the top floor, I opened the door to the roof and walked to the far edge to lean on the railing. The view was more amazing from out here. The sun was setting as everything darkened. The sky remained a beautiful mix of purples and pinks. As if a child was playing with watercolors, colors blended into one anyone, leaving a masterpiece.

I inhaled a deep breath as the wind picked up. The fresh smell cleared my lungs, cleansing my body of all negative energy. I felt more rejuvenated. I felt free.

My concentration broke when I heard the door slam. Kakashi stood behind me. Figures, he probably wants to reprimand me for leaving my room.

"The view is very nice from up here…" he stated as he joined me. “… but being in bed and resting would be smart."

Well that wasn't as harsh as I expected it to be. Nonetheless, I ignored his request and continued to gaze at the sunset. Going back into that room was like putting a bird in a cage, it wasn't right. A bird needed its freedom. Plus, this sunset was too beautiful to look away from.

"I figured you would ignore me," he sighed. "The doctors are still doing tests on the blood sample. All they know is that there is a high amount of oxygen, iron, and some kind of enzyme that they have yet to identify, but besides that, everything else is still a mystery. They have no idea why your blood is so dark."

I registered the information. It was no surprise that there were more questions and no answers.

He continued, "But based on your dental and physical, you are around 14 years old, 155 cm, 40kg and you can't speak because your vocal chords have been damaged. The examiners predict that your voice will return in time but no clue when. Also, the muscle work and patterns that you have only occur in people who are shinobi."

My head quickly swerved at Kakashi. The age, height, weight and even the damaged vocal chords weren't shocking me, it was this shinobi business. What the heck is that, some kind of disease?

'Shi-no-bi?' I mouthed to him, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, shinobi, a ninja," he pointed to the engraved metal plate that covered his eye.

He began to walk away. I don't question his departure as I continued to think. Since when were there ninjas? Maybe that's what Kakashi was wearing. It wasn't a lame outfit concocted by a fashionably blind man, but a ninja uniform. The metal engraving must be a symbol for this village. Does that mean there are others out there? Different symbols that represented different people, different kinds of fighters?

Moments later, my ears perked as Kakashi reappeared behind me. Reappeared not in the sense of walking back towards me, but in a re-materialized sense. One second he wasn't there, the next he was.

Kakashi instantaneously pulled something out of his vest and threw it at me. Acting on my reflexes, I nimbly caught the object. Shocked, I looked down to see a strange weapon in my hand. It was pointed on one end with a handle and cloth wrapped around on the other. I didn't even know it was coming at me. Everything happened so suddenly.

"That is a kunai knife. It's used in short and far combat," he explained.


"I don't know but this proves that you did have ninja training of some sort."

How could I be a shinobi? I don't even know how to fight. The idea of a body as weak as mine fighting was absurd. There's no way. There has to be an explanation to all of this.

"Since you are completely recovered, tomorrow I would like to test you to see your level of skills. After, we can meet with the Hokage to report your situation. He will be the one who decides where you will be staying."

'Hokage?' These new words were giving me a headache.

"A Hokage is a very powerful ninja who is also the leader of this village."

All I do was shake my head. This wasn't right. Hokage? Shinobi? What was all of this? I didn't belong here! How could he say I had a possibility of staying here? The Hokage wouldn't allow this. I was a stranger, an outsider.

'Out-sid-er'. It was so frustrating not being able to speak.

He grabbed my shoulders and stared intently into the eyes. "You are going to meet the Hokage tomorrow. You need to be placed in a safe environment." His one visible eye glared at me— seriousness radiating off him. He was acting like he cared…

I pushed him and walked away. Why do I want to do that? I'm not a ninja. Who does he think I am?

"Don't walk away. Just let me talk to you— convince you that this will be good for you," he calmly called.

Continuing to walk back to my ominous hospital room, I placed my hand on the doorknob and began to turn it. If this guy thought he was going to convince me to go though some testing and meet the Big Honcho, then he had another thing coming.

"It's okay to be scared of your powers," he simply stated.

Stopping in my place, I rewound and replayed the words. He thinks I'm afraid of my powers? Is he fucking crazy? I don't have any powers to begin with. How can I be afraid of something that I don't even have? I impulsively threw the kunai or whatever it was called, from before, at Kakashi and turned back around to open the door.

It was not even fully opened before Kakashi was behind me and slammed the door closed. His heat radiating onto my back. His breath on my neck.

Quickly, I turned around to push him away from me, but he had already moved to the other end of the balcony. He magically reappeared twenty feet away from me, his little ninja trick.

"Why don't you just listen to what I have to say? I want to perform a test to learn about you. Don't you want to learn more about yourself?"

Fiercely, I shook my head and waved my hands to signal that this was enough bull shit. I was acting like a heartless bitch but why the hell did I have to take this crap. Just what exactly was I doing here? I didn't belong here! I shouldn't be helped by these people. I wasn't from this village. There was no need to take any test or see any macho powerful leader. No way could I be a ninja. Not this weak, pathetic little girl that this guy did some community service for by plucking her up from the hell hole that she came from. I was nothing. Enough was enough.

Annoyed, I turned back around to the door. It wasn't like I could yell at him or anything. Reaching for the knob for the second time, something grabbed my wrist, well someone. I looked up to see the same pain in the ass.

Kakashi began to plead. "Please, let me test you tomorrow. What's the harm in that? If you're not a shinobi, then you can leave the village, no questions asked…okay?"

I sighed. It was like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I mean I've had an attitude with him this whole time. The least I could do was take this stupid test. He did save me after all. Then he can leave me alone and I can move on, away from here, away from this village. Reluctantly, I nodded in surrender.

Kakashi smiled underneath his mask. "Great, now go get some rest."

I obliged and tiredly opened the door.

"See you tomorrow. Seven o' clock sharp, Quorra."

What did he call me? Quickly, I turned around but he disappeared, gone without a trace.

The wind blew and ruffled up my hospital gown as I silently said:


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