As I Wake


Well, this was different, I thought. For once, I wasn’t in the mouth of the Unknown. It wasn’t dark, nor damp with the slime of gestation. I was outdoors, alone in a calm forest. Only a glass filled with red liquid to accompany me.

I wasn’t wearing my usual shinobi capris and burgundy leather jacket; instead, I was sporting a white T-shirt, long enough to be considered a short dress. My bare feet felt the damp Earth in between its toes.

My muddy feet seemed to know where they were going as my mind did not. Walking down unmarked paths, I turned left then right, climbing over fallen limbs. The sun shined peacefully through the trees, sparkling like fairies down onto the forest floor.

My mind felt light—happy almost—like I didn’t have a care in the world. Everything that I was stressed about was behind me. I was free in this forest, no one could stop me. I felt invincible.

Maybe I was drunk.

A clearing in the tree tops shined sun down on a fallen tree. It was massive with its long, tangled, webbed roots uplifted. I crawled to the heavenly scene. My fingers traced the grooves of Methuselah’s trunk, absorbing all the years of wisdom and all the war and destruction it witnessed. I couldn’t help but sympathized with the tree, for reasons I wasn’t quite sure.

Growth still revolved around the fallen tree. Tree sprouts and ferns covered the forest floor. Holes were dug where maternal animals feed and protect their younglings. Even when the life of one falls, others will rise and take its place.

In the distance, I saw it. A light at the end of the tunnel, an exit. My excited feet crawled underneath Father Tree and dashed towards the forest opening. That final step to the outside world was exhilarating. I took my first breath of fresh air. In the forest, the air was stagnate. Here, the wind blew, ruffling my white dress, cleansing my nostrils.

A vast, tranquil field welcomed me. Tall Pennsylvania Sage swayed in the breeze. White, puffy dandelions did the same, releasing their seeds. Little fuzzes wisped around me, carrying life elsewhere.

A lone, intact dandelion compelled me to pick it up. How fragile it was. The seeds barely secured to the top of the stem, to the Motherboard. How the wind can simply take the tiny seeds away, to a foreign land. To the Unknown.

I twirled it between my fingers. Satisfied I, for once, controlled a life of another as some seeds detached and began their journey. With the dandelion and glass of red liquid still in hand, I continued through the field.

The clear skies were no more as clouds quickly rolled in, swirling angrily in a synchronized dance. Earth was agitated, angered at something. Maybe it was me. But, I didn’t think that. In fact, I thought quite the opposite. I thought Mother Nature was happy to see me.

I trudged through the tall grass, as the dandelion in my hand set on fire. My eyes were shocked, but my body was unfazed as the dandelion torch grazed over the grass. A trail of fire followed me. I was the Fire Queen to a world being destroyed.

Smoke and light-headedness took over, but I didn’t object as I laid peacefully. My eyes closed in pure ecstasy bliss while the world around me was metamorphosing into Hell.

By the time I awoken, the dandelion in my hand was nothing more than a burnt match. My white dress was no longer white as there was messy splatters of red. Maybe it was from my glass that was now shattered. The sky was at peace once more, the war was over.

A dark shadow hovered over me. It was tall in statue, too dark to see any features but green eyes. It was him. A smile trickled on my lips. Why was I smiling?

His voice was deep, but distorted. It sounded like he had smoker’s lung. But, my head was too fuzzy to comprehend it.

“What am I going to do with you, Snow?”

I didn’t understand until I felt something shaking in my lap. Questioningly, I examine the culprit. When I saw it, my eyes wanted to cry, but my smile grew bigger.

The thing in my lap wasn’t shaking, it was beating.

It was a heart.

My eyes opened, but it took me a minute to remember where I was. The field was replaced with a forest—different than the one in my dream. I was instead in a massive tree. The uplifted roots system formed a type of tree cave. My white dress was gone and replaced with my usual ninja gear. My leather jacket was folded underneath my head for comfort.

That’s right. Sasuke and I fought Orochimaru.

The thought of Sasuke and Naruto jump started me into a sitting position. Across from me were the two with wet towels on their foreheads. Still unconscious, but safe. I sighed with relief. It looks like Sakura did a good job taking care of us, I thought.

But maybe it was too soon to say that as I heard a commotion. Sakura stood outside the tree’s entrance with kunai in hand. There, were three sound ninjas, the ones I remembered as we waited for the exams to begin. Rock Lee was some reason also here, without the rest of his team. He was face first in the ground, knocked out.

“What did you do to him?” Sakura demanded, trying not to let her voice shake. “Lee dodged your punch.”

The sound ninja Sakura was talking to had his face covered in bandages, except his left eye.

“He might be able to dodge my blows but he can’t get away from it. I don’t need to strike with my fists. I can hit you with the power of sound.” He rolled up his long, flowy sleeves to show his toy. A metal cuff with holes in it took up his entire forearm. “What makes it possible for the ear to hear things? What is sound really?”

“Vibrations,” Sakura said. Her intelligent eyes were sparking comprehension.

“Zaku, Kin, give the little lady a price. Yes, the molecules in the ear create sound waves. These vibrations are collected through the ear, then travel through the ear canal to your ear drum. The rest, they say, is anatomy. What interest me are the organs in your inner ear. The ones that control your sense of balance.”

“What my teammate Dosu is saying is, old fashion taijutsu won’t help here. Compared to our jutsu, that stuff is yesterday’s news,” said Dosu’s teammate, Zaku, who had spiky, black hair and dark eyes. He wore a beige shirt and along with his teammates, wore a snake-patterned scarf around his neck. “I can manipulate ultrasonic waves and air pressure. I can do things you can never dream of.”

“What do you want with us? Leave us alone,” Sakura demanded.

“Wake up Sasuke. We want to fight him,” said the female Sound, Kin.

“You’ll never get him.” Sakura’s teeth were clenched. “What’s that strange bruise behind Sasuke’s neck? You’re behind this too, aren’t you? You and Orochimaru. And you want to fight him when he can’t defend himself? Cowards.”

The Sound ninja looked shocked by hearing Orochimaru’s name. “What in the world is he thinking?” Dosu asked.

“Who cares? I can’t stand here while she talks to us like that. I’m first going to kill the girl, then I’m going to kill Sasuke.” Zaku rose his arms up. A hole was in each hand—used to perform air pressure jutsu—pointing towards Sakura.

The pink-haired shinobi took her fighting stance. “Oh, yeah? Catch these.” An array of shuriken were thrown.

Zaku laughed. “Nice try.” He used the air manipulated with his hands and sent the shuriken back at Sakura. She rose her arms defensively as she dodged. The wind blew her hair wildly.

Sakura was about to counter but Kin grabbed her pink locks and dragged her to the ground. “My, my. What soft and shiny hair you have.” She shook a healthy fistful of pink hair. “But you know what? If you spend more time training and less time shampooing, you might not be in this fix.” Sakura whimpered under Kin's harsh grip. “Hey Zaku, you know what would be fun? Let’s make Miss Beauty Queen watch as you finish off that Sasuke guy.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Zaku agreed.

“You stay away from him –”

“Don’t even,” Kin warned, yanking Sakura’s hair harder, leaving her in submission.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Zaku spoke, approaching the understory where the three of us laid.

I have to do something, I thought. Standing felt like I got hit by a stampede of wild animals. My chest felt heavy and my eyes swollen, but I had to protect them.

“You’re not touching them,” I croaked, stumbling out of the tree entrance.

Zaku laughed at my pitiful attempt— a mouse trying to fight a cat.

“Quorra, don’t,” Sakura said, worried.

“Don’t even bother,” Zaku replied, raising his palms up. “You’re halfway to where you belong… Hell.”

“Why, you,” but it was too late. Zaku manipulate the air pressure and hurricane winds knocked me off my feet. I tumbled until I hit the back trunk with a hard thump.

“Quorra!” Sakura cried.

“Now that that pest is gone, where was I?” Zaku exaggeratedly pondered, tapping his chin. “Oh, right. That loser, Sasuke.”

“Sakura,” I croaked. My throat felt like sandpaper.

“It’s no use. I got no strength left,” Sakura whimpered. Heavy tears fell down her dirty face. Her nails dug into the dirt.

“Yes, you do,” I countered. “Fight back.”

“I can’t,” she sobbed, head down in shame.

“Yes, you can. You have been through so much, we all have. We don’t give up on you like you don’t give up on us. Don’t give up on yourself.”

Sakura remained silent as tears slowly dripped onto the earth below. She shook in fear.

“It’s your turn to blossom,” I whispered.

Her head snapped up and her green, swollen eyes made contact with mine. Something clicked in her mind as her eyes sparked recognition. In her weapons pouch, she pulled out a kunai knife. She held it shakily with both hands.

“Come on. It’s pointless. That won’t work on me,” Kin snarled.

Sakura smirked at the Sound kunoichi. “It’s not meant for you.”

“What?” Sakura thrust the kunai to her own hair. Kin fell back with a fistful of pink hair, no longer having a grasp on Sakura. Sakura’s hair fell raggedly to her shoulders, the front sections significantly longer than the back.

“It’s time to take the lead. You can all watch me from the background,” Sakura declared. I gave a proud parent smile.

“Kin, take her out,” Dosu commanded.

Kin pulled out sebon needles and threw them, but Sakura already performed a jutsu and the needles pierced a log. Sakura reappeared in front of Zaku, charging at him with a handful of kunai. Sakura threw the knives.

“You think you can fool me with that lame ninjutsu? I’m way ahead of you,” Zaku raised his palms up into fighting stance. “Pathetic. Thanks for the present. Hope you don’t mind if I return it.”

The tunneling wind sent the knives back at Sakura which would have sliced through her if she didn’t perform the Substitution technique in time. A log replaced her once more. She reappeared above Zaku with more kunai.

“You want to keep playing this ‘cause I have news for you, I’m not falling for it.” He used his sound technique again and sent the knives back at Sakura. She guarded her vitals as the sharp blades cut into her.

“Okay, so where are you coming from next?” Zaku searched for Sakura’s next attack, but horror dinged on him when blood dripped onto his face.

Sakura wasn’t attacking from a different angle because she never left her position. Those shuriken didn’t pierce through a substitution like the first times, it sliced through her flesh. Zaku yelped as Sakura toppled him. She was left weaponless and used her teeth as a last resort, biting into his vulnerable forearm.

“What are you crazy or something?! Get off me!” Zaku punched Sakura’s head repeatedly, but it was no use, Sakura wasn’t going to give up that easily. Her face became a bloody pulp with every punch Zaku laid.

It was painful to watch, too painful. I crawled, excruciatingly, to the tree entrance.

Zaku knocked Sakura hard enough that she unclamped her bear trap grip and retreated in a crumbled mess. Zaku stood and brushed himself off. “Now you’re going to pay.”

I tired, but it was no use. I couldn’t move fast enough. There was no way I could get to her in time. “Sakura! Look out!”

It was too fast. Sakura would be blasted away. Well, she would have been if it wasn’t for the trio. Right before Zaku used his manipulative powers, Team 10 blocked the pathway. Standing in front of a battered Sakura was Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji—who Shikamaru dragged by his long scarf.

“What is this, the second string?” Zaku barked, irritated.

“Ino…” Sakura said.

“Surprised? I swore I never let you show me up, didn’t I?” Ino said, smug.

“But… why?” Sakura asked. I couldn’t help but wonder the same thing.

“I’m tired of you showing off to Sasuke and getting all the credit.”

“These leaf ninja worms will squirm for butting into something that doesn’t concern them,” Dosu promised.

“Are you two crazy? What are we doing here?” Choji asked, shaking. “These guys are bad news, man.”

“Don’t ask me,” Shikamaru rolled his eyes. “It was Ino’s idea. But what are we supposed to do? Sit back and let a girl do all the fighting?”

“Sorry for dragging both of you into this,” Ino laughed nervously. “But we are a three-man squad. All for one and one for all.”

“Yeah, whatever happens will,” Shikamaru agreed.

“This isn’t teamwork! I call this suicide!” Choji wailed as he tried to escape, but Shikamaru still had a firm grip on his scarf.

“Stop wiggling. You’re getting on my nerves,” Shikamaru grunted.

“Yeah, Choji. Cool it,” Ino chastised. “It’s three versus three.”

“Four,” I called. I couldn’t sit back on the side-lines any longer. “It’s three versus four,” I said, walking, rather slowly, to the rookies.

“Let me out of here, please!” Choji cried, still not liking the odds.

“Better an alive sheep than a dead lion. Isn’t that right, Fatso?” Zaku bullied. Sakura’s blood staining his smug face.

Suddenly Choji stopped squirming and stood unnaturally still. His face twisted, the tips of his ears turned red. “Did I just hear what I think you said?”

Shikamaru and Ino took a few steps back, releasing his scarf. Whatever was about to happen, they knew it wasn’t good.

Zaku wasn’t threatened. “I said it would be smart of you to get out while you still can, Fatty.” He emphasized each syllable in the word fatty.

“Who are you calling fat? I’m just a little chubby, okay?!” Choji did a hand sign and expanded exponentially. He appeared like a ball with feet, hands, and a head. “Human boulder jutsu.” His limbs and head tucked in and he rolled after his bully with the force of an 18-wheeler.

“You got to be kidding me,” Zaku laughed and used his slicing sound wave technique. The air flow through his palms was powerful, but it wasn’t stopping Choji’s fury.

Choji’s boulder form jumped into the air. He was able to jump over the airstream! Zaku stared up in horror at the human boulder Sonic the Hedgehogging directly at him.

“Zaku!” Dosu called and dashed to assist his teammate.

“Oh no you don’t, Mummy Man. Time to put you under wraps,” Shikamaru said.

With my fascination, Shikamaru manipulated his shadow as it twisted and turned towards Dosu. Once their shadows connected, Dosu stopped running and froze. He was unable to stop Choji from hitting Zaku.

“What is it, Dosu? Why are you standing there like that?” Kin yelled.

“It’s some kind of paralysis jutsu,” he struggled to reply as he raised his hands to his head and fanned out his fingers, like he was a deer. Shikamaru was going the same thing.

I get it. He’s doing everything his shadow is doing. Dosu is shadowing Shikamaru, I thought, amazing by the ability.

“Ino, I’ll leave the girl to you,” Shikamaru said.

“Okay, you got it. Just take care of my body for me while I’m gone.” Ino rose her hands up in a square and peered through it. “Mind transfer jutsu.” Kin’s eyes looked blank while Shikamaru caught Ino’s limp body.

“Kin, what’s wrong with you?” Zaku called, dodging Choji.

Kin smiled as she held a kunai to her own throat. “Party’s over fellahs. Take it easy. One false move from either of you and your teammate gets it in the neck. So here’s what you do, just drop the scroll and walk away. Then I’ll let her go.”

Zaku and Dosu had a very morbid expression on their faces. Instead of the typical look of concern one would have over a threatened teammate, they smirked with glee. Zaku raise his powerful hands, but not at Ino-Shika-Cho, but rather Kin.

“Choji!” Kin yelled, but it was too late. Choji’s fast speed couldn’t block the airstream in time as it hurled Kin into a nearby tree. Ino’s lip bleed.

Kin struggled to lift her head. “I… I don’t understand. What kind of monster would attack their own teammate?”

“I guess monsters like us,” Zaku confirmed.

“You see, we aren’t playing this game by your rules. It’s not the scrolls we are after. We don’t even care about passing this exam,” Dosu admitted.

“What then?” I asked.

“Sasuke. We want Sasuke.” His reply and the way he delivered it gave me goosebumps.

Shikamaru’s shadow at that moment, quivered, and shrunk away back to its owner.

“So, your paralysis jutsu has a pretty limited duration I see,” Dosu calculated.

“Shadow possession jutsu. Get your jutsu right,” Shikamaru corrected.

“Whatever. And your teammate is able to slip her soul into her opponent. Clever, but dangerous. Anything that happens to Kin, happens to her too. So if Kin happens to die—

“What are you going to do? Kill your own teammate?” Shikamaru barked.

“Well if push comes to shove.” Zaku rose his hand to Kin, not afraid to pull the trigger.

Shikamaru’s face twisted with annoyance. “Oh man. What a drag.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” Choji agreed.

Fighting alongside Team 10 had been difficult because I never seen their fighting styles before. Blending our abilities would have been impossible. But now that they were at a standby, it was my turn. Without warning, I performed my fire jutsu, aiming directly at Dosu and Zaku. It took a few moments, but they moved out of the way at the last second.

“You think you can defeat us, girl?” Dosu said.

“Let’s face it. You’re just as puny and pathetic as the rest of these runts,” Zaku added.

My adrenaline pulsed as a surge of energy kicked in. This has gone too far. I closed my eyes. Something within me was begging to come out, to escape. Maybe it was anger, maybe it was frustration, maybe it was even fear. Whatever it was, I let it go, wholeheartedly.

“It’s my turn now,” I said, opening my eyes and charging.

Dosu held out his metal device as he was my first victim. He swiped his arm, aiming for my head, but I somehow knew that already and dodged it. With annoyance, he released his sound wave technique. It should have crimpled me right then and there just like it did to Lee, but I saw it. The wave escaped the instrument, extending with speed and accuracy. However, there was a flaw in his technique, a bubble where his sound didn’t penetrate. I quickly followed the path, making sure my precious ears were safe.

“Impossible,” Dosu said, wide-eyed. “How’d you see my blind spot?”

I stared him down, ready for his next move. The feeling I had before decided to show itself. I knew what it was and why I felt such power from it. It was revenge.

He glared at me like he just saw the Reaper. “Those eyes. What are you?”

I didn’t understand what he meant. What could he see that I couldn’t?

“Don’t let this bitch trip you up, Dosu. It was just luck,” Zaku ragged.

“No, Zaku! It wasn’t luck. Wait!”

By the time Zaku released his airstream, I was already in the air. A phoenix of fire shot at Zaku as he tumbled out of the way.

Frazzled and frustrated, “Alright. Try this for size.” In rapid fire, he sent bullets of airstreams in rapid succession. I saw each one and dodged them, but the fight with Orochimaru still had its effects. I wasn’t fast enough to dodge them all. The last airstream nicked me, but it was enough to send me across the fighting zone.

The damage could have been worse if I wasn’t caught. Holding me was a force so powerful, it almost felt like I was being burned. A strong purple aura encompassed us, devouring us like a tornado.


He remained quiet as he stared angrily at the sound ninja. “Did he do this?” he asked, keeping his eye contact on the enemy.

“Do what?” I looked up. I was taken aback at the sight. Sasuke’s face was covered with heavy black ink. Tribal markings plagued his skin.

“Was he the one who hurt you and Sakura,” he gestured to Zaku, who stared back bug eyed.

“He’s the one who hurt Sakura,” I confirmed. He nodded with understanding and set me aside. I was too flabbergasted to object.

“Sasuke, what’s happening?” Sakura’s voice shook.

“Don’t worry. I’m alright. It’s only the power flowing through me. In fact, I’ve never felt better. He gave me this gift and he made me understand what I am. I am an avenger. To follow my path, I must have power at any price. Even if it means I would be consumed by evil.” Sasuke stared at Zaku, ready to fight.

“Ino! Hurry up and get back into your body. You don’t want to get involved in this!” Shikamaru yelled behind cover with Ino’s body. “You too, Choji!”

“I’m coming!” Choji joined Shikamaru as Ino rejoined with her body.

Zaku took his fight stance while Dosu took a step back. “What is it? Got cold feet,” Zaku joked.

“No, Zaku. We can’t fight him. He was too much power!”

“Oh, yeah? Watch me.”


Zaku rose his palms. “I’ll take care of them all in one fell swoop. Supersonic slicing wave!” Everyone ducked to cover. The speed of this was stronger than his other and with so much more power, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. All that was left was bare land and a trench in the soil tracing back to its source. “Well, what do you know? Blew them all away.”

“Not quite,” came a voice from behind Zaku, Sasuke’s voice.

“Such speed,” Dosu said in amazement. “He got all his teammates out in a blink of an eye.” While Zaku was busy causing mass destruction, Sasuke grabbed the three of us and got us out of harm’s way.

Sasuke didn’t stop for chit-chat. He performed his Phoenix flower jutsu and sent fireballs after Zaku. Zaku countered with his trusty airstream to extinguish the flames, but hidden inside were shuriken that impaled the fooled Sound ninja. The stunned ninja didn’t notice Sasuke rushing up to him from underneath his nose. Soon, Sasuke was behind Zaku with a tight grip on both arms.

“You seem to be very proud of these arms. You must be very attached to them,” Sasuke cajoled, pulling his arms back even farther.

“No, what are you doing?” Zaku tried to break free from Sasuke, but it was pointless. Sasuke placed a knee on Zaku’s back and pulled with such force that the arms made a painful cracking noise. He tore through ligaments and broke both arms, rendering them useless, all with an evil smile.

With Kin unconscious and Zaku out of commission, Sasuke stared at his next victim. “It looks like you’re the only one left. I hope you make things more interesting than your friend did.”

He walked towards Dosu who looked like he was about to shit a brick. Sasuke looked fully entertained with a grin upon his face. The marks on his skin glowed, like molten lava and traveled further up his body, plaguing his skin even more. I didn’t know what was happening. He was always strong, but never did he act like a serial killer. His happiness frightened me, even more so than his inked skin and purple aura. It was a look of hunger.

Sakura felt the same way as she set for a mad dash towards Sasuke. “No! Stop! Don’t do this.” She wrapped her arms around his chest.

The emotions were getting to me as well as I walked in front of Sasuke. “Listen to her, Sasuke.”

“They hurt Sakura. I will have my revenge,” he said, monotone. He refused to make eye contact with me. He was focused on his enemy.

“Yes, they hurt Sakura, they hurt Team 10 and they hurt me. But this isn’t like you. The Sasuke I know wouldn’t fight someone who couldn’t defend themselves. And do it so violently.”

“Stop. Please, stop,” Sakura cried into Sasuke’s shoulder blade.

“Look at me, Sasuke,” I demanded. He ignored my request, staring at Dosu like his prey. “Look at me,” I said, stern, anger and venom in my throat.

Reluctantly, his eyes slowly met my gaze. His expression shifted, his eyes became more focused, almost intrigued.

“That’s enough,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

The distraction was enough to clear some of Sasuke’s sense. His temper calmed and his ink markings receded, consequently. By the time his skin was completely rid of the inked snake, he collapsed into Sakura’s arms. I couldn’t help by sink to my knees as well. Between the adrenaline rush and Sasuke’s actions, I was exhausted.

“You’re too strong, Sasuke. We can’t hope to defeat you the way you are now,” Dosu chimed in. “We’ll strike you a deal. We give you this scroll and you let us go.” He placed an Earth scroll hesitantly down, like he was on a mine field. “It would seem we underestimated you, but at least we found out what we needed to know…for now. But we will meet again soon and I promise, we won’t run or hide.”

He was about to take off with his unconscious teammates, but curious Sakura stopped him. “Wait. Who’s this Orochimaru anyway? What had he done to Sasuke? And why Sasuke?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know why he set us after someone he bestowed so much power to. I don’t even know how Sasuke survived the curse mark.”

Before Sakura could ask any more questions, he vanished, leaving the scroll behind. With the coast now clear, Team 10 jumped out from cover.

“Ino, checked on Lee. Choji and I will check on the kid,” Shikamaru commanded.

“Right,” Ino replied.

They rushed to their aide as I noticed Lee’s other teammates. The teammates named Neji and Tenten stood by on a distant tree branch, observing. Who knew how long they have been there, or what they have seen. The boy in to duo, was Neji Hyuuga, Hinata Hyuuga’s cousin. They shared the same lavender pupil-less eyes, a bloodline trait in the family, like the Uchiha’s. His eyes were activated. Thick veins popped out and branched around his eyes. It felt like he was looking through me.

After all that has happened, I could still see Sasuke’s dark aura. I saw and felt the evil chakra flowing through him. The chakra from the curse mark. I overheard Shikamaru and Choji trying to wake up Naruto.

“Hey, Kid. Wake up,” Shikamaru snapped his fingers.

Naruto’s eyes were closed, but he was mumbling and smiling to himself in his sleep. “Sakura…” He giggled. “You’re so pretty. You have pretty pony hair. I wanna pet it.”

Shikamaru and Choji gave each other a look and I heard a unified smack.

“Hey, what was that for!” Naruto jumped.

“You were saying some weird shit in your sleep,” Shikamaru rolled his eyes. “It was getting embarrassing.”

Sakura picked herself up and went to check on Naruto, leaving Sasuke and I heavy heaps on the ground. Sasuke was back to normal; ink gone and sharingan deactivated… for now.

“How are you doing?” I huffed.

“What happened to you?” He asked, eyes wide like a fishbowl.

I didn’t understand what he meant. Not until I peered into his eyes. Through his glassy, onyx eyes, I could see the reflection of myself. A scared, disheveled girl sitting on her knees. Bruises caked her skin and clothing was torn. Her eyes had a look of fright as they shined a blood red. Two black specks circled the iris.

“Sasuke…” my voice was hoarse, on the verge of hysteria.

“Quorra, why do you have the Sharingan?” He asked, breathless.

I reciprocated his fear with the answer:

“I don’t know.”

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