As I Wake

I'll Never Give Up

He followed my gaze and we both stared, me in triumphant and him in shock, at what walked towards us.

It was the girl that I have supposedly known all my life. Who knew who I was, what I was. The girl who evidently knew everything about me, both good and bad. Who knew all my dirty little secrets and was trustworthy enough to keep them. But, that's now not the case. Because that girl was clueless. That girl didn't know who I was anymore. Didn't know any of my secrets, didn't even know what kind of person I was. Why was this? It's because that girl was me.

Kakashi was astonished by the other copy, a clone, another perfect genetic copy of myself, as it walked towards us. Her walk was between a persona of a dictator’s and one of a complete bad-ass, like she's done this kind of shit before (pickpocketing). Taking long, cocky, but confident strikes, she placed the pickpocketed object in my hands and I rose it up to examine it. Small, silver and shiny. Booyah!I high-fived her and soon after, she poofed away.

I couldn't help but gleam. I actually did it!? Who would have known a weak, pathetic girl like myself could do anything like that? Kakashi was a full-grown ninja. I was just a little 14 year old girl.

Was it true what Kakashi was telling me? Was I really a ninja? Did I truly have powers; powers hidden inside me? I couldn’t help but think.

Kakashi slowly clap his hands. "Well done." Quickly after, he smirked and informed, "But this ruins the theory I had before about you only able to use taijutsu."

I was too excited to feel disappointed about his theory. I have just done something I never thought was possible. I was more than just a nobody.

"Let's go back to the tree," he pointed and this time I lead the way.

At the tree, I stood in front of Kakashi as he resumed his position, leaning causally. I had too much excitement to sit down. I was finally going to find out why he called me Quorra. My hands were tingling with excitement.

Reading the anticipation on my face and knowing fully well why I was smiling like a goon, he began to speak. "Well," he began, looking up at the trees. "Since you didn't know anything about yourself, not even your name." He paused with a weird look on his face. The King of Nonchalance looked uncomfortable, embarrassed almost. "I thought that it didn't seem fair to address you without some sort of name." Looking at me now, he concluded, "So I decided to refer to you as Quorra."

At that moment, I was glad I couldn't speak. Words couldn't describe my thoughts. I didn't know if I should be flattered or disappointed. A potential piece of the puzzle just evaporated before me. He wasn't the gate keeper to a lost part of me. Memory trail that I travel down was still hazy. At the same time, yes, Kakashi never knew my real name. But, does that really matter? He cared enough to give me a name, to give myself an identity because to be realistic, it doesn't seem like I was going to find out my real name anytime soon. Instead of clearing my path for me, he created another one.

Interrupting my thoughts, he added, "Of course, you're welcome to change it. It is your name after all."

I gave the kind shinobi a sad smile and shook my head. I wasn't going to change it. He could have put a lot of thought into it or probably none what-so-ever. But, at least for now, my emaciated body along with my few jumbled memories had an identity. It was the first time I ever felt like I was a real human being, with a real name.

From now on, my name would be Quorra. Plus, I had to hand it to him, it had a nice ring to it.

We smiled at each other until he disturbed the atmosphere by shoving his hands into this pant pockets and began to walk away. "Come on," he stated. "It's time for you to meet the Hokage."

Walking through the village was very intimidating. As I trailed behind Kakashi, I got a real close-up of the village. People of all ages crowded the outdoor shops and food stands. Konoha villagers were talking and laughing. There was even an elderly couple arguing about what they should have for dinner, which made me smile.

I knew I was just an ordinary girl, but I couldn't shake the feeling that all the villagers' eyes were locked on me. Granted, it could all be in my head. But, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. This village was picturesque but I didn't belong there. I was an outsider. Surely, the Hokage would say the same thing. Maybe, just maybe I could live here and restart my battered life, but even if I wanted to do that, the Hokage wouldn't allow it. Would he?

Kakashi stopped at what I assumed was the Hokage's Residence and man, this place was massive. It was huge with three dome-shaped red buildings with the center tower displaying the kanji symbol for fire. This must be the place.

"Ready to go?" Kakashi asked as if I had a choice.

Hesitant, I nodded and followed him inside.

When we arrived at the front doors to the Hokage's office, Kakashi told me to wait out here as he talked to the Hokage privately first. Then, he explained, it would be my turn. As Kakashi knocked on the door and went inside, I sat against the wall across the hall.

Nerves bubbled within me. It felt like the storm from days earlier was resurrecting in the bottom of my stomach. I wondered what the Hokage was like; whether he was ruthless and immediately sent me out of the village before even giving me a chance. What would I do if that was the case? I would have no clue where to go from here. If a storm could easily kill me, I had no doubt that a shinobi or even an animal would take one look at me and see an easy kill. Let's be realistic, I wouldn't last long outside of the village. But, it could be worse. The Hokage could demand that I was to be locked up because of my unknown past. I wouldn't blame him, no one knew who I really was. I could be a criminal!

But, what if, what if the Hokage was nice? Maybe he will feel sorry for this mindless girl and allow me to stay.

My concentration broke when I heard barking coming from the end of the hall. Was that a dog?

My question was immediately answered when a cute little puppy came dashing down the halls and headed straight towards me. The energetic pup pounced into my lap and furiously began licking my face. Gross! His tongue was wet and slimy but I couldn't help but silently giggle. The little tan, brown-eared thing was just too adorable. As my face became a human slime ball, shouts came from down the hall.

"Akamaru! Where'd you run off to?" yelled a boy who looked about my age.

Akamaru? Is that your name? As Akamaru yipped with glee, he hopped off me and ran towards his owner. Though little, the pup leaped from the ground onto his owner's head. Never thought I would see a sight like this, but there was a first for everything.

The owner wore a grey hoodie with fur trimming the hood, sleeves, and bottom hem. He wore navy shorts and blue shinobi shoes. He had dark brown spiky hair, small eyes and two red painted triangles on each cheek.

I must had been staring for too long without realizing it because he gave me a puzzled look. Caught off guard, sheepishly, I smiled and gave a slight wave. He probably thinks that I am nuts.

As if all was forgiven, he grinned. "Hey. Are you new here? I have never seen you before."

I answered his question with a quick nod.

"I see. How do you like the village so far?"

Wishing that my vocal chords weren't useless, I nodded my head and smiled to reply.

"Not talkative are you? Well, you are going to like it here. My name is Kiba Inuzuka."

My mouth opened to silently reply when Kakashi opened the Hokage's door. "Quorra, the Hokage is ready to see you."

I gave Kiba an apologetic look and got up from my spot. As I entered the door before Kakashi, Kiba called from behind, "See you around, Quorra."

I hope so, I thought.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow of recognition as I waved goodbye to Kiba before walking into the office. Kakashi closed the door behind us. The bare room only had the Hokage's desk, surrounded by many windows showcasing the perfect view of the village. The Hokage sat behind his desk, dressed in a white and red robe as well as a hat with the fire kanji on it. He was light skinned with a small goatee and short spiked hair, both grey. Creases enhanced his age as well as a few liver spots but he still looked like a wealthy mid-aged man. A presence of a very powerful man, indeed.

Kakashi and I stood in the middle of the room. Taking in the site of the room, I became flustered when I noticed that Kakashi bowed and quickly bow as well. How rude am I? Of course I have to bow!

We stood back upright and the Hokage introduced himself. "Hello there. Kakashi here tells me your name is Quorra. I am the third Hokage of Konohagakure, Sarutobi Hiruzen. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Because I couldn't speak, I returned his reply with another bow. Have to show him that I have some manners!

"No need to be so formal, Quorra." I rose again and he continued, "Kakashi, why don't you explain to me the situation."

Kakashi cleared his throat. "Right, of course. You see, I was returning home from a mission when I found this girl barely conscious in the middle of a brutal storm. She seemed to be there for hours and was wounded so I brought her back to Konoha to be hospitalized."

Well, that explains why he was crazy enough to be in the middle of a shit storm, I calculated.

Kakashi sighed, "The nurses explained that she is fourteen years of age and healthy except for damaged vocal cords, enabling her to speak. However, she has undetermined blood sample results. There seems to be a high amount of an unknown substance in her blood that is causing it to turn black in color. But, there are no clues pointing to it being a threat. Also, the girl has no recollection of who is she or where she came from. She didn't even know her name so I gave her a name so she can have an identity. Her hospital examinations also pointed to having muscle work and chakra flow of being a shinobi so I personally tested her abilities. Even with chakra levels only being slightly higher than an average civilian, she was still able to perform some shinobi techniques such as the shadow clone jutsu. She was able to retrieve the bell."

My heart hammered in my chest. He never told me about the blood test results.This couldn't be good. There were hardly any solid statements about me. Mainly, uncertain answers. There was no reason for me to stay. The Hokage will kick me out for sure.Sweat beaded down my forehead. Anticipating his reply was making me panic.

"Hmm," the Hokage rubbed his chin in deep thought. "I see the problem here. Although she doesn't appear to be a threat, there is no proof that she isn't one either."

I winced. He's going to do it. He's going to kick me out. I tried composing myself, but I shook like leaf on a tree and the wind was trying to viciously blow me away into the unknown, into the nothingness.

The Hokage stared into my fear-filled eyes. "But, I cannot send this girl outside of the village. Not until we have more answers."

My heart stopped and my body stiffened. I was completely shocked. My eyes rapidly looked back and forth from Kakashi, who agreed, to the Hokage. What?!

The Hokage continued, "I want her watched under close supervision by you, Kakashi, and to be continually tested to figure out this unknown substance. I also want to be notified immediately if she has any of her memory returned, anything at all. Even if it's the minutest detail, I want to be informed."

Kakashi nodded. "Right. And what should I do with her when I am assigned to my new students, Hokage-sama?"

Students? Kakashi has students?

"Hmm. Yes, you are meeting your new students tomorrow, aren't you? She is allowed to work with them and join in training exercises as well as simple D-rank missions that are within the village walls. No handling weapons unless under supervision. She can sharpen her skills and who knows, it might trigger a memory. But! Under no condition is she allowed to leave the village by any means whatsoever. When you are on a mission outside the village, she will be watched by AMBU."

"Yes, Hokage-sama, understood," Kakashi replied.

The Hokage turned to me with a warm smile. I returned with a shaky smile. "I would like to welcome you, Quorra, to the village of Konoha. I hope to see you again soon with some answers."

With one final bow, I left the office with Kakashi. I didn't know how but under some strange twist of faith, I was allowed to stay, for now. Holy shit! What just happened?
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