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Stranger Feelings


Zachary Barakeel has always been cold and cunning, making his way through life simply by observing and deducting. Living in Hawkins lab hadn’t been easy, and yet he still grew up gaining. In a desperate attempt at escaping, he teams up with Eleven and gets sucked into the Upside down, where he has to adapt to a new way of living. Will his walls finally crumble down when he meets a scared boy there who’s called Will Byers?

Romance / Fantasy
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Jason Zachary Barakeel grew up in an odd compromise. Not good. But not entirely insufferable. He lived in the all to known Hawkins lab. In which Eleven had suffered many fearful nights.

He on the other hand, grew up gaining. Gaining what, you may ask? Gaining information. Gaining education, skills. Information about himself. His family. His work.

He understood completely about the lab he ‘worked’ in and the people surrounding him. He understood so much they didn’t bother hiding anything from him.

The whole charade crumbling, leaving no more than deafening silence and polite yet blunt statements as they went on with their work.

‘Papa’ taught him how to read and write, allowing him numerous books of a variety of genres. He taught him skills and ways of life, some even the man himself didn’t realise he was teaching. He taught him how to lie and react coolly in even the most panicked situation surrounded by screams and cries. He taught him to be on guard and expect the worst so it isn’t a surprise if it does happen. He taught him to be vague and distant, so no one can read him and exploit his emotions. The boy built humongous walls around himself.

But most of all, he taught him that the world was a cruel place and was waiting just around the corner waiting to just jump out at the most unexpected times and just scream in your face as chaos engulfs you.

But now he has escaped. Finally free from that dreadful prison, only to be swept off into a strange place. He was sure this wasn’t the he was supposed to emerge into. Whatever ‘realm’ he was in seemed like a darker version of his own and covered in strange plants.

He arrived here by using an excessive amount of his power whilst escaping, nearly overusing it. But it seemed like enough to cause a somewhat opening between this realm and his own.

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