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Arc Fall

By TheOokamiKage

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

When the glade was still new and only a handful of boys inhabited it there was a strange event that many still talk about even to this day for it was something not easily forgotten, it changed the Glade in all manors of ways. Order had only just been established by the group of Gladers when it all came crashing down in the event known as Arc. It was at this time when few Keepers had been appointed and jobs titles had barely been established in the Glade and everything was just starting to settle down. It started with a Glader who wasn’t a true Glader but a puzzle piece to a never ending problem.

The Gladers had been around for almost 10 months when Arc happened. It started with 5 of the original boys, Alby the appointed leader, Newt his second in command, Minho the keeper of the runners, boys who risked their lives running the maze that kept them imprisoned from the rest of the world trying to find a way out, Gally the Keeper of the Builders, boys who helped construct the Glade and Winston the keeper of the cutters, boys who slaughtered and took care of the livestock provided by the creators the powers above that put them in the Glade. 10 other boys currently lived in the Glade and every month without fail a new one would be sent up in a metal lift they called the box, the box not only brought them a new Glader every month but once a week it brought up supplies and such. Anyway with only a handful of boys Minho and a boy named Ben were the only runners who explored the Maze, the maze had not yet been fully explored and every day and every run brought new walls and new problems. Today a big problem had pulled the Keepers and leader into a long heated discussion.

“It was dead I swear to you,” said the Keeper of the runners Minho, Minho was a tall well developed Asian boy with jet black hair and deep brown eyes.

“You’re sure it’s dead? Was there any sign of what killed it or was there any clues as to how it died?” asked Alby the tall muscular African boy, the original Glader.

“That’s the thing, it looked like someone had hacked it to pieces,” replied Minho.

“That’s not possible, the Grievers are huge, that’s all we need, a bigger predator, as if the grievers weren’t bad enough,” grunted Gally a mousy haired boy with crooked teeth and a bulbous nose.

The maze was not the Gladers only issue, inside the Maze were big monstrous mechanical and flesh creatures that were not only quick but deadly, they had long spider like metal limbs, round fleshy looking body’s and were covered in sharp spikes and deadly needles. Grievers were rarely around in the maze during the day time but at night when the maze doors closed and the walls moved the Grievers came out to hunt. Anyone unlucky enough to be stuck out in the maze at night were as good as dead, it had already proven to be the one place no one wanted to go, they had already lost 3 boys to the maze.

“So we have a problem then, what do we do?” asked Winston a dark haired pale boy.

“We need to explore the Maze some more, if there’s a bigger predator out there we need to know. Tomorrow we send out a few more boys to go with you Minho and see if you can scope out what’s in there,” concluded Alby.

The next day a group of 6 boys with Minho leading entered the maze, knives ready to see if they could find out what happened to the Griever that had been hacked to pieces. As Minho and the others entered the Maze Alby, newt and Winston waited for what news they’d bring, Gally had insisted on going with Minho and the others into the Maze.

As Minho led them through the maze to where he had found the dead griever he ordered the boys to stick together and watch each other’s backs, “the Grievers could still be around so don’t leave the group, if you lose us your as good as dead,” Said Minho as they turned another corner and passed by another gap in the wall.

Hours later the boys had passed the dead griever with no signs of anything else lurking in the Maze.

“This is stupid, there’s nothing here, maybe it just got crushed by a damn moving wall,” growled Gally fed up and tired from running round the maze for the best part of the day.

“Alby ordered us to explore so that’s what we’re doing now shut your shuck face and get up we need to start heading back or we’ll be stuck in here,” said Minho as he grabbed his back pack, slung it on and dusted off his black cargo pants.

“Hey has anyone seen Chris?” asked one of the boys as they got ready to move.

Minho looked around and sure enough they were missing someone.

“Shuck, where’s that klunk head got to now?” cursed Minho.

They didn’t have to wait long for an answer, a hollow cry echoed around them, “come on we have to move,” yelled Minho as the boys screams got louder. They spotted Chris a ginger boy running towards them at full pelt.

“Griever,” he hollered as the other boys caught a glimpse of metal legs coming around the corner.

“Shuck, go, go ,go,” yelled Minho as he pushed the boys forward and took off running back through the Maze.

“Take the next left,” yelled Minho as they skidded down one of the many connecting corridors, the group of boys took a sharp left only to skid into one another, the walls had changed and where the next corridor had been sat a tall concrete wall blocking there way.

“Shuck, it moved,” yelled Minho as the boys huddled against the wall smashing their fists into it praying that it would move. By now Chris had skidded around the corner with the griever not far behind.

“Damn it were done for,” growled out Minho as the boys backed away into the furthest corner.

By now the Griever had reached the entrance of the section the boys were stranded in. They watched as Chris dodged one of the Grievers sharp metal legs only to stumble on a loose rock and go crashing face first to the floor.

“He’s not going to make it,” yelled Gally. Just as they thought it was all over for Chris something shiny flew over their heads and hit the Griever dead on.

“What the-” smoke started to bellow out of the object that had hit the Griever in the face, the boys covered their mouths as thick white smoke billowed around them creating a smoke screen between the Griever and themselves.

They head the whizzing of something flying overhead and the loud thunk of something hitting something else, the Grievers screeches pierced the air and they saw a shadow moving through the smoke.

“What’s going on?” yelled Gally as Chris came running out of the smoke towards them.

“Th-theres something else in there,” he panted doubling over then coughing.

The boys stood back and watched the thick smoke trying to see what was going on, all they could hear was the metallic scrapping of the Grievers limbs and its shrieks, barbaric and animalistic.

As the smoke started to clear a large object loomed through the smoke and crashed to the ground before them, it was the Griever its ugly head oozed a grey slime from a large hole through its skull.

“Look!” yelled one of the boys pointing to the back of the griever.

There on the back of the fallen griever stood a person shrouded in black clothing, a sleek black compound bow hung from one of their hands and a sharp knife was clutched tightly in the other.

“Who the Shuck is that?” breathed Minho as they watched the figure jump from the body of the Griever and crouch down on the floor, they clutched there head and they saw blood drip from the persons head.

Minho was first to act and made a dash forward as he saw the person collapse forward. As he ran forward he saw the blood dripping into a small pool and skidded to a stop crouching down to see who the person was, what he saw was most certainly not what he expected.

“It-it’s a chick,” he breathed out as he saw the girl move and groan, she was still alive.

Minho gently picked her up, “guys we need to get back now,” he yelled as he gently put the girl over his shoulder and ordered Ben to grab her fallen knife and bow.

The run back was one of the most intense moments, no one spoke, they just watched as Minho led the way with the girl, their saviour slung over his shoulder, her breathing was shallow but she was alive and barely conscious.

“Don’t worry were almost clear,” yelled Minho as they rounded another corner and spotted the Glade entrance just up ahead.

They heard the deep thump as the Maze door stated to shudder, a gust of wind hit them and they sped up, knowing that if the door closed before they got out they would all be dead by morning.

The boys collapsed into the grass as the Maze door closed behind them sealing them inside the Glade.

“That-that was far too close,” panted Gally as he glared at the maze and then at Minho.

They heard yelling and saw Alby and the others running over to them, “Alby’s going to flip when we tell him what happened in there,” said Minho as he got up and pulled the semi-conscious girl onto his back.

Minho quickly carried the girl into one of the newly built huts and placed her down on a blanket, she mumbled something but Minho couldn’t make out what she was trying to say. Alby and Newt soon arrived with bandages and medication, whoever had put them in the maze had provided them with basic medical supplies and such and for that they were a little grateful but they still hated them for putting them in a strange place and taking away all of their memories. All the boys who appeared in the Glade were the same, frightened and confused, they had all woken up in a metal box with no memories and no recollection of how they ended up in the box, the only thing they knew was there name. The three boys looked down at the girl, she didn’t look to badly hurt she just had a nasty looking gash in her head that oozed blood. To them this was all new and confusing, who was she? Where had she come from? How on earth had she managed to take down the Griever?

Newt grabbed a cloth and poured some cleaning chemical onto it before dabbing at the girls bloody head, she hissed in pain as he continued to clean away the blood. Whilst he fixed her head Alby and Minho studied the girl. She was tall almost as tall as Minho with long legs, slender and toned, her skin was pale and she was caked in dirt and some strange grey stuff they presumed to be Griever blood. What interested them most was what she had on her and her clothes. Black shorts covered some of her legs, a belted harness was attached to her back and thighs, it fastened around her waist and across her chest, attached to it were various weapons and pouches, they noticed two sharp knives strapped to her thighs and arrows were held in place at her back, a black t-shirt cover her, it was torn and a little bloody but other than that she looked ok.

“How does that feel?” asked Newt as he finished with the girls head, she looked a little more alive now and sat up slowly looking at them.

“Thank you,” was all she said before trying to get up. Alby, Minho and Newt looked her over as she stood up and cracked her leather cladded fingers.

“We need to talk,” was all Alby said as he eyed up the girl suspiciously.

“Where am I?” asked the girl as she looked at the three boys and then at the hut. The boys glanced at each other, what on earth was going on.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” asked Newt as the three boys and the girl sat down at a table in another hut away from everyone else.

“The maze, I woke up in the Maze, it was dark and I could hear something screeching and hissing. I had a bow clutched in my hands and there were a few knives and things scattered around me, that was maybe two months ago,” said the girl.

Newt’s eyes bulged, “two months ago? You’ve been in the Maze for two months? Why haven’t we seen you before then? Minho and Ben have been running the maze every day, why haven’t they seen you?” asked Newt.

“There are different sections of the Maze I think, every week, hell every day it changes, I’ve been stuck in one section for well over a month, there was a door but it never budged until yesterday, it opened and I managed to get out, those creatures are everywhere” said the girl.

Alby looked at the girl trying to detect any lies but her face was all he needed to see to know that what she said was the truth.

“I found this note when I woke up,” said the girl as she unzipped one of the pouches and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper.

She passed the note to Alby and he read it out – Fight to survive, hunt and protect – “what does it mean?” asked Newt as he looked at the note.

The girl shrugged, “no idea, I woke up so confused, I can’t- I can’t remember anything before the maze,” she said cautiously.

“No we don’t remember anything, just waking up here in the Glade, all we knew was our names, do you at least know that?” asked Minho as he looked into the girls piercing blue eyes.

“Yeah Arc, my names Arc, what a crappy name, you think it’s my real name or a fake one?” asked the girl.

“Who knows anymore, everything’s so screwy here, well Arc it’s nice to meet you, you’re the first girl we’ve seen here and you’re the only one to wake up in the maze. Your packing some serious gear as well, where’d you learn to well you know fight?” asked Newt.

Minho had already filled Alby and Newt in on the incident in the Maze, it was hard to believe that this dark haired girl was responsible for the Grievers deaths but they were grateful, the girl could be useful to the Glade.

“No idea, I can just do it, it’s like instinct or something, who knows maybe I’m some sort of ninja,” joked Arc as she took off her harness and put it down looking at the carbon arrows and sharp knives attached to it.

“what you did was something none of us thought possible, to kill a Griever is quite something especially taking it down solo, maybe you were out here for a reason, that note said Protect maybe you’re here to protect us, none of us had a small arsenal of weapons with us when we woke up and I’m pretty sure none of us will be as good with a bow or knife as you are somehow,” said Newt.

“Anyway, welcome to the Glade, Newt will show you round tomorrow, I’m Alby the leader sort of and that there is Minho, he’ll show you were you’re going to sleep,” said Alby before disappearing with Newt.

“Come on it’s getting pretty late, we should get you sorted out I’m sure your tiered, I’m beat today was harsh, you saved all our lives today Arc,” said Minho as he led the way out of the hut and off to another one.

Arc was use to sleeping with one eye open, after two months of being trapped in the maze with the Grievers she had learnt that if she wanted to survive she had to be alert at all times so switching off and sleeping proved to be a difficult task for her, every sound and movement the other boys made in their sleep made her uneasy and made sleep almost impossible for her. By the time morning came she was up and out of the Homestead and looking up at the Gate to the Maze, no one else was awake so she sat in the tall grass covered in morning dew and gazed up at the concrete giants that surrounded her. After a while she heard footstep crunching through the grass and she quickly jumped to her feet and whirled round ready to strike forgetting for a moment that she was safe in the Glade.

“Woah easy there I’m not going to hurt you,” came Newts voice as he took a step back and put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Sorry, I’m not use to being here yet, I keep thinking a Grievers going to pop up and I’m going to have to either run or fight, I spent all of last night jumping at ever sound you boys made,” admitted Arc before trying to stifle a yawn.

Newt shook his head and laughed, “this is most certainly going to be interesting, Arc I think you’re going to have to learn to relax a little or you’re going to end up killing one us thinking that were a Griever or something, anyway follow me and I’ll give you the good old tour.”

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