Memories of an Unveiling Time Lord


Shortly, after Trenzalore , The 11th doctor receives a message from his past to remember the untold secrets of the Time War in order to unveil his origins and his future to come.

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1: An Unlikely Message

It's been a few days after the near death experience that occurred on Trenzalore. The Doctor barely escaped with his bare wits as he carried Clara out of his time stream and journeyed back to his TARDIS.

After dropping off Strax, Jenny, and Madame Vastra back to their home timeline in Victorian London, the TARDIS took off again, but this time to remain in the Time Vortex. The Doctor and Clara took this time rest, to heal, to lick their wounds and to reflect what just happened. The Doctor finally remembers how Clara came to his life and the shared lives they have together for the past hundreds of years during the Doctor's travels. For now, it's a good time take a break from all that running down corridors and chasing monsters.

During these past few days of respite, the Doctor had Clara resting on top of a bed in Clara's own personal quarters whereas the Doctor took his time in his own personal room to relax his nerves. Every so and again the Doctor would pay a visit to Clara to check up on her and make sure she's okay and healed up. The Doctor remembered that Clara was limping towards him during the rescue, presuming that Clara fell onto the floor of the Doctor's time-scar world where Clara saw all 11th faces of the doctor, except one, the Doctor's secret incarnation, the one who broke the promise.

The Doctor calls himself as the Doctor as a promise in his namesake to be a healer and great wise man and what he did in his prior incarnation is when that promise was broken. That was during the Time War between the Daleks and his people, the Time Lords, which he time locked them both in a temporal-state of eternal burning.

During the last day of rest, the Doctor finally enters Clara's personal room, carrying a small table of tea cups, tea pot, tea and jammie dodgers. Clara was already up on her bed, looking naturally gorgeous already in her nighty.

"Hello, Doctor, how sweet of you to come by with some morning tea and dodgers," said Clara.

"It's the best I could do at this moment, Clara and it's good thing you are getting all rested, how's your left leg? Are you able to walk without limping?" asked the Doctor, coming over to take a look at the bandaged knee.

"It's all getting better now, thanks to you, Doctor since it's not only your name it's what you do," said Clara as she sat up with her arms crossed and resting on top her knees bended upward to hold them there.

"That's right Clara and you are the impossible girl, it's not your name, but it's your calling. You have this way to always achieve the impossible like a...a magician," the Doctor made a silly magician impersonation with his hand, acting like some puff of smoke is coming out into thin air.

Clara laughed at the Doctor's silliness since Clara got used to see Doctor for being weird, mad, but most of all, a brilliant friend who needs help time and time again. However, deep inside Clara's own one heart is this mixed feeling of falling in love with this strange alien who looks more remarkably human with the exception of course is that the Doctor is Gallifreyan, a humanoid with two hearts.

"Clara, I don't know how I can say this enough, but I want to thank you for what you did back at Trenzalore. We all nearly perished. I even tried to convince you to not jump into my time-stream, but you did. Because of that, thanks to you, Jenny, Strax, Madame Vastra and I are properly restored," said the Doctor as he sits down to his chair and pour some tea for Clara to drink.

Clara immediately responded back, "It's no big deal, chin boy. I did what I had to do for I was the only one who could pull it off. I am the impossible girl after all. Other than that, you've seen me done it before. You know those events that are already a...fixed point in time. I had to throw myself into the Time-stream to be at every point in your life to make sure you are alive. It's like you said, I was that girl who died in the Dalek Asylum and at Victorian London, saving you from that not-so-nice Great Intelligence and his...what you call those...those creepy "whisper men."

Doctor is amazed by Clara's ability to remember those prior lives esp. the time when she was a Time Lady on Gallifrey. Due to Clara's many travels with the Doctor and time she spent back on Gallifrey as one of her echo-selves, Clara showed to have a mastery of the Time-lord's vocabulary in explaining time traveling concepts like fixed points in time.

"Yes, that's what they are Clara. Not so whispery when you nailed that Doctor Simeon right where he deserves. I can't really thank you enough, love. I wish there is any way I could repay you."

"Don't worry too much about it. Spending each moment with you throughout your history is just enough in getting to know you better. Including the first time I saw your first face back on Gallifrey."

"Yes, you were. Back on Gallifrey, my home. The very birthplace of the Time Lords and you my dear were a Time Lady or a Gallifreyan to be more exact. Can you still remember those days back on Gallifrey?"

"Yes, I can. It's really interesting that I was an alien in another planet. All I remember from Gallifrey were just bits and pieces of my time being there. The orange burnt sky; the snow across the desolate mountains, including Mt. Petition; the silver trees and oh yes...The Glass Dome that housed the main capital of the Time Lord society and..."

"What you were doing over there while I was traveling away with my granddaughter, Susan?"

"I remembered I was working as a mechanic in the TARDIS shop, fixing up the old ones, building the newer versions I think up to version 102. I even nicknamed my favorite called the Soufflé, just for the hell of it. It was a Type 40 TARDIS that I helped repair. It was already a museum piece that needs restoration. It was funny that the other mechanics hated the idea of naming a TARDIS a type of food back since the TARDISES are not food, but more like living companions that you traveled with."

"So, did you repaired a TARDIS with a kitchen in it and try to bake a Soufflé? Oh wait, we don't have something to what you called eggs and milk back on Earth. So, did you bake a "Gallifreyan-style" soufflé or "Wannabe-Earth-style" Soufflé that nobody even cares about? Did it get burnt this time?"

Doctor was of course joking on about it this time, but it made Clara slightly annoyed. She immediately slapped the Doctor's Face, the same way River did to Madame Vastra back at the conference call.

"Ouch, I was only kidding," the Doctor replied as he straightens out his jaw to ease the pain on his face. The Doctor thought to himself that man, Clara really slaps harder than his dead wife, River Song.

"Oh shut it, chin boy. I am going to have your chin to poke your eye out, next time. You're pushing it way too far, clever boy. But, anyways, of course, I tried to make one back on Gallifrey, but I have to hide it away without causing suspicions to the other Time Lords about this recipe. You know...cannot alter the elements of space-time continuum. It's like my mother said, soufflé is not the soufflé, it's in the recipe that makes it, sort of like time, yes?"

"Yes, that's right. But, it's good thinking that you did that. What else did you do back on Gallifrey?" asked the Doctor who is even more amazed and touch of how little by little her Clara, her perfect companion is becoming more like a Time Lord not an average human companion from before.

Clara held back for one second, and pondered a little further about her time back on Gallifrey. "Later on, I went around traveling and exploring the beautiful places of Gallifrey and got a chance to see much of the bickering politics of the High Council, which to me is quite boring."

"Yes, the Time Lord lifestyle is quite tedious and quite boring at times. It's a good thing you occupied with Time lord engineering. I remember telling my companions in my second incarnation as the Doctor where I was short, stocky, wearing a cave-man jacket and..."

"Wait your second incarnation...when you were that short guy wearing that caveman outfit?"

"Yea, yea, yea, yea, yeah that's the one, but as I was saying..."

"Oh my god, Doctor, you look like a hobo! A space hobo!" Clara laugh as she remembered chasing after the Doctor's second incarnation.

"Well...hey least that's also when I started to wear a bowtie. The same bowtie that I am still wearing right now."

"Right Doctor, you and your boyish obsession with bowties."

"Hey, bowties are cool! Respect the bowtie!"

Doctor and Clara both laugh very hard at the mention of the Doctor's bowtie. The Doctor continues to finish off his previous conversation, by channeling the mannerisms of his second incarnation as the Doctor. "As I was saying, Time Lord politics is quite boring. It's so boring that that's why I left. I remember telling my companions, Zoe and Jamie that you see the Time Lords has all this great power and great technologies in the Universe. We could do so much more with it. I mean explore the freaking universe, different planets, and different civilizations across different points in time. But no, we just stay there and just watch, observe, gather knowledge, and never to interfere."

"So that's why you started running, because you were bored? Wow...Doctor, next time as the Boss, if you offend me, I would order to take your TARDIS to somewhere where we just do just, observe, gather knowledge and not interfere with the locals."

"Oh shut it , Clara. This is still my TARDIS. She's a great ship in the whole universe and I can take it anywhere as I please and "somewhere awesome."

"Right, Doctor. Take your little snog box anywhere in the Universe and pick up some damsel companion in distress, so you can snog them left and right."

"For the last time, Clara, the TARDIS is not a snog box!"

"Well, at least to me, it is, so I could do this."

Clara ran up to the Doctor quickly grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. The Doctor was caught off surprised when she did that, but this time gave in and in return give back that same affection to Clara, knowing this time they're both equals. One cannot live without the other.

Their kissing quickly dissipated as the TARDIS console rang a loud, telephone-like call.

"Oh what is it this time," said the Doctor as he quickly ran back to the TARDIS console room with Clara trailing behind.

"What the poor girl want?" The Doctor looks at the computer screen and saw that the TARDIS got re-materialized into Outer space.

"Doctor, what's going on?" asked Clara as she looked at the computer screen, noticing that they're no longer in Time Vortex.

"We just got re-materialized into Outer Space. We're no longer in the Time Vortex," then the Doctor hit several controls and trying to understand what's going on. "Why the Buccaneer? Did you screw your circuits again? I just fixed you like weeks ago."

Then some flashy bright light went across left and right in front of the TARDIS's main door windows.

"Doctor, there's something outside the door," said Clara as she tapped the Doctor's shoulder and point to door.

"What in the name of Gallifrey?" reacted the Doctor. The Doctor pulled out the Sonic Screwdriver, turned the settings into X-ray mode to see what's outside the door. The sonic screwdriver reveals nothing hostile.

The Doctor went to the main two doors of the TARDIS, opened it, and saw a familiar white box. The Doctor grabbed the white box, realizing that the only entity that would used these things is another Time Lord or a possible trap.

"I've got mail, again?...What is it this time? Hopefully, this is not some kind of trap set out by that evil House from that alternative universe. Oh no no. I won't fall for that trick again if that thing is still alive out there somehow."

"What is that Doctor? Is that a message cube used by Time Lords to send messages to each other across space and time?" asked Clara as she is being fascinated by such beautiful object.

"That's right Clara. Wow, you really know about these things. You really were a Time Lady back on Gallifrey."

"Thank you. What's the message?"

"Well, let's find out and see. By the looks of it, I don't see any crests or symbols, belonging to any Time Lord I may know of."

The Doctor opened the box and a beam light flashed out and hit towards the computer screen, listing the date, time, and location where the message is coming from. On the computer screen, it shows that message is from May 25th, 2013. Location: Tibet.

"Whoa, that's something new every day. It appears that that this is psychic message coming from someone or something in Tibet on May 25th, 2013, just a week after our trip to Trenzalore." The Doctor pressed a button to activate the message and the computer screen shows a static image of a Tibetan monk.

"Doctor, can you hear me? This is the Great Abbot K'anpo Rinpoche. There's not much time. You must return quickly to Tibet for you have a message waiting for you."

"Rinpoche, who is he, Doctor?" asked Clara in bewilderment that out of all the places that the Doctor and Clara been through, they need to go to Tibet.

"Uhhh...long story. Let's just go there, shall we?" The Doctor replied and set the coordinates to meet up with an old friend on May 25th, 2013, Tibet.

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