The Past learns the Future

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

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{Sunrise over the Pride Lands. Animals of all types make their way to Pride Rock: Elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, antelope, hippos- all very much as in the opening of The Lion King.}

BS: Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

MS: Night

And the spirit of life


BS: Oh, oh, iyo

MS: Mamela

BS: Oh, oh, iyo

MS: And a voice With the fear of a child Answers

BS: Oh, oh, iyo

MS: Oh, mamela

BS: Oh, oh, iyo

{Rafiki is standing on the tip of the Pride Rock promontory, exhorting the animals gathering below him.}

"Rafiki!" Sarafina grinned.

RAFIKI: Ubukhosi bo khokho

We ndodana ye sizwe sonke

MS: Wait

There's no mountain too great

BS: Oh, oh, iyo

MS: Hear the words and have faith

BS: Oh, oh, iyo

MS: Have faith

BS: Hela hey mamela

{Mufasa appears in the clouds; Rafiki is blown by the wind, and he gestures to all the gathered animals below, who bow down before the image.}

Ahadi smiled fondly at his elder son, proud at how he would become beloved so much that his subjects would bow to his spirit.

CHORUS: He lives in you

He lives in me

He watches over

Everything we see

Into the water

Into the truth

In your reflection

He lives in you

{On "In your reflection", a giraffe looks up, and Zazu flies in towards Pride Rock.

"Why is Zazu always late?" Sarabi asked.

"That's a good question," Uru nodded to the cub.

Simba and Nala are there; Rafiki takes Kiara from Nala's mouth and holds her up before the assembled crowd.

third verse repeats}

{chorus repeats}

Sarabi smiled at the view of her grandchild but Mufassa frowned.

"Why is that cub different from the cub at the end of the first viewing?" he asked.

"Maybe Simba had two cubs?" Sarafina suggested.

{Kiara struggles playfully in Rafiki's grip. After much cheering from the crowd, he lowers her to be nuzzled by Nala. Timon and Pumbaa stand nearby.}

TIMON: Ah, Pumbaa- look at that little guy. A chip off the old block! And you gotta know who's gonna raise 'im...

PUMBAA: His parents?

"Nice one!" Sarafina grinned.

TIMON: {pause} Okay sure, get technical. But who's gonna teach him the really important stuff? Like how to belch? {burp} And dig for grubs? {jumps down} I'm telling ya, buddy... it's gonna be like old times. You, me... and the little guy.

"Ewww!" Sarabi and Sarafina groaned.

RAFIKI: {chuckles} It is a girl.

"A girl?" Ahadi frowned.

"What's wrong Father?" Mufassa asked.

"There hasn't been a girl born to the royal family since your Great-Grandmother," Ahadi said. "Even your mother was born in another pride."

TIMON: ...Girl.


TIMON: Oy! {Timon and Pumbaa collapse in a dead faint. Cut to title.}

"Girls aren't that bad," Sarafina said.

"Yeah they are," Taka muttered and Mufassa high-pawed him.

"Nice one brother," he grinned.

{Camera zooms slowly back to Pride Rock, where Kiara is playing at Simba's paws atop Pride Rock, gazing down over the side.}


"She looks like Nala, but with Simba's coloring," Uru smiled at the sight of her Great-Grandchild. She only hoped that she would be around to see her be born in the future.

{She giggles continuously, and Simba catches her as she comes near the edge.}

SIMBA: Woah. Where do you think you're going in such a hurry? {Kiara wriggles in Simba's grasp as he moves her to safety.}

"Protective parent?" Mufassa raised an eyebrow.

"After what he went through as a cub?" Sarabi shot back at her future mate, not noticing Taka's wince.

KIARA: Daddy! Let go! {She keeps giggling as she tries to escape}

SIMBA: Well, I just want you to be careful. {She pounces after a butterfly; Simba steps on her tail to pin her down.} Kiara... are you listening? Accidents can happen. You could easily get hurt, or stepped- {Kiara says this well-practiced line along with Simba, and finishes it for him.}

KIARA: ...Hurt, or stepped on, or even get lost.

"Or go to a forbidden area where Hyenas will try to kill you," Sarafina continued.

"After a lovely song and dance routine," Sarabi added on.

SIMBA: And remember,... I want you to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all-

KIARA: At all times, I know. {She's testy at the repetitive warning; she continues reciting} And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them. Come straight home.

"Someone's testy," Ahadi said with a small smile. "Must take after her Great-Grandmother."

"Watch it dear," Uru warned.

Okay, okay. Can I go now? Please? {Nala and Zazu enter. Simba exchanges a glance with Nala, reminiscent of when they played out this same scene as cubs}

SIMBA: Hmm. Very funny.

NALA: {laughs gently} Mind your father, Kiara.

KIARA: {giggles} Yes, mom.

"Respects her mother more than her father," Mufassa noted.

"Her mother isn't repeating warnings all the time," Taka pointed out. "Just her father."

SIMBA: And stay away from the Outlands.

ZAZU: Nothing there but a bunch of backstabbing, murderous Outsiders!

SIMBA: Zazu's right... you can't turn your back on them. {Kiara is curious.}

"Why?" Taka and Sarafina asked.

"We haven't heard of any Outsiders," Uru frowned.

"Some lions must have been exiled," Ahadi said. "Either that, or a new pride has moved in. Though why anyone would live in the Outlands is beyond me."

KIARA: Really? How come?

SIMBA: Mmm... never mind. Just run along now.

KIARA: But Dad, I-

SIMBA: You'll understand someday. Go on.

KIARA: Dad... {He runs a paw over her, then nudges her off; she resumes giggling and runs off down Pride Rock.}

SIMBA: And stay on the path I've marked for you!

"She's just like Simba," Taka said. "So she'll stray from the path."

NALA: {chuckles} Simba. Who does she remind you of? Hmm?

SIMBA: {cluelessly} Huh? What? Who?

"Clueless," Sarafina chuckled.

NALA: She's just like you were when you were young.

SIMBA: Exactly. Do you realize the dangers we put ourselves in? {She tackles Simba and puts him on his back.}

NALA: You mean the dangers YOU put us in.

"Touché," Ahadi nodded.

{They chuckle and nuzzle for a few moments, then Nala gets up.}

"Mother?" Taka asked. "Could you maybe stop covering our eyes every time one of them gets lovey-dovey?"

"Yes, we aren't cubs," Mufassa nodded.

"You are my sons and I am still your mother," Uru said firmly.

NALA: She'll be fine. {She moves off. Simba waits till she is out of earshot.}

SIMBA: Hey, Timon. Pumbaa. Come here.

"Good," Sarabi grinned. "I'm glad that they still live at Pride Rock."

{Timon enters, on Pumbaa's back.}

TIMON: Good morning, mon Capitan.

SIMBA: I want you to keep a close watch on Kiara. You know she's bound to run off.

"Maybe Nala shouldn't have pointed out the similarities," Taka said. "He was less protective when he was clueless."

TIMON: No worries, Simba. We're on her like stink on a warthog!

Everyone chuckled.


TIMON: It's the hard truth, Pumbaa. Live with it.

SIMBA: Guys, I'm counting on you. Danger could be lurking behind every rock. {Timon looks quizzically at Simba, then takes him mock-seriously.}

TIMON: Ah hah. {He and Pumbaa begin looking theatrically from side to side, scanning behind every rock...}

"Idiots," Mufassa and Taka scoffed.

{Camera shifts out to the open savannah. Kiara is walking through the tall grass, chasing a butterfly.}

KIARA: Hey! Wait! Come back! I just wanna play! {She sees the butterfly land, and crouches to attack} Ahhh... the mighty hunter has cornered her prey. {snarls} Errrrh! {Kiara's pounce takes her up the side of a small rise, from which she can see a distance into the Outlands.

KIARA: Whoah... cool! The Outlands! I wonder what's out there... {A rustling in the grass behind her draws Kiara's attention. She turns, and the grass separates.}

KIARA, TIMON, and PUMBAA: Eeeeek! {squeals of fright and surprise}

"They all know one another though," Sarafina frowned. "Why'd they scream?"

{Kiara is frightened backwards, and falls off the far side of the knoll into a pool below. Pumbaa gets set to leap after her; Timon jumps off just as he throws himself into the pool.

PUMBAA: Oooh, don't worry, Kiara- Uncle Pumbaa's comin'!

TIMON: Oh, no... ohh... uh... uh... let's see, uh... {he goes in-character as though talking to Simba} Gee, Simba. The good news is, we found your daughter. The bad news is, we dropped a warthog on her. Is... there a problem with that?

"Yes!" Mufassa nodded.

PUMBAA: {looking from side to side in the water} Kiara? Kiara?

TIMON: Pumbaa! Let me define "babysitting"!

PUMBAA: {He finds Kiara underneath him, spluttering, and he gets off.} Sorry. Now, Princess Kiara... as Simba's daughter, you know better than to go off all alone. You could have been hurt!

KIARA: But... but...

TIMON: Hurt! Oh... Simba would kill us! You didn't slip a disc, did you?

"I think she'd mention if she was in pain," Sarafina shook her head.

KIARA: B-but- {Timon checks to make sure Kiara is intact}

TIMON: Catch a fever? Get a hangnail? {Timon is examining her claws; she pulls her paw away.}

KIARA: Nnngh! Timon...

TIMON: I had one once.

PUMBAA: Very painful.

TIMON: Excruciating! {Timon is holding a fern branch over Kiara's head, shading her.}

TIMON: Darling... with your complexion, you should stay out of the sun. {She swats the branch away} Whaaat? Do you wanna wrinkle?

"Can lions wrinkle?" Sarabi asked.

KIARA: Would someone please just listen to me?

TIMON: I'm sorry; I wasn't listening. Did you say something, Princess?

Taka and Mufassa chuckled.

KIARA: I'm not just a princess, you know. That's only half of who I am!

PUMBAA: Oh, uh... who's the other half?

"A very good question," Ahadi nodded.

KIARA: Uh... well, I, uh... um...

TIMON: Well, while you're figuring it out, let's eat. {He snaps his fingers, and Pumbaa lifts up a log} Grubs!

"Ugh," Taka wrinkled his nose in disgust.

PUMBAA: The other white meat!

TIMON: {offering a leaf-full of grubs to Kiara} And so high in protein!

KIARA: Eww! Gross!

"Like father, like daughter," Mufassa smiled. "They had the same reaction too."

TIMON: No? How 'bout you, big boy?

PUMBAA: {sniff} Aaah. Love grubs!

TIMON: Not like...

TIMON and PUMBAA: Love! {Timon tosses a bug into Pumbaa's mouth; he crunches and coughs on it a little, then hiccups and spits the fragments back onto the leaf, coating them all with saliva.}

"GAH!" all the cubs gagged at the thought of a saliva covered bug touching the rest of their food.

TIMON: {grossed out} Ohhh.. you always do that! You take a bite out of every one, and then put it back. It drives me crazy!

PUMBAA: But you can't tell from the outside which are the real slimy ones!

TIMON: Slimy? Pumbaa... my corpulent compadre. It's the crunchy ones that make the meal!

PUMBAA: Slimy!... Slimy!... Slimy!... Slimy!... Slimy!... Slimy!... Slimy!... Less filling!... Less filling!... Less filling!... Less filling!...

TIMON: Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Crunchy!... Tastes good!... Tastes good!... Tastes good!... Tastes good!... {Kiara wanders off while they argue. She crosses a river on a log,}

"Some watchers," Taka smirked.

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