The Past learns the Future

Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen


{Scene is the Outlands. Vitani is tugging on a root, growling. Nuka approaches from behind.}

"Who are they?" Mufassa asked.

"I'm sure we'll find out in a minute," Uru smiled gently.

NUKA :{muttering to himself}Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn't even his father. He just took him in.

"Well, that was nice Taka," Sarafina smiled at her friend. "Taking in a cub like that."

{he turns his attention to Vitani}Oh hey, Vitani. Where's the little termite, Kovu?{sarcastically}The "chosen one".

"Don't tell me that sibling rivalry is going to play a factor in this movie as well?" Sarafina groaned a little. She wasn't a big fan of repetition.

{Nuka touches the root with a claw; it snaps, and Vitani tumbles backward. Nuka guffaws.}

Everyone couldn't help but chuckle at that.

VITANI:Nuka! Where's Kovu? Did you leave him out there on his own again?

NUKA:Hey- it's every lion for himself out here. That little termite's gotta learn to be on his own.{Nuka is ridden with vermin and termites. He is continually scratching himself.}

VITANI:Mother's gonna be mad. She told you to watch him!

NUKA:Oh, who cares? I should've been the chosen one.{he begins scratching his back against the tree trunk}I'm the oldest, I'm the strongest, I'm the smartest- Ooogh! These termites!{he starts rolling around, scratching every place he can findon his body. Vitani looks self-satisfied at Nuka's condition.}

"He doesn't seem like the smartest," Sarabi chuckled.

NUKA :{scooting along on his rear}I could be a leader, if she'd just give me a chance!

VITANI:Yeah right. Why don't you tell that to her?

NUKA:Yeah? Don't think I won't!

VITANI:Oh yeah?{chuckles}Here's your chance.{Zira walks slowly by Nuka, carrying Kovu in her mouth. She ignores Nuka entirely.}

"Awkward!" Mufassa sang.

NUKA:What? Oh... Mother! Mother, hi! {laughs nervously}Mother, I caught some field mice for your dinner, I left 'em by the, um... by the... okay. {Zira drops Kovu. Vitani pounces next to him.}

VITANI:Hey, Kovu. You wanna... fight? {She mock-snarls; he looks earnest.}

"Aww!" Sarafina smiled. "They look so cute together."

ZIRA :{ turning to Nuka, who becomes visibly frightened}You were supposed to be watching him!

KOVU:It's not his fault! I went off on my own! {Zira turns on Kovu, backing him along the ground with her words.}

ZIRA:What were you doing?


ZIRA:Who has made us Outsiders?


ZIRA:Who killed Scar?


"Actually it was the hyenas," Taka said.

ZIRA:And what have I told you about them?

KOVU:Sorry, mother! ...Sh-she didn't seem so bad. I thought we could be-

"Friends," Uru smiled.

ZIRA:Friends? You thought you'd get to the daughter. And Simba would welcome you with open arms?What an idea! ... {she reconsiders}What an idea!

Taka and Sarafina jumped in alarm at Zira's face.

You brilliant child- I'm so proud of you!{She kneads the frightened Kovu with unsheathed claws}You have the same conniving mind that made Scar so... powerful.

"Yeah, she's crazy," Taka muttered.


"Agreed," Mufassa nodded.

{Zira glares and snarls at Nuka, then picks up Kovu. She carries him into a cave, as Nuka glowers.}

NUKA:{disgustedly}Ugh. The "chosen one".

{Zira carries Kovu into their "den", and depositshim in a hollow tree trunk; he lands with a grunt.}

ZIRA:I now see the path to our glorious return to power!

KOVU:But I don't want-

"She should listen to her son," Ahadi said with a frown.

ZIRA:Hush! Hush, my little one. You must be exhausted.

ZIRA:Sleep, my little Kovu Let your dreams take wing One day when you're big and strong You will be a king

"Not by violence though," Mufassa growled. He wouldn't let some Outsider kill his son.

{Zira tucks Kovu in.}

KOVU:Good night...

ZIRA:Good night, my little prince.Tomorrow, your training intensifies.

{Zira's dancing in this scene is very reminiscent of Scar's in "Be Prepared". She leaps up onto rocks to emphasize lines, and punctuates her graphic points by beating up on Nuka. Lionesses leap as she musters her forces.}

ZIRA:I've been exiled, persecuted Left alone with no defense When I think of what that brute did I get a little tense

"She should follow Hakuna Matata," Sarafina said.

But I dream a dream so pretty That I don't feel so depressed 'Cause it soothes my inner kitty And it helps me get some rest

The sound of Simba's dying gasp His daughter squealing in my grasp His lionesses' mournful cry That's my lullaby

Uru narrowed her eyes and decided that should Zira come into the Pride, she would not allow her entry.

Now the past I've tried forgetting And my foes I could forgive Trouble is, I knows it's petty But I hate to let them live

NUKA:So you found yourself somebody who'd chase Simba up a tree

"He's trying to get her approval," Taka said softly.

ZIRA:Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me

The melody of angry growls A counterpoint of painful howls A symphony of death, oh my! That's my lullaby

"How the hell can he sleep through that?" Sarabi asked.

Scar is gone... but Zira's

"Because referring to oneself in third lion is so normal," Mufassa rolled his eyes.

still around To love this little lad Till he learns to be a killer With a lust for being bad!

NUKA:Sleep, ya little termite!Uh- I mean, precious little thing!

VITANI:One day when you're big and strong

ZIRA:You will be a king! The pounding of the drums of war The thrill of Kovu's mighty roar

NUKA:The joy of vengeance


ZIRA:I can hear the cheering

NUKA and VITANI:Kovu! What a guy!

ZIRA:Payback time is nearing And then our flag will fly Against a blood-red sky That's my lullaby!

"Get a new one," Sarafina suggested. "That one's rather creepy."

{Fade to black. Scene opens on Rafiki's tree. He is doing a new picture of Kiara as she grows into adulthood.}

RAFIKI:Oh, Mufasa... every day Kiara grows more beautiful,into a Queen that will someday make us all very proud.

Mufassa and Sarabi smiled at the description of their granddaughter.

{He paints a mane on Kovu, next to Kiara.}But this cub Kovu grows stronger. And Zira fills his heart with hate. I am very worried, Mufasa. Things are not going well.{Wind blows, rattling Rafiki's gourds.}

RAFIKI:Hmm? You have a plan?

"He always does," Sarabi smirked.

{One gourd falls, splitting in half. Rafiki holds up the two halves againstthe painting of Kiara and Kovu, and brings them together until they join.}

RAFIKI:What? Kovu... Kiara... together? This is the plan?{yells}Are you crazy?

Everyone chuckled lightly.

This will never work! Oh, Mufasa,you been up there too long. Your head is in the clouds!{Wind blows hard at Rafiki}

RAFIKI:Okay, okay, okay! Okay! All right- all right! I don't think this is going to work... but I trust you. I just hope you know what you are doing!

{Camera trucks back, upwards, away from Rafiki.}

"Setting your granddaughter up?" Uru raised an eyebrow. Mufassa shrugged.

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