The Past learns the Future

Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen


{Reopen on Pride Rock, with Kovu walking out onto the promontory.}

KOVU: Okay- I have to tell her today. Oh... where do I start? "Kiara... Zira had a plot- and I was part of it. But I don't wanna be, because- it's because I love you. {sighs} Oh, she'll never believe me. But I gotta try.

"If she loves you, she'll believe you," Uru said softly.

{He goes into the cavern, where Kiara and Simba are waking up.}

KOVU: Kiara... I need to talk to you.

SIMBA: {sternly} Kiara... I don't want you talking with him.

"Now that's just being annoying," Sarafina muttered.

{softening} I want to talk with him.

{Kiara's face brightens; Simba winks at her, and he and Kovu go out onto the promontory and down onto the savannah. Scene switch to where they are walking through the newly burnt section of the Pride Lands.}

SIMBA: Scar couldn't let go of his hate... and in the end, it destroyed him.

Taka looked down in shame but Mufassa butted him with his head. No way was he going to become that killer.

KOVU: I've... never heard the story of Scar that way. He truly was a killer.

SIMBA: Fire is a killer. Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before...

{He puts his paw down and raises some dust; when he lifts it, a young plant is there. The two lions lean down, head to head.}

SIMBA: ...If given the chance.

"Finally!" all the cubs cheered.

{We hear an evil chuckle from the dust surrounding them. Kovu gasps as he realizes what's happening. Many dark lionesses appear from the clouds of dust, surrounding them. The lionesses' eyes glow a bright, sinister yellow.}

KOVU: No... oh, no... no...

ZIRA: Why, Simba...

SIMBA: Zira.

ZIRA: What are you doing out here, and- so alone? {the lionesses encircle Simba and Kovu} Well done, Kovu... just like we always planned.

SIMBA: {turning on Kovu} You.

"Didn't hear the panicked chanting of "No, no, no?" Mufassa asked.

"Guess not," Taka shook his head.

KOVU: No! I didn't have anything to do with this!

ZIRA: Attack!

"NO!" everyone shouted.


{The lionesses attack. Simba is fighting off several at once. Kovu tries to help Simba, but is battered off by a lioness and falls to the side, hitting his head on a rock.

"Nice," Taka couldn't help but smirk.

Simba is thrown to the bottom of a ravine; lionesses slide down the slope towards him.}

ZIRA: Yes! We've got him!

{Vitani and the other lionesses attack again, forcing Simba to flee down the canyon.}

ZIRA: Remember your training! As a unit!

Uru grimaced. That was actually good advice. Pity it had to come from Zira and therefore never be followed by either young lioness in the cave.

{Simba is trapped; he tries to climb up the walls of the canyon, using the piled-up logs to gain purchase; Kovu is above him on the ledge.}

KOVU: Simba!

ZIRA: Get him! Kovu! Get him! Do it now!

{Nuka jumps from the crowd}

NUKA: I'll do it- for you, Mother! {he bounds up the logs, laughing} Mother- are you watching? {softly, to himself} I'm doing it for you... and I'm doing it for me!

"I don't think this is going to end well," Sarabi said softly.

{Nuka chases Simba up a slope with several broken logs strewn across it. Just as Simba reaches the top, Nuka grabs his ankle.}

NUKA: This is my moment of glory!

{The log on which Nuka has his rear paw breaks, causing Nuka to lose his grip on Simba's ankle and begin to fall. Simba reaches the top, but the pile of logs rolls down the slope with Nuka among them; they all land in a heap at the bottom of the ravine. Nuka lies trapped under a large log. He looks up to the top of the slope to see one final log rapidly falling in his direction. He grimaces, terrified, as the log hits him. Kovu rushes down to help free Nuka, but he is swatted aside by Zira, who pulls enough logs aside to see Nuka's face.}

"No," Uru gasped. Zira might have been trying to kill her grandson, but she was still a mother. No mother should have to bury their child.

ZIRA: Nuka...

NUKA: {gasping for air and coughing} I'm sorry, Mother... I tried...

"Poor Nuka," Taka said softly and Sarafina nuzzled him. She hoped that he would settle things with his father so that it wouldn't end up like the screen showed them.

ZIRA: Ssshh.

{Zira smiles tenderly at him and cradles his face in her paw. Nuka dies. Vitani appears next to Zira on the edge of the logs.}

VITANI: Nuka...

"Seems she loved her brother as well," Sarabi said.

"Of course," Mufassa snapped at her. "He was her brother."

{Scene switch to the middle of the Pride Lands, where Simba is walking wearily back to Pride Rock. Kiara sees him from a distance off.}

KIARA: Father... {realizing} Father! Zazu, get help!

"Get Rafiki. He's amazing at healing," Ahadi said.

ZAZU: {flying off} Oh yes! Help... at once! Of course!

{Simba is walking with great pain. Kiara, Timon, and Pumbaa reach him.}

KIARA: Father...?

TIMON: Simba! Talk to me! What happened?

SIMBA: {Simba coughs, wheezing, having a hard time speaking} Kovu... {a painful breath of air} Ambush... {Simba collapses on his side, groaning in pain.}

KIARA: No...

{Timon grabs Simba's tail and hugs it; Pumbaa hoists Simba on his back, and they start to drag him back to Pride Rock.}

"That must have been an odd sight," Sarafina quipped, trying to diffuse the tension in the den.

TIMON: It's all right, buddy... we're here for you.

{Scene switches back to the Outlands, where the lionesses are gathered in a memorial to Nuka.}

ZIRA: Scar... watch over my poor Nuka. {she turns on Kovu} You!

{Zira swats Kovu across the face with outstretched claws.}

"HEY!" Sarabi and Sarafina yelled, in defense of Kovu.

KOVU: Eeaugh!

{Kovu looks away in pain, but soon turns his head, glaring at Zira. She recoils at the sight, shocked; Kovu now has a scar over his left eye just like Scar's. Zira recovers quickly.}

Taka rubbed his wound self-consciously. Ahadi saw him do that and sighed. He wished he'd kept his temper in check but there was no use in living in the past.

ZIRA: {menacingly} What have you done?

KOVU: I-I-I didn't mean to... it-it-it wasn't my fault, I... {forcefully} I did nothing!

"Exactly!" Mufassa nodded. Just like Taka, he thought after a minute. Maybe Kovu was like Scar. Just not the Scar Zira loved and worshiped.

ZIRA: Exactly! And in doing so, you betrayed your pride... betrayed Scar!

KOVU: {shouting} I want nothing more to do with him!

Good, Taka thought.

ZIRA: You cannot escape it! Nuka is dead because of you!


ZIRA: You've killed your own brother!

"Didn't Scar kill his own brother?" Sarabi asked.

"Yes dear," Uru said quickly as to not drive Taka into a depression.


{Kovu turns and runs out from among the pride, many of whom are growling and snarling at his departure.}

ZIRA: Let him go. Simba has hurt me for the last time... now he's corrupted Kovu! Listen to me... Simba is injured and weak. Now is the time to attack! We will take his entire kingdom... by force!

"When monkeys fly out of my—"

"Mufassa!" Ahadi scolded.

{The Outsiders all snarl and roar in reply. Scene switch back to Pride Rock, where Simba is just waking up.}

KIARA: Daddy... it can't be true.

{Camera shifts down to the valley floor, where the animals are all gathered.}

CHEETAH: It's Kovu.

KIARA: Kovu!

{Simba snarls and jumps forward, cutting her off. Kovu approaches down the narrow aisle between the congregated animals.}

"Be careful," Mufassa said softly.

TIMON: Why I oughtta... let me at 'im! Let me at 'im! {to Pumbaa} Here; hold me back.


TIMON: {held back by the tail} Let me at 'im! Let me at 'im!

PUMBAA: Okay! {he lets go of Timon's tail}

TIMON: {lurching forward; turning back to Pumbaa} I think you're missing the basic point here.


Everyone chuckled at that.

SIMBA: Why have you come back?

KOVU: Simba... I had nothing to do with-

SIMBA: You don't belong here.

KOVU: Please... I ask your forgiveness.

KIARA: Daddy, please... listen to him!

SIMBA: {to Kiara} Silence! {to Kovu} When you first came here, you asked for judgment...

SIMBA: ...And I pass it now.

SIMBA: Exile!

"I think he's acting too rashly," Uru said.

"I think he's acting on what he thinks he knows," Ahadi responded. "He thinks Kovu set up that attack and so he deserves exile."


KIARA:No! [she tries to run to him, but is blocked by two lionesses] ...Kovu!

{Kovu is driven from Pride Rock at hornpoint.}


DeceptionDisgraceEvil as plain as the scar on his face


Deception (An outrage!)


Disgrace (For shame!)


He asked for trouble the moment he came


Deception (An outrage!)


(He can't change his stripes!)


Disgrace (For shame!)


(You know these Outsider types!)


Evil as plain as the scar on his face


(See you later, agitator!)

"He deserves to be there just as much as the next lion," Sarafina glared at the screen.


Deception (An outrage!)

"I hope those are rocks," Taka said and everyone made a face at the possibility of other options.


Disgrace (For shame!)


(Traitor, go back with your own!)


He asked for trouble the moment he came


(See you later, agitator!)


Born in griefRaised in hateHelpless to defy his fateLet him runLet him liveBut do not forgetWhat we cannot forgive

And he is not one of usHe has never been one of usHe is not part of usNot our kind

{Kovu is hounded from the Pride Lands. As he runs, he sees his reflection in a pool change to that of Scar.}

"How doe he know what you look like?" Sarafina asked Taka.

"I don't know," Taka shrugged.

Someone once lied to usNow we're not so blindFor we knew he would do what he's doneAnd we know that he'll never be one of us


He is not one of us

"I wonder why Kiara sang as well," Uru said, as if in thought.












{He wanders into the desert; the overlaid images are of Kiara weeping and of Simba's face turning away. Rafiki watches Kovu leave, from a distance.}



"Poor Rafiki," Sarafina said, "and his plan was going so well too!"

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