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BTS and Their Sex toy.


Bts members find a girl for being their sex toy... They find girl and they think she's look cute and innocent... She's is a secret for whole world... She may be their toy but they felt love her... What happened after that..? There has a uncomfortable smuts too English isn't my mother language so there has a lot of grammar errors... Please forgive me about that... Enjoy this story... This story is really not what happened usually. So if you guys uncomfortable with it don't read this book. And don't report this book. Because I warned you before you read this book.

Love Myself
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This story is about how bts find their sex toy and how they love her... She being their princess

1. RM/ Kim Namjoon

Age : 24

Appa in bts

2. JIN/ Kim Seokjin

Age : 26

Eomma in bts

3. SUGA / Min Yoongi

Age: 25

Grandpa in bts

4. J-HOPE / Jung Haseok

Age: 24

Sunshine in bts

5. JIMIN / Park Jimin

Age : 23

Angle in bts

6. V / Kim Taehyung

Age : 23

Moonlight in bts

7. Jungkook / Jeon Jeongguk

Age : 21

Golden maknea in BTS

8. Song Shimin

BTS called her princess

Princess in Bts


This is the introduction in this

I wish you all will like this story...

Bye gyus

See you all soon

This is my 1st time so help me please

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