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BTS and Their Sex toy.

Chapter 1

(3rd person)

"hyung..." Jungkook called Namjoon while drive to sex slave shop.

"yes kookie..." Namjoon said looking at Jungkook

"hyung... I want a cute young girl hyung..." Jungkook

"me too joonnie hyung..." Jimin

" OK.. OK.. Boys... After we go there you can pick whatever you want... But we all can pick only one girl... Understood..." Namjoon

"yes hyung..."

After said that Jungkook played with Tae and Jimin.

Yes this guys are BTS. They want to buy a sex slave for them. So now they are driving to sex slave shop. Because their CEO said they can buy sex slave but they have to keep it secret from whole world.

"Joonnie... " Jin

"Yes hyung..." Joon

"How far that shop...? " Jin

"We can arrived there after 10 minutes hyung..." Joon

"OK Joonnie..." Jin

"Boys are really excited about this... Especially maknea line..." Joon

" mh... I think we can find someone they like..." Jin

"Why hyung...? Don't you want this...?" Joon

" I want this too joonnie... But I don't know... Maybe I'm afraid..." Jin

" Ohhh don't worry jinnie hyung... Always I'm with you... So relax hyung..." Joon

"Yeah... Thank you joonnie.." Jin

JIN looked at other members. They are really feel happy about that... Jin can see it in their faces. Being a idol is a not a simple thing. It's really hard. And we are always in stressed.. So it's happy to see members smiling faces...

(skipped time)

"Boys.... We are arrived..." Joon

After Joon said all members get out of the van an went inside the shop.

"Hello... Good afternoon sir... This is BFG Sex Slave Sale Shop... How can I help you sir..." Owner

Hello sir... Good afternoon too... We want a buy a girl sex slave... " Joon

OK sir... Follow me... I will see you our collection..." Owner

After owner said that he went to some kind of big room and bts follow him.

And they saw there has a lot of beautiful girls in big cages with handcuff and chains.

"These are our collection sir..." Owner

After owner said it Namjoon looked at his band members.

"So you guys can pick one among of them..." Joon

All members are looked at collection. Joon saw Jin looked at somewhere and he looked at there too. He saw beautiful cute young girl in there. (Imagine girl with chain and handcuff)

" Jinnie hyung..." Joon

Ohhh... Joonnie... You afraid me... " Jin

" Sorry hyung... But where are you looking at...?" Joon

"Joonnie... Are you saw that girl.?" Jin

" Yes hyung... I saw her too..." Joon

" I really like that her Joonnie... He's cute and beautiful... She looked like as a innocent girl..." Jin

" yes hyung... I like her too... Wait.. I will asked it from others too... " Joon

" Hey... Boys... " Joon

"yes hyung..." Jimin

"Do you guys see that girl..." Joon

They look where Namjoon point

" Yes hyung.." Tae

"Jinnie hyung said he likes her..." Joon

" Really hyung..? " Jimin

" Hmmm " Jin

" I like her too... " Suga

After Suga said they all members shocked... Suga is really not like that...

" Don't look at me like that idiots... She's fucking beautiful and cute... "


" So if Yoongi hyung say it, it's absolutely true.." Tae

" Yeah... He's right.. I like her too..." Hobi

" So... Do all you guys like her....? Joon

After Joon asked they all noded.

" We like that girl... The last one.." Joon

Owner looked where Joon point.

" Mmmm.... Sir... She's new to here... She arrived here last week and she never talk with anyone... And we don't train her and she don't know lot of things about sex..." Owner

After owner said that Joon looked at other members.

"It's OK Joonnie ... We all like her.. We all want her..." Suga

After Suga said that Joon turned his face to owner.

"It's OK..." Joon

After Joon said that owner noded and told to employer to come with her to them. Employer taked off only the girl's chain.

" Can you take of her handcuff too...?" Jin

After Jin asked that employer looked at owner. And owner noded.. After that employer taked of them too.

"OK boys... You all can go to the van with her... I will come after paying..." Joon

After Joon said that they went to van with the girl. After Joon came they start to drive to their droom again. When the middle of the drive the girl slept Jin's lap peacefully.

" Is she sleeping hyung..? " Joon

" Hmmm Joonnie... " Jin

" Look at her hyung... She is sleeping peacefully..." Joon

"yeah... Like a little kid sleep in her mom's lap..." Jin

"Hyung..." Joon

"Hmmm.." Jin

" I feel like she came from some kind of good family... Look at she... She's skin is very soft too..." Joon

"May be Joonnie... Aren't you remember... The owner said she's new to there..." Jin

"Hmmmm" Joon

" Anyway... I like her a lot of.." Jin

"Me too hyung... Me too.." Joon

(time skip)

"Don't wake up her Jinnie hyung..." Jungkook

After the arrived droom Jin tried to wakeup the girl. Jungkook said no and Jin looked at him.

"I think she's very tired hyung... So I will carry her to droom..." Jungkook

After jungkook said it Jin noded and kook carry the girl bridle style and went their droom. After they came inside living room and put her on the coach. After all came to living room Jin started to talk.

" So... Now we have to buy dresses and other stuff for her...." Jin

" We have to clean her room too..." Suga

"Didn't Jinnie hyung clean it yesterday..." Jimin

" I did... But I didn't decorate the room..." Jin

"Now you all have to go to mall and buys all things she need...

Jonnie you buy room decorations and decorate her room with Yoongi and Hobi...." Jin

"OK hyung..." Joon

" Jimminne you buy dresses and other stuff... Like shoes, slippers, socks, earrings, necklaces... You know Jiminnie.. What kind of items girls like..." Jin

"Yeah hyung.. I know.." Jimin

"Jiminnie... Go with Tae.." Jin

"hyung.... I want to go too..." Kook

" OK OK.. You can go with them too.." Jin

" you are the best hyung 😁..." kook

" OK OK.. Now boys go start your works... I will cook for dinner..."

"Yes... Eomma.." Kook

" Aish... This kid..." Jin

Jin smiled and went to the kitchen. Others went to the mall.

(time skip)

Joon, Suga and Hobi brought a lot of room decorations and they came home before maknea line. After these 3 guys came home they went to the girl's room and started to decorate it. After 2 hours they finally finished to decorate room and went to kitchen and help to Jin

While others do their works maknea line brought a lot of dresses and other stuff too... And they brought some sexy dresses too... After they done they came to droom..

"Hyungs... We are home.." Kook

"Ohhhh.. You guys came... Go to her romm and put that items nicely... OK.." Jin

"OK hyung..." Jimin

After they said that they went to the girl's room and put the clothes and other stuff nicely...

After they all done Jin called them to dining room for dinner. They came living room and they saw the girl still sleeping like an angle.

" Ohhhh... She still sleeping.." Suga

"We have to wake up her..." Jimin

"But.. She is sleeping like an angle.." Tae

" Yes yes Tae... But we can't let her to sleep empty tummy..." Jin

After jin said that he went near the girl and put his hand in her shoulder and shaked it. The girl slowly open her eyes looked at them and look at whole room too. Again she looked them and they can read what her face tell..

" You are in our droom... Don't afraid.. We don't hurt you.. OK.." Jin

The girl looked at Jin's face with confused face.

"Now you have to come and eat with us.." Jin

Still she didn't reply them

"Mmm... Aren't you hungry...?" Kook

But she didn't answer..

"Why she don't talk...? Is she deaf...?" Tae

After Tae said that all looked at Tae. And Joon went to his room and came with some papers and 2 pens.

"What are you doing Joonnie..?" Jin

" I think what Tae told is right hyung..." Joon

Joon after said that and give the girl some papers with a pen. And he has some papers and a pen too. Join write some thing and it showed girl.

(blod words are what they write)

"Are you deaf?" joon

After saw it the girl noded

"What 😱.." All

"we are sorry.." Jin wrote

"It's OK.." The girl

"Aren't you hungry..?" Jin

The girl noded

"OK... So come with us and eat.. After eat you can bath and sleep again.. Tomorrow we will talk.. OK?" Jin

The girl noded again. After the they all went dining table and they all enjoy their dinner.


I'm done first chapter... I know this is not good... But I hope you guys like it...

I will update soon...

And English isn't my mother language so I'm not good at English.. So there has lot of errors.. So please forgive me that.. If you uncomfortable with that don't read this story.

Bue guys

Enjoy this chapter.

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