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My name is Crystal Malfoy. I am 13 years old and I am Draco Malfoy's secret twin sister. I was ill as a child so was unable to go to school for the first 12 years of my life but this year I am finally well enough to go. My brother is very protective of me as are my parents but now is my chance to live the life I have always wanted.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I woke up as the sun rose and sat up in bed. Today I was going to Hogwarts. I had already been assured by the headmaster, late last evening, that I was going to be in Slytherin as my parents before me. I was most excited about the fact I could make friends. I was never really allowed to have people around me because of my illness so I wasn't really able to make friends. It wasn't safe. But now was my chance to make the friends I need and want for life! My thoughts were disturbed by a knock on the door and my twin brother walked in. He has same pale skin and blonde hair. He also shares my light gryish blue eyes; in which like my own sparkle in the sun lit room. "Crystal we must get ready to go to Hogwarts. Mother said breakfast will be ready soon." He said sweetly, smiling at me. "Thank you Draco. I shall get ready now." I replied as he left the room, shutting the door behind him as he went. Layed out before me was a short white dress with laced flowered patterns embedded into it. I put it on carefully and let my hair down before looking into the grand mirror on my wall. My silvery blonde hair fell to my waist as I looked forward to see myself as a teen instead of a child. I picked up my brush and ran it though my silky blonde hair. Then I placed my brush back on the counter and grabbed my wand before I made my way down to the dining room.

I pass the old paintings on the wall ;of decendants of the past as I stroll through the hallways and to the dining room.

I walk though the door to see my Mother laying breakfast on the long wooden table as my brother and father sit there, talking about the Triwizard Tournament in which is taking place at Hogwarts this year. My father is sitting at the head of the table and my brother only a few seats away. I sit down silently opposite Draco as my breakfast is layed out before me and I begin to eat. My father is talking about Durmstrang Institute when my Mother disrupts him by laying down his food in front of him. "Crystal," he adresses me with a proud tone in his voice that I very rarely hear. "You look absolutely stunning my dear," he finished, complimenting me. "Thank you Father," I reply not knowing what else to say. We all fall silent and finish our meal. All of a sudden, Draco stands up abruptly and leaves the dining table and out of the room. I quickly stand up and follow him out the room wondering whatever the matter.

I follow Draco though many doors and into the garden.

Our garden, that time of year had blossomed with the colours of the rainbow. "Draco!" I called running gracefully to catch up with his long strides. As I caught up with him, he turned around with a surprised look apon his face. He had been unaware of me following him. "Crystal?" He said before walking towards me and placing a hand on my shoulder. "Draco! What is wrong? Tell me now!" I demanded with a sharp tone in my voice, shocking us both. I shook his hand off my shoulder, took a step back and glared at him with tears in my eyes. I didn't want Draco to be unhappy. It wasn't right. He raised his eyebrows at me questionably as my temper was unexpected but he didn't object against me nor my command. "I was thinking of you. I don't want Potter to tease my sister. I didn't know if you would be able to handle it." He said earnestly as he admitted the truth to me. I was utterly astonished by the unexpected truth. I hugged him quickly before replying softly "I'm sorry. And don't worry I can handle it." "I see," he told be chuckling slightly. I giggled before grabbing his hand and leading him back into the manor, past the mazes of beautiful colours around.

When we walked back into the dining room, mother and father were arguing on how we were going to get to King Cross Station. "It's decided," father announced clearly, "We are apparating!" Draco and I shared a look before going up stairs to grab our bags.

Inside my room, although as rich looking as always, seemed plain. My bags were packed but nothing looked the same. I passed my pool and pushed my trunk up to the door. I picked up my handbag and made my way out of the bedroom door.

I hurried down the stairs, towards the entrance to my house, and faced my mother. "The train leave at 11," my mother informed me quickly as though something was wrong. Draco came down the stairs with his bags and Devil, before leading us out of the manor's door. Devil is our owl. He is the size of an eagle and has many browns in his feathers.

We stepped out onto the front lawn while mother was hassling over me and Draco, wanting everything to be perfect. We waited for father, for several minutes before he came strutting out the door. He dusted off his robes and informed us on what was going to happen. "We are going to apparate to the Ministry before taking a car to the Station," he told us sharply. I looked at mother with a worried look apon my face. I had never apparated before because I was not wrong enough and I wasn't sure if I was still. My father offered his arm to us while mother kissed are cheeks and said her goodbyes. We took his arm and a sickly feeling soon came apon me and everything was spinning. Then everything went black.

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