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Had I Know He Was My Son!


SYNOPSIS OF THE BOOK There was a man called Ayegbege, he has a wife and only a son named Endurance. They were poor! Their son on his own path looks for a way to satisfy his hunger on a daily basis. Endurance and dogs always fight on the remnant foods on the public garbage dump. Their situation was so worst to the extent that people in the village nearly give them the award of “The most wretched family of their time”. Their prayers was almost answered while Endurance's uncle who ought to help them involved in a fatal accident which claimed his life. Endurance was eighteen years when he took a drastic step to sojourn to a far city, so that he could hustle as a man. God planned it well for him, he saw a wealthy family to be a housemaid. He thought he had gotten to the place of comfort of his life, not until devil entered into the heart of his boss’ wife.She always demands sexual intercourse from Endurance anytime her husband is away but Endurance always gives her a cold shoulder. She set him up and Endurance was jailed. After eighteen years, he became rich. He came to his village, he saw an aged man sitting in front of his house, not knowing that he was his father, he could no longer recognise his father, likewise his father couldn’t recognize him. That very night, the old man killed his only son unknowingly but Endurance escaped the tragedy through a hair's breath.

Action / Mystery
Obadare David
Age Rating:

Untitled chapter


Many years ago, there was a man called Ayegbege, he has a wife and a son. The name of his wife was Tanimola and they named their only son Endurance, he resembled his father, in fact, he was just a chip off the old block. They were very poor, to eat a square meal in a day was so difficult for them. Their son, Endurance could not go to school, his peer group made jest of him because of the torn clothes he wears. Many times, he hides himself inside to avoid the disgrace from his friends.

On the side of his parents, they were trying all possible best to make life comfortable for him, but all their effort was aborted. His father was a farmer, he planted many crops on his little farm, with the hope that at the end of the year, he could made a gain to carter for his wife and his only son. He works in the farm through thick and thin.

The reverse was the case at the time of harvesting, while others were making profit on their harvested crops, Ayegbege could only see but a loss on his harvested crops. He went back home sorrowfully and many times he concluded within him that God hates him. How could he made such statement if not all that he has gone through. Life was so miserable for them! Could it be that God hates them truly or the time of God for their life is yet to come?

This destitute state of theirs was a thorn in their flesh. Their child was not happy, many times Endurance queries God why he was sent to these both poor man and woman. What could he do? He just needs to take it as his own fate. Being a little boy of ten years, he has a limited thinking on how to hustle and get money to take care of himself and his poor parents.

In most of the public occasions, Endurance always present there to beg for money and remnant foods which ought to be given to dogs. In some cases Endurance and dogs fight on the remnant food, the dog injure him but many times he succeeded in getting the food which will be the only survival for him and his parents, that was a perfect storm! He was in the dream one day, he saw himself controlling many people in a big company. More and more of such dreams that he becomes a rich man. He said to himself that he must surely make it.

One day, Endurance went to his father’s room to ask him why they were so impoverished. “Father, Why are we so poor among other families in this village?” Asked the hopeless boy. His father smiled and told him the story of Enitan.

“Enitan was the only daughter of his parents. Her mother died on the day of delivery, because of the love her father had towards her mother he decided not to marry any other woman. He nurtured and nursed Enitan as a single parent. After this, tragedy fell upon Enitan’s father when she was six years, he was sacked at his working place.” Ayegbege narrated the story to Endurance his son.

“Then, her father ought to look for another job to take care of his loving daughter” interrupted Endurance. “You are right, my son! He tried all possible best to get another job but all efforts were in vain” replied his father. This caused him to be a beggar so that he could feed himself and his daughter. People couldn’t believe him as a beggar because he look fresh and stature was like a rich man, so people found it difficult to help him. Many times he went back home with empty pocket, that was his last straw!

My son, on these difficulties, Enitan’s father committed suicide and left his daughter who was about to clock nine years. Life was so miserable for Enitan, she slept under the bridge for many years, her education was as well aborted.

Surprisingly, after four years that the company had sacked Enitan’s father, they reconsidered him and they concluded to take him back to the company with the salary arrears of four years. He missed the boat because he was no where to be found, what a pity! Later, they got the news that he had committed suicide. They felt bad and promised to sought his only daughter, the manager of the company promised to take care of his daughter to any length she could go in her education. It was a blessings in disguise to Enitan as they fulfilled their promises but that could not return her father back to life.

“This was pathetic!” exclaimed Endurance. Ayegbege then gave words of encouragement to his son and assured him that things will get better as time goes on. Endurance was very happy despite the fact that there was no food to eat that very night. He told his father some of the dreams he had, those dreams convinced his father that his son has a bigger fish to fry. Ayegbege then prayed for the dreams to come to pass during his lifetime and that of his dear wife. “I promise to take care of you and my mother when the dreams come true”. Said Endurance while he smile and hugged his father. But Instead of things to get better for them, it adds insult to injury.

“ Perhaps it is a good thing that you haven’t seen all your dreams come true. For when you get all you wish for; you will be miserable. To be forever reaching out; to remain unsatisfied is a key to momentum”.


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