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A Blocky Adventure


"HELP! IF THEY KEEP THIS UP, I COULD DIE!" Joey screamed in panic as they surrounded him. He was swinging his sword with all of his might, but there were too many. Will was also in great danger of dying; he had lost his sword and they were moving him back slowly towards the lava pool behind him. Stacy dove in to save him and as she killed and hacked her way through, there was a bloodcurdling scream. It was too late. It's my first story and I wrote it a long time ago so it's probably really bad. Hope you enjoy!

Humor / Adventure
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Chapter 1

A Blocky Adventure

“Jordan! Hurry up and come downstairs, your food will get cold!”

“Coming Mom!” I replied, hoisting myself up from the floor with a flash drive in my hand.

During the summer, my family and I moved across the country. I was rearranging my room for the fifth time when I tripped over a loose floorboard. With my hands, I tried to pry it open, but I failed, so I got out a ruler. When I looked into the floorboard I had opened, I saw that there was a deep hole with a bunch of cobwebs. I got out my flashlight that was in my fluorescent and hideous pink suitcase my grandmother had bought me and peered down nervously. Lying in the corner was a flash drive. I blew the dust off, got out my trusty computer, and inserted the flash drive hoping that it would work. When it brought me to the Minecraft home page, I was honestly surprised. The previous owners were an old married couple who didn’t have any kids, so why would there be a flashdrive to a video game? I clicked the join server button, and the room began to spin- I swear I wasn’t hallucinating, but I saw a bunch of blocks?

When I opened my eyes, I was confused. The flash drive had teleported me to the world of Minecraft? Everything was blocks and blocks, and the whole world was an ocean. There were many islands and living creatures such as turtles, dolphins, drowned zombies, and more. Then my eyes stumbled upon Jungle Island with an enclosed turtle sanctuary. It looked exactly like StacyPlays’s turtle sanctuary in one of her videos. As I looked into the distance, I saw a few builds, and I realized that it was Stacy’s farm and house.

Then, I thought out loud to myself, “wait, i’m in Minecraft, and this is one of her builds, and I see more houses...” I started to jump up and down. “Wait, that means that this is THE server. The server with all of my favorite youtubers. DUUUDDDE.” I then realized that I probably sounded crazy talking to myself whilst jumping up and down, so I stopped.

A player swam up to me, and I gasped then started to hyperventilate. It was the real StacyPlays! My favorite YouTuber in the WORLD! She was wearing her signature Minecraft skin with the blue-and-white striped long sleeve shirt and blue pants along with her brown booties.

She came over to me with a confused look and said, “Hey, I didn’t know there was a new player on the server.”

“Uhh-uhh-uhh,” I stuttered. “I’m not a player.” I replied still in shock from meeting my favorite youtuber.

“Really?” Stacy asked, pondering how someone who wasn’t a player was on the server.

This is a private Minecraft server that Stacy made, and the only people that she had invited can play, I realized. “Yeah. Umm, my name is Jordan. It’s really nice to meet you because I’m a huge fan. I wanted to meet you at VidCon, but I didn’t get a chance. But then I found out that I was moving to Salt Lake City, and I figured that I could meet you for the book tour, but I moved to Salt Lake City the day after your book tour was there.” I breathed. “I’m rambling aren’t I.”

Stacy laughed while looking through some chests. “Yea, you kind of are. It’s fine. Joey Graceffa, Smallishbeans, HBomb, Graser, Lizzie, Aphmau, Jason, and I were at VidCon, and we were all teleported into the game while playing a virtual reality Minecraft game to showcase the new Minecraft Aquatic updates since we have the series The Deep End. It was terrifying, but then a voice in the air said to protect the Mother Conduit. The voice also said that there would be a traitor amongst us that would try to steal the Mother Conduit because of its powers,” Stacy finished. She got up and walked towards me.

“Wait. Back up a second… Did you say that Joey, Joel, Graser, Lizzie, Jason, HBomb, and Aphmau were teleported, too? Wait, you’ve been here since VidCon? That was like a week ago! Are you ok, and sorry, can I meet them?” I exclaimed excitedly, while jumping up and down with happiness.

“Yeah, we’re all ok, and no probs sure you can meet them. We’re supposed to meet at Spawn, or 0,0 where all the shops are.

We left and got into a boat, and headed towards Spawn. There were so many cute turtles around, and I just wanted to play with them! I looked into my inventory to see if I had anything useful, and I found out that I had diamond armor that had lots of enchantments on the set. In my hotbar was a diamond sword that had multiple enchantments on it, and next to it were two stacks each of steak, baked potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I also had two Shulker Boxes, which held a pale turquoise bed and a diamond pickaxe that had silk touch and efficiency. While we were boating, I looked at all of the houses on the islands. They were all very exquisite considering the server had started only about four months ago. When we got close to 0,0, I could see Lizzie, Joey, Aphmau, Jason, Liam, and Joel in the distance talking together.

“Guys, look! Stacy finally came!” Joel proclaimed pointing at Stacy as she walked into the area.

“Oh good!” Aphmau said.


“Who’s that she’s with, though?”

“Sorry, guys, for being so late,” Stacy said. “This is Jordan! She got teleported like we did,” Stacy explained while gesturing.

“Hi! I’m subscribed to every one of you guys! You guys are my life!” I squealed in shock and happiness.

“Aw, thanks,” everyone said smiling at me.

“Where’s Graser?” Stacy asked looking around.

“Oh. He was here a second ago,” HBomb looked around confused.

“Ummmm. Hi. Liam. I’m sorry, but what am I supposed to call you? I mean do I call you H, or HBomb, or just Liam?” I questioned wildly gesturing.

“It’s fine,” Liam laughed. “You can call me H. Most of my friends—”

Joey gasped loudly. “You have friends, H? I’m sooooo proud of you.”

Stacy snorted. “Joey! Don’t be rude.”

“Yes, I have friends! I have lots of friends. Like Will, and Gras—” H stopped in mid sentence. “Well, Graser’s not a friend exactly, more like an annoying leech.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“True!” Joey gasped from laughing so hard.

I laughed at how immature twenty- to thirty-year-olds can be. It suddenly got very dark. I couldn’t see a thing.

“Cat bree! Goh goo u ph air.” Lizzie half mumbled half yelled, her voice seemingly blocked by something.

“Glurgle gloop!”


I kicked flailed around trying to get up and surprisingly succeeded to do so.

We all went up and got onto our boats panting for air. I realized that we actually could not breathe back there. This was serious. We could really die!

“Guys, look! No wonder we can’t breathe, the conduit is gone! No one else is missing except for Graser. He’s most likely the traitor that the weird voice in the air told us about! We have to go put the ‘Mother Conduit’ back before Graser tries to rule the world or do something stupid that will trap us in here.” Joel or Smallishbeans shouted urgently while getting hyped up.

We all realized that the Mother Conduit must have been the Spawnduit- name of the Conduit at spawn. A conduit is a block that when is activated, it gives something called “Conduit Power”, an effect to all players in water, within a range of 32-96 blocks. This effect allows anyone to breath underwater, and gives the effect of on land.

“Let’s hurry up and go then!” Stacy exclaimed packing her bag and filling it with the necessities that we would need during the journey.

We left and started boating. I studied the famous YouTubers that I had watched since forever.

The scenery was out of this world, even if it was all blocks. There was an island with giant spruce trees and mossy cobblestone scattered around on top of the beautiful podzol. Another was a plain meadow that really wasn’t plain at all. It was covered with the new and retextured flowers as the server was now a snapshot. Oak trees were scarce, but were planted here and there. We saw the newly added bamboo forest in all of its majesty, a jungle bordering it. In the sea were shipwrecks and coral reefs with a variety of different tropical fish along with a giant sea turtle guarding the work of art. Our boating was not at all boring. We talked and laughed, and somewhere along the way, we had a friendly visit from a small pod of dolphins that jumped over our boats entertaining us.

Meanwhile, in a cave far, far away, Graser was looking through a crystal cube. He saw that Will, Stacy, H, the others and I were boating and pulled a lever that turned on the booby trap. He then went through a portal that teleported him to a meadow. Graser for some reason had a pink hat that looked identical to the yellow hat that the Wicked Witch of the West from the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz wears. As Graser did a very peculiar dance, all the Turtles in the area slowly crept towards him, as if they were in a trance.

“I now have the power to control all Turtles. Muwahhahaha!” Graser laughed sinisterly. Graser took the Turtles back to a cave and explained to them, “I am Graseirous The Magnificent, and from now on, you will do as I say. I want the Mother Conduit. I want the Conduit because it will give me great power over the whole world and it will allow me to save my dear friend Shubble. Understand?”

“Yes,” chimed the Turtles.

While Graser was capturing the Turtles, Lizzie, Stacy, Aphmau, Joel, Joey, Jason, Liam, and I had gotten off our boats onto a chunk of land that had a light emitting for a few seconds. The glow had disappeared, but the trees in the forest were tall and majestic, and there was a small clearing where a waterfall was creating a beautiful rainbow. We hung out by the water and talked while dipping our feet into the shimmering lake. The little fish swam in-between out feet, tickling them, and the birds around sang beautiful songs. It was as if nothing in the world could go wrong.

The boys then got out and started making a house before it got dark. After about half an hour, Joey, Liam, Jason, and Joel finished building. We were going to stay for over a day to go over the plans of how to find Graser. The house had two bedrooms, one for boys and one for girls. It also had a living room with a table to eat at and some comfortable chairs. It was turning dark, so we went inside to sleep. We all went to our rooms and got settled. I took out my turquoise bed that I loved and set it down onto the floor. Smiling, Stacy put her bed next to mine while Lizzie and Aphmau set down their beds on the opposite side of the room.

“Good night everyone.” I sighed.

“Nighty night.” Someone whispered.

“Sweet dreams.” A said voice that sounded like Stacy.

“I hope nobody snores here.” A voice mumbled.

“See you tomorrow.” I heard a soft voice say.

The next day dawned very quickly. We woke up and went outside and had a breakfast of PB&J sandwiches and a bucket of milk. After we all ate, we walked to a forest in the distance to see what area we were in and to find some necessities. We heard crying. Stacy ran to the crying thing on the ground.

“Are you ok?” Stacy murmured petting it softly on the head.

“This robot came wearing a pointy shiny hat covered in gems and jewels came and took my family!” the thing bawled shaking. Stacy growled looking furious.

“How could he do that?” Lizzie yelled angrily looking at us.

“So cruel.” Joel proclaimed patting is wife on the back calming her down. However, Stacy was a totally different matter. No one messes with animals like that.

The “thing”, we realized, was a baby Turtle named Hatch. He was very cute and loved to snuggle. Hatch was also very useful because he saw the way Graser had taken his family and knew most of the land. He led the way to a mysterious forest, and then we got lost. We started walking when we met Graser walking around. We asked Hatch if Graser was the man who took his family. He looked confused for a second as if he had lost his memory. Then he said, in a voice that was very different from his a minute ago, “No.”

Stacy looked suspicious for a moment, but then started to talk to H. We all started to walk again, but after a few moments, Joey tripped and was about to fall into this hole that was covered with leaves and sticks, so he grabbed onto Stacy who was the closest person next to him. Stacy then lost her balance and reached out to Joel, who grabbed her hand, and he clutched Aphmau’s shirt, but they were too heavy. So while Aphmau lost her balance, I ran towards her and tried to pull everyone, but it was too much. I reached my free hand to Graser, who was just standing there doing nothing, and when he came up to me, I was grateful. However, Graser, instead of pulling with us, did the opposite. He came up to me gave me a smirk and said to have fun while he pushed me down into the hole with everyone else. I landed with a thud.

“Graser, help us out. We’re trapped,” Stacy yelled waving her arms frantically to get his attention.

“Stacy, it’s no use,” I tried to tell her.

“GRASER!” Stacy screeched frustrated running full speed towards the wall to get enough momentum to climb the wall. However, it was Minecraft, and unfortunately, we cannot climb walls.

“Mmmhhhm,” he said looking at a glass cube not even noticing. He then left without looking back.

“Graser. Ugh. I can’t believe that he left us. And why did he have a huge marble? There is NO need for a giant cube.” Aphmau yelled frustrated.

“Typical Graser.” Joel sighed.

“Hey, can Hatch carry us out one by one?” Stacy asked.

“No, you humans are heavy. I’m only a baby anyways.” Hatch pouted.

Meanwhile, while we were bad-mouthing Graser, Joey was digging out footholds, into the wall with a sharp rock he had found.

“Almost finished.” Joey declared wiping sweat off his forehead.

“Wow, Joey.” I proclaimed, as the others and I started towards the wall.

“WAIT!” Joey shouted, startling us. “It’s not finished. I didn’t make it perfect yet.”

“Joey, the land is about to be controlled by a crazy maniac, AKA Graser, and you’re worried about perfect footholds? Are you crazy?” Aphmau cried out. “Come on. Let’s go! We don’t have all week.”

“I’m pretty sure we’ll be here for more than a week, maybe two weeks, or a month, or multiple months” Joel rambled.

“Whatever, just hurry!” Aphmau sighs exasperated.

We climbed out hurriedly and ran towards our temporary house. When we got there, we were all out of breath. Someone opened the door, and we all

stumbled in. I fell into a chair exhausted. Everyone started talking all at once. Through the noise, Stacy asked me a question.

“Hey, Jordan,” Stacy exclaimed. “What’s that peeking out of your shoe?”

“Oh! It’s a piece of paper.” I said confused on how it got there.

“Well, read it!” Everyone said curiously.

“To my dear friends and the newbie,

I have taken the Mother Conduit of life, if you haven’t noticed. I need its power to help my dear friend Shubble. Shelby has fallen sick as you may know, and I am going to revive her from her sickness using the Mother Conduit’s power. She is in my lair on a bed unconscious. It apparently will knock you unconscious if you transport someone from the real world, so I recommend that you don’t do that. Anyways, I have the power of all Turtles so don’t you even try to stop me. I don’t want to hurt you, but if it comes down to it, I will do what I have to do to stop you. You may ask, why am I doing this? Why can’t I just send her to a hospital? It is because I, my dear friends, I want to get credit. I want more subscribers, because when I get the Ruby Play Button, it will be a majestic Graser, on a throne and all my friends will bow down to me. Especially Will. Now wait, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Graser, you’re crazy!’ but no. I just want glory and credit. Now do not try to interfere, or else.”

“Ohhhkkayy. Now that’s just crazy!!!” Jason said. “ Even though Shelby is sick, we can just heal her with a healing potion! We’re in Minecraft!!”

“Graser apparently doesn’t know that so…” Stacy mumbled.

“Well, we got to do something!” Joel proclaimed.

“But Graser said that he’ll hurt us if we go and try to interfere,” whined Joey.

“We have to save Shelby from Graser’s crazy plan on trying to revive her.” Aphmau declared.

We then got ready to save Shelby from Graser, and got all the possessions we had and left. On the back of the note was a map of the world. It was startling because there was a dot where you where standing, and the map also showed other animals and people. There was an X on a mountain with a cave on it. We assumed it was Graser’s “lair”, so we left and started walking the direction of the cave. When we got there, we planned on what we should do if we encountered Graser.

“Ok. So lets go over the plan again.” Joel stated. “Stacy?”

“I’m going to splash an Invisibility potion on myself and Jordan, and we’re going to sneak into his lair while you guys are hiding. If he’s not there, we’ll carry Shelby outside and leave,” Stacy said while drawing the plan on the floor.

“What happens if Graser is there?” Lizzie inquired, suddenly nervous.

“Good question, Lizzie. If Graser’s there, we’re going to distract him somehow and carry Shelby out.” I answered.

“Ok. Let’s do this.” Stacy proclaimed.

“Good luck!” Someone commented.

“Hope you make it out alive. Or I’ll get your graves ready. What type of flowers do you want?” Joey asked.

“JOEY!” Everyone yelled quietly, in case Graser was there.

“I was just joking,” Joey laughed.

“Whatever. Let’s go, Jordan,” Stacy exclaimed walking towards the cave.

I followed Stacy into the cave and found out that it was a cave with little pools of water filled with tiny fishes and beautiful pieces of coral. There was nothing unusual in the cave, so Stacy and I started looking for a lever or a button. In a small crevice, there was a lever. I pulled the lever, and a sticky piston was activated. Two stone blocks were pulled to the side, and through the very hidden door was a dark hallway. We crept through the hall nervously, and at the end, there was a light.

We finally arrived at the light and saw that it was a room. In the middle was Shubble lying on a navy blue bed. We started to look for the Mother Conduit, and had no such luck. We heard a sound coming closer, so we splashed a potion of Invisibility on Shelby and started to carry her out.

We were almost out when, all of a sudden, Graser appeared out of thin air. We had five seconds left of the Invisibility potion and were in a predicament. We, as quietly and quickly as we could, carried Shelby towards the exit of the cave. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and appeared right in front of Graser.

“Wh- wh- what?” Graser stuttered.

“Uh Oh!” Stacy mumbled looking down.

“What are you doing Stacy? I will kill all of your dogs in Dogcraft if you don’t give me Shelby back.” Graser screamed.

“GRASER! Don’t you dare! I will ki-I will hurt you’re cat Far!” Stacy yelled.

“Give me back Shelby!! Where is she??!!”

“We heard the yelling and came as fast as we could. Is everything all right?!” Liam asked half yelling. “Oh hi, Graser.” Liam said. “Wait. What!! GRASER?!” Liam panicked that Graser had caught Stacy and me.

After that, Plan B went into motion. We used Hatch the Turtle as a distraction to get Shelby out as soon as possible. Graser, for some reason, was very confused with Hatch and was asking him how he got out. Not having time to question Graser on what he was confused about, Joel and Lizzie were to go and take Shelby outside, and Jason and Aphmau were to go and splash a potion on her. I managed to persuade Joey to help me get Graser off me while I got everything together. Joey agreed and ran towards Graser full speed. Then they started to catfight. It was the most pathetic fight that I had ever seen. After watching Joey and Graser fighting for a while, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liam sneaking in to find the Mother Conduit.

I whispered out of the corner of my mouth, “Follow the tunnel! I haven’t found it yet though.”

Liam nodded and crept past Graser and Joey. Two minutes after HBomb left, he came back with nothing. “Couldn’t find it, meet us at the house!” H whispered.

I nodded, while watching the fight. On the count of three, Joey, Stacy, and I both splashed a potion on Graser. Mine was a Blindness potion, Joey’s was Nausea, and Stacy’s was Hunger; so Graser couldn’t see, felt really dizzy, and couldn’t run.

“What did you do to me?” Graser shrieked trying to get near a wall.

“Hurry!!” I whisper-yelled to Joey as I ran out. Joey followed me to our temporary house, where we met everyone huddled around Stacy’s bed. Lying on the bed was Shelby. She was still unconscious, and everyone was muttering and whispering. We were all disheveled, and everyone’s face was masked with worry.

“What should we do?” asked Joel, pacing back and forth, obviously frustrated. “As far as I know, none of us has a Healing potion strong enough to wake Shelby, am I correct?” Joel demanded looking around.

“N-no, but I think Will or Captainsparklez has a potion,” Joey stuttered.

“Ok. So… Joel, H, anndd… Aphmau will go to Captainsparklez’s house, and I’ll go to Will’s house with Joey, Lizzie, and Stacy, while Jason will protect Shelby, ok??” I stated.

“Okay!” Everyone exclaimed ready for anything.

We then all left to go and see if we could find a strong potion of Healing.

Stacy knew the way to Will’s house, so we boated after her.

However, only after looking for a very long time did we find a potion. It was a Healing potion 10 times its normal strength. We quickly turned it into a Splash potion and went out to Lizzie and Joey. As we hurtled downstairs, I almost tripped and fell. We rushed out the door to tell Joey and Lizzie that we had found the potion. However, when we got out, Joey was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere, but he had simply just disappeared.

“Where did Joey go?” Stacy panicked as she asked Lizzie. “Do you think that Graser took him or something?!”

“Stacy! Stay calm. We’ll find him,” Lizzie reassured her.

“BOO!!” Shouted a voice from behind us.

“Ahhhhhh!” We screamed, drawing our swords and turning around simultaneously.

Joey chortled loudly, “Hahahahah, you guys are scared of everything.”

“JOEY!” Stacy shrieked angrily going after Joey. “Come back, Joey, because I’m going kill you. You just wait! YOU JUST WAIT!”

“AHHHHH! SORRY, STACE! I’M SORRY! JUST DON’T KILL ME!!” Joey yelled, terrified.

“Ohhhkkayy,” I said awkwardly sitting down to watch Stacy kill Joey.

“You can’t get me!” We heard in the distance. “Ahhhhhh! Don’t kill me!”

“Looks like someone’s angry,” Lizzie giggled at the scene.

I asked while tilting my head, “Should we calm them down?”

“Yeah, in case Stacy actually kills him,” Lizzie answered still giggling.

So they got up and went towards Stacy and Joey.

Lizzie yelled, shaking Stacy gently, “Stacy! Calm down, girl! We have to focus on saving Hatch the turtle and Shelby!”

“By the way, you couldn’t kill me anyways!” Joey smirked.

“JOEY!!” Stacy bellowed struggling to get out of Lizzie’s grasp.

“Joey! You’re not helping! We have to get back soon, or the others will worry!” I cried exasperated massaging my temples.

“Ok! Fine. Let’s go,” Joey sighed getting up from the ground where he had fallen.


We left and started towards the cottage. It took shorter than we had expected, and we got there in about half an hour. We had thought the others had already arrived from looking for a while. However, we were wrong. When we arrived, Jason burst through the door looking disheveled and very worried. He had an enchanted diamond sword out and looked ready to fight. However, when he saw us, he relaxed with a shaking sigh. He put his sword away.

Lizzie then ran up to him and checked if he was ok. “Are you ok? Because if you aren’t, Aphmau will kill us.”

“I-I’m f-fine. Just that you were gone for a long time. And the others still haven’t arrived yet. I thought maybe Graser took you guys for revenge,” Jason shuddered. “You don’t really want to get to the wrong side off Graser, ya know? Cuz he’s really unpredictable and he can prank someone good.”

“It’s ok. We’re perfectly fine. Just that Joey scared Stacy, then he taunted her, and she became an aggressive dog,” Lizzie whispered too loudly.

“Hey! I heard that!” Stacy yelled kinda-sorta fake mad while pouting a little for more emphasis.

“Hehehehe.” Jason laughed quietly.

Stacy then exclaimed, “Let’s go inside to wait for everyone. If they don’t come in a few hours, we’ll go and see if they’re there. Is that ok with everyone?”

“Yeah, sure,” Lizzie replied before walking towards the house.

“Whatever you say,” Joey answered.

“K. Let’s go inside,” I exclaimed.

We went inside and waited. And waited. During that time, we talked and had a little nap to pass the time. It was late at night, and mobs had spawned, so the idea of going out was ridiculous because we could easily get hurt. And we were saving the golden apples for if we ran into Graser. I woke up, as I heard many knocks and pounding on the door.

In the loudness of the mobs, I heard many mobs getting slain. Aphmau and Lizzie were fighting them while Joel pounded on the door, shouting. I got up as quickly as I could and frantically rushed to the door. As I pulled it open, I saw the huge throng of skeletons, zombies, baby zombies, zombie villagers, witches, spiders, endermen, spider jockeys, slimes, husks, strays, chicken jockeys, and phantoms- basically all the hostile mobs in the game.

“Joel! Aphmau! Thank goodness you’re ok! We were worried sick! Hurry up! Come in!” I yelled motioning them to run inside to safety.

“Aphmau! Lizzie! Liam! Come on!” Joel shouted to be heard over all the loud sounds.

Aphmau, Joel, Lizzie, and H ran inside as quickly as they could, and I slammed the door after they came in. Panting, we went into the small living room and all collapsed onto the comfy chairs. “You guys ok?” I asked, worried for their health and safety.

“Yeah. We’re fine,” Joel gasped for air.

“Like Joel said, we’re fine. Just exhausted,” Aphmau said out of breath. “We also met Graser.”

“WHAT??!! Did he do anything to you guys? Was he mad? Is he here? Where is he? Is he after you? WHAT?” I cried out frantically looking wildly around.

Aphmau answered as best as she could after calming me down. “No, he is not here, we just caught him looking for more turtles for his ‘army’. I don’t think he saw us, but Joel insisted that we take the long way to get here to lose Graser, if he saw us. And let me emphasis IF.”

“Oh, thank the lord!” someone said behind me.

I turned around and saw that everyone was awake and listening.

“Aphmau! I was worried sick! Don’t ever do that to me again!” Jason cried.

“Okay! We get it. You just got reunited with your love! But there’s one rule in this place. No smooching! There’s even a sign at the door!” Joey shouted.

“Joey! We weren’t going to kiss! And why is there a sign?” Aphmau asked in disbelief.

“Because there is!” Joey huffed defensively.

I said snapping their attention back into focus. “Guys! Come back to the problem!”

“What’s the problem?” Aphmau asked me plopping down on the floor exhausted.

Lizzie stated doing the same, “Yeah. Everything seems fine to me.”

“I’m telling you! I’m pretty certain Graser saw us.” Joel argued getting mad.

“Look. Lizzie said that Graser was getting more Turtles for his ‘army’. Do you know how, Lizzie?” I asked jumping on a beanbag chair.

“Yes, actually! He had this pink hat that looked like the hat that the Wicked Witch of the West wore to put the flying monkeys into a trance, remember? And after that, he did a weird little dance, and all of the Turtles in the area went towards him slowly,” Lizzie replied thinking.

Aphmau then stated, “Ok! So we now know that Graser is using the hat to control the Turtles--”

“Wait! What happened to Hatch?!” Stacy cried out worriedly.

“Oh, no! I thought I saw Hatch in the crowd of Turtles, but I didn’t worry too much because I thought he was with Jason!” Aphmau exclaimed.

“I thought he was with Lizzie, Stacy, Joey, and Jordan!” Jason said wringing his hands.

Joey shrugged and said, “Well I just thought Hatch was sleeping somewhere.”

“JOEY!” Everyone yelled in exasperation.

After talking for a while, we made a plan. We would all go to the place Aphmau and Joel saw Graser and see if there were any clues. After that, we would come back and examine the clues, if we found any, and see what they are. Then we would go back to Graser’s lair and see if there were any more clues. However,

Graser was right below us in a tunnel and was listening to everything that we had just said. He had built the two by one tunnel to their house and was crouching so his nametag wouldn’t show. The only way anyone could find this tunnel is if they dug down beneath the house.

“Mwahahahaha,” Graser laughed quietly, “they have no idea that I’m listening word for word and that I’m going to set up some fake clues.”

However, there was one person listening to what Graser said. It was Graser’s best friend, Kiingtong. Will was listening through the walkie-talkie that Graser had accidentally turned on while sneaking in the tunnels. He had heard everything, and after Graser left, he snuck to the front door and knocked.

Stacy, who was the first one to hear, asked, “Who could that be?”

She got up and went to the door. “Will! What are you doing here?!”

“What, Will?” someone yelled in the distance.

“Will!” H cried when he saw him.

Will said, “Hey, guys, umm I have some news.”

“Well, ok. Come on in,” Joel beckoned motioning Will in.

We all got settled, and Mr. William told us about Graser following us and planning to leave fake clues.

Joel exclaimed to Aphmau, “I told you that Graser saw us!”

“Ok! Sorry. You were right,” Aphmau answered back.

Lizzie then said worriedly, “Then what are we supposed to do?

“Here’s the plan. We revive Shelby, and then we make a trap for Graser. Simple.” Will said.

“Ok! Let’s wake up Shelby!” Lizzie said rushing to get the bottle.

The potion bottle hit against Shelby with a splash! Shelby groaned as she rubbed her eyes and stretched.

“Where am I? And why is everything so blocky? Am I in Minecraft??” Shelby asked looking around confused as she woke up.

“Hey, Girl!” Stacy exclaimed.

“Hey, Aphmau, Lizzie, Joel, Joey, Will, Stacy, Liam, and I don’t believe we have met?” she asked me.

“Nope. But I’m a really big fan. My name is Jordan, but you can call me Becca,” I explained.

“Oh, hey. That’s cool. Also, how are we in Minecraft? This breaks all logic and physics and all sciency things,” Shelby inquired.

“Ummmm. Well, it’s hard to explain, but basically, there’s this Mother Conduit, and we have to protect it, but Graser…” Lizzie started.

“Of course Graser’s involved in this,” Shelby sighed shaking her head.

“Let me finish! And Graser wanted fame and other stuff, so he took the Mother Conduit or something, which made the land become in danger, and he brought you from the real world to heal you from your sickness and to get popularity and more subscribers for his YouTube channel,” Lizzie finished, out of breath.

“Sounds like Graser. And also, if he wants more subscribers, maybe try to upload more often and keep his schedule on time?” Shelby stated sarcastically.

“Yeah. I know, right??” H replied shaking his head.

“Ok! Back to the subject,” Stacy said waving her hands in the air to get everyone’s attention. “K. So now we got to make a plan,”

“So what should we do?” Joey asked.

“Let’s restore the Mother Conduit to where it belongs so we can get out of here. Assuming that that’s how we get out,” Will spoke.

“Let’s do that!” Joel yelled.

Aphmau declared, “To save the world of Minecraft and all the residents from the evil Graser!!”

“Lol. Ok, let’s go, everyone!” Lizzie shouted excitedly.

We all rushed to get all the stuff we needed for the journey. As the boys broke the house down, the girls and I got all of our necessities. We packed up and Lizzie took out the map where it showed where the Mother Conduit’s ‘home’ is.

After locating which direction to go in, we started to walk the long way there. Apparently, it’s right at the core of the world.

“So the X is where the Conduit’s home or the ‘heart’ is… and we’re here.” Lizzie murmured while tracing her fingers on the map. “Ok! I found a route we could take to get to the heart of the world. But the heart is in a plains.”

“Cool! A plains! There’s only like a hundred!” Will stated sarcastically.

Then, a mystical and melodious voice rang out, “You are not far from winning and are doing very well, but beware of a traitor in the midst of your group. The world had also passed the player max, so I will randomly teleport four players back to the real world.” The mysterious voice announced blending in with the wind.

“Everyone hurry! I have a few chests so put all of your inventory into these chests!” I shouted. We all rushed and put our entire inventory into the chests just in the nick of time.

Whoosh! The effect sounded signaling that four people were teleported out of the game.

We looked around and saw that Shelby, Aphmau, Jason, and Joel were gone. Now only Stacy, Joey, Lizzie, Graser, Will, Liam, and I were left.

“So, who’s the new girl?” Will asked curiously.

Stacy answered with gesturing hand motions, “Will, this is Jordan, and Jordan, I’m assuming that you already know Will?”

“Yup! How are you doing, Kiingtong?” I replied smiling happily to meet another YouTuber.

Will answered back, “Great! Though I don’t know how we’re in Minecraft. I heard Graser talking so I decided to listen, then I heard you guys.

Lizzie then explained, “We’re stuck here until we put back the Mother Conduit at the heart of this world. And according to this map, it’s pretty far away.

“Joy. Leave it to my friend Graser to ruin everything. So what do we have to do? Put back the Mother Conduit to the heart or something?” Will asked.

“Yes, exactly that. Were you not listening?” I asked using awkward hand motions. “But, we have to set up a trap for Graser. So I thought of this.” I whispered the plan to everyone as we huddled up.

“Great idea, Bec!” Will said high fiving me with a huge smile.

I looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “Bec?” I questioned.

“Yup. Bec. Shorter, like you.” Will replied with an amused smirk.

“Umm. Excuse me? I’m not a little kid, and the only reason I’m short is because I’m thirteen. Like how old are you, William Shakespeare?? Huh? You’re twenty. You’re almost 10 years older than me, so do not tease me about being short. At least I have good taste in friends. I don’t have a friend that’s trying to take over the world because he doesn’t have enough subscribers.” I shot back annoyed.

“She’s got a point.” Liam chuckled as he listened.

“ Hey! First of all, Liam, you’re Graser’s friend too. And second, whoa. You’re 15? From you’re attitude, I thought you were 5,” Will remarked while sticking his tongue out at me.

I clapped. “Look who’s talking, Willy Wonka. Are you sure that you’re 23?”

“Ye-” Will started.

“William!” HBomb shouted, waving his arms wildly to get Will’s attention. “You’re fighting with a 15 year old! Like Jordan said, you’re 23. So stop acting like a baby. We have work to do about our dearest friend Graser.”

“Hmph. She started it,” Will said crossing his arms as he pouted.

“Wellll then. Let’s resume Jordan’s plan,” Stacy cut in smiling.

“We sneak into his base, capture him, crush the hat so the turtles aren’t under the spell, and then force him to give up the Conduit,” Joey said moving his hands around crazily.

“Ok. Then. Let’s go! Everyone get their stuff,” Stacy proclaimed.

“Is no one gonna

We then packed up and left for the treacherous journey to the field where Aphmau and Joel had seen Graser.

We ventured far into the world of Minecraft and ran into a few disruptions, but we finally made it to the field.

We walked out into the middle of the field in caution, but not a single living being was there. All of us were so sure that the lair was in the middle of the plains, but alas we were wrong. As we looked around to see if anything was there, we heard a war cry. Then, bursting out of nowhere, a bunch of turtles came rushing at us turbo speed. We were surrounded in a matter of seconds. In the distance, we saw something more shocking. Graser is racing in Jeffery, Parker_Games’ horse from the Cube SMP!

“Are the server’s merging? Where did Graser get Jeffery? It’s even named Jeffery! How did he get a nametag?” Stacy asked Will and H, knowing that they were part of the Cube along with herself and Graser.

“Dunno. But I do know one thing: LET’S FIGHT BIZNATCHES!” Will shouted.

Havoc then broke. The ninja turtles started to hurt us, and we couldn’t risked dying, not knowing where we would end up. So we did the reasonable thing and fought back as hard as we could not having any remorse for the dying turtles- well everyone except for Stacy the animal lover. As everyone else fought, I sneaked away-- I was supposed to keep an eye on Graser. I was the one who was to sneak up on him to steal his hat.

“What is Graser doing?” I murmured to myself sneaking behind a tree. While everyone was fighting, Graser was building a 3 x 9 platform.

I thought, “Why is he building a 9 wide and 3 tall podium?” I realized then, that Graser was building a stage so he could watch my friends fight and possibly die. Meanwhile, over in the field, things were getting heated. Everyone was getting damaged a bit, but killing turtles left and right, but there were just too many. Stacy was fighting the turtles, but stops when she hears two people cry for help.

“HALP! IF THEY KEEP THIS UP, I COULD DIE!” Joey screamed for help fighting off the ninja turtles one by one. He was swinging his sword with all of his might, but there were too many. They surrounded him in seconds and were making him take loads of damage.

On the other hand, Will was in great danger of dying; he had lost his sword. He was using his enchanted diamond pickaxe to pick off the turtles. Will was concentrating so hard that he had not realized that the turtles were moving him back slowly towards the lava pool seventeen blocks away.

Both Joey and Will are about to get killed! What if they die in real life?

I mentally panicked.

“Someone rescue Will, I’ll save Joey- he’s closer! Hurry!” Stacy shouted running towards Joey in a frantic state. If someone didn’t hurry and save Will, he could die in real life. Stacy reached Joey and hacked off all of the turtles surrounding him. She knelt down and caught her breath, but as she did, there was a bloodcurdling scream.

“NO! Will, stay with me, please, don’t die, you’re my best friend!”

Liam cried.

“S-sto-p G-raser” Will muttered painfully as he drifted away. Then, poof he disappeared and his entire inventory lay on the ground floating. A classic Minecraft death. While everyone was distracted, including Graser, I snuck up from my hiding place and got behind Graser. I got my sword out ready. He was too concentrated on the fighting that surprisingly, he didn’t notice me take off his hat. I smashed it like the characters did in the Wizard of Oz, and to my delight, all of the turtles stopped hurting my friends. Graser, then slowly reached up to his head, and he felt his hair. No hat. He sighed.

I put my sword at his neck, and laughed. “Heeeyyyy Graser. Pleasure to meet you properly. My name is Jordan, and I am here to torture you until you sign this contract,” I showed him the book and quill I had made that he would read. “And here, the puns start. Do what I tell you Ore else. Seed what I did there? You’ve been Piston me off this whole time. Do you Fish I would stop? Water you waiting for? Maybe next time Mine your own business. These puns are Glassic. I- ”

Graser cut me off. “OK! I surrender or whatever. I’ll put the Mother Conduit back and become normal again or something. Whatever you want me to do, but PLEASE stop with those horrible puns!” He yelled covering his ears.

“Hehe. Mission accomplished. Now sign here.” I showed him where to sign.”

“There I signed it. Now can you please get this knife away from my throat? I treasure my esopagius very much.” Graser asked nicely.

“Oops sorry. So you promise to be nice and cooperate, and to become your normal self-”

“Graser, did you just say esopagius? It’s esophagus! How did you mix those up?” Stacy corrected.

At the same time, Liam said, “Normal self, Jordan do you want us to die?” After HBomb scoffed, he started to get teary-eyed as the death of his friend had occurred.

“Yeah, yeah I’ll be nice and stuff.” Graser choked, laughing his heart out about the mixture of words. While it did not actually happen, everyone could hear Graser’s hands pounding his desk with the plates of his dinner rattling against the utensils.

By then, mostly everyone gathered and recollected. Stacy and HBomb were mourning over William’s death, while Lizzie was looking for Hatch. She looked through the group of turtles, and found Hatch hiding in the middle. Apparently, the group was his family, and only his uncle had died. All the other turtles were from a different turtle clan. Liam was now crying profusely and everyone gathered around him.

“Gr-raser! H-how could youuu?” He sobbed, crying his heart out for his best friend.

“DUDE! It’s just Minecraft bro! He respawneded back into the real world where he was before he was teleported here.” Graser explained using weird hand motions.

“Respawneded? Really Graser? Really? You could have said revival or resurrection, which would have been better, but you didn’t even say respawned correctly. You said Respawneded. What does that even mean??” Stacy attacked jokingly.

Liam replied still teary, “GOING BACK TO THE TOPIC, how do you know?”

“I got a book when I was teleported here. Now are we going to go put the ‘Mother conduit’ back or what?” Graser asked with a bored face.

“Leggo!” I yelled happily. So we all left, and followed Graser to Spawn. We got to spawn, and found a hidden door which none of us had seen before except for Graser. He pressed a very well hidden button and the door opened. Graser walked in first motioning us to follow and we all crept in. There was a room and in the middle, the conduit. It was not powered, so we took it back to spawn. Then we powered it up and we watched as the Conduit did its magic. Then, there was a whoosh sound as we spun around and around. It was like a whirlpool!

One of us screeched “AHHHH! What’s happening?!”

“We’re going home!” Somebody yelled.

“Someone help!” A person screamed

We then stopped spinning around and heard a bunch of voices. It sounded like we were at a convention with all of the talking and yelling. I could finally see and I gasped in pure delight. Minecraft had teleported me to VidCon!

“Omg Omg Omg Omg!” I started to jump up and down with glee. I was actually at VidCon! With all of my favorite YouTubers!

“You ok there?” Will asked coming out from the crowd.

“OMG! I’m seeing everyone in real life! Ohmigod,” I started to hyperventilate. “Can I pleaseeee get a picture?!”

“Lol, Jord, chill. I’m still the same ‘five year old’ William you talked to-” He started to talk.


“So, friend, do you want to take some pictures and get autographs or just look at us jumping up and down?” Graser suggested laughing at my reaction of seeing them.

“I want to take a group picture with my friends except for Graser.” I replied with a chuckle. “Jk lol. Get in here, Graser.” I said posing for the pic.

So I got a picture with everyone, and got a poster of the picture signed by all of them. I literally died with excitement. And then everything started to spin again. I ended up on the floor of my room with all of my pictures lying around me. I smiled thinking about the adventures I had, and I realized that even though it had been a few weeks in Minecraft, nothing else had changed in the real world except of the fact I was apparently their friend now.

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