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♡ Valentine ♡


Valentine's Day is about more than romantic love, it's celebrating all types of love that bond us together. Like conversation hearts, some are cute, some are suggestive, some are even heartwrenching, and other's are downright filthy. Enjoy~♡

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

♡ Magenta ♡

"This is going to sound weird, but are you ever just in the mood for some titties?" Magenta gave me a serious look. It was obvious she'd been pondering this question for a moment. One of my eyebrows curved upwards in surprise.

"Are you being serious right now?" I asked her.

"I'm being 100% serious."

"Um," Was all I could manage. She scoffed softly and decided to explain.

"They're soft, unbelievably fun to play with, and warm, and..." Word voice trailed off in a haze as she had talked herself into, well, probably a craving for breasts. I couldn't blame her.

"Are we really having this conversation right now?" I asked her, taking a sip from my water bottle as we sat in the corner of the library. Magenta laid both her hands flat on the table where our spiral notebooks and chemistry textbooks resided currently.

"Yes, Michael. We are." That made me feel a little overwhelmed.

"Genta, I know you're bisexual and all... but I've never talked to a woman about enjoying the female anatomy." My face scrunched up at what I was saying. I reopened my eyes at her, "This is weird." She just gave me a look as if to say, 'well, get used to it Mike', and so the conversation continued.

"What's your favorite thing about boobs? Go!"

"The fact I've actually gotten to play with some." I answered without thinking. My face turned a bright shade of pink, my ears going hot. I've only been with two girls so far, neither one of them all the way, but second base? Yes. Four boobs. Four glorious boobs... Magenta chuckled at me.

"For real, Jackson?" I simply nodded.

"It's the simple things in life, right?" That made her grin.

"Um, yeah." She replied, her index finger drawing shapes and figures against the wood grain as she looked down. Now, it was my turn.

"What's your favorite thing about them?" She looked up at me from the table.


"Your favorite thing about titties!" Snickering, her head fell to the table for a moment. "What?" Why was she laughing all of a sudden?

"You said titties!" She laughed a bit harder, but tried to stay quiet so the librarian wouldn't kick us out. My cheeks flushed.

"Yeah, I did... Now, don't avoid the question."

"Ok, ok. Best thing about them... Sucking on them." I froze. " You know, playing with nipples, licking them. The reactions you get! Whew!" Hearing a female talk about this... Turned me on. Should I be surprised about this? Probably not, I'm an 18-year-old male who really likes women. And breasts too, if this conversation I'm having with Magenta is anything at all to go by. But when that came out of her mouth, DAMN. Suddenly, I became forever grateful we're sitting at a table.

"Yeah, that's nice too." I mumbled, trying to discreetly adjust the straining against my jeans. It wasn't helping, so I let it be hoping the conversation would pick up enough to get my mind off it. My eyes moved back up to look across the table at Magenta, who was now cupping her own breasts. It's safe to say in the moment, I felt 100% screwed and not in the fun way. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked in a rush under my breath.

"Wishing they were bigger." She replied, still analyzing herself. I bit back a groan as I watched her jiggle them for a split second. Now I was throbbing, and she was only touching herself innocently - I hope. Unable to look away from Magenta, who was wearing this cute, pale blue, low-cut, summer dress with a black jean jacket pushed to the sides because of her wandering hands, I came to the conclusion she had to be a C-cup. At least. You have to remember I've only been with two sets of boobs, so I could very well be wrong. They could be D's or B's and I would be none the wiser!

This is all her fault! Talking about breasts! Touching her own in front of me! What the heck is she playing at today?

She eventually let herself go and looked up at me like she hadn't just been fondling herself over her clothing mere seconds ago. Her eyes widened at my not-so-hidden, darkened expression.

"Michael, are you ok?"

"Not exactly." My voice was deep, dark. Yet she let it go for some reason. Then I heard something move underneath the table, followed by her bare feet setting themselves on my lap as she settled down the her chair, getting comfortable. My eyes became as big as saucers for a moment. I'd felt her delicate toes brush my dick just enough to create a slight moment of friction.

"I hope you don't mind, I just ran three miles in gym last period and my feet are killing me..."

"Nope! We're good!" I ground out behind clenched teeth. Breathe, Jackson. Take a deep, fucking, breath!

"Are you sure?" She wondered, sounding concerned for me. Magenta and I have been friends for a long time, but until now it hadn't hit me how sexy she's always been. Of course it had to happen this way! Right when we're talking about tits, I get a fucking erection like I've never had before!

"Never better." I mumbled, glancing at my textbook like I wasn't actually imagining taking her roughly against the book shelf. Or maybe the wall would be a better place? Hmm, lots of choices around here. Who knew?

The both of us went back to reading passages from our chem textbooks. That's the class we had next, right now was study hall. I got a few pages into the chapter before I felt one of her feet begin rubbing against my inner thigh. Fuuuck! It had been going away! I wanted to pound my head into the table just then! My heavy breathing came back and so did my erection, but this time it hurt even more. Had I ever been this hard before? I don't know. I need to escape! To... the bathroom? No. Other guys might hear me, which will make things even worse.

My mind couldn't come up with anywhere else I could secretly wander off to, to try and take care of my growing problem. My ears burned furiously and I could feel my forehead and the back of my neck prickle with the beginning of sweat. This wasn't good. Trying to focus on chemical compounds and structures did little to ebb the need growing within me, and eventually I'd had enough. A low growl of frustration escaped from me, gathering the subtle attention of Magenta. Her layered gold necklaces glinted under the florescent lighting of the library making my mind run wild. My imagination suddenly created the alluring image of her completely void of any clothes, laying on a bed dressed up in that same pale blue color, wearing nothing but that gold jewelry of hers.

"Michael, something's wrong. I can tell. You don't normally growl at your chemistry book."

Was she clueless?!

My fist hit the table just enough to make her eyes widen, but not enough for the librarian to be suspicious. I looked her straight in her eyes as I told her what's what.

"You get your dainty-ass feet off my dick! Haven't you made it hard enough?! God damn, Magenta." She. Looked. Horrified. So, keeping things casual, I lifted my textbook up as a makeshift barrier as I felt her remove her feet from my lap slowly. There was a moment of silence, then a single finger steadily tugged my book down to lay back on the table top. We made full eye contact again.

Her expression was... different. If it was possible, her eyes were bigger, more attention-grabbing as she leaned forward towards me.

"Stand up, and follow me." Magenta's voice was soft yet commanding. My curiosity peaked, making me raise an eyebrow at her once more. Then she winked before standing up and beginning to walk away. Quickly, I stood and followed after her. Once I caught up to her brisk, yet easy pace she grabbed my hand to thread our fingers together. My stomach did back flips at her touch, nerves rising slightly.

Are you about to get fucked? By your gorgeous friend? How the hell did this happen? It's a fucking Tuesday for crying out loud!

We wove in and out through bookshelves, going back into the copy machine room where there was another door. She simply smirked at me. Her back was against the door with her hand holding the handle as she spoke, "Chem's at 1:45, right?" I could only nod at her. "Good, we have time." Turning the knob, the door miraculously opened and together we filed in. With a click, she locked the door behind us and we were alone. No one knew where we were, as nobody had seen us go back there together - hardly anyone needed the copy machine anymore, so it wasn't used much.

Looking around in the dimness, there was an old woven chair in the corner with a standing lamp next to it, and built up against the wall was a counter that had built-in drawers and a two-door cupboard. Did I mention the counter was waist-height? No. Okay. Magenta shrugged off her black, jean jacket to reveal the spaghetti straps of her petite dress. I really like what I see, and so does everything below my belt. She closed the gap between us, looking up into my eyes. My arms instinctively wrapped around her little waist, pulling her against me. A tiny sound escaped from her when I brought her against me before a rather large smile spread across her face.

She put a hand up to cup my cheek as I leaned down to kiss her soft lips. We stayed like this for a moment, just sweetly kissing each other in a quiet room, taking in each other's scents. I felt my blood boiling in my veins for her. I want her so badly. A moan escaped me as she hitched a leg about my waist. Both my hands moved then, one holding her leg where it was under her thigh and the other gripping her ass cheek with the thin fabric of her dress riding upwards, exposing glorious skin for only me to touch. My lips kissed down her neck as my one hand kneaded her plump ass.

Can I smack it? Would she take offence to that?

Whimpers escaped her, one made her shudder against me and it only spurred me on. My hips thrusted against her waiting pussy, even though there were clothes between us I couldn't help myself. That single thrust earned me a gloriously filthy moan from her. "Michael." Came her plea.

"Tell me what you want, Genta." My voice was dark, low-toned. I pulled away from her neck and chest to look at her. Magenta looked so far gone already and all we'd been doing is make out, but something soon took her over and her natural seductiveness was back in full force.

"How about... I show you what I want instead?" As she'd spoke, she slowly gotten on her knees in front of me, her hands trailing down my chest and thighs. I leaned back, gripping the counter top in the haze of my arousal as I watched her. Magenta's nimble fingers slowly unbuttoned my black jeans, pulling them down in succession with my boxer briefs. Out sprung my throbbing dick, almost hitting her in the face from my point of view. No girl had gotten this far with me before, it made me wonder what she thought of it - of me.

With the dirtiest smirk spread across her face, she went to work on me, licking up and down my length on all sides before taking me in her mouth. Her pretty head bobbed up and down on my dick, and I found myself unable to look away from her. When she sucked a bit harshly on my tip I almost lost it. My head threw itself back with my mouth open in ecstasy, she's too good at this.

"Fuck, Genta." I ground out with clenched teeth. She let me go with a POP, smiling with saliva at the corners of her mouth. My eyes were hazy as I dropped down to her level on my knees to kiss her swollen lips. It was obvious that I was tasting myself on her lips, but I didn't much care because I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. Our lips parted and I glanced around for a suitable place for her to lay down so I could have my own fun. Nothing. Looks like the floor is our only option. "Is there a blanket or something in the cupboard?" She pursued her lips, thinking, then gave me a shrug.

"I don't know, let's look." Bypassing me, she crawled the short way to open the cupboard There were a couple blankets. YES. She grabbed one, laying it out on the floor so there were no wrinkles, then laid herself back down on it. My body crawled above her, hovering at arms length so I could take her in with my eyes.

"You're so gorgeous." She giggled at me as I said that.

"Think you'll be saying the same thing while you're fucking me, Michael?" She sat up enough to lift her dress up and over her head, letting it fall to the side. All she still had on was a pair of white, lacy, panties. My mouth watered.

"You bad girl..." I went in to kiss her again, the action becoming addictive the more I did it. In between kisses she lifted my shirt up and over my head discarding it somewhere like she had her dress. Our kissing slowed down as she parted from me, lazily laying down on the blanket in front of me. She pulled off her underwear, spread her legs wide only to hold her dainty pussy lips apart with both her hands.

"I want you." Her voice was lustful, and so I gave into her. With such a goddess before me, how could I not give her what she wanted? Taking hold of myself I gently rubbed my tip up and down her folds - she'd let go of herself by now, of course - letting our shared juices combine before slowly entering her. I have no idea if she's 100% virgin or not so I wanted to go slow. As far as I knew Magenta has only had girlfriends so far, which in my mind means no dick has gone where I am. I like that.

She moaned in a whimper as I entered her. Her hands gripped my upper arms to brace herself as her eyes crinkled shut. She's a penis virgin, for sure. I felt territorial of her now, there's really no going back after this. I waited, giving her a moment to adjust. Magenta nodded for me to continue, so I slowly moved in and out, kissing her all over. I even managed to kiss her soft breasts a few times - hopefully there will be a second time or more of this, because there's so much I want to do with her. Just her.

I began to feel close to my orgasm, so I slowed down - How? I don't fucking know. But I managed. I pulled out to her dismay, and quickly she figured out that I was changing our position from missionary to spooning. Now behind her, I guided myself back in her tight, wet pussy with a groan. One hand held her right leg up and the other managed to find it's way around to her clitoris, rubbing it in gentle circles.

"Oh, Michael." She breathed heavily, putting a hand behind my head to keep me there in some manner as she leaned into me. I didn't want this to end, and it feels like she doesn't either - I hope. Eventually, I pulled out right before cumming. My cum shooting up against her lower abdomen as her hand stroked the remainder of it out. Still holding my dick between her legs I felt her begin to grind against it in need.

"You want more, baby girl?" I mumbled against her shoulder. She nodded. I didn't know if she'd came yet, it had been difficult to tell in all this sexual haze that surrounded us in this meager room. I let her continue grinding against me in a state of fever as I glanced at the watch on my wrist.

"Shit! Magenta? Magenta, baby, we gotta go." I moved my wrist so my silver, Casio watch clearly showed her the time.

1:41 PM

"Shoot." And then we scrambled, grabbing clothes, I had to jump to put on my pants. It made her giggle as she only really had to slip her dress over her head. Before letting the skirt fall, she remembered my cum streaked against her taught tummy. I watched her take two fingers, gathering it up to put in her mouth, then let her dress fall back down. Her eyes scanned the room as I buttoned my shirt back up. "Michael, have you seen my undies?"

Reaching in my pocket with a heavy sigh, I pulled them out, dangling them on two fingers in front of her.

"Dirty boy." She replied with a smirk. She took them from me a quickly slipped them back on. "K, let's go." Threading our fingers together again, we left the room to go pack our stuff up in our backpacks. By the time we finished that, we had just enough time to rush to class and take our seats.

The teacher had given us a once over, probably because we'd cut it so close to class starting. Magenta and I shared a chuckled over that, sitting next to each other like we always did in chem lab. Only now things have changed... And I like where they're going.

Leaning my elbow on the black lab counter I looked her over, smiling like a goof ball, I'm sure. Soon, she noticed my stare. Her cheeks heated as she took her notebook out with a pen as lecture began, her cute fingers tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. The more time I spend with her, the more I fall for her...

"Wanna come over to my place for dinner tonight?"

She didn't hesitate to answer me.


We are SO more than friends now.

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