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Anarchy (Sequel to Mob Love Story)


Sequel to Mob Love Story is here! Danger from a new enemy threatens to tear apart everything that the Three Families created including peace among the cities. Cities will burn, so who will survive?

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Gunshots in the Darkness

Chapters will be edited ASAP

I Do Not Own Naruto Only This Idea.

Here is the awaited sequel to Mob Love Story- Anarchy.

SPOILER ALERT: In this story I have incorporated the real children from the Naruto series (SasuSaku & NaruHina), for those of you behind the manga this is a spoiler!

*For this story I will be taking some things from the actual Naruto manga and modifying it to fit in here, like I have done with the kids.*

Anyways Enjoy!

Ten years have passed in the city of Konoha in peace. All three head mafia family cities have operated together without a war or unnecessary bloodshed since the fall of Orochimaru.

However, in times of great piece disaster lies in wait.

~Abandoned Parking Lot in Suna City~ 9:36 pm~

A lone man with brown hair and purple tribal tattoos sat on his knees in a deserted parking lot, dirt and tears littered his red suit jacket. Blood smeared along his jaw and hairline as his arm were restrained behind him. A parking light shone above the three men gathered.

"Whoever you are Garra will have your head for this! Do you have any idea who I am?! This is an act of war do you hear me?! You're a dead man! The three head families will destroy-" The man's words were cut off as the man was gagged from behind.

Muffled sounds continued to pour from the gag echoing in the lot for only two men to hear.

"Kankuro my dear boy I know exactly who you are, the question however is do you know who we are? Or more importantly who I am?" A deep sarcastic voice sounded from the man standing before Kankuro, a bored expression held onto his face.

Kankuro stopped trying to talk through his gag watching as the man who spoke got closer.

Shaggy black hair was cut short enough to brush above two different colored eyes, scars riddled the entire right side of the man's impassive face as he stared ruthlessly down at Kankuro.

After a few moments of silence a cruel smiled lifted a corner of the man's lips.

"I take your silence as a no. We-" the man gestured between himself and his partner behind Kankuro, "are going to ruin the three head families so honestly let them come. I would love to let you free and have you rely the message that, I, Obito Uchiha have come to take over and destroy the Head Yakuza. But, you've been in this business long enough to know that getting off easy doesn't happen, so instead you get to BE the message."

Taking one last look at Kankuro Obito spoke directly to his partner, "Zetsu do rush it along I would like to get some sleep tonight, I'll be waiting in the car."

Obito made his way toward a navy blue Rolls Royce; his footsteps filling the brief silence.

Kankuro took a deep inhale through his nose, polished dress shoes came into his downcast view before a gun barrel was lazily held before him. Allowing his eyes to travel up Kankuro took in the man that was going to end his life. White alabaster skin and short grey hair highlighted the man's yellow hued eyes.

Zetsu calmly pulled the hammer back on his pistol, the sound deafening in the silence.

"Just think you're death will help bring a new era. All is not in vain." As Zetsu finished his small speech the trigger was pulled.

The smell of gunpowder assaulted the muggy city air as Kankuro's body meet the cold unforgiving ground, blood slowly pooled and crawled across the pavement.

Distant sirens filled the air as Zetsu replaced his gun in its holster before walking to his mentor's car completely unfazed after just shooting a man.

Closing the driver door Zetsu placed the Royce in drive as Obito spoke from the back seat, "Let the reign of a real Uchiha commence."

~Across town in Konoha~ Uchiha Household~ 9:49pm~

"But Mom! Naruto is so much more fun than Uncle Itachi, why can't Naruto watch me while you and Dad go out?" A seven year old with short black hair much like her father's stood with her arms crossed pouting to her mother.

"Sadara I told you already, your Uncle isn't in town very often and he wants to see you. Besides your father and I need some time together, he's always working at the office lately. Now, please, be a good girl and go upstairs to get ready for bed. And stop pouting honey you look like your father when he's thinking." Pink hair was pulled into a ponytail as the mother continued to scold her daughter.

Giving a huge sigh to add dramatic effect, Sadara turned from the kitchen and went to her room leaving Sakura to finish the dishes.

A few moments passed before the front door opened and shut while Sasuke loosened his blue silk tie, "Sakura, Sadara, I'm home." Sadara walked down the stairs and past her father without a glimpse in his direction, Sasuke felt his eyebrow quirk up at the behavior.

Following his daughter to the kitchen soundlessly Sasuke was greeted with Sakura's backside from across the kitchen as she finally finished her cleaning. Pulling pink hair free Sakura turned to her husband with a warm smile, "You're home early."

"Only had a board meeting. Kakashi took care of…the other stuff for today." Sasuke kissed Sakura on the head while carefully eyeing his daughter at the dining room table when he spoke of Kakashi.

For ten years Sakura and Sasuke had decided to keep the darker part of his life a secret only allowing Sadara to know only of his CEO position. Sadara knew everyone Sasuke worked with and was lead to believe they were all a part of the big company. As parents Sasuke and Sakura protected their daughter from the dark life, hoping she never see it. With ten years of peace the likelihood of danger was all but none existent.

"Has she been like this all day? What did I do this time?" Sasuke studied his pouting daughter as he spoke to Sakura, his voice a whisper.

Sakura laughed lightly, "You didn't do anything, but I on the other hand have." Sasuke stared at his green eyed wife waiting for her to continue, "I told her that Itachi was coming to visit, or babysit rather while you and I go out tonight for quality time. You've been so busy at the office lately and trying to manage the other stuff with Kakashi I think you deserve a break."

Sasuke smirked, ten years of marriage and his wife had become demanding as ever.

"Glad to know you have it all planned out. Where do you want to go to for dinner?"

"Why not revisit Fire Style, the first place you ever took me? It's been too long since I enjoyed their specialty house wine." Sakura cooed in Sasuke's ear knowing how it affected her man.

"This time we won't get caught up in a car chase. You go get ready I'll see what I can do with the mini-brooder."

"She gets that from you, you know." Sakura pointed an accusing finger at her husband while walking from the kitchen.

Sasuke walked toward his daughter, hands lazily finding his pockets. Sadara rested her head against the wooden table looking out the bay window while red pajama clad legs dangled off the chair.

Stopping just outside the dining room Sasuke's eyes trailed to the wall behind his daughter. Every time he came in the dining room his eyes went straight to that wall, memories of beating a hole through the dry wall when Sakura had gone missing ten years ago served as a permanent reminder to protect his family.

Cutting his gaze to his still sulking daughter Sasuke pulled out an adjacent chair and sat.

"It will only be a few hours with your uncle not the end of the world takara." Sasuke spoke softly, reaching for red glasses that had been carelessly tossed onto the table.

"Why do you always call me that?" Sadara finally turned toward her father eyeing him as a small smile ghosted his lips.

"Your mother and I call you that because it has a special meaning. Takara means treasure."

Confusion wrinkled the young Uchiha's forehead, "That doesn't explain much Dad."

"When you were still a baby inside your mother things out here were crazy, at one point I thought I'd lose you both to the chaos. When you finally came into the world you were a treasure to us, that's why I call you takara sometimes." Sasuke spoke slowly, careful to avoid mentioning what he really meant by 'chaos.' Images of that dark time replayed in his mind.

Sadara sat up straight in her chair listening intently, "You've never told me that before."

Sasuke handed Sadara her glasses, "That's because you never asked." Sadara smiled, she didn't get to have a lot of time with her dad.

Opening her mouth to talk more with Sasuke a knock at the door cut off Sadara's attempt.

"Looks like Itachi is here. Sadara go greet your uncle, I'm going to check on your mother." Rising from their seats father and child both headed in their own direction.

Sakura had one leg perched on top of the king sized bed as she rubbed apple scented body lotion along her toned legs. A grey metallic dress hugged her body nicely complimenting her loosely curled hair.

It had been several weeks since she had gotten dressed in something other than mundane clothing and felt the need to pamper herself.

The bedroom door swiftly opened and closed, Sasuke stood near the door drinking in his wife. Every time Sasuke saw Sakura it was like he was seeing her for the first time.

Green eyes appeared more vibrant from her simple makeup, crème skin looked all the more alluring as it peeked from the dress.

Sakura turned hooded eyes to Sasuke, warmth flooding her body as smoldering dark irises bore into her.

"We should skip dinner, maybe stay up here and enjoy more…physical activities. Work on having quiet adult fun." Sasuke's voice came out deep and sensual, his words a hot whisper against Sakura's ear.

Leaning back Sakura let her head fall against Sasuke's chest, "I love-"

A high pitched screeching came from downstairs, Sakura and Sasuke's heads both snapped to their closed bedroom door.

"Sadara." Both parents spoke in unison. Sakura moved first her feet moving without hesitation, ripping open the door Sakura tore down the stairs with Sasuke close at her heels.

Coming to a halt both parents released heavy exhales. In the foyer Naruto stood twirling Sadara in the air, giggles of glee echoing off the walls.

Sakura placed a hand to her chest in relief, "Naruto what are you doing here?"

Naruto slowly released his god child before facing Sakura, "Oi hey Sakura! Itachi called saying Akatsu-I mean a cat got loose and he had to go. I brought Bolt with me to hang with Sadara, hope that's okay."

"Yes that's fine. I'm guessing Hinata and Himawari stayed home then." Sakura smiled to Bolt, an almost miniature replica of his father with matching blue eyes and blond hair.

Sasuke eyed Bolt before trailing his gaze to Naruto himself, "We need to talk Sasuke before you head out."

Sasuke nodded his head in understanding leading his comrade outside to talk in private.

As the front door clicked shut Sasuke stared evenly at the blond awaiting the news.

Naruto ran a distressed hand through sunshine locks before heaving a sigh, "Akatsuki called Itachi back to Rain village, apparently something big is going on. The whole underground is abuzz with rumors."

"What kind of rumors?" Sasuke got right to business slipping out of his domestic shell and into his place as Mob boss.

"Some drug lords are starting to talk anarchy, like something is about to spring up wrecking the peace among the main cities. Things have been as close to peaceful as ever for the last ten years, there's no way. Right?" Naruto eyed his impassive boss allowing the information to sink in.

"If they are only rumors we will keep an ear to the ground. I want Akatsuki feeding us updates and all street informants are to search deeper. Talk to Konohamaru see what he's heard, even pull from old lady Chiyo. If anarchy is being mentioned all associates are to treat it with high level threat response, we can't afford to let this get ahead of us. I'll call the other Heads tomorrow maybe we can come together and find the source of these rumors and stop them." Sasuke's voice was authoritative as he gave his demands.

Naruto nodded and quickly pulled out his phone to call Kakashi with the new orders. Sasuke walked back toward the house pushing his dark life aside in order to enjoy time with his wife.

Opening the front door Sasuke ducked just in time to avoid a hurtling coloring book. As the book swished past Sasuke it connected with the side of Naruto's head outside earning a painful grunt. Hollers filled the house as familiar arguing sounded from Bolt and Sadara.

"Bolt you're such an idiot! Just 'cuz I'm a girl doesn't mean anything, I'll take you right here."

"I don't wanna get girl germs or hurt your girly feelings. I might make you cry."

"That's it!" Flesh slapping against skin echoed from the living room followed by grunts of pain.

Sasuke felt his eyes widen slowly before turning to his wife, Sakura sat in a far chair reading through a medial magazine while she spoke, "Always just like their fathers."

Sadara and Bolt rolled across the floor and Sakura simply lifted her heeled feet up as they passed beneath her.

"Ow, no biting moron!"

"Shut up four eyes!"

Naruto finally joined Sasuke near the living room watching as his kid fought a girl, shaking his blond head Naruto released a hearty laugh.

"What are you laughing at dobe, your kid's getting his ass handed to him." Sasuke's comment was whispered but didn't go unnoticed. Naruto elbowed Sasuke in the ribs with enough force to knock him sideways. Sasuke quickly recovered his balance sending Naruto a slap to the head.

"Oh it's on duck ass, bring it on!"

"You're too stupid to insult."

Both men lunged at each other crashing to the floor, more grunts and bad insults filled the house as Sakura heaved another sigh while flipping the page of her magazine.

Reading the last of a report on new operating machinery Sakura stood smoothing out a few wrinkles from her dress before calmly walking past the feuding children and towards the feuding adult men.

"Alright you two knock it off." Sakura grabbed the collar of Naruto's shirt pulling him off of Sasuke as they both landed one last cheap hit.

Sakura pinned both men with a scolding look effectively halting the nonsense.

"You're worse than the kids, at least they know when to call a truce. Speaking of which, Sadara. Bolt. Give it a break or Naruto sends you to bed without a snack!" At the sound of Sakura's stern voice sounds of rustling in the living room stopped immediately.

Sasuke and Naruto glared at one another, Sakura rolled her eyes at their childish behavior. Grabbing Sasuke by his shirtfront Sakura drug him to the door.

"Sadara Mommy and Daddy love you. We'll see you in the morning be good for Naruto and sleep well!"

~Fire Style~

~Two Hours Later~

Sakura sipped her wine slowly, noticing the way Sasuke seemed lost in thought. "I thought dinner would bring us closer together yet you seem miles away. What's on that vast mind of yours?"

Black eyes lifted to curious green, "Nothing I'm thinking about is suitable dinner conversation."

"Oh come on Sasuke as long as we have a conversation I don't care what it entails." Sakura leaned against the table slowly earning a smirk from her husband.

Leaning back Sasuke played with his empty glass for several moments.

"Itachi got called to Rain village due to rumors in the underground. Apparently, someone is mentioning an uprising. No one knows more than that so it's too early to know for sure what's going on. I ordered all my associates and fellow street resources to dig deeper just to be safe. I'll be calling the Heads for a phone conference tomorrow at the office to touch base with Garra and Neji. This is all just probably some drug dealer using his own merchandise and spewing lies. Either way I'm prepping the men."

Sakura bit her lip as she absorbed the news, clattering of glass ware from the restaurant filled the air.

"Since the new treaty was signed and the three Head bosses came together ten years ago we have avoided large scale outbreaks. Sakura if a war does break things could get messy fast and I don't want you or Sadara anywhere near the chaos. I almost lost you both once I will not risk it a second time."

"Sasuke nothing is going to happen to us. None of the kids know about the underground lifestyle and it will stay like that, but one day they will find out. Especially since Bolt and Sadara are getting older, they are more observant then you think. Hinata and I talked about this last week times are changing."

"Naruto and I don't want our kids anywhere near this lifestyle, Sadara especially. I refuse to subject my child to this…this madness. Dealing with the company is stressful enough-"

"Sasuke. Sooner rather than later she will have to know…about all of it. I think you should be the one to tell her when that time comes, for now things are fine."

Sasuke stared at Sakura with calculating eyes before looking away in annoyance. He hated his wife being right, whether he liked it or not though Sadara would start asking questions.

A soft hand squeezed Sasuke's hand drawing his attention back toward his wife, "Sasuke don't get so caught up in worrying about that now, our little girl might be growing up but let's just take it a day at a time."

Sasuke's lips thinned as he shook his head. "Back to the rumor topic. If this is not a just rumors then you and Sadara are to head to the Manor and stay there like we discussed."

"Yes, dear." Sakura rolled her eyes at the protective man before her.

"Sakura I'm serious. We talked about a back- up plan for a reason, if a war is to ever break out my parent's Manor is the safest place. I want you two as far from the city as possible."

Sakura nodded her head in understanding as Sasuke flagged down a waiter for their bill.

Waiting for the car to be pulled around Sakura's phone suddenly came to life. Digging the IPhone from her purse the hospital's number blared across the screen, "Dr. Uchiha."

"Sakura we need you in the OR immediately. A patient was transferred here from Suna with a serious wound." Shizune's voice sounded almost frantic above the hospital background noise.

Tsunade had retired a few years before when Sakura had surpassed her mentor. Sakura quickly became known in the medical world as the new face of medicine as Tsunade passed the torch to her successful apprentice. Shizune stayed on the medical staff becoming Sakura's right hand doctor and coordinator.

"Why isn't Sound taking care of their own patient?"

"The wound sustained isn't something they dared operate on especially considering who the patient is."


"Kankuro Shukaku has lost two pints of blood from a bullet wound in his chest. The bullet seems to be lodged in the rib cage close to the heart and no one else dares operate so close to the organ. . will keep giving him blood but we need you here ASAP. He's unstable and we don't know how long he'll keep hanging on."

"I'm on my way. I want X-rays to be taken and ready by the time I get there, and prep him for surgery we will need to take immediate action. Notify all surgeons for standby we have a high priority on the table." Ending the call Sakura relayed the emergency details to Sasuke as they climbed into the Audi R8 and hurried to the ER.

"I'll call you when I'm out of surgery." Sakura spoke as she climbed out of the car.

"Garra will probably be calling a conference once Kankuro is awake. Go save a life."

"It's what I do best." Turning from the car Sakura's heels clicked against the pavement as she jogged to the ER entrance.

Once inside she was greeted with the sight of nurses and doctors moving to and fro in organized chaos. Stopping quickly at her office, Sakura traded her gown and heels for green scrubs and a pair of Nikes she always kept on hand.

Pulling pink locks into a high ponytail Sakura walked into the madness of the OR. Shizune quickly weaved through the sea of medical staff huddled over Kankuro and towards Sakura, "The patient has been in and out of consciousness, in the X-Rays the bullet is lodged between the sternum and rib cage on the right side. No one has any details involving the shooting besides that it happened roughly two and a half hours ago. Any other information is only known by Kankuro."

"Well then I guess we have a life to save so the shooter who did this is brought to justice. Alright everyone I need all hands ready we need to move quickly, let's save this man's life!" Sakura shouted over the noisy OR as the surgery began.

~Five Hours Later~ 4:19am~

Sakura carefully sewed together the final stitch on Kankuro's chest. Lying the metal instruments on a bedside tray Sakura wiped the back of her hand across her brow, five long hours of nonstop surgery.

Nurses monitored and recorded vital as excess surgeons peeled away their bloodied gloves.

The bullet had been lodged in tightly causing more internal damage than originally thought. After almost going into cardiac arrest twice Sakura's team had saved Kankuro's life.

"Move the patient to the ICU I want half hour checks on his vital signs and constant surveillance. We did not just spend five hours in surgery to have our patient die in recovery."

"Yes Dr. Uchiha." Several nurses prepped the gurney and machinery for transport to the ICU as Sakura pushed through swinging OR doors.

Releasing pink hair to flow freely once more Sakura felt exhaustion begin to set into her muscles. Closing her office door Sakura sank into her comfortable leather desk chair and sat listening to the ticking wall clock for several moments before calling Sasuke.

Sasuke answered on the second ring, "How did it go?"

"He's stable. I'm confident he'll pull though and wake within the next few hours. You sound wide awake, why are you still up?"

"Good to hear. I stayed up waiting for your call, even got ahead on paper work. Naruto on the other hand fell asleep on the couch with Bolt and Sadara. He's a terrible babysitter."

Sakura laughed lightly Naruto acted like a kid himself most times.

"Need me to come pick you up? You sound ready to crash." Sasuke's voice was lined with concern earning a smile from his wife.

"No it's alright I'll crash on my couch in the office. I want to be here when Kankuro wakes up, maybe I could find out who gunned down the brother of Garra."

"Wait, no one knows anything?"

"Nope. Listen I really need to try for even an hour of sleep, I'll call you later. Get some sleep Sasuke, I love you."

"And I love you. Keep me updated, goodnight."

Ending the call Sakura kicked off her sneakers before heading towards the couch to lie down. Sleep washed over her sore and tired body within moments as she sank in the plush cushions.


A soft knock sounded at Sakura's office door but went unanswered as the doctor snuggled deer into the couch cushions. After a few more minutes another knock sounded before the door swung open, the scent of fresh coffee wafting in the room.

Sakura took a deep inhale of the delicious smell before peeling open green eyes, Shizune stood over her boss with an outstretched Styrofoam coffee cup.

"Mmm, best smell to wake up to." Sakura sat up rubbing her kinked neck before grabbing for the lifesaving liquid.

"Kankuro is starting to come to, thought you'd want to be there. I don't think I'll ever understand how people can shoot another person in cold blood, it's so terrible and cowardly." Shizune's voice was lined with disgust, Sakura sipped her coffee in silence. Sakura didn't feel the need to agree or disagree with Shizune because she had once been at both ends of a gun witnessing the brutality they created.

"Well thanks for the coffee, but you can go home Shizune. You were supposed to go home hours ago, I'll take over with Kankuro." As Sakura spoke Shizune visibly sagged with relief.

"Thank you. If you need anything though don't hesitate to call, I'll come back immediately." Sakura waved off Shizune's words as the other doctor spoke.

"Shizune go home and rest."

Shizune gave a tired smile of goodbye before turning down the hallway, Sakura watched the brown haired doctor disappear before tossing her empty cup and hitting an elevator.

The ICU occupied the entire second floor, only four nurses were ever stationed on this floor because there wasn't many critical patients.

Stepping from the elevator Sakura waved to the nurses who sat doing paperwork, "Dr. Uchiha your patient is in room 3B down the hall located with the larger suites."

Sakura nodded and swiftly made her way to Kankuro's room.

Being the brother of Garra, Kankuro was given a large single bed suite furthest away from the others. Two men with red suites stood flanking Kankuro's door holding intimidating gazes. Showing the two men her ID Sakura was given entry.

Opening and quietly shutting the room door Sakura studied the monitors above Kankuro before taking in the extra two visitors. Tamari sat close to the bedside while Garra stood against a far wall, arms across his chest silently watching his brother and sister.

"Oh the good doctor." Kankuro's voice was a coarse whisper as Sakura steeped loser to the end of the bed.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I got shot." Kankuro gave a weak laugh before it turned into a shuttering inhale.

"That's to be expected. However you were very lucky and while you may be hurting now things will get better." Sakura pulled a syringe from her pocket while walking toward the hand with an IV. "This is Codeine, it will work faster through injection to relieve some of the pain."

A few heartbeats passed before Kankuro closed his eyes, a sigh of relief filling the room, "You're a godsend Doc."

Sakura gave a small smile before a Garra's deep voice spoke, "Now that you seem at ease what can you remember from last night Kankuro."

"Garra, Kankuro should be resting not answering your questions." Tamari shot her red headed brother an icy green eyed glare.

"He can rest after I put down whatever pathetic low life did this." Garra stood away from the wall his voice and body tight with anger.

Tamari opened her mouth to retort when Kankuro placed his hand a top his sister's, "Its fine Tamari, but nothing I'm going to say is good news."

Garra cut his gaze to Sakura silently telling her to leave, taking the hint Sakura headed toward the door but was stopped by Kankuro. "You should hear this too Doc, this way you can tell Sasuke and save my brother the work."

Sakura refaced the three Shukaku siblings of Suna waiting patiently, the beeping monitors created the only sound in the white sterile room.

Closing his eyes Kankuro took a deep inhale before beginning.

"I was doing profit checks with a few of our main dealers, I was finishing up with and heading to my truck. I must have blacked out or something, but when I woke up I was clear across town. There were two guys, they told me I was going to die for… some cause. I think the guy who shot me…I think he was called Zetsu? The leader guy kept talking about destroying the three heads and taking over. He called himself…damn what did he say." Kankuro closed his eyes in deep thought.

Tamari eyed her brother with concern, "Kankuro don't over exert yourself, Garra and Sasuke-"

Brown eyes snapped open as Kankuro recalled the name, "Uchiha!"

Everyone in the room stilled, Sakura was the first to speak, "Sasuke Uchiha, my husband, was with-"

"No, the guy's last name, it was Uchiha. His first name was, um, Burrito? No. Ugh, Magneto…still not right."

Sakura allowed her eyes to glimpse the monitors in concern her patient was spewing nonsense. During her marriage Sakura had meet all the Uchiha's and they would never shoot a head associate. Skimming through her memories Sakura was positive Kankuro had to be becoming delirious, to accuse the Uchiha's could stir up major problems.

"Obito! That's what it was!" Kankuro all but shouted the name as his audience of three stared at him with evident concern.

Tamari stood and lightly tried soothing her brother, "No one in the Uchiha family has that name. You need to rest maybe then you'll remember their-"

Kankuro angrily swatted away the blonde's hand, "I remember just fine. That's the name. I don't know if he planned on me actually surviving the bullet wound but this Obito guy is the one we got to find!"

"Calm Kankuro." Garra's steeled command stilled his brother, "I will have my people look for this Obito character since you seem so adamant. Rest for now I have phone calls to make, Tamari get him transferred back to Suna. I want my family close until this is resolved."

Tamari nodded to Garra while Kankuro relaxed back against the pillows.

Sakura turned toward the door and felt Garra follow behind. Once the door was shut Garra walked slowly beside the young doctor down the hallway toward the elevator.

"You've been a part of Sasuke's life long enough Sakura and I trust you will let him know these new…findings. Do make sure he knows, if someone from the Uchiha family is responsible for my brother I demand they be handed over. If there is resistance I will use force, am I clear Mrs. Uchiha?" Green locked with green in silent challenge.

Sakura felt herself straighten, "I understand Mr. Shukaku, however as Sasuke's wife I have never known of an Obito. So do not throw around idol threats, we all want this man stopped before things get out of hand. Whoever is behind Kankuro's shooting has plans to take over all three head cities, if I were you I'd be more concerned with getting ready for that."

Garra narrowed bright green eyes, "I appreciate your concern for the peace that has settled over the cities Doctor, but if I find out you are lying about this nonexistent Uchiha man I might have to pay you a visit to teach you the definition of truth."

Sakura stared evenly at Suna's mob lord unfazed by his threat, "Don't threaten me with a good time Garra. Touch me or my family and Sasuke will personally rip apart everything you've ever known and don't forget it. Now, excuse me I will be heading home now that Kankuro will no longer be my charge." The elevator doors opened revealing a seething red head, stepping forward Sakura head a muttered 'Bitch' from the man.

"Have a nice day to you as well Mr. Shukaku."

Sakura smirked to herself as she walked down the hall, the Uchiha name truly had worn onto her.

~Uchiha Household~10:26pm~Master Bedroom~

Sasuke stepped from the shower toweling drying his hair as Sakura sat on bathroom counter.

"So how did today go? You were quiet when you got home, Sadara even noticed." Sasuke stood naked as he spoke to Sakura.

"I'm fine, I'll tell you all about today if you put some clothes on. You're distracting me." Sakura laughed lightly the sweet sound echoing in their marble bathroom.

Sasuke continued to stand naked, "Distracting you say, where's the wife who finds me fascinating?" Smirking Sasuke finally pulled on a pair of loose sweat pants.

The couple walked to their California king bed and both plopped onto silken sheets, Sasuke pulled Sakura against his side inhaling deeply her scent.

"I should no longer be distracting so tell me what you know." Sasuke lightly kissed the top of Sakura's head before she recounted what Kankuro had said.

Sasuke and Sakura sat in silence for several moments before Sakura yawned and snuggling against a warm strong chest.

As green eyes drew heavy she spoke, "Oh and Garra thought it would be cute to threaten me on the elevator, saying he'd hold me responsible if the Uchiha family is harboring this Obito guy." Sasuke's muscle's tensed anger surging into the air. "I told him off though."

Sasuke smirked and slightly relaxed as his curiously grew, "What did you say?"

"You'd kick his ass for calling me a liar."

Sasuke let loose a genuine deep throaty laugh, "Well Mrs. Uchiha you're right about that. Being a Mafia wife really has picked up your zero tolerance level Sakura." Sasuke ran a hand through semi dry hair still smiling down at his wife. After ten years she still put everybody in their spot.

Green eyes no longer seemed to hold exhaustion as they locked with black in a heated gaze.

"Now who's being distracting pinky?"

Sakura gave a wicked smile as she climbed a top Sasuke's lap leaning in for a kiss that turned into savage lust, clothes quickly littered the floor as heat from their bodies filled the room.

Author's Note:

Hope this sequel is living up to its predecessor so far.

Please leave a comment, question, or concern in the review box below! Or you can reach me personally through PM.

Until next chapter my dear readers feel free to check out my other stories to hold you over.

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Omowonuola: I love the pace of the story, the characters are well created. I love matchmaker Killian. where is the rest of the story

Nohemi: Me gustó bastante la historia me atrapó de inmediato no puedo parar de leerlo

Ella: So first off, I wanted to say, I absolutely loved the story line and plot! It was so interesting! Second, I want to say, I love how you made it to where even though Brandi was a preacher’s daughter and a virgin, that she was still not completely pure. This book had me on the edge of my seat, and ...

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

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Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

Pournima Ganapathy Raman: Something new and you can never guess what will happen next

Danny: Me re gustó que digo me encantó...Lamentablemente no me gustó que...hayaterminado 😭100/10

kharris370: Entertaining

Tesorito: Me gustó mucho esta historia...

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