Fear of the Dark


It took a while for Syaoran to fall asleep again due to the agony he felt. Sakura stayed awake for longer to look after him, nursing the wound in his back from the needle. She fell asleep after a time, holding him close. She woke again in the late morning; Syaoran was still asleep, his expression a bit more peaceful compared to the night before. She felt for a temperature, but his fever hadn't gone down. If anything it had worsened. She went to sit up, but was stopped by Syaoran.

"Wait," He whispered. "Are you alright?"

She smiled softly, "I'm ok; just focus on yourself." She said.

"Where are you going?" He asked, not letting go of her hand.

"I was going to go get dressed." She replied.

He released her hand and she leant over to kiss him before heading back to her room to change. She dressed in a pale blue satin gown with long sleeves and crème lace. She slipped her feet into a pair of brown heels and did her hair, pulling it back into a bun with a braid at the base and placing her hair piece in. She wore the pendant and earrings Syaoran had given her a while back, and then headed back to see him.

Syaoran looked over as Yuui and his brother walked into his room. "Where's the princess?" Yuui asked.

"She said she went to get dressed." Syaoran replied.

"How are you feeling?" Yuui then proceeded to ask as he examined his back. It was a decent sized bruise and very sore and stiff.

"Shocking." He groaned.

"No surprise there; you used magic while you were sick and worsened your state. That shot was just a bandage for your illness." Yuui said.

"So I've heard you say several times in the past." Syaoran mumbled.

"Indeed. I don't think you've ever screamed though." The blonde said as he put together another shot.

"That's because you've never had to break through to the layer of muscle." Syaoran groaned.

"That's true." Yuui said as he administered the needle into his arm. "If you're not careful, I'll have to do it again."

"Right, I get it. Don't do anything stupid." Syaoran said dully. "Is the person who attacked Sakura releasing any information?"

"Not yet." Syaoron replied.

"I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. I'm sure he'll give into interrogation soon enough."

"Sakura's not hurt, is she?" Syaoron asked.

"She said she wasn't hurt, but I'm sure it's brought some repressed memories to the surface. I'm a little worried." Syaoran said before breaking into a coughing fit again.

"If it puts your mind at ease, I'll have a talk with her." Yuui sighed.

"I'll tell Rena when she wakes; she's still dead to the world at the moment." Syaoron said.

Syaoran began to feel the medicine kick in, making him tired. "Well, that should keep you sedated for a while. Get some rest." Yuui said.

Syaoran fell back to sleep quickly, and Sakura entered shortly after the two left. She spotted Syaoran asleep and walked over, sitting on the edge of the bed and holding his hand. She heard the door open and close and looked up to see the blonde doctor.

"He'll be fine; I just gave him something for the pain." He said.

"Thank you." She said softly.

"I hear your assailant was someone from your past." He began. She went rigid. "That can't have brought up any good memories."

"How did you know?" she asked almost angrily.

"Calm down." He snapped. "Syaoran's concerned for your wellbeing. He knows how much these sort of events affect you." He explained.

"Sorry…" she apologised. "Your tone of voice startled me."

"How so?" he asked, confused.

She took in a deep breath, "I've heard that tone many times during the time I was held captive. I identify it with what I went through." She said quietly.

He walked over and sat down in one of the chairs beside the bed, facing Sakura. "Sorry, I didn't realise." He apologised. "Will you tell me what happened?" he asked.

She looked at her feet. "I haven't even told Syaoran the full story." She said.

"I'm your doctor; if you tell me, I can find ways to help you." He said calmly.

"Please, just don't tell Syaoran." She whispered.

"It's not my job to blabber about people's lives." He said dully.

Sakura sighed. "It started when we turned seventeen…" she began, "It was just another ordinary day; Rena and I were sitting with those who remained of our friends and family for dinner; it was loud and full of laughter, just like it always was. After dinner, Rena and I had gone out for a little while; no one had realised the penetrating forces, so we were taken by surprise. When we got back, we thought it was just a black out, but I quickly sensed several magic users. It all happened so fast, I wasn't sure if it was real. When the lightning flashed, I saw everyone lying in their own blood-everyone that Rena and I loved were gone in a heartbeat, and we never got the chance to say good bye or to even…" she hiccupped as her throat grew tight, her eyes blurring with tears from the memories.


Lightning flashed and Sakura saw the bodies of all those she loved lying limp on the ground in their own pool of blood. Frightened for her sister's life, she looked around the hall, and lighting flashed again. Rena was knocked unconscious and slung over the shoulder of one of their enemies.

"Who are you!?" Sakura demanded.

"Fierce one, aren't you?" A man's voice came from the dark.

"Answer me! Or you'll regret it." Sakura snarled.

"Do you think we should tell her?" he continued to laugh, amused by Sakura's anger. One of the others, this time a woman, also laughed.

"Sure, she can't do anything about it now. If she tries to kill any one of us, her sister dies." She said.

Sakura clenched her fists.

"Well, since you want to know so badly, princess, we'll tell you. We are part of The Scarlet Organisation-I'm sure you've heard of us?" the same man replied.

"Yes, I've heard of you. You hunt down the most powerful magics and torture the user before killing them and taking their magic. You're an illegal underground society wanted for you heinous crimes against humanity." Sakura hissed.

"She seems to know more than we thought." The woman sighed.

"We better hurry up; our mistress will be angered if we don't return soon."

Sakura was confused-mistress? She'd always assumed the leader would be male due to the types of crimes committed.

"Well this could be fun; I don't think our princess here will be going down without a fight." Another man spoke with amusement. "So, what can I do to her?"

"If you hurt my sister I swear I'll kill you!" Sakura hissed.

"Oh no, we won't hurt her as long as you cooperate. It's not her powers we want, after all, but yours." The woman laughed cruelly.

"What do you want with me?" Sakura snapped.

"We want the power that's inside you. But don't worry; we won't kill you yet."

Sakura braced herself for an attack; she knew that these people could be capable of anything, so she needed to be careful. She didn't know when the fight had started, but it felt like an instant that suddenly everything went black.

When she woke, she found herself in a cold dark cell that smelt of sweat and blood. Rena was nowhere to be seen, and her hands were chained above her head and thankfully she was still wearing her clothes. Her head throbbed from where she'd been hit, and everything ached. The door opened and a woman wearing fine clothing stepped in; Sakura looked at the detail of the gown and the material, and she noticed the jewels hanging from her ears and neck. She was a noble. "Good, you're awake." The woman spoke. "I would firstly like to welcome you to the underground Ainz headquarters of our organisation. I hope you find it comfortable." She smiled.

"Where's Rena?" Sakura demanded viciously.

"Oh, so you still have fire in you? Well, that will change soon enough."

Sakura glared at her furiously and the woman smiled. "Rena is being held in another cell. If you cooperate, she won't be harmed. However, if you don't, I'm sad to say that she won't be too comfortable."

"I don't believe you." Sakura spat.

"Of course you don't, but I'm not a liar. You have my word." The woman shrugged.

"Then tell me what you want with me." Sakura demanded.

"First, allow me to introduce myself. I am Queen Aryanna of the land of Cerisia. My purpose for destroying your home completely and taking the last two surviving royals is to get the sacred power from the one who wields it-you."

Sakura felt her blood boil with rage. "I'll never give it to someone like you!"

"We'll see, soon enough. I always get what I want with time." The woman smiled, and then left.

Over the course of the many months she was held captive, Sakura was subject to various forms of torture; she was repeatedly raped, repeatedly beaten, repeatedly burned and subject to various forms of psychological torture. For the first few months, she held her ground and didn't allow herself to break to their will, however one day she was thrown into a room with a glass wall; on the other side of the glass wall was her beloved sister. Her clothes had been torn to shreds and she was beaten badly, bruises covering her torso and arms. Men entered the room Rena was in, and Sakura was forced to watch as her sister suffered the lashes and the burns. Sakura cried, begging for them to stop.

"Stop, please! I'll do anything…" she begged. The room Rena was in suddenly went black, and all she could hear were Rena's screams. As Sakura continued to be exposed to her younger sister's torture over time, the more she broke. She was forced to murder others with her magic, shattering what sense of self she had left. These repeated measures almost destroyed her entirely, but not quite…

Sakura lay on the cold damp floor of her cell, what was once a beautiful dress now torn to pieces. She couldn't find the strength to get up, and the pain in her body and heart was too great.

"Sakura, please get up!" Rena cried from the other side of the cell wall. "You're the only family I have left…don't leave me too…" She sobbed heavily, but Sakura didn't move. "Sakura please, open your eyes!" Rena begged, "If you allow yourself to die now, I'll never forgive you! You can't let them win…"

That's right. If she died, then they'd win and take the magic she possessed, and she'd be leaving poor Rena behind to be subject to whatever torture they felt like. She couldn't allow that to happen. She cracked open her emerald green eyes as she heard Rena's cell door open and someone walk in. Rena screamed.

"You should learn when to shut up if you know what's good for you." He growled.

Sakura moved first her hand, and slowly the rest of her sore aching abused body. She had to protect her sister. She couldn't allow her to be hurt any longer. She released a powerful blast of magic, bringing down the surrounding stone wall and disintegrating them into dust. Sakura realised they were in the middle of a desert in Ainz, and just ahead of her was a man she had come to know well. He had a sword in his hand, and with him were several other men.

"Well, well; look who's woken up." He laughed. "Time to teach her a lesson."

They grabbed Sakura, torturing her; she screamed as they wrenched her leg at an unusual angle, dislocating it from its joint. Her vision blurred with pain, bridging on the edge of unconsciousness as she was raped. Rena screamed out for it to stop, but was silenced. He held Sakura up by her hair when he was done with her, and smiled. "You see your sister there? For defying us, you're about to pay the ultimate price. She's about to die." He stabbed Rena in the side, and Sakura screamed as she watched her sister bleed out before her eyes. With that scream she released a powerful spell surrounding her and her sister, destroying her enemies by tearing their limbs from their bodies. She unconsciously cast a spell that transported her to a nearby country, holding her sister's wounded body. She looked up as she was surrounded by guards, hauled inside the castle to a large hall where two boys were sitting.

-End Flashback-

Yuui's expression saddened upon hearing Sakura's story. It was no wonder she had trouble trusting and loving, while she struggled with her own sense of self and duty. From what she had told him, she used to be a strong monarchical figure, with a strong sense of duty. She had no problems standing up for what was right and what was wrong, and everyone around her loved her. Could what was broken inside her ever be repaired?

"May I ask you one question?" He asked.

"What is it…?" she asked.

"Why haven't you told Syaoran about this?" Yuui asked.

"I'm frightened that he'll change his view of me, and not for the better." She whispered.

Yuui placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I can assure you that if you do tell him, he won't think any less of you. You're a strong girl-that much is clear to me." He said before leaving the room.

Sakura watched as he left, and looked back to Syaoran as he squeezed her hand. She leant in and kissed him before burying herself in her thoughts, trying to forget her past.

Syaoran looked over at the seat in which Sakura was sitting in front of the fireplace; in her arms wrapped in a bundle of blankets was a small baby, and she looked so happy as she cradled it in her arms, watching as the small child slept peacefully. It was another dream of the future; it was a future that could make Sakura happy, and he knew that. The scene changed to the familiar surroundings of the throne room; Sakura stood next to him, and Rena and his brother were off to the side. A woman walked through the doors and Sakura's expression became frightened. He'd had this dream before. She had come to ask for Sakura to be returned to her, and if not then it meant war. He didn't care what it meant as long as he could protect the woman he would soon call his wife from harm.

When Syaoran woke he spotted Sakura sketching something as he sat in the chair beside him; she was still holding his hand as she sketched with the other. He squeezed her hand and she looked up, smiling as she saw he was awake. "Hey," He said.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" She asked.

"I've had better days." He replied with a smile. He noticed the sad look on her face, and he worried. "Is something on your mind?" He asked.

She moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and he shifted himself into a sitting position. She sighed, "I'm a bit scared…to tell you everything that happened to me while I was held captive…" She said quietly.

He smiled softly, "Are you worried that I might think less of you?" he asked.

"I don't mean to imply that I don't trust-"

"I know. I'll tell you again; I will always love you, no matter what. And I will do whatever it takes to make you happy." He said calmly.

She felt a tear slide down her face and she hugged him. She decided to tell him what she'd been keeping locked up inside for months, and told him everything that she had been through. As she told him, everything began to make sense to him. He hugged her tightly, surprising her. "I'm sorry," he whispered, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you."

Sakura didn't understand why he was apologising. "We should have known they'd come after you after they attacked Sora."

She felt more tears fall down her face. "Who could have known that…?" She whispered. It wasn't the reaction she had expected. She was expecting him to be disappointed or disgusted with her, but instead he was apologising and holding her.

"I feel like I should have realised sooner." He said. "If they're after you, soon enough they'll come after me. It's only a matter of time." He said softly.

She shook her head. "This can't happen-I won't let you leave me…" She whispered.

He placed a finger to her lips, "I won't let them destroy our lives any more than they already have. We'll get through this, I promise."

She smiled through her tears and rested her head on his shoulder, "Thank you Syaoran, thank you for everything."

"Whatever you need." He said softly.

Rena looked up from her book as Yuui entered the lounge and walked over to the book case. He had several large books stacked on top of each other, and was placing them back on the shelves. "I hear Syaoran had a rough night." She said as she flicked the page.

"Yes, so did your sister." He replied.

"So I heard. Is she alright?" She asked.

"I think with help, she'll be alright." Yuui answered.

Rena stayed quiet, thinking about the past and everything she and her sister had been through. "Thank you…" She said after a few moments. He nodded and left, and she continued reading until Syaoron came walking in. He'd been out in the city running a few errands that only he or Syaoran could complete, and as Syaoran was sick he had to complete all the piling jobs and paperwork.

"It's really fucking cold out there." He muttered as he walked over and sat down in front of the fire.

"You don't say?" she replied, flicking the page over.

"Are you worried about Sakura?" he asked.

"A little… What's being done to the man who attacked her?" She asked, looking up from her book.

"Kurogane is interrogating him." He replied.

"I want to see him." She said.

"Who? Kurogane?" He asked with confusion.

"No, the man who attacked my sister." She replied.

He looked at her with shock and he stood up, walking over to her. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. "Why? Why would you want to do that?" he asked.

"Because I think I can get into his head faster." She replied.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against hers. Why would she subject herself to unpleasant memories to get answers? "I don't want you to." He whispered.

"Syaoron, I'll be fine…" She said before he kissed her. He moved to her neck and nipped at her pulse, his hands moving to unlace her dress. She lay back in the cushions to give him better access to her once he'd removed her dress. They didn't care much if anyone walked in, and no one did.

As they lay on the couch with a blanket over them, Rena looked into the fire. "I haven't changed my mind." She said looking back to his mismatched eyes.

"Of course you haven't." he replied dully as he looked down into her eyes.

"Please," she said, lifting a hand and tracing his jawline, "Just five minutes."

He sighed and gave into her. He kissed her on the lips and nuzzled her neck affectionately. "I give in." He said, "You can see him. But only for five minutes." He said.

She kissed him and parted, "Thank you."

They dressed and he took her down to the dungeons where the man who attacked Sakura was being held. The guards stopped Rena from passing, but Syaoron told them to allow her through. They continued walking down the row of empty cells until they came to the one he was being held in. The man looked up and laughed, "Well if it isn't Princess Rena."

She smiled bitterly, "It's a pleasure to see you too."

He didn't say anything back, just returned to examining his hands as she sat down. "Now, here's how it's going to work," she said, "You're going to tell me everything without saying a single word. You wanna know how?"

He laughed at her, "How, exactly?"

"By doing this." She cast a spell, entering his mind and learning of the secrets he held, paralysing his body. The look of shock and horror on his face was proof of how horrifying the method of interrogation was; she went through his memories, and she gathered all of the information she needed before leaving him to slump against the wall.

Syaoron looked at her with shock, "Where did you learn that?" He asked.

"Years ago." She replied. "He's part of The Scarlet Organisation, sent out to hunt us down by any means necessary. They want Sakura for an experiment of some kind." She explained. She further explained the details, which Syaoron then sent to members of the council in the form of a report; he combined the information from Rena with what Kurogane had gotten, and then took Rena away from the dungeons in fear of her having a break down.

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