Dimension Jumpers

By KittyKat_Bella



Bella and the Eds appeared outside a giant kitchen, but they didn't look like themselves anymore. Bella was a black cat with her pink shirt and jeans, standing on two legs and having the body shape of a person. Ed was a mix of a skunk, having the tail and smell of one, and a goat, having the body of a goat. Edd looked like he was an owl. Eddy was a fox but with the face mask of a raccoon. They all stood on two legs.

"Where are we?" Eddy asked, looking around.

"I'm not sure," Edd said, "Let's go inside and ask."

"Mung Daal's Catering Company," Bella read the sign.

"So that's a kitchen?" Eddy asked.

"It's huge!" Ed said.

The four of them entered the building, making the bell ring. Sitting at the front counter was a lady who had a mushroom-shaped hat. She looked up from the book she was reading.

"What do you want?!" She yelled before noticing Bella and the Eds, "Oh, customers!"

"Uh, sorry to bother you, ma'am, but we're...new in town," Edd said, closing the door, "Do you mind telling us where we are?"

"You're in Mung Daal's Catering Company in Marzipan City," The lady said, "I'm Truffles."

"It's very nice to meet you," Edd said, "I'm Edd, but you may call me Double D. These are my friends, Ed and Eddy, and my step-sister Bella."

"No Chowder, those are for the customer!" A shout was heard from the kitchen before a loud burp, "Well, there goes the frumpets."

"Sorry Mung," A younger voice was heard and another burp.

"I think it's best if you just wait outside for this one," The first voice said. A purple cat-bear-rabbit thing walked out sadly before spotting Bella and the Eds.

"Hey Truffles, who are they?" The cat-bear-rabbit thing asked.

"They're new in town," Truffles said shortly before starting on her book again.

"New in town?" An old man with blue skin, a big nose, and a mustache popped his head out, "Perfect! Chowder, why don't you show these new kids around? Get out of the kitchen for a bit?"

"Ok Mung," The cat-bear-rabbit thing said, "Hi there, I'm Chowder! What's your guys' names?"

"I'm Edd, or Double D, my friends Ed, Eddy, and Bella," Edd introduced them.

"Nice to meet you," Bella said.

"So, new in town, huh?" Chowder asked. They were now walking through town.
"You could say it like that," Eddy shrugged.
"Cool," Chowder said, "So, this is Mung Daal's Catering Company, the biggest kitchen in town! We can make anything!""Can you make jawbreakers?" Eddy asked. Chowder thought for a minute."Nope, I don't think we have those," He said. Eddy looked shocked, "But we have mouthcrackers!""Where might we be able to get some?" Edd asked."Oh, there's probably a stand somewhere in town," Chowder said, "Come on, I know a short cut!"Chowder grabbed the edge of the screen and pulled it over, revealing another scene of the five of them in the middle of town."Woah, how'd you do that?" Ed asked."Pretty easy," Chowder shrugged, "Oh look, there it is!"He pointed at a stand selling what looked like jawbreakers, but they were changing colors."Get yer mouthcrackers here!" The man selling them yelled, "Flavor-changing mouthcrackers! Just one dollop!""Flavor-changing?" Eddy's face lit up."Yeah, let's go," Chowder said, leading them over, "Four mouthcrackers, please.""That'll be four dollops," The man said."Uh, we don't have any money," Bella said."That's ok, I got some in my wiggy bank," Chowder said."Wiggy bank?" Eddy asked. Chowder pulled a blue hair piece out of his pocket and set it on his head. He pulled out a comb and combed out a few coins. He picked them up and handed them to the man, who gave each of them a mouthcracker."Thank you!" Chowder said happily.
The five kids were walking long, having finished their mouthcrackers. Ed and Chowder, however, had swallowed theirs.

"So, where to next?" Chowder asked, "Oh, I could show you around the kitchen!"Just then, a pink cat/bunny girl showed up."Hi Chowder," She said, smiling."I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Chowder yelled. "Aw, quite playin' around, num-nums," The girl said, "I brought you something."She held out a plate of heart-shaped cookies."Ooh, are those flarts?" Chowder asked, taking one and wolfing it down."Aw, how cute," Bella giggled. The cat/bunny girl noticed her and frowned."Chowder, who's your friend?" She asked, looking slightly angry."Oh," Chowder finished the 'flart', "These are Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Bella. They're new here. I'm showing them around.""Hello, nice to meet you," Edd said."Oh, I'm Panini," The cat/bunny girl said."Ooh, that's one of my favorite sandwiches!" Bella said, licking her lips, "Right after peanut butter and grilled cheese.""Cool," Panini said, still looking at Bella."Hey, you guys wanna try a flart?" Chowder asked, grabbing four and handing them out, "They're really good.""Aw, they're shaped like hearts," Bella smiled, "Isn't that cute, Eddy?""I guess," Eddy shrugged. The four of them ate the flarts."Mmm, really good," Bella said, "Did you make these yourself?""Yeah, I'm Ms. Endive's apprentice," Panini said."Well I must say, you have an excellent talent," Edd smiled."Thank you, Double D, was it?" Panini asked. He nodded."Well, I'm gonna finish showing these guys around," Chowder said, "Bye!"They began to walk off, but Panini grabbed Bella's arm and pulled her back over."Don't get any ideas about Chowder, got it, missy?" Panini growled threateningly."Hey hey, chill," Bella said, "I have a boyfriend.""Oh, really?" Panini asked, calming down and letting Bella go. Bella nodded."Yeah," She said, "Trust me, I'll stay away from Chowder. Girls don't mess with another girl's crush. I know how mad I got when Eddy liked another girl, even before we were dating.""Oh, ok," Panini smiled, "Y'know, you're a nice girl. I like you. Feel free to stop by the kitchen anytime, k?""Well, I won't be here for long," Bella said, "I'm just visiting.""Oh, ok," Panini said.Bella joined back up with Chowder and the Eds."She reminds me a lot of the Kankers," Bella said."Who?" Chowder asked."They're these three girls who chase after us and think they're our girlfriends," Eddy explained with a snarl."She's not my girlfriend!" Chowder said quickly."We know, we know," Edd said."May is really scary!" Ed said fearfully, "She chases me and kisses me!""Panini's scarier," Chowder said, "She's the apprentice of Mung's sworn enemy, but she still loves me!""May's scarier!" Ed argued, "She hid in my spoon drawer and attacked me when I was about to have Chunky Puffs, my favorite cereal in the world!""Woah, any girl that keeps you from food has got to be terrifying!" Chowder gulped, "Hey, let's get some thrice cream!""Thrice cream?" Bella asked. Chowder ran up to a stand and got four thrice cream cones. He came back with them, but had already licked up the thrice cream."Gee, thanks for saving some for us," Eddy said sarcastically. Chowder looked at the cones."Oopsies," He said, "Uh, let's head back to the kitchen."

"We're back!" Chowder said. They walked into the kitchen, "Hey Mung, hey Schnitzel."

"Oh Chowder good, you're back," Mung said."Rada rada rada," The one Chowder had called Schnitzel said."Is he made of rocks?" Edd asked."Rada rada rada, ra-rada rada," Schnitzel explained."Cool, rock monster!" Ed said."Listen Chowder, I need you to go out and get me some ingredients," Mung said, handing Chowder a list."Ok Mung," Chowder said, "Come on, guys. First up is straw-berries."They walked back into town and up to a fruit stand, which had all sorts of strange fruits that Bella and the Eds had never seen the likes of. Running it was what looked like a mammoth."Hey Gazpacho," Chowder greeted."Hey little buddy," Gazpacho said, "What can I do for you today?""I need some straw-berries," Chowder said. Gazpacho pulled out a box of straws that looked sort of like a berry, color wise."Like these?" Gazpacho asked. Bella laughed."Literal strawberries!" She said."You've never heard of straw-berries?" Chowder asked."Well, we have, but where we come from, they're very..." Edd thought of a word, "Different.""Oh," Chowder said, "Yeah, I'll take a bushel.""That'll be five dollops," Gazpacho said, handing Chowder the straw-berries. Chowder handed Gazpacho the coins and they walked off.
"Ok, that's all the shopping," Chowder said, holding two bags. They started walking home.When they did get back to the kitchen, they walked in."Oh good, Chowder, you're back," Mung said, "Oh, that certainly can't be everything I asked for.""Well, we did snack a little on the way home," Chowder said as he and Ed each let out a huge burp."That's disgusting," Edd said. Mung sighed."All right, out with it, you two," Mung said. Chowder started throwing up all the food, still intact. Ed started doing the same, causing Edd to turn green."I'm gonna be sick!" He cried, running off. Eddy laughed."Go Ed!" He said."I still don't know how he does that," Bella said. When the two were done, the kitchen was a huge mess. Edd returned, looking a bit pale."Oh, what a mess," Mung groaned, "Schnitzel, clean this up, will you?"A larger Schnitzel grabbed the screen and shook it off, the food leaving but the others staying in. He set the screen down and walked back in the kitchen."Good job," Mung said. Bella and the Eds stared."How- what- but- how- huh?!" Edd said, looking from Schnitzel to the kitchen."Rada rada rada," Schnitzel shrugged. "Hey, we gotta get going," Bella said, "But it's been nice meeting you all.""Aw, we gotta go now?" Ed whined."I'm afraid Bella is right," Edd said, "If we don't leave soon, our parents will begin to worry. Goodbye.""Aw, bye," Chowder said sadly. Bella and the Eds walked outside and Edd pulled out the remote. He pressed the button and the four were teleported home, back to normal."Well that was an adventure," Bella said."Certainly," Edd said, "Well, it's late. We'll see you tomorrow, Ed, Eddy.""Where are we going tomorrow, Double D?" Ed asked."Tomorrow?" Edd repeated, "Why, I don't know, Ed. Wherever the machine takes us, I suppose."
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