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The Last of Us


In September 2013, an outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus ravages the planet, transforming its human hosts into aggressive creatures known as the infected. In the suburbs of Austin, Texas, Thomas (Thomas Sangster) flees the chaos with his closest friend Dylan (Dylan O' Brien) and little sister Ava (Ava Sangster), and later on meets the one person that is worth surviving for....Y/n. (Originally written into 'Thomas Sangster Imagines and Fan Fics) Basically, a written version of my favourite video game ever, best game developed by Naughty Dog Company, "The Last Of Us". I've played it, watched the game play more than six times, and cosplayed as one of the characters--Ellie, during the 2017 Comic Con last year. I hope you'll enjoy reading it! Took me several months to finish it, since i was mostly busy. But i managed to complete it! Might update this story if some people want a prologue or alternate ending. This idea is not originally mine; i just basically only wrote a book version of the Naughty Dog game, and changed a few things. All credits go to them!! Happy reading! (/^3^)/ WARNING: Contains a little violence, smut, and strong language.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1


9 year old Thomas’ P.O.V.

Mom and dad were going out for tonight, and they said that they wouldn’t be back until late at night. They left me in charge, which means i’ll be looking after my little sister, Ava, and myself. I don’t complain about it though. I love taking care of my sister. Tonight was just any other night when i’m left in charge. Me and Ava said goodbye to our parents, and they left to who knows where. Probably to a fancy restaurant to have a date. Ava went and sat on the living room couch to watch TV, while i went into my room to read. Just me and Ava, alone in the house. I was in the middle of reading, when i heard my bedroom door creak open, and my little sister came over to my bed. “Hey, Tommy?” she asked. “Yeah?” i answered, still keeping my eyes on the book. “Can you make me some cereal? I’m hungry.” she said as she climbed on my bed and started jumping. “We just ate.” i say as i look up from my book and at her, raising my eyebrow. “Pleeaaassee.” she says, jumping up and down my bed. Clearly i’m not gonna read peacefully anytime soon. “Alright, alright! Just stop jumping on my bed.” i say as i got out of bed and headed to the kitchen, Ava following right behind. “Why can’t you do it, anyway?” i asked looking down at Ava. “Because i can’t reach the cereal on the top cupboard!” she grumbled, folding her arms and stomping her feet. “You’re the only one tall enough who can reach it.” she added. I opened the top cupboard and grabbed the cereal, and took the milk out of the fridge.

It took a minute or two, but once i finished making it, i handed it to her. “Thanks, Tommy!” she giggled and took the bowl and ran to the living room. “Hey! Be careful! You’ll spill it!” i called after her, but it seemed like she couldn’t hear me...or maybe she just ignored me. I sigh and roll my eyes, smiling. I head back inside my room, and just when i was about to close the door, i tried to call her. “Hey Ava, if you need anything, just call me or knock at my door!” i yell, trying to make her hear me. “Okaayy!!” she yelled back. I closed the door, and climbed on my bed, and continued to read.

After an hour or so of reading, my eyelids felt heavy. I must be sleepy. I put my bookmark on the page i was reading, closed the book, and put it on my bedside table. I yawned, and i definitely knew i was tired. I tucked myself in, and closed my eyes...and i fell asleep.



I was woken up by a gentle shake of my arm. At first i ignored it, but the gentle shake soon became a harder one. I groaned, and woke up, knowing that Ava was waking me up. “What do you want, Ava?” i asked annoyed. I checked the clock. “And it’s 11 pm!! What are you doing up??” i said, scolding her. “Tommy! There’s something going on. Come here.” she said as she pulled my hand and led me out of bed, out my room, and towards the living room. “Are mom and dad home yet?” i asked her. She shook her head in response. We entered the living room, and the channel on the TV was in the news channel. “I was flicking through the channels, and i found the news.” she whispered loud enough for me to hear. I looked at Ava, confused. She just told me to watch the news, so i did.

“Breaking news! An explosion has occurred near the neighborhood, and a virus breakout is happening. People who have the virus are currently now on rampage, everywhere! We advise you to leave your homes, and hide in someplace safe! Suspicions are confirmed that a group of people called the Fireflies are responsible for the virus outbreak. Governments are out searching for them as i speak. The military are now currently trying to handle the situation, holding back what seems to be infected people that look a lot like zombies.” just then a bright orange puff appeared on the window, and i looked closely. Another explosion. And it’s close to our neighborhood! The TV speaks up again. “We’ve just received word, another explosion has happened just a few seconds ago, an explosion caused by the military to exterminate the infected. We have our reporter at the scene witnessing the whole thing. The camera switched to the scene where the explosion was, and the reporter was running around, telling the camera what was happening. I could hear screams erupting everywhere, and at the corner of the camera i saw a man...being...torn apart by...another man?? From behind the reporter a soldier shouted at her. “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!! I SAID GET OUT-” before the soldier could finish, a woman attacked the reporter, and knocked the reporter to the ground, and started scratching and biting him. I stared in horror as the camera dropped to the ground, and that was the end of the news.

I could hear distant cries and screams outside, and i knew we had to do something. I immediately grabbed Ava’s hand, and led her into the closet in my room, where we hid. “Tommy, what’s going on?!” Ava asked, fear and worry laced in her voice. “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine, just..just keep quiet and don’t move, okay? We’ll be safe here, just until Mom and dad arrive. I’m sure they’ll be home to get us any minute now.” i said, trying to calm her down, but in truth, i was terrified too. We waited silently for a few minutes. Then a huge ‘boom!’ erupted. Must be another explosion. Ava started crying, but i calmed her down, and we waited in silence once again. Another explosion. Then another. And another. Where’s mom and dad?! i thought, worried. “I don’t know..” Ava whispered. I realized that i said that out loud. “They’ll be here. I’m sure of it.” i whispered to her. I tried to shift into a better position, but i couldn’t, since my stupid baseball bat was taking up space.

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