The Hardest of Goodbyes

Chapter 2

Dom stood in the doorway of the bedroom that Mia and Brian had shared. They had moved down to the basement, making the entire area their little home where Jack could grow up. It had been two days since the emergency room where they found out that Brian would no longer be with them. He was in pain. It hurt down to his core that he couldn't save his best friend. He couldn't save any of them. They were all gone, just like that. Jesse, Vince, Gisele, Han, and now Brian. Their team had fallen apart and he was too blind to see it. He looked around the room with a smile. He had, moments before, found Mia in the room boxing up some of Brian's stuff. She had been keeping herself busy for two days now, not really talking to anyone. She was distant. He didn't blame her. She was miserable. He put his fingers in his eyes squeezing them. He was exhausted, sitting down on the bed he felt something underneath his leg. He lifted his leg up and pulled the cell phone out. He shook his head closing his eyes.

He heard her crying before he even opened the door. He put his up on the door bowing his head. He had to carry her out of the hospital the night before, she had refused to leave Brian's side, even when they shut the machines off. She couldn't let him go. Dom thought maybe he would wake up, this would all be some cruel joke the world decided to play on him. But he never did and Mia never stopped crying. At least the screaming stopped. She had screamed and screamed until he put her in the car and drove away from the hospital. So he stood at the door, not bothering to knock he slowly opened it. She laying on the bed in the fetal position with her arms wrapped around a pillow. He noticed something up on her ear and every once in a while she would remove it, press a button then put it back up to her ear. A cell phone. Dom slowly walked over to the side of the bed sitting down next to his sister.

"He was so happy, he was laughing because-of Jack." She pressed the button again before putting it back up to her ear. "He's going to forget him."

"I won't let him forget him, Mia." Dom replied.

She squeezed her eyes closed. "Go away Dom, I don't want you in here."

A voicemail, Brian's voicemail was what she was listening to. She had to of pressed repeat over a hundred times just to hear Brian's voice. She fell asleep that way that night, listening to the sound of the man she loves voice. Dom opened his eyes as he pressed down on the voicemail button and put it to his ear. "Hi you have reached Brian O'Connor-and Jack-" Brian laughed. "And Jack O'Connor-let me do it-we arent here-but call us back-beeeppp." There was laughter until it just cut off. Dom put the phone down, as he looked straight ahead. The tears filled up his eyes as he covered his face, a silent sob escaping his mouth. "I'm so sorry, brother. I am so sorry."

She stood outside her bedroom door when she heard the tears of a grown man. The door was cracked as she pushed it open a little bit. She had come downstairs to get some toys for Jack to play with when she found her brother in there. She hasn't really wanted to talk to him, until she heard it. He was crying. "I'm so sorry, Brother. I am so sorry." Dom sobbed. Her heart broke. She walked into the room kneeling down in front of her brother grabbing his hands.

"Dom…" She whispered.

"Hes gone, Mia. He's really gone." Dom looked up at her with tears streaming down his face.

She closed her eyes, nodding her head. She put his hand to her lips, kissing it softly. "Yeah, he is."

Dom shook his head. "Look at me, Dom…" Dom lifted his head up looking down at his sister. "We are going to get through this, I don't know how or when, but its going to happen."

"How are you so strong right now?"

"Because I have a two year old son that I have to be strong for. Every fiber in my body right now wants to break down and scream and cry, but I can't. That little boy upstairs is my life now."

"I will never let him forget who his father was. He will always know, Mia. He will always know exactly who Brian was."

She nodded her head. "Thank you." She whispered squeezing his hand again. "I don't blame you Dom, I could never blame you for any of this."

Dom shook his head lifting his head up to the ceiling. "He loved you, you know. He looked up to you. He would always tell me, I want to be like Dom. He really truly loved you and would have died for you."

"Stop." Dom whispered.

"He did die for you, Dom. He died for all of us."

Dom sniffed back the tears as he wiped his face with his free hand. "I need the Dominic Toretto I know that is deep down inside of you to get up and toughened up because I can't handle you like this right now. I am trying my hardest to hold it together, so I need you to stop. I need you to let this go, Dom."

He stood up from the bed taking a deep breath before walking to the room and leaving. She didn't go after him as he left her there kneeling on the floor. She needed him to be tough right now, because God knew she couldn't be much longer.

Dom stood outside staring at the Charger that stood in the garage. He had been standing there for what seemed like hours when he heard someone coming up behind him.

"She has been through some shit hasn't she?" Roman stood behind him. Dom let out a little laugh before turning around. "How are you man?"

"Holding on, I guess." He pulled the door closed. "And you? Hows the leg?"

Roman shrugged his shoulders as he adjusted the crutches under his arms. "I hated you man, the moment you told me that he was dead, I hated you."

Dom nodded his head. "I guess it was easy you know, I guess me hating you would take the pain of me living and him dying."

"I hate myself too, Rome."

"Why man? Why do you hate yourself?" He adjusted them again. "We all lived our lives how we wanted to, on the edge. We took risks even psychos wouldn't take, but we did it and we loved it. I don't think there was a single moment that we didn't love what we did or we wouldn't have kept doing it. We would have stopped. It's what we do man, its who Brian was. He loved driving, he loved racing…"

"He had a family."

"We all did."

Dom nodded his head. "You standing out here wondering what we could have done to save him isn't helping anything, he is gone. He isn't coming back no matter how hard we wish for it. Trust me, I have been wishing since you left my hospital room. I had to beg them to let me go this early, because we have a funeral to go to. We have to bury our brother. Stop looking at the stupid car and thinking of what you have done to fuck your life up. We all have fucked up lives, its just who we are. You have an entire family that is in that house right now waiting for you to be strong, to be the leader. You need to suck all this shit up and go in there and be that person."

"I'm glad you are okay, Roman."

"Me too man."

Dom nodded his head as he walked forward putting his hand on Roman's shoulder. "Let's get this over with."

Dom was straightening his suit when he heard a soft knock on the door. He turned around looking at the small figure standing in a suit himself.

"Jack." Dom whispered. "Everything okay buddy?"

Jack nodded his head not responding. "You look very nice."

"Is my daddy not coming home?" Jack was blunt catching Dom a little off guard. He took a deep breath as he walked over to the little boy.

"Jack…" He swallowed. "Your daddy was an amazing man. He loved you and your mommy so much…"

"Mommy has been sad."

"Yeah she has been, she is going to be sad for a little while but we are going to get through this together."

"When is daddy coming back? Did he leave because I peed in my bed?"

Dom's mouth opened but he couldn't find the words to say. "I will be good, if he comes back. I will be a good boy."

"Oh Jack…" Dom sat down bringing the little boy into his arms. "Your daddy isn't mad at you buddy, he is just-he-" How do you tell a two year old boy that his father was dead. "He's in Heaven buddy. He won't be coming back home to us."

"He will come back Uncle Dom, you will see. Don't be sad anymore." Jack leaned up kissing Dom on the cheek. "You will see it."

Dom shook his head not really knowing how to respond as the little boy got up from his lap and walked away. Dom shook his head as he went to lift himself off the ground when he found something hard...A skyline. It was the car that Brian had given Jack when he was just a little baby. He smiled as he brought the car up to his eye level.

"You pushings imports on him?"

"Oh he chose this car."

Dom smiled cupping the car in his hands and smiling. "You still owe me a ten second car."

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