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Dead Love

By Mitzrayim

Fantasy / Romance

Just Desserts

Bonnie sat meditating against the old willow tree that stood tall and proud next to her Grandmother's home. Her Grams was busy in the kitchen baking an apple pie, the smell of cinnamon wafting out the window and into Bonnie's nostrils. She took a deep breath and sighed, she felt utterly relaxed, a luxury she didn't get to experience very often. Being a budding witch was hard even on a good day and Bonnie found solace in quiet moments like this. However, Bonnie found her perfect silence interrupted when she heard something heavy land in the tree above her head.

Her heart raced as she looked up to find Damon Salvatore, sitting on a thick branch and smiling down at her. Bonnie was happy to see the smile wasn't his usual condescending smirk; it was a genuine grin that made him look boyish and innocent, two words Bonnie never would have imagined using to describe Damon. When they first met the only words she could think to describe him with were the ones her Grams taught her weren't lady like for a young woman to say.

However, her opinion of him had changed after the incident with the tomb. When she saw how desperately he wanted to free Katherine, and how happy he was when he thought he would finally see her again. Bonnie couldn't help but feel happy for him. Yes, he had committed some terrible acts, but it was all out of 140 years worth of love.

When they opened the tomb and discovered Katherine wasn't there her heart had broke for Damon, feeling every drop of his pain and loss. From that night on Bonnie couldn't bring herself to hate him.

"So when not saving the day this is how Bonnie Bennett spends her time?"

"Meditating is actually really fun; you should give it a try. Who knows you might find some inner peace." Bonnie smiled, standing up.

Damon scoffed, but whether at mediating being fun or him finding peace Bonnie couldn't tell.

"How's your Grams? I know that spell was rough on her, is she alright?" Damon asked.

"She's fine, she was really weak for a couple days, but she's doing great now." Bonnie said relieved.

"I'm glad, it would have sucked if she got hurt over Katherine."

Quizzically Bonnie looked up at Damon, bit her lip then asked,

"Speaking of Katherine, are you going to keep looking for her?"

Damon sighed, "I'm done chasing Katherine. I wasted a hundred years chasing her. Years I could have spent with my brother, or being in love with someone good for me."

He paused for along time then said, in a melancholic voice, "Maybe that's it."

"What's 'it'?" Bonnie asked.

"Maybe I deserve someone like Katherine, someone who no matter how much I devote myself to will never love me back."

Hearing Damon say this about himself made Bonnie hate Katherine, and this surprised her. Katherine never did anything to her, hell they hadn't even met, yet she hated the woman for causing Damon so much pain.

"You don't deserve Katherine, Damon. You deserve someone who is kind and sincere, not self-serving. Someone who won't bounce from you to your brother like your feelings are a game of tennis, someone who will make you want to be a better man." Bonnie said in a stern voice.

Damon sat in the tree staring at Bonnie for a long time. Quietly Damon leaped out the tree, landed in front of Bonnie, and took her gently by the shoulders.

"You." He whispered.


"I deserve you." Damon said.

Slowly he leaned in towards Bonnie, his nose brushing against hers. Bonnie for the life of her could not move, all she could do was watch as Damon's lips drew closer to hers and it dawned on her that she had wanted this ever since that night in the tombs. She wanted to kiss Damon's pain away, and caress every part of him until he no longer wanted Katherine or anyone else but her. Being a virgin Bonnie didn't really know how to do those things, but Damon would teach her, and she would-

"Bonnie!" Sheila Bennett called from the kitchen window. "Come inside girl and have a slice of this pie while it's still hot!"

Bonnie and Damon both blinked as if they had both been released from a compulsion. Awkwardly Damon let go of Bonnie's shoulders and let his hands fall to his sides. Bonnie just stood staring at Damon in disbelief. Had she really been about to kiss Damon Salvatore? Did she really just consider giving him her virginity? What was going on with her?

"I, uh, better get home. Don't want Stefan to worry." Damon licked his lips. "I'll see you later Bonnie."

"Yeah, later." Bonnie breathed.

Damon walked away at a brisk pace, and Bonnie watched him until he turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

That night Bonnie dreamed of Damon Salvatore.

They stood together on a balcony, she was dressed in a red dress and he a black tux, holding her the way he had in the front lawn that morning. As Damon's strong hands grasped her thin shoulders he leaned in to kiss her, and Bonnie closed her eyes in anticipation. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled away from Damon, and into the arms of another man dressed in white.

This man looked a little older then her, he had brown hair and eyes and was pale as a ghost. His nose, jaw, and chin looked like they were cut from marble. In his brown eyes was a look that was equal parts arrogance and mischief. To Bonnie the man looked like trouble, a kind of trouble she wouldn't mind having.

Before the dream could continue Bonnie woke up filling a chill on her skin, and looking over saw that her bedroom window was opened. Still somewhat asleep Bonnie dragged herself out of bed and closed the window quietly so not to wake her Grams. Through the haze of lingering sleep she saw what looked like a crow sitting on the branch closest to her. Bonnie quickly rubbed her eyes and looked again, but this time she saw nothing.

Bonnie laughed at herself, shook her head, and went back to bed.

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1. Just Desserts
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