Banchou of the Dead


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Rise of the Dead

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Chapter one: Rise of the Dead

The night before everything ended, I stayed up late. I didn't know why, but I remembered that I got a 15 minute lecture from an old friend and I left the dorms to run an errand. But now it doesn't seem important maybe if things have gotten better I'd remember.- Last journal entry from Komuro Takashi, day before Z-Day.

Another school day. Today, just like yesterday, Komuro Takashi took an extended bathroom trip that he spent where ever he wanted to. His friends would have said that he just didn't feel like attending class. But his closest friends knew the truth, he was feeling tired.

Being only in his second year of high school, the young man had distinguished himself as an exceptional man. Driven, just, strong willed, able to think on his feet, and was known to improvise whenever necessary. If he were born 400 years earlier, he might be a famous general or warlord. Unfortunately, in this era, a person with such characteristics was often considered impudent.

As a student, Komuro Takashi was average in most subjects, excelling in Japanese, Japanese history, and physical education compared to other subjects. He got along well with some of his peers, respected by some of his juniors, and liked by some teachers. But behind all of that, he realized most of his acquaintances were afraid of him or for him.

Ever since the slight misunderstanding that dragged him to the world of juvenile delinquency, he became the target of several groups' animosity. There were many times he had to fight, in school, in the streets; anywhere anyone was dumb enough to challenge him. And now, he was already 'scouted' by the right-wing extremist group led by his childhood friend's father.

During his first year in middle school, a group of students from the neighboring city Kawagoe mistook him as a known delinquent, Sakamoto Takashi. In an attempt to make a name for themselves, the group of 10 attacked Komuro Takashi in the banks of the Arakawa river. Komuro, being a 3rd dan in Aikido had no problem dispatching them with relatively minor injuries, yet still require intensive care in the hospital. As it was an act of self defense and investigation done by the police attested to it, he was then cleared of all charges and walked free.

However, this proved to be the beginning of his woes. Due to an exaggerated rumor that began from who-knows-where, he was given the image of a violent scum who prowled the streets, looking for fights. Without given a chance to explain his circumstances, Takashi's first love slapped him and insulted him in front of the whole class and soon the whole school knew about it. Even though it happened a year ago, the pain still remained and the bad feelings lingered. Which brought us to this young man's current predicament.


Kendo dojo, Fujimi High

If one were to ask where to find a student who was prone to skipping class, the most probable answer would be the rooftop or staircase. Anywhere they can laze around out of the teachers' sight. However, this was not the case for Komuro Takashi. The young man would rather use his skipping time in the kendo dojo of Fujimi High, lying on his back, facing the roof and enjoying the company of the beautiful kendo club captain, Busujima Saeko.

It was rarely known around the school, but these two people have quite a history together that seemed odd. They first met at the Tokonosu police station, questioned for a similar charge in different cases. Saeko because she half killed an almost-rapist and Takashi for sending 10 juvenile delinquents to the hospital with multiple fractures and dislocations.

It was due to this that their greeting could not be more awkward as the first sentence they said to each other was: "What are you here for?" Yet it was due to this peculiar meeting that these two seemingly different individuals found a kindred spirit.

Currently, Takashi had his head on Saeko's lap as she looked at him and stroked his hair lovingly while he was staring at her face and the ceiling. Then, just as she usually did, she asked him, "What are you thinking of?"

"Nothing, really."

"I see." She then looked forwards and smiled. This private moment, however was disturbed by a loud clanging sound disturbed their peaceful moment and in curiosity looked to the main gate where a peculiar incident was happening.


Fujimi High Entrance

Usually, teachers who were put to day guard duty had a simple job, find skipping students and return them to their class. Today, however, the four teachers were facing something peculiar.

A man who seemed like he was either drunk or high was repeatedly slamming himself to the gate, drawing nervous glances from the ping pong club's advisor, Hayashi Kyouko and 2 other teachers.

After a few moments of observing this odd individual, Hayashi-sensei spoke to him. "Who are you? Please stop this peculiar act at once."

Seeing as he did not respond, she spoke again, this time with more authority in her tone. "Stop what you're doing right now or we'll call the police."

The PE teacher Teshima, however was looking at this as a chance to show off his manliness. Ignoring the proper procedures, the buff teacher walked towards the gate and said, "No need to call the police, Hayashi-sensei. We can take care of this no problem."

"Stop that, you son of a bitch!" Teshima roared as he grabbed the man by his lapels and slammed him to the gate.

"Wait, Teshima-sensei, that kind of force..." the other teacher said.

"No, something's wrong with this guy..." the PE teacher said as something fell from the weirdo. He didn't get a clear look at it, but the other teachers did.

"F-Fingers!" Hayashi Kyouko screamed as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"Wha..." Teshima didn't finish his question as he was suddenly bitten by the man and lost a good chunk of his left arm.

Curious, they stayed to watch what'll happen then, but when the 'dead' Teshima stand up and started walking, they knew something crazy was going on.


Kendo dojo

Komuro didn't waste time seeing the teachers freak out about their 'fallen' comrade. He did, however hear the screams that 1 of the teachers let out as he ran back inside the school building. In a situation like this, he had to do his duty, warn his friends and give them a bigger chance of survival.

The young man stood up and took with him an olive green bike messenger bag and turned to leave. However, Saeko stopped him and kissed him on the lips.

"For luck." She said. "I'll meet you at the usual spot."

Even though they had done this quite often, he was rather unaccustomed to her sometimes straightforwardness. In a daze, he could only nod and ran out of the dojo.



Takashi barged into his classroom and walked into Miyamoto Rei's desk. Out of anger, the teacher reprimanded Takashi harshly. "Komuro," he said, "You're not happy just skipping class now you have to disturb it too?"

The young man ignored the teacher's scolding and spoke to his childhood friend. "Something weird happened at the gate. Let's get out of here."

"What? What are you doing? We're in the middle of class." She responded angrily.

"It doesn't matter. Just hurry up!" He was starting to lose his patience with this girl.

"Hey, Ta... Komuro, what do you think you're doing?" Takagi Saya asked.

His best friend, Igou Hisashi stood up and grabbed Takashi's left hand, trying to stop his rather odd behavior and said: "Takashi, what are you doing?"

The students around them had absolutely no sense of urgency, thinking that this was just another one of Komuro's antics, trying to woo Miyamoto or something. Other students who were more attentive, however, knew something big was happening.

Without releasing his grasp, he answered. "There's been an accident at the gate, some weirdo attacked the teachers."

"Are you serious?" Igou asked with narrowed eyes, trying to gauge the seriousness of the problem.

"What's in it for me if I lie?" Takashi answered coolly.

"Wait a minute, don't keep your explanations from me!" Rei commanded while releasing her arm from Takashi's grip.

Having had enough of this and realizing they are wasting time arguing over nothing, the brown haired young man slapped her and spoke in a rare, authoritative voice. "Stop wasting time and let's go!"

Realizing that his best friend wasn't kidding, Igou Hisashi followed his instructions and ushered his girlfriend out of the classroom. Once they reached the hallway, the group of 3 immediately broke into a jog.

"Takashi, can you tell me the full story?" Hisashi questioned, slightly wary.

"There's a killer at the front gate. Then he offed a teacher or two."

"Do you seriously expect us to believe that?" the brown haired girl asked.

"Fine, don't believe me and get killed for all I care."

"Wait a minute." Hisashi suddenly stopped them. "If what you said is true, we might need weapons."

He opened a locker and pulled out a baseball bat and handed it to Takashi before he broke off a broom handle and gave it to Rei.

"I'll be fine since I'm a black belt in karate."

"Well, we should call the police first." Rei said. "My dad's a detective, so he can help us right away."

Although reluctant, Takashi nodded and handed her his cellphone. Seeing their odd looks, he shrugged. "Rules are there to be broken, right?"

As soon as she received the device, she dialed 110 and waited for a reply. However, she heard something completely unexpected.

"I repeat, this is a recording. We at the 110 emergency line are held up at the moment. If after calling again, we still cannot receive your call, please wait and call again later."

"No way." She said in with shaky hands. "For the 110 to be busy... how can this..."

"Then, we might as well..." Takashi trailed off before he entered a nearby clubroom. Moments later, a crash was heard and he exited moments later with a machete strapped to his waist left along with another knife he fastened to the back of his belt.

"How did you...?" Hisashi asked.

"Mountain trekking club." The young man answered. "They always leave their tools in the club room in a glass cupboard. You sure you don't want the bat?"

Just as he finished his explanation, an announcement suddenly aired in the school's PA system.

"Attention all staffs and students. I repeat, attention all staffs and students. At the present time there is a violent struggle occurring in the premises. Students, follow your teachers' instructions and evacuate in an orderly fashion."

Having a bad feeling about the announcement, the young delinquent re-zipped his bag and slung it across his right shoulder. "Although it's good they realized this, I think we might need to hurry."

"What do you mean?"

"So far, we're able to walk around freely because no one noticed how deep a shit we're in. Once they know, we might have to fight our way out, not just whatever the hell's out there, but students and teachers too."

Just as Takashi said this, they suddenly heard a panicked screaming coming out of the speaker. "Hey, what are you doing? Stop this. Wait! Stay away... STAY AWAY! GYAAAAAAH! STOP IT! HELP! HELP MEEEEE! OW! IT HURTS... IT HURTS. I'M GONNA DIE! GAAAAAHHH!" Just as suddenly, the broadcast ended and everything in the school went silent.

Just like the calm before a storm, everyone panicked and flooded the hallway, shoving, pushing, and pulling anything in front of them just to get one step closer to freedom.

"Shit." The boys cursed as they ran opposite to the panicked rabble.

"Wait! Where are you going? Weren't we getting out of here?"

"With that announcement, everyone's gonna flood the way. We're better off escaping from the administrative building."

As they ran, they suddenly came across one of the teachers, Wakisaka-sensei who taught social studies. At first, they were worried if he was trying to stop the group of three, but a closer look at him revealed otherwise.

He was dead... or undead. The wide gaping jaw, the eyes rolled up, and the jerky movements told them as much.

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