Banchou of the Dead

Escape from the Dead

Chapter 3: Escape from the Dead

It was 6 p.m., just after sunset and the group was ready to escape the infected school. As they checked their inventory, they realized that even with Takashi's additional knives they were still short on convenient weapons; weapons that were easy to use, durable, and most important of all, deadly.

However, due to the low time limit they had, they decided to just escape, and loot whatever they can on their way to their families. Afterwards, they would either make a safe fortress like haven or roam the country looking for refuge.

Unfortunately, even in the planning stage, getting out of their current refuge was not easy.

"How is it, Hirano?" Takashi asked, peering through the gaps of the barricade they made.

"Not good. Even in the hallways alone I could count 15-20 of Them."

"Yeah... if there's that many of them in the hallway, who knows how many more will show up once we start the fight? Any ideas, Saya?"

"This might lure them out." Saya said as she held up a pink rubber ball. "It's one of those home-shopping pet balls that have a bell inside. It might catch their attention for some time, but I don't know if it's enough."

"If the lack of noise is the problem, we could use some spare changes, throw them to the wall, the lockers, or break windows with them. I saw it in a spy movie some time ago." Shizuka said as she fumbled with her wallet.

"Oooh, I only have a 100 yen coin." She said disappointedly.

"Who in here do you think has that many coins, sensei?"

"Yahagi-sensei." Rei suddenly said. "If I'm right, she keeps all her changes in a cup on her desk."

"That's a good idea, but do you think she has enough?" Takashi asked.

"If she doesn't, we'll borrow from the other teachers." Saeko told him.

"Alright. Sounds like a plan. Let's start the scavenger hunt then." The unofficial leader said with a grin.


Nearing 10 p.m., the group had finally collected every single loose change they could and the total was nearing 20,000 Yen in 50 and 100 Yen coins.

"We should rest now. Rushing to get out will be hard now that it's dark outside." Takashi said as he laid out the 'loot' from the school. "If anyone wants to say something about our escape plan, now might be a good time."

"Any other place you think might be useful to visit before our escape?" Hirano said as he held up his hand.

"Checking for anything else now might not be a good idea." Saya supplied quickly. "With the current situation, people might have already raided it and all that effort would be a waste.

"I say we just get out come sunrise."

"Good point. Anyone else?" Takashi asked while raising his right hand.

"What car will we use for transportation?" Rei asked.

"Sensei, what cars are available in the parking lot?" he asked.

"Well, there's the microbus we usually take for a trip, then the headmaster's Cresta..., my car..., a truck-like car..." Shizuka trailed off as she counted each vehicle.

"How big is your car?"

"Well, it's a hatchback. It's really nice too. It can fit 4 people comfortably..." she said before she realized one crucial thing. They were a 6 person group with additional baggage. There was no way they could fit in her car.

"The truck-like car?" Takashi asked as he looked to the parking lot.

"Yes, it looks like a car, but it's not. The teachers decided to use it for small club outings."

"Is the key here?"

"Huumm, every car key is stored here. So, I guess it is."

"Good. We'll take all the keys then." Takashi finished with a nod.

"Why do we need so many keys?" Shizuka asked again.

"If for nothing else, a bargaining chip." The delinquent replied.


Staff Room, 6 a.m.

"Are you guys ready?" Takashi asked as he continued tearing down the barricade they made. "Make sure the stuff we collected doesn't go to waste, Ok?"

He looked back to see his comrades, all of them had a bag on their person to bring their loot and he was sure they were ready. With a sure nod, he broke the last piece of the barricade and threw 10 100 yen coins to a locker to their right, creating a loud clanging noise.

Immediately, the zombies in the vicinity limped towards the noise source and it gave the survivors a good chance to get out of the staff room.

"Go left." Takashi whispered as he pointed to his left. Following his lead, the group of 6 ran as quietly as they could down the stairs. The journey to freedom so far was good, they hadn't needed to kill any of Them yet, but they knew it was just a matter of time.

"There's the car park." Kouta quietly cheered.

"Yeah, now let's get out quietly." Saya replied in a hushed whisper.

As they passed the shoe locker, one of Them that was silent suddenly sprang to life, grabbing whoever was closest to it who happened to be Takashi. It was a terrible mistake as he kicked the undead on its jaw, shooting its head backwards and hitting the shoe locker. Giving the young man a valuable moment to ready himself and chopped his axe down in a perfect head splitting killing blow.

It was also the source of his current problem as the kick made a loud 'clang' and in an instant, every undead in the vicinity rushed towards them.

"Shit." He cursed as he turned around. "Go! I'll cover the rear."

"Like hell you are! You're coming with us!" Saya protested.

"I will, but I can't if you guys don't get moving!" the young man retorted. "Hirano, take the bat and get them out of here, you understand?"

"E.. EH?" Kouta stammered out. "But... but I..."

"Don't worry. When you're in the car, come get us quick."

"I'll accompany you, Takashi." Saeko said as she approached her lover.

"Thanks. You guys, don't forget to come and get us, okay? We'll make sure to get as many of them here."

"G... got it." The portly young man nodded with determination.

"You'd better keep your promise, idiot." The pink haired young woman said with a blush.

"Takashi, we'll get through this, right?" Rei said, unsure.

"Yeah." He nodded. "I'll see you later."

With a final nod, the group of 4 ran down the stairs straight to the car park.

"You know..." Saeko stated as she smiled. "It's been a while since we've been in this situation, hasn't it?"

"Yeah." Takashi answered as he hefted the axe to his shoulder. "This'll be fun."

"Yes it will." She replied as she readied her bokken with a cruel grin.


"Hey, have they done this often?" Rei asked as she ran.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?" Saya asked back, feeling particularly annoyed talking to the older girl.

"Well, they seem to be so familiar with each other, they trust in each other... kind of like..."

"A pair of lovers?" Shizuka suddenly chirped in.

"Wh..What?! W... why would you say that?" the auburn and pink haired girl asked in shock.

"Well... for starters, there were rumors of it going around in school..." the nurse replied with her index finger on her chin as she stopped running.

"And then some girls who were close to Busujima-san in the kendo club complained about it to me once... that she was getting too close this 2nd year guy."

"But... that... that could be anyone... right?" Saya reasoned.

"Ye... yeah, it's not like Takashi's the only 2nd year student who's close to her, right?" Rei added.

"Uuumm... can we... continue this later? We still have to take that car, right?" Kouta said uncomfortably.

"Ri... right. The sooner we help those two, the faster we can ask them." the policeman's daughter answered.


As soon as the 'car-jack crew' went quite far, Takashi and Saeko walked briskly to the glass doors of the school then turned around with the door to their backs,

"It's wide open." Takashi said.

"Yes, it is." Saeko replied.

"Shouldn't we get out first?"

"Why? I'm perfectly comfortable here."

"Outside, more space, more freedom, more prey?"

"A good point. But then, what was the point of us staying behind then?"

"I just want to spend some quality time with you... You know, just us."

"How sweet, but don't they count?" Saeko asked calmly while pointing at the undead that were slowly surrounding them.

"No. They're just props." Takashi replied with a smile as he hefted his axe to his shoulder.

With a melodious giggle, the elder girl laughed. This man was truly made for her. "After we get to safety, let's have some quality private time."

"Agreed. Now then about going out?"

"I thought we already are?"

"I mean out of the school building."

"Oh. Let's do that."

With a mutual nod, the two charged forward to the door. It didn't take long for the first zombie limping towards the door to lunge at them. With a twist of her hips, the swordswoman leapt and struck the undead in its neck, severing the spinal column. As she landed, she made a strong vertical slash that split open another one's head straight in the middle of the skull. With expertise only gained through years of practice, she parried an undead's arm and lead it to crash to another one, simply to immobilize them.

Not to be outdone, the young delinquent charged and swung his axe upwards, cleaving one undead's head in half. In the same movement, he brought it down and hacked another one behind him. After prying the axe off, he used the back of the axe to break one zombie's kneecap, sending it to its knee before he cleaved the rotting creature's head horizontally.

"Not bad." Saeko praised. "But I won't lose."

"Since when is this a competition?" the young delinquent asked with a small laugh as he regrouped with her.

"Since I'm telling you that it is." She answered with a coy smile.

"Oh? And what do I get if I win?" Takashi asked cheekily.

"Humm... well, we'll just have to see, don't we?"

"That works."


"Which one's the key to the truck?" Shizuka mumbled as she frantically searched through the bag of keys she had in her hand.

"Sensei, anytime soon would be nice..." Kouta urged politely while taking a few steps back as he watched more and more of Them approaching.

"We.. well, I want to hurry too, but I can't find them!" she yelled, nearly crying.

"Aaargh, give it here!" Saya yelled as she took the pouch into her hand and found the key she was looking for.

"Now come on!" she said impatiently as she opened a door and gave the key to the nurse.


"Nineteen." Takashi said after he dislodged his axe from another one of Their head.

"Twenty two." Saeko calmly replied as she swung her bokken to the side of an approaching undead without even looking at it.

"Not yet." The young man replied, seeing the rotting corpse try to grasp at one of them. "That one's still alive. So this is my twenty and your twenty one!"

He then swung his axe upwards like a golfer, cleaving the head in half and sending scraps of brain matter flying.

"Hmmm... Takashi is unfair..." the young woman said after looking at the splattered brain on the ground near her lover.

"All is fair is love and war, right?" he replied nonchalantly as he kicked the bottom of one zombie's head, sending enough force to rattle the brain off its spine. "And that's my twenty one."

"I'm already at twenty five though." The purple haired woman said. "Prepare my prize, won't you?"

"At first I thought the body count would only go up to the 30s, apparently we might have to go up to the 50s." Takashi said as he saw the oncoming horde of at least 100 undeads.

Just as he was about to join the fray and get to slaughtering, a loud rumble of car engine disturbed their concentration. In the next second, a silver truck cut a line of the undead mob, intent on rescuing the two.

"Ah, our ride is here." The young man said as he looked at the oncoming vehicle.

"Then I win, right?" Saeko affirmed.

"Not until we're out of the school." He replied while looking at her, not noticing that another one of Them approached him from the back.

Just as it was about to lunge for his neck, it suddenly slumped down like a marionette with its strings cut off. On a closer look, it had a circular hole on the side of its head, obviously a gunshot wound.

"Are you guys okay?" Kouta yelled with half his body leaning out of the truck, one hand holding a gun.

"We're okay." Takashi said before he reared his right arm back and threw the axe with all his strength. The flying projectile flew through the air and cleaved one of Their heads in half.

"Let's get out of here." He continued as both he and Saeko climbed to the back of the truck.

Just as Shizuka was about to put the pedal to the medal, a male voice called them.

"Hey, take us with you." It called.

Just as they turned their heads to look to the speaker, they saw a person they hadn't hoped to see, Shido Koichi. Along with him were several problem students: Tsunoda and Yuuki Miku and other students.

"Sensei, you still have the car keys with you?" Saeko asked.

"I do. What are you going to do with it?" she asked back.

"This." The purple haired girl replied as she threw some of them to Shido's general direction.

"Find your own ride!" her lover yelled at the other group.

"What? HEY! Wait for us, asshole!" The ever vocal Tsunoda yelled.

But as they rode away, none of them gave the other group a second thought.

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