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Another Life


4 years after an incident that renders Denki Tatakai missing, everyone he knows and loves is surprised when he comes back. The problem is, he doesn't remember them.

Adventure / Fantasy
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“Love, you must go!” Denki held the bomb in his arms, a scared look on his face. He was deaf to the calls of his teachers, his classmates, his boyfriend, all trying to save him.

“Shinainakun-e! Don’t be a hero!”

He had to get the explosive away from everyone.

This time, he won’t hurt anyone but himself. He had enough of everyone calling him selfish and dramatic. He will prove everyone who hated him wrong.

The fiery halls trailed behind him, his green uniform catching a few unsuccessful embers. The bomb’s pervasive ominous beeping showed 0:15 left.

Denki stepped up a balcony, the height below not worrying him. He’ll be ashes before he hits the ground.

"Shinaina." Kirisame.

“STAY AWAY!” he screamed.


“Don’t do this!”


“Ai-kun,” Denki said softly. “I have a will.”




“Please tell my father to make me another life.”


“I want to see the world again after this.”


“But for now,


let me save some lives


by sacrificing mine.”

Denki let gravity pull him down and away.


The last thing he saw


were the soft, sad tears of the people who needed him.



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