Konoha no Tsurugi

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Living Sword

After Naruto's meeting with Danzou and Sarutobi, both men told him to get some rest and go to a specified address written in a piece of paper. The boy went to his room in the orphanage escorted by an ANBU member and slept where in his dreamscape, he heard the mysterious voice again.

'The protector turned into the destroyer, the destroyer took the façade of a protector. In the end, none can hide their true color for eternity. But which is yours?' it recited.

The blonde didn't answer because he didn't know the answer yet, but it will be unveiled when it will be; at least that's what he believed.

'No answer, eh? Perhaps some time to think about it is in order. When you have the answer, boy… I will come to hear it,' the voice said, 'But for now, rest. Tomorrow will be a hard day.'

By the time the voice disappeared, Naruto awoke feeling more refreshed than he had ever felt before. He flexed his arm and felt that it was more flexible that before.

The blonde boy went to the shower, bathed, and brushed his teeth before getting dressed and went to the address written on the paper.

When he reached the place, the Kyuubi jinchuuriki was greeted by the same man he met yesterday, Danzou.

"You're earlier than expected, Naruto-kun," he said.

"Being early is better than late, Danzou-san," the blonde replied.

"Indeed, you are the exact opposite of Hatake Kakashi," the one eyed man muttered.

The Root's leader told Naruto to follow him to a clearing in the forest where many traps were scattered; land mines, shuriken throwing machines, barb wired fences, every single kind of trap and obstacle, you name it, it's there.

"This will be your training area," he spoke to the surprised Naruto, "after you gain the sufficient agility, skill, and speed."

"You shall train wearing these," Danzou said, pointing to a box filled with weights that said '10 pounds'.

Wordlessly, the boy took the weights and wore them.

"Now, run laps around the village until I tell you to stop."

Obediently he did so, running like a turtle due to the weights and became easy target for the scorning villagers of Konohagakure.

"How many laps do you think he'll be able to run before he collapsed?" the Sandaime Hokage asked.

"5 at most, 2 at least. This village is quite big for a child like him," came the reply, "But why did you let him go with Danzou-sama, Hokage-sama?"

"The Roots are the most efficient form of troop imaginable," the old man sighed, "but they are the most heartless. They don't care much about their peers as long as they do their job well."

"But, wouldn't letting him be in ANBU serve the same purpose?"

"It wouldn't, Kakashi-kun. As you know, in the seventy three assassination attempts done on Naruto, twelve were instigated by ANBU members, twenty four done by Jounin and Chuunin alike, and the rest were the villagers," he said, "Letting him live among the people who had made an attempt on his life wouldn't give him a sense of security and should that be done, he might unleash a greater power than he had exhibited before on the mob yesterday night."

"So, you're saying it's to prevent his insanity?" the cycloptic jounin asked.

"You can put it that way, but there's also another reason."

"What would that be?"

The Hokage choked on his words, uncertain of the reaction he might receive, but managed to say, "The boy may act as a liaison between me and Danzou, a spy if you will.

"Those who worked under Danzou were indoctrinated to be loyal to him, but Naruto yields to no one and always does things his way, at least that's the old him.

"There are also rumors that Danzou would try to obliterate Konoha. I need to ensure the truth about it, so that's why I'm doing this. You do understand, right?"

Hatake Kakashi, the Copy-cat ninja nodded solemnly. Although he didn't really like it, but it was for the village, so who was he to complain?

Time skip, three years later.

Naruto's training went well and finished it right at the supposed time, three years flat and six hundred twenty pounds on each limb. His training was a walk in the park; a park in a country at war that's constantly bombarded, littered with land mines instead of grass, with gun turrets instead of bushes, and barb wire fences in the place of trees; don't forget the lake filled with numerous aquatic predators in it. All in all, it did show the expected result, a strong boy who commands wind and air at his disposal with a small yet growing capacity for telekinesis.

At the time he was done with his training, he received his primary mission, eliminate all threats, be it potential or concrete threats to Konoha. He started it off with a Kumo nuke-nin he was pursuing at the moment.

A large man wearing a jounin jacket and brown shorts was running from his pursuers, three Konoha ANBU wearing dog, cat, and fox masks. At first, he had the upper hand, but damn, those guys are quick.

As he ran, he was wondering how the hell did these freaks know what he was about to do, attempt to kidnap another Hyuuga. The red haired man spared a glance to his back and saw with his brown eyes that the trio was just about a yard away.

In panic, he pumped chakra to his legs and jumped quicker from tree branch to tree branch, but it still didn't seem enough to shake them off.

Then, he looked back again and saw that he was now three yards away from them. He smiled in victory before he saw an air disruption heading his way.

The wave of air sped towards the nuke-nin and he ducked in time before it severed his head. He tried to jump again but failed as he felt a warm sensation running down his right arm.

"I wouldn't look at it if I were you," the ANBU in fox mask said happily.

Ignoring the warning, the Kumo nin looked to his shoulder and tried to move it. Just as he moved it forwards, it fell off and traveled downwards to cold dirt.

He yelled in agony and rage as he glared at his three enemies. The shortest one wearing a fox mask stood the farthest, nearer to him was the one wearing a dog mask, and the nearest to the tormented ninja was the cat masked one, approximately one and a half yards away.

Before he could blurt out any obscenities at his adversaries, another air disruption appeared and severed his other arm, making him yell out more and this time, he didn't hold back and threw every curses he had, cursed their parents, their villages, and spewed empty threats.

"Truly, a dying dog whimpers the loudest," the fox masked ANBU said as he shook his head.

Finally, another burst of wind shot up and severed his head, silencing the nukenin forever.

"We have returned, Hokage-sama," the three chorused from their position, kneeling down in front of the militaristic man.

"Good work, you three, do you have it?" the old man asked them.

"Of course," they said as each set down a black bag from their backs.

The one in fox mask opened his first, showing a long black metal staff. The cat masked one opened his next, showing a black wooden box, inside it were five scrolls neatly set side by side. The dog mask wearing nin opened his sack last, where a sack of the recently killed Kumogakure nukenin.

"Good job, very good," their leader commented, "You may keep the weapon, Naruto-kun."

"Arigato gozaimasu, Hokage-sama," came the reply.

"Now, you may leave," he continued, "Now, for you two, Yamato-kun, Kakashi-kun; what do you think of his skills?"

"They are one of the best I've ever seen. His efficiency in the battle field is unmatched," Yamato replied.

"There is only one drawback to that, Hokage-sama," Kakashi continued, in which his black haired counterpart nodded, "He has become… in a way, insane. Everytime I see him, his smile never faltered and both his ruthlessness and efficience is more than inhuman. It's like he's a machine now."

"I see. Very well then, both of you are dismissed," the Hokage said somberly. 'Minato would be very irritated if he found out.'

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