Konoha no Tsurugi

Chapter 6

Chapter six: The Way a Sword Slashes, The Unforgettable Sight

Zabuza and Naruto stopped in mid-swing, looking at the business tycoon in front of them. The two retracted their sword arms and turned Gatou. The short man cackled again and looked at Zabuza and Haku who also stopped her fight with Sasuke.

"So, you can't even handle two brats and an old man?" he spoke, "How disappointing."

"Gatou, what are you doing here? And what's with all these people?" Zabuza asked.

"The plan's changed. Hehe, well actually I was planning to do this from the beginning.

"Zabuza, I'll kill you here."


"That's right, I don't plan on giving you money.

"Hiring ninja's from villages is expensive, then they betray me; so I get nuke-nin's like you to do the dirty, tedious job. The ninja's fight and weaken each other, and then I finish them all with sheer numbers.

"It cost me nothing. Good plan, don't you think? The only problem in the plan was you, Zabuza. You're the Kirigakure no Kijin? Humph, you're nothing but a little baby demon."

Hearing their boss' 'encouragement', the army of underlings roared and charged.


Naruto watched as the scene unfolded itself right before his eyes. This was a battle he had never dreamed of, a fight with 50+1 men. This was his dream come true! A battle worth fighting in, a battle worthy of his attention.

Shivering in anticipation, he sealed back the giant blade and revealed two other weapons, a six feet bamboo shaped gray metal staff with visibly thicker segments on the edges and a plain dark brown stick, about 2 and a half feet long with a rounded tip.

The blond boy stuck the shorter weapon onto his belt and retracted the two wide segments of the long staff, making the main shaft's tips spread into numerous sharp, flat, thin blades.

He grinned behind his mask and made ten kage bunshin's before setting into his stance, ready to finish them all off.


Zabuza in turn looked at his blond counterpart. He certainly seemed like he would enjoy the fight in front of him. Deciding not to back out from this fight to feel the thrill of a battle royale one more time, he too created mizu bunshin's and got ready to fight.


Kakashi and his team who were watching Sasuke's ass kicking courtesy of Haku stopped for a moment when they heard a warcry from where Naruto and Zabuza stood. They all looked at the horde of people and they (i.e. Kakashi and Haku) decided to jump into the fray to help their comrade/superior.

Haku dispelled her ice mirrors and Kakashi made several kage bunshin's after telling Sakura and Seki to take care of the incapitated Sasuke.

The two ran to where the major fight would take place, but suddenly the silver haired jounin pulled the black haired girl to a stop and dismissed the clones he made earlier.

"Why are you stopping me?" she demanded.

"Because as of now, none of them can be helped," he said sagely, "If you try to help them now, you will do nothing but add the body count."

"Why are you telling me this? Aren't I your enemy?" she asked again.

"Not right now, because you're just another watcher of what will transpire here, just like us."


"Giichi-san, Giichi-san," Inari called as he knocked on the door. "Open up, come with me to the bridge. This time, if we all go together, we can beat Gatou's men."

"I'm sorry, Inari," came the reply, "We don't want to fight anymore.

"Even your father, the man called a hero is no longer here. If we fight, we'll have to make sacrifices. And we don't want to lose anything precious anymore. Nobody wants to do something they'd regret."

"I don't want to do anything I'd regret either," the 6 year old boy replied. "That's why we have to fight."


The foot soldiers charged to where the two (now twenty) men stood and as soon as the first one reach them, his head was cleaved clean by Zabuza. The big man roared and kicked another foot soldier which his mizu bunshin finished with another slice to the head. He swung his giant blade around and struck their shins, cutting if not breaking them.

He deflected a thrust from a spearman and lashed out with a jaw breaking left hook, continued with a sharp knee to gut and ended with his head being clutched and the rest of him thrown to his comrades.

The demon of the mist slashed at his other opponents with a heavy swing of Kubikiri Houcho and caught in the instant two people.


'A man should live a life with no regrets,' Inari heard his father say. "…I love my mom, my grandpa, you and everyone else in this city. Now I know you can't protect anything by being a crybaby. That smiling guy the other day taught me that."


"You can't go to the bridge alone!" Tsunami yelled.

"I went throughout the city and nobody wants to come. I have no choice," Inari said to his mother.

"But… you're still a child!" she tried reasoning.

"I am still a kid, but I know how to fight," the 6 year old answered, "After all, I am my father's child."

"Wait!" the black haired woman called.


Naruto was fairing better than Zabuza. His modified staff/blade easily slashed and tore through the enemy ranks. With just one swing, he had severed the jugular vein of a man and with another upward swing, sent a blade flying and into the skull of another person.

His kage bunshin's were faring well on their own, slashing and cutting away, but mostly holding off Zabuza's mizu bunshin's until finally, the living weapon thought that it wasn't fun anymore, he dispelled them and began swinging and turning his staff around, all the while shooting his wind blades, cutting up more than enough to diminish their numbers.

As he stopped twirling his weapon, he spread his arms down, held the grayish staff out diagonally, and made a small wind rope to finish the job. When the wind subsided, twenty people dropped lifelessly to the ground like ragdolls.


Despite what the spectators' thought, the battle only lasted for thirty minutes and none of the two were severely injured, just a few scratches here and there.

"Kakashi-san, finish the job," the blond commanded as he tried to regain his breath before he had enough rest and sealed his staff.

Said man nodded and ran to the cowering Gatou who was crawling out of the way. But, before Kakashi could get to him, a crossbow bolt flew and struck the ground right in front of the squat man. He instantly reeled back in fear and met face-to-face with Hatake Kakashi who had a kunai in his hand.

"Gatou-san, this is both personal and business, but don't let it get to you, ok?" the silver haired man spoke calmly.

Before the masked jounin could sit Gatou's neck, the citizens of Nami no Kuni approached the business tycoon, hogtied him and proceeded to beat the shit out of the man before he was dragged to the town square, where he will be executed publicly to show Nami's independence.

Both Naruto and Zabuza were exhausted, but they could still fight one more battle. Spectators from Nami, Kakashi's team, Tazuna, and Haku stood by watching what would happen.

Both fighters stood 15 meters apart from each other with their hands on the hilts of their weapons and simultaneously ran at each other. Zabuza tried to sever Naruto's leg with a low swipe. The blond jumped over the attack and twirled mid-air before he slashed the black haired man's head with a saber hidden in the dark brown stick.

The demon of the mist turned into water when the attack hit and reappeared behind Konoha's living weapon. He kicked Naruto and used his body as a platform to jump back several feet away, all the while doing handseals for his strongest move, Daibakufu no jutsu.

The blond's body lurched forwards as his opponent's feet kicked him hard and sent him flying. Using a well timed spin, he landed on the ground gracefully and prepared his untested move.

The 12 year old concentrated thousands of small wind blades on his palm in a rotating manner; slowly at first but continued to grow faster by each passing moment until the wind took form of am orb (no, it's not Rasengan). The blue eyed boy finished the jutsu at the same time as Zabuza and both of them released them at the same time.

"Daibakufu no jutsu," the older man called out.

"Senpuudan," the boy shouted. (Whirl wind orb)

The two spinning jutsu hit each other with the same force. Water dispersed into vapor as the tremendous kinetic energy was converted into heat. Soon, the whole battlefield was filled with the vapor and the two fighters disappeared from view.

The spectators watched anxiously, waiting for the result of the fight. Five seconds passed quickly and the steam disippated, showing one scene they all would remember for a long time. Naruto's thin sabre pierced Zabuza's his shoulder, while Zabuza's Kubikiri Houcho's flat side hit Naruto's head and cracked his mask a little.

Both of them slumped down, too exhausted to do any more. Haku saw her master's condition and rushed to him, trying to confirm his condition. Kakashi, however stood where he was, not doing anything other then telling Seki to carry the unconscious Sasuke and Sakura to go with them to Tazuna's house.

"Kakashi-sensei, about Tsurugi-san…," Sakura said.

"Don't worry about him. He's way tougher than that. You might want to step back though," the tall man said as he walked to his comrade. "Oy, Tsurugi, are you still alive?"

The masked boy lay still for a while before he suddenly stood erect like a raised corpse, eliciting a loud shriek from Sakura. Naruto turned to the pink haired girl sharply with little to no emotion at all before he looked away and regarded Kakashi with a nod.

"So, what're you going to do now? The way I see it you didn't kill Zabuza," the scarecrow said as he flipped his porn open.

"Nothing. The mission specified me to only eliminate a threat to the Sharingan," the living weapon said curtly.

"Ok then, do you mind if we take those two along?" the jounin asked, pointing to Haku and Zabuza with an inclination of his head.

"Doesn't matter," came the reply. The blond then sniffed the air several times and glared at a tree exactly 56 meters away from him.

"What is it?" the silver haired pervert asked.

"Nothing, yet," Naruto said before he reached into his pockets and flopped down a soldier pill.


Later that night

Konoha no Tsurugi stood on the eaves of Tazuna's house with a far away look on his cold blue eyes, focusing on a cloud in the vast sky above.

"Something in your mind?" Kakashi asked out of nowhere.

Naruto looked at the jounin who had appeared from the ladder that led there and shrugged dismissively.

"I see then, well I'll be just downstairs if you need me," the tall man said as he dropped to the ground and mentally played a scene of hardcore porn in his mind.

"How long are you going to be there, Tayuya?" the blond asked calmly in a lighthearted voice.

"So you noticed me, eh?" the red haired girl asked as she appeared in a vortex of dust.

"Hmmm, it'd be hard for me not to."

"What the fuck do you want now? Here to kill me now? I heard the new Konoha no Tsurugi is a bigger nutcase than the one before."

"Kill you? Where's the fun in that?"

Tayuya seethed in anger and yelled out, "So you're gonna rape me then kill me?"

"Rape you? No, because you see, I will make you suffer. Suffer more than any suffering you've felt before," the blue eyed boy said. "Now leave. We will be seeing each other more often."

The foul mouthed girl looked at the psycopath wierdly, but left nonetheless in great hurry, without failing to notice the crazy grin Konoha's living weapon had behind his mask. She couldn't see it, but she could feel it all too well.


"Your business done?" the Copy nin asked.

"Yes," Naruto answered as he entered the house's corridor via the window nearest to Haku and Zabuza's accomodation.

"Huh? I thought your mission was to protect Sasuke."

"No. my mission was to: 1) ensure the safety and activation of Sharingan, 2) eliminate any threats to the Sharingan, 3) assassinate Gatou. It specified nothing about your student, Hatake-san," the smiling boy said before taking his mask off and proceeded to check up upon his two prisoners.

"Ok then, you want me to go?"

"Please do."

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