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BTS x Wanna One - Angels VS Devils


Both angels and devils are after your ring for a purpose! In amidst the chaos between you, angels and devils, will you find love along the way?

Romance / Fantasy
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1 - The Mysterious Letter

6 years ago...

"Y/N my precious grand daughter, i have something special for you as a christmas present"

I heard grandpa calling out to me and i ran towards him

"What have you got for me grandpa? I'm so excited to know!"

Grandpa handed me a red coloured nicely wrapped present and I opened up the present nicely to find a small blue box with a ring inside

"What a beautiful ring!" I exclaimed

Grandpa told me that this ring is very special and it is a magic ring which can make me find happiness

"Y/N, promise me that you'll always wear it with you wherever you go and never take it off"

"I promise you grandpa!"

I wore the ring on my finger and did a pinky promise with grandpa

"Beep..." The aroma of the coffee slowly spreads through the shop

I then started to design some drawings on the coffee and packed it nicely into the plastic bag before giving it to the customer

"Sorry for the long wait! Here's your coffee!"

The customer paid and gave me some tips

"Thank you for the tips Miss, have a nice day!" I said smiling.

"Ring!" The door of the shop opened

I immediately straightened myself to serve the next customer

"Welcome! What would you like to have?"

"I would like to have...you maybe?"

Excuse me?? Is this guy trying to flirt with me?

"I'm sorry but if you are not going to buy anything then-"


The guy suddenly stopped me by putting his finger on my lips

"You have something on your head"

He leaned towards me and whispered "I'm running out of time, i'm sorry i can't tell you anything but i need you to be careful these days okay? Wear the ring with you wherever you go"

He pointed at the ring my grandpa gave me and promised me that "we will keep you safe"

But what does he mean by "we" and how does he know about my ring?

I was about to press him for answers when a guy leaning against the door called him

"Jungkook are you done?" he asked looking at our direction

"Oh boss! Yup i'm done here!" The guy who I assumed is Jungkook replied

Jungkook turned to me and said "ahh... We're out of time, see you again Y/N~"

Wait a second...how did he know my name? Also, I think it's better if i don't see him again

Jungkook left first and the other guy glanced at me before leaving the shop

At home...

"Ha...Finally...After a long day of work" I put down my bag at one corner before lying down on my bed

I turned on the television and saw one of the most popular band, Wanna One

"Wow, Jihoon looks so cool when he performs!" I fangirled

After watching Wanna One's performance on TV, I turned off the television and was about to go to sleep until something catches my eye

"Hmm...? What is this?"

I saw a letter which i have never seen before on the table

Feeling curious I picked up the letter and opened up the letter and it wrote "Be prepared. We are coming to get the ring."

Is this what the flirting guy was telling me about?

Besides, why do they even want the ring? It's just a normal ring, it's not even magical or anything

What grandpa told me back then was all a lie, there is no such thing as a magic ring which gives people happiness

I realised it when i got dumped by my ex boyfriend but even then i still couldn't bare to take off the ring because this ring is the only thing my grandpa left to me

Maybe this was a joke? But what if it's true?

"I guess it's better to be careful during these few days" I kept the letter into my drawer and went to sleep

A week later...

Is that guy pranking me?! It's been a week and nothing happened!

I mean it's a good thing nothing happened to me yet but what he said had me getting anxiety attacks!

I have to worry when someone will come after me for the past few days i'm going crazy!

"You know what? I'm not going to give a damn about it anymore"

I was rambling to myself and saw a crowd of people at the front while i'm on the way to work

What is going on over there? Are they filming something?

Feeling curious, i went over to the crowd to have a glimpse of what's going on and i saw someone unexpected

"Oh my god, it's Jihoon?!"

"God, i must have done something good in my past life to be able to meet Jihoon in real life" I said feeling lucky for once

Apparently he's shooting some kind of photo as an advertisement

Also is it just me or i saw Jihoon staring at me?

When the advertising producer said "start!" Jihoon starting doing the "Nae Maeum Seoge Jeojang!" pose while looking at me

I'm not hallucinating, he really did look at me while he did that phrase!

"He seriously got me...Oh no! I'm almost late for work!"

I forgot about the time and i had to ran all the way to the cafe and i got there just in time for work

Little did i know, someone was watching me...

"Phew, i'm glad i made it in-"

"Splash!" Just as I pushed open the door, the cup of coffee ended splashing on somebody's clothes

"Oh my god, i'm so sorry!! Are you alright?!"

I immediately grabbed my handkerchief out of my bag

"If you don't mind you can use my handkerchief"

"Well don't mind if i do! Thanks!"

Wait a minute... This voice... Don't tell me it's...

I immediately look up and saw Daehwi, one of the members in Wanna One

"Ahh!! Dae-"

"Shhh!! Don't let anyone find out! I'm just here for some fresh air, wouldn't want those fans chasing after me while I'm on a break. Let's just keep it a secret between us!" he whispered and winked

"Alright i get it, by the way i'm so sorry about what happened just now i should have been more careful" I bowed apologetically

"No worries! Also about your handkerchief, i'll wash it and return to you soon"

I told Daehwi he can keep the handkerchief but he insisted on giving back and meet him at Memento Restaurant around 5pm before leaving the cafe to get back my handkerchief

Later at 5pm...

"You're here! Take a seat!"

Daehwi stood up and pulled out the chair for me

"You haven't eat yet right? Order something to eat!"

Realising that I did not bring enough cash with me, I declined however Daehwi said that it'll be his treat and he told me to feel free to order whatever I want

I take a look at the menu and decided to choose the cheapest one since most of the dishes look expensive

Daehwi then ordered his meal and 2 glasses of orange juice, one for me and the other for himself

After a while the meal and drinks arrived and we ate our food in silence

After the meal we walked together at a park for some fresh air

"Thank you for the meal, I must get going now it's late"

"Wait, you forgot your handkerchief!"

Daehwi handed me the handkerchief which has a strong fruitty smell

"Wow this smells great, what is this smell?"

"Hmm...i'll tell you if you come closer?" He said teasingly

I leaned my body forward a little and Daehwi whispered "Sorry Y/N"

He clicked his finger and i suddenly felt drowsy and the last thing i see is Daehwi's serious face

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