Ezria Off Screen

Chapter 15: 2x25

*Aria's POV*

"Tristan and Isodle?" Spencer said, looking at Ezra's bookshelf. We were at Ezra's place for a secret place we could look through Ali's stuff. "Abelard and Eloise?"

"This is too cute." Emily said as she looked at a photo album. Everyone was taking it all in. Spencer, like her, was looking at his books, Emily was looking at Ezra's photo album and Hanna was looking around, at everything.

"Fitz is a sucker for a tragic love story." Spencer said. I stopped pouring tea and looked at her, after a second she realized what she said and turned to look at me. "I so didn't mean that how it sounded. Have you heard from him?"

"Yeah, he checks in. I mean everything he thought he wanted he lost because of me." I said, I sighed, he was gone, and might not come back. "Guys, I-I think that it might be over this time. Really over."

At that, they all looked at me with sad faces. Then, breaking the looks from them, Hanna's phone went off.

"Great, now Mona knows I lied about where I am." She said and her phone rang, again. "And Caleb is with her so he's going to ask me why I ditched her. You know I'm lying to everyone I care about, I don't even know why I started lying to begin with."

"You're lying because you don't want the people you care about to end up like Dr. Sullivan-here one day, gone the next." Spencer said, now sitting next to Emily by the coffee table, sorting through Ali's stuff.

"Hanna, do you mind?" I asked as Hanna laid back in the bed. "It's… Kind of sacred ground." I was nervous, I hadn't told them I slept with Ezra, yet, I don't know why, I just didn't.

"It is?" They all asked, looking at me. I kept thinking back to the other night, the last night I saw him… the first time I slept with him, it was an awesome night, I would never forget it…ever.

"Man, you can keep a secret." Spencer said as I brought the tea to the table.

*Later (At Masquerade Ball)*

As I walked into the maze, I was scared, I had gotten a text to come here, I didn't know what I would find.

I kept walking in further and further, I don't know who I was expecting, A? The black swan? I don't know I just know it wasn't him.

"Hello?" I said as I rounded a corner, after a while of walking. Then, someone, a person walked around the corner in front of me, in a nice suit and a gold colored mask.

"No matter how hard I try, I can't stay away from you." He said, stopping, I recognized the voice, and after a second I realized it was Ezra. I ran up to him, eyes watering, and hugged him. I was so happy to see him, I never thought I would see him again, it felt so good to be in his arms, I never wanted to let go.

*Ezra's POV*

As I walked forward, I heard her voice, saying hello. I speed up a little, and then slowed as I rounded the corner and saw her, in a beautiful dress. It was a red and black striped dress, which was tight around the top and then puffed out, ending at her knees, she looked beautiful.

I couldn't believe I ever let her go, I couldn't believe I was so stupid to have let her go. She was too good to let go, yet I did, again, I never wanted to do that again. The last night we spent together, was, by far, the best night I've ever spent with anyone.

Sure, I've slept with a few different people, but with her, it was different, it was better, it was special, it was with the person I love. Ok, sure, I loved the other people I slept with, but it was different with Aria. Aria was more special, we are meant to be, no matter what other people said, I've always believed that, and I always will.

The last night I spent with her, was a night I would never forget… ever…

I never wanted to let her go, so I held her as tight as I could, enjoying being with her again. Being away from her were the longest days of my life, the longest and the hardest.

*Later. Aria's POV*

Ezra walked me out of the maze and onto the dance floor. He took my hand and put his other hand around my waste, and I put my arm around his around his back, my hand on this shoulder.

We danced, slowly, enjoying the company of each other. It felt so good to be in his presence, let alone be slow dancing with him. It was our first dance, and it was at a masquerade party, I couldn't feel any happier or safer, then I felt right now, except for the other night. I didn't care about A, or any of that, I just wanted to enjoy Ezra, as long as he was here.

Then, all of a sudden, he pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"This is our first dance," he said as he put his hands on either side of my face. "I want to see you," he said and moved his hands to the back of my head and started to undo my mask, slowly taking it off to reveal my face. Then, he took his off so I could see his face.

The song in the background might as well have been describing this moment.

Girl: It's never felt so real

Guy: No, it's never felt

Both: So right

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight

Then he kissed me as the song said just a touch in the fire burning so bright.

No, I don't want to mess this thing up

It was amazing to kiss him again, I missed him, I missed his lips, and I missed everything about him.

I don't want to push too far

He pulled back so he was holding my face in his hands and we were looking into each other's eyes.

Just a shot in the dark that you just might

He kissed me again, I couldn't help kissing him back, I never could, his lips were like oil to a fire, making my love for him burn even brighter.

Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life

So, baby, I'm alright

With just a kiss goodnight

No, I don't want to say goodnight

And I really didn't want to say goodbye, I didn't want him to leave, again. I knew I should go back to looking for A, but I couldn't, I just wanted to stay here kissing.

Song: Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

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