Ezria Off Screen

Chapter 16:3x01, 3x02


*Aria's POV*

I woke up quickly. Another sleep, another nightmare, they were back again, least I had a summer without them.

I was on the couch, my head on the edge of the couch, my legs on Ezra's lap. When I woke he was reading a book.

"Are you okay? Ar-" He asked, putting his book down on the coffee table. I sat up as he put one arm on my leg, the other on my arm. "I thought the nightmares stopped?"

"I guess they started again." I said, frustrated, I hated the nightmares and I wanted to go back to when I felt safe and there wasn't any nightmares.

"Hey," He said, stroking my hair. "You're still safe, Aria. There's no more 'A'. You were far away from this mess last night. Thank god you stayed at Spencer's lake house."

I hated lying to him, I really wanted to tell him the truth, but I couldn't, I couldn't risk what would happen to us, especially Emily. It wasn't right, I couldn't tell anyone, not even Ezra.

"Did you read this?" He asked after a few seconds, talking about the newspaper. I shook my head no, not trusting my voice to say no, not the truth. He grabbed the newspaper off the coffee table and showed it to me. "Apparently Maya found some things that belonged to Alison."

"No, no she- she gave everything to Jason."

"Well, actually, they think she may have kept something. Something that connected Garret to Alison's murder" He said, reading the paper. This couldn't be true, Maya was sweet, she wouldn't do that. Would she, I didn't really know her, only Emily knew her.

"That doesn't make sense, she would have told Emily."

"Well, maybe that's what she was on her way to do, but Garret found her first." He said, putting the newspaper down back on the table. "Do you know what this weekend is?"

"How could I forget?" I said getting up and opening the fridge. "Labor day is anniversary of Alison's death."

"Or…" He said, getting up and walking to me. "I was about to start a teaching job, and you thought you might like to teach. Was that true or were you just hitting on me?"

"Did you really play B26 or were you just hitting on me?" I said, leaning on the counter, looking right at him. We both laughed at that.

"Can we make this…our anniversary," He said taking a step toward me. "Instead of hers?" I put my arms around his neck and his arms were around my waist. "Meet me tomorrow at the Rosewood Grille. I will be the guy at the bar reading Ulysses."

"You still haven't finished that book yet?"

"No one has." He said as I put my hands inside the top of his shirt and he rubbed his hands along my arms before he put them back on my waist. "I'm just a hopeless romantic. I was hoping we could recreate the date."

"I wouldn't exactly call it a date we ended the night in the bathroom."

"I remember, I think it went something like…this? He said as he picked my up and put me on the counter.

"And then I did something like this…" I said and wrapped my legs around his waist. We started kissing again, like how we did the first night we met.


"I don't get it? Why would she want to work at a school where she's gonna run into my mother everyday?" I said I was sitting in Ezra's car. I had just told him about Meredith wanting to teach at Rosewood. "And why should my mom have to go through this? She's been divorced for like, 20 minutes."

"Aria, breathe, Meredith applied for the job, doesn't mean she'll got it." Ezra said, "There's no reason to tell your mom."

"Seriously, though, who is giving that woman a reference-my dad?" I said, and this had less to do with my family and how they would feel, but about I felt, I didn't want to see Meredith everyday, in my school! It wasn't fair; I don't like to be reminded of what I saw, of what my dad did every single day.

"Ohh, yeah, I wouldn't tell him either."

"Why? You think he has something to do with this?"

"I didn't say that, I just think that you're still walking on scorched Earth when it comes to us, and if you put him on the defensive-"

"He's not in that place anymore." I lied; we were in that place, sadly.

"Then why am I dropping you off three blocks from your house?"

"Because he's still in that place," I said, ugh, I hated this, my parents weren't being fair. "I hate this. I hate having to sneak around and avoid saying your name… Its like were going backwards." I said and took his hand.

"One battle at a time. We just had a nice dinner-with your mom. Okay? Let's celebrate what is working." He said and he gave me a kiss, and then my phone went off. "Its Emily, has she called you yet?"


"Why haven't you called Ezra yet?" I said when I answered the phone. "Call him now, he's free." I said and hung up. "Emily's gonna be calling you."

"I might not answer."

"Ezra, she's sinking, please." I said as I leaned in close, I kissed him, and again a phone rang, this time it was his. As he answered Emily I got out to walk to the 3 blocks to my house.

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