Ezria Off Screen

Chapter 2: 1x02,3,&6

*This chapter takes place in 1x02 and 1x03 Hope you enjoy!*

*This first scene is when Aria is walking home after the movie in 1x02*

I walked out the door and I realized it was raining. Dang it! I told my mom to go home so I could go do something and now it was raining and I would have to walk home in it.

Its not like my house was too far away, but still, it wasn't just raining it was pouring. I walked out into the rain and started to walk home.

I watched the people driving by in their warm, dry cars, I regretted sending my mom home. I couldn't call her cause she was busy. As I was watching the cars, I saw him, Ezra Fitz in one of the cars coming toward me.

That jerk, he's lying to himself, I know he is, he just wont admit it to me, or himself that he does have feelings for me.

He passed by me and I stopped and watched him go. As he drove by we looked into each others eyes, it was hard to be mad at him when all I wanted to do was kiss him and have him take my pain away whenever I looked him in the eyes. Then he started to slow down and now I was wondering what he was doing.

He pulled over to the side of the road, I started to walk faster so I could both, ask him what he's doing and get away. I didn't know which one I wanted to do more. I thought about what he could be doing. Could he be picking me up? After that awkward movie we had to sit through with my mom next to us.

He then did the last thing I expected him to do, he opened the passenger door to the car. Yes, I thought that, but I didn't, not in the slightest, expect him to do it.

As soon as he did I got excited, he was being nice and driving me home so I didn't have to walk home. I looked back to see if anyone was looking and ran for the car.

I felt bad getting his car wet, I wasn't in the rain very long, but I was already soaking wet.

As he started to drive away he hadn't said anything, and I was glad, cause if he had I' not sure what I would've said. I probably would've froze cause I couldn't believe he was doing this, especially if I could've gotten in trouble for it.

I thought he would've taken me home but instead he pulled into an ally. What was he doing? I looked him and he didn't looked back and he just kept on looking forward.

He slowed to a stop about half way down the ally.

I looked at him again and this time after a few seconds he looked back. I turned to the side and he did the same.

I didn't know what triggered me to do this, but all I knew was it was now or never. I leaned most of the way toward him and he leaned in the rest of the space as soon as he saw me doing it.

As soon as we got close we atimiatically kissed. His lips haven't changed much. The only thing that had changed was the passion that was being pulsed through them.

We kissed with some much passion and intensity I thought we would burst of passion right there.

After a couple of seconds I put my hands on the edge of the side of his face. As I did he put his hands on the sides of my face.

Every few seconds we broke apart to breathe and every time we did we looked straight into each others eyes.

Slowly the kisses were getting less intense, but with the same amount of passion… I was in heaven….. I never wanted it to end, but I knew it had to.

*1x03: This is in between when Aria sees Merideth at her mom's art gallery and when she goes to Ezra for comfort.*

After Merideth walks away I tell my mom I'll be back that I have something to do real quick and leave.

I was walking, and all I wanted, all I could think about was seeing Ezra and wanting him to be there comforting me, telling me everything will be okay, even if it won't he'll be there when I need him. That's all I wanted.

So I looked up where he lived cause I knew he wouldn't be able to comfort me the way I wanted him to at school on Monday.

As I was walking I imagined, practiced, what I would say when I got there. But ultimately I came up with nothing I liked.

*Off Screen(Before 1x06 starts)*

As I lying in bed, like I have been since he broke up with me,I keep thinking about our first make-out/first kiss/first meet. It was, is, the best night of my life.

I kept thinking about all the fun times we had together. I couldn't help it.

The time we kissed in the car. The time he comforted me when I was down. And all the other times we spent in his apartment lately.

I knew he was not going to forgive me, let alone get back together with me. And its not like I can talk about it with anyone either. I cant tell anyone, not even Spencer, Emily, and Hanna, as much as I want to, I wouldn't.

Right now they think I'm sad about my parents fighting. Don't get me wrong I am, but more about Ezra and I wanted my friends to comfort me about him, tell me he's a jerk for leaving me. That its not right, but if its worth it to both of you, you can make it work….

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